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Air Gear 354

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 30, 2012 08:21 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 354

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

1: Aaaa
2: maaaaazing!!!
3: Are you kidding me?! It's like she downloaded some LV99 best equipment data from the internet or something!!!
4: Hm?
5: What?
slanted: Ringo activates the Storm Regalia to stop Rika from self-destructing!!
6: ...you--
7: Neither you NOR I are using the "power of the Regalia."

1: But I never told Ringo she couldn't use it!!
2-4: throb

1: --9 hours earlier -- Battleship Colonel Sanders Central Control Core
2: Huh?
3(2b): You're going to put the Storm Regalia into Ringo's AT?
4: Y-
5(2b): You need to learn some self-control!! I'm really getting sick of you!
6: OK, OK, that's enough.
7(2b): U...umm, Ikki...I uh, I don't think that's such a good...
8(2b): Technologically...I don't think there are any problems...and since Ringo's "Thorn" Regalia is a replica, there won't be any interference...
9: That's not the problem here! What do you think the Regalia are for?!

1: The Storm Regalia...is our "trump card."
2(2b): But bro already knows all about that...so when I use the "Storm Barrier"...
3: That's not what I want to hear about!!
4: I don't know much...about battling.
5: But if I do this...it'll make me win, right?
6: Nah.
7: We just have to believe it will.

1: Guh...
2: Hah...
3: Hyahaaah!! You're scared the shit outta me-gyasu!!
4: If the Regalia was THAT easy use they'd be mass-producing the fuckers by now-gyasu!!
5: --broken...?!
6: Ringo!!
7: Struggling...struggling alone
8: won't let you reach the goal...!!

1(2b): Ahhh! Sis...that's the General's...
2(2b): Yo. Indulge yourself, sister.

1: Maybe that's what the "path"
2: was meant to be from the beginning?
3(2b): Ahh...Nue...!!

1: Concentrate!!
2: Don't lose your concentration, or it'll spark!!
3: Eeee?!
4: Fugohhhhh
5: oink oink
6: kunka kunka
7: concentrate, concentrate!
8(2b): Mofuuuu! Mofu mofu
9: Die.
10: Good luck!!
11: Let's burn ourselves out, eh?
12: With your own blazing soul.

1: All yet all I can do
2: is just keep running.
3: Bah!!
4: There's nothing else
5: I can do.
6: Fuck!!
7: Have confidence!!
8: That's it, shithead!!

1: I have to believe!!!
2: There goes another set of wings.
3: Tch!
4: I'm so jealous.

1: Will it...open?
2: Everyone has their own pain.
3: Everyone has their own
4: despair!!
5: Ahhhhhhh
6(2b): The Storm Regalia was for HIM...!!!
7: I didn't design it for this!!!

1: I'm watching you.
2: Even if no one in the world
3: notices how hard you're working,
4: I'll still
5: believe in you.
6(2b): ...doctor...the AT...

1: But if I'm together
2: with someone...
3(2b): wasn't your invention...
4: Ringo. I'll tune you,
5: and you tune me.
6: If you believe in me, Ikki,
7: then I can believe too.

1: A storm
2: will give birth to another storm

1: And new wings will spread

1: Paths are only paths...
2: because they're connected, right?
slanted: Wings of freedom spun from friendship can overcome any danger!!
Three more chapters until the end!!

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