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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Vagabond 301

At the End of the Journey

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 17, 2012 12:21 | Go to Vagabond

-> RTS Page for Vagabond 301

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

1: Musashi!
2: Is that you, Miyamoto Musashi?!

red: The self-will blazes.

#301 - At the End of the Journey

1: I'm Musashi.
2: Want to kill me?

1: Hoh.
2: That's a nice katana he's got there.
3(2b): He must be a high-ranking man from some domain.
4: He has his guard up, too.
5: I want to know.

1: My goosebumps tell me
2: "Don't fight."
3: "This is dangerous."
4(2b): That's what my body says. And that's exactly why
5: I want to fight you.
6: Mmm....he exceeds the rumors...
7: Am I still strong?
8: I want to know.

1: This is bad.
2: Ahh, hoi!
3: Hoi!
4: Farewell!

1: Watching the man lightly turn his back and scamper away,
2(2b): what filled Musashi's breast felt somewhat like defeat.
3: In any case...you're probably wondering how Musashi had fared in his travels after the Yoshioka battle.

1: He had lost sight of a lot.
2: And he had nowhere to go--
3: Hold on.
4(2b): Who are you? You talk like you've seen it all yourself.
5: What do you know about Musashi?
6(2b): I'm Hiniden Matahachi. Born in Mimasaka no Kuni, raised like a brother to Musashi.
7: With that said, however...you're free to believe
8: or doubt me as you please.
9: I want to hear more about his fights.
10: Yeah, well said, kid! Me too.

1: My, my.
2: You all like violent tales that much, eh?
3: Now then, where was I...?

1: Help yourself.
2: Thank you.
3: Would you like one, sir?
4: Nah.
5(2b): You're still traveling too, aren't you? I can't take your precious rations.
6: Please, I insist.

1: Are you traveling for swordsmanship training?
2: I am too.
3(2b): You're a big fellow...I wish I had been born with a body like yours.
4: What rare butterflies.
5: Who's your master?
6: I never really learned from anyone.
7: Is that so?
8: My master died a few years ago.
9: After that, I started a family. My eldest son--
10: was slain at New Year's.

1: My second son, who challenged the murderer for revenge, was also slain.
2: Then the rest of my students were slain one after another.
3: All by one man.
4(2b): My school had gotten a bit famous, but he managed to take out all seventy of my disciples.
5: This is no joke.
6: Is...that man still alive?
7: He is.
8: His forehead is unshaven,
9: he has a massive body about 180cm tall,
10: with sharp eyes.
11: I gathered up rumors of people who said they'd seen him and found myself here.
12: I have two allies who split up with me to go look for him.
13: We're planning to meet back here.

1: I'm not sure how much longer I can go on...
2: Traveling for swordsmanship training at this age is, well...haha, just kidding.
3: But I cannot die until I wipe away the humiliation
4: of having my school destroyed, so I journey out of vengeance.
5: The other disciples of the Yoshioka school who have scattered across the land
6: must be feeling the same way.
7: Hm?
8: Is something the matter with your leg?
9: Excuse me.
10: His forehead is unshaven,
11: he has a massive body about 180cm tall,

1: and the wounds from his battle with our school
2: still have yet to heal.
3: Musa...
4: shi...

1: I wanted to run, but with this leg...
2: A long time ago,
3: when I was still a child,
4: the mountain behind here once caught fire.

1: Who's that?
2: Ohhh, a monk from the temple...
2: Have you seen a mountain burn?
3: The funny thing about flames...
4: is that once they get going, human hands can't stop them.
5: We had no choice but to wait...
6(2b): Listen to you and that man
7: made me remember the fire I saw in my childhood.
8: Right now, you're like...

1: a hare trying to run from the fire.

1-2: hah
3: However...

1: You are also the one who lit the fire,
2: which means
3: you have no other choice but to live on facing the world.

1: Guh...
2: The other disciples of the Yoshioka school who have scattered across the land must be feeling the same way--

1: Damn...
2: it hurts.
3: Uuu
4: Guohh
5: Since when...

1: has killing people
2: made me feel like I'm stabbing myself?
3: Musashi is no longer Musashi.

1: I'm tired...

1: I've fallen all the way down to the ground.
2: No...
3: That's not it.

1: The height of the stars hasn't changed one bit.
2: I get it.

1: I've returned
2: to the earth.

1: To my initial form,
2: holding nothing.

1: I'm--
2: no one.
3: Heheh.

1: Owww.
2: I'm gonna heal this leg,
3: no matter what.

1: How is it?
2: Musashi.
3: If we ever
4: meet again, I'll ask you.
5: How's what?

1(2b): Wahhh!! It's a full moon, Otsuu-san!
2: Hurry!
3: You're right.
4(2b): Let's pray. Umm...
5: Please make me strong,
6: just like master.

1: Otsuu.

1: I want to live with you someday.
2(2b): I don't need a reply. That's just how I feel.
3: It's just
4: now, I finally have the freedom to feel that way.

1: With this, I can live on today.

1: ...smile.
2: More.

1: Go on,
2: pull this part up a bit more.
3: Heheh...
slanted: Living on like a brand new man.

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