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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Eureka Seven AO 3

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 26, 2012 23:56 | Go to Eureka Seven AO

-> RTS Page for Eureka Seven AO 3

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

box: Jirou saves Ao!
1(2b): Owww...maybe I overdid it a bit...c'mon, let's go.
2: Jirou! What are you doing?!

1: Jirou?
2: Tch!
3: The Japanese army is in a frenzy searching for that boy!!
4: We'd be fools not to hand him over in exchange for independence!
5(2b): Stupid old man...listen.
6: You know why we bullied this kid when we were young?

1: Because the adults told us to!
2(2b): He's an "alien," a "foreigner," "it's all him and his mom's fault!"
3(2b): You didn't handle the Scub Burst incident right, nor the issues concerning our independence...you just blame everything on Ao!
4: And now you want to sell him?!

1: Fuck you!
2(2b): We should make this island independent with our own power!! Along with anyone who's willing to act for the sake of this island!!

1: cough
2(2b): That idiot son of mine...

1: My father absolutely disgusts me!
2: But do you really think it was a good idea to destroy your own house...?
3: Who cares about that old run-down piece of shit?!
4: Umm...
5: Thanks...
6(2b): Hah! Don't worry about it.
7: We're teammates now, remember?
8: T-teammates?
9: Yeah. You're gonna help us get independent.

1: First we need you to move that IFO.
2: Oh. So that's all you wanted me for.
3: I'm not doing it.
4: I don't want
5: to ride in that thing anymore!

1: Did you hear about that Fukai boy...?
2: Yeah, he rode in the IFO yesterday, right?
3: He ruined the entire island along with that monster...
4: That's not even...
5: That's not right!

1: The Umikyonchu
2: beat the monster, didn't he?
right page:
And so, the Umikyonchu protected the island from a great disaster.
left page:
After this, no more disaster befell the island.

1: Aooo!
2: We don't think of you just as a tool, you know!!
3(2b): You could fly an FP before you even got into elementary school, right? So...
4: That doesn't change anything.
5(2b): The only point is, you need an IFO, right? I'm thankful to you for saving me,
6: But

1: I got hell for riding in that.
2: I'm not doing it again...
3: Just
4: leave me alone.
5: Alright.
6: But
7: There's one thing that occurred to me when I watched you fight the other day.

1: What you're feeling
2: is the exact same thing as what we're feeling!

1: Damn monster...it ruined everything...
2: Captain!
3: We've been getting massive energy readings on the radar...
4: It may be a G-monster.
5: What?!

1(2b): Scubs are dangerous! Don't you think you should try and trust
2: and least a little bit of what we're saying?!
3: No one could have predicted it'd happen this soon!!
4: Just look how big it is...
5: What are we supposed to do against something like this?
6: The HQ is currently finishing up a new contract with Okinawa.
7(2b): If they determine that the Burst from a decade ago is still going on, then procedures to remove the "Secret" will be taken. Are you alright with that?
8: I'm counting on you.

1: I'm requesting your help...
2: Leave it to us.
3: This is why Generation Blue exists.

1: Flare!
2(2b): Elena! Are you ready?
3: I'm sick and tired of waiting!
4: We can go at any time.

house: Get out / Disappear / Alien
1(2b): What...why...
2: Ao?!
3: Grandpa!

1(2b): Grandpa, are you alright?!
2(2b): Yeah. But this place is dangerous now. Let's go to the evacuation point until the storm blows over.
3: ...why are they doing this...
4: Ao. Don't hate anyone.
5: You mustn't do that.
6: Huh?

1: Ever since Scub appeared here and caused a Trapar bubble,
2: the island's situation has changed rapidly.
3(2b): Money, independence, territorial issues...it's all made everyone become more and more exclusive.
4: But no one's love for this island has changed. Everyone cares about it and wants to protect it.
5(2b): But, if that's the case,
6: then what should I do?
7: ...that

1: is for you to decide.
2: Your mother was the same way.
3: Even though everyone on the island hated her,
4: she continued to fight for you and the island.

1: What do you want to do?
2: Ao.
3(2b): I-I...

1: Gazelle!!
2: I know, I see it!
3(2b): This is bad...shit! This is bad!!

1(2b): Why...is there another G-monster here...
2: grab

1: You're the Umikyonchu, right? (*tl note: Here it's written with the kanji for sea giant)
2: Go and beat that thing!!
3: Hey!!
4(2b): What are you doing? I told you not to go near him, didn't I?
5: That boy ruined our island!!

1(2b): No he didn't! I saw him! He was the Umikyonchu!
2: ...ggh
3: The Umikyonchu protects the island!
4: He protects everyone!

1: The Umikyonchu
2: loves this islaaaand!

1: ...I get it now.
2(2b): I...I...
3: Ao.
4: Do you like the ocean, Ao?
5: I love it.
6: How about grandpa?
7: I love him.

1: And Anmaa?
2: ...I love you.
3: But
4(2b): sometimes it's hard to love things. You may feel that way someday, Ao.
5: But you can't run away from what you love.
6: Loving something

1: means you're filled
2: with happiness.

1: Grandpa...
2: I'm sick of being hated...
3: But
4: I still want to protect
5: this island and the people on it.

1: I still
2: love this island.

1: Run away.
2: To the ocean, if you can.
3: Ao?!

1: This is an emergency warning!
2: All citizens are to quickly
3: Sis!

1: Are you alright?
2(2b): Yeah. But...
3: I'm getting a bad feeling.
slanted: The impending threat of the G-monster...

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