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Eureka Seven AO 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 26, 2012 15:22 | Go to Eureka Seven AO

-> RTS Page for Eureka Seven AO 2

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

slanted: A mysterious craft heads toward the island...?!
2: "Secret" is deleted?!
3: Don't tell me they defeated the Secret?
4: by moving the Mark 1...
5(2b): That isn't the Mark 1. That machine's name is

1: the Nirvash.

bubble: TV anime goes on air on 4/12!
white: The giant pulsates with life.
1(2b): Dammit! They're not replying at all!
2: Still, though...

1: He hid this in a pretty nice spot.
2: No one will be able to see this place unless it's a low tide.
3: I used to play here when I was a kid.
4: No one except for the islanders would be able to find it.
5: Yeah.

1: He
2: played here too...
3: Gazelle?
4: Let's go
5: and talk to the guy who can move this thing.

1: So hot...
2: Umm...
3: Here...
4: You're giving it to me?
5: Thanks.

1: bssh
2(2b): What are you doing?! That's dangerous!!
3(2b): Eh? What?
4: Why is his hair blue like that?
5: Is he the kid from Fukai's place?
6(2b): He must be...just like that woman--
7: Why...
8: crack

1: Why does it have to be like this...
2: Where's the kid?!

1: I don't know. I was just about to go look for him myself.
2: He's alright....
3(2b): Grandpa
4: It's all that kid's fault!!
5: This is just like what happened 10 years ago!
6(2b): If only you didn't have to look after him...do you know what kind of hell that mother and child have put this island through?!
7: Stop making false accusations.
8(2b): Hey! There he is!
9: It's the kid!

1: Grandpa...
2(2b): Ao! Wait!
3: Aoooo!
4: Find him?

1: Where'd he go?!
2: He's a fast runner.
3(2b): None of this...makes any sense!
4: What should I do?
5: Anmaa!
6: Ao?

1(2b): I finally found you...I've been looking all over! Stupid Ao.

1: Na...ru!
2: Uuu
3: Naruuu!
4: I'm fine...
5: This body...is such a liability...
6: Anyway, forget that. Do you know what's going on?
7(2b): Everyone's looking for you. The adults, the SDF, everyone...
8: There's no helping it now.

1: I guess I really am...
2: an anomaly.
3: I was just desperate to protect everyone...
4: But this was the result...my hair turned this color...
5(2b): I guess since neither dad nor Anmaa are here right now, it's my fault?

1: Is it really my fault
2: that all this happened?
3: Oh, come on.
4(2b): Ao is Ao.

1: I ended up passing out...
2: But you know about my Yuta power, right?
3: I dreamed about you fighting.
4(2b): So I know what happened.

1: I know everything
2: about you, Ao.

1(2b): Look. Noah knows too.

1: ahh!
2: Who are you?!
3: Ao!
4: Naru!
5(2b): Dad?! No! What is this? Make them stop!
6(2b): Dad, let Ao...kuhhh!

1(3b): Kuu...uuu...uuu
2: Naru?!
3(2b): Na...ugggh?!
4: Stop making noise! We're getting you out of here!
5: Muguuu...
6(2b): This is the Okinawan SDF. Your research has not been permitted.
7: But at this rate, a Secret will...
8(2b): A Secret? Ohhh, are you talking about the G Monster?

1: We have no hands of letting it go for some enemy who may or may not appear.
2: That is the second priceless Scub Coral that Okinawa and the Ryuku Island Alliance has acquired.
3: We don't have permission to disembark in Okinawa.
4: Dammit! Don't they understand how dangerous this is?!
5: But it's strange.
6: I've never heard of Scub manifesting in a car.
7: But it did, that's the truth.

1: As long as we don't completely exterminate Scub Coral
2: Secrets will continue to appear.

1: How long are you going to give us the silent treatment for?!
2: Hey, don't be too rough on him.
3: B-but...
4: Ao...was it?

1: How about telling us about the giant already?
2(2b): The giant? What are you talking about?
3: Why do you keep insisting
4: that I have something to do with it?!
5(2b): Why? Because the reason the island's like this now
6: is because we can't go on ignoring you anymore.
7: Huh?
8: Thirteen years ago,

1: A lone mother came down from the sky.
2: That was your mother.
3: She gave birth to you shortly.
4(2b): Everyone on the island was afraid of her because she was "unknown." But then, their fear was realized in the worst possible way.

1: With the Scub Coral burst that happened
2: ten years ago on the main island of Okinawa.

1: After that, your mother disappeared, and the Burst ended immediately after.
2: Rumors spread like wildfire. "That woman was an alien!"
3: "She brought the Scubs here and destroyed the island!"
4: Then
5: what should I have done?
6(2b): You can't do anything. We just don't want any more disasters to befall this island.
7: We want you off this island, to help us separate ourselves from Japan.

1: What happened now is no different.
2: We have no intention to let your bloodline just go on living here.
3: So in the end,
4: What...the hell?
5: I'm hated as always.
6: Ao?

1: Ahh
2: You're awake, sis!
3(2b): Ao? Where's Ao?
4(2b): Huh? He isn't in this evacuation building. Your father brought you back here unconscious.
5: What's wrong?
6: Now Ao's
7: alone again.
8: Everyone was attacking Ao.
9: And I didn't know why...

1: His mother died in the Scub Burst ten years ago.
2: They were the ones
3: who summoned the disaster here.
4: mama!
5: You have no way of knowing that.
6: Why do you always have to blame everything on Ao?

1: You're
2: wrong.

1: You don't need to listen to these idiots.

1: Come with me,
2: Ao.
side: Gazelle invites Ao along...what's his true intent...?!

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