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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 674

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:44 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 674 - The Spectators
Cover Story #20
[The Screams that Echoed from Mermaid Cove]
1: The ice side - Ruins of Labs #1 and 32 - Nami & Usopp
2-3: Master!!
slanted: Caesar appeared!!
2: ...Master...!!
3: ...then you're the one who kidnapped the children?!
4: What are you doing here...?! Did you run into Luffy's group...?!
5: Shurororo...you did a very unfortunate thing...
6: Why did you take them out?!
7: My children are in pain!!
8: ...what?!
9(2b): Don't do anything stupid, Nami...!! Law said he's a Logia with a 3 hundred million bounty!!
10: Who's the one causing them pain?!

1: Just what did you make these tiny children swallow?!
2(2b): They all want to go home!! And their parents must have been searching for them all this time!! We're going to get them out of here no matter what!!
3-4: Master!!!
5: Give us candy!!
6: Give us the candy you always do!!
7: Shuroro! Show me one child that wants to go home...!!
8: Hey, wait!! Don't go, guys!! You want to go BACK to that lab?!
9: bah!!
10: Haa...haa...out of the way!
11: Eh?
12: Move it!!!
13: Dowahh!!!

1: Usopp!!!
2: ...u...!!!
3: That's it...come back...children....!!
4: Wait!!! Children!!! You can't go back to him!!!
5: You want to go home, right?!
6: Wahh!!
7: What a scary face!!
8: Don't touch me, you cockroach!!!
9: Kyaaa
10: Namiiiiii!!!
11: Hey, simmer down, you brats!!!

1: No!!! Stop it, Usopp!!!
2: Haa
3: Guh...!! Let me go!!! We have to stop them by force at this point!! They're seeing hallucinations!! They called you a cockroach!!!
4: We want to see our moms and dads!!
5: Come back, okay?! Come back to help us!!
6: These children...haa...!! Are victims!!! They haven't done anything wrong!!!
7: Undo our chains!!
8: We're in pain!!!
9: But we have to do something or else they might kill us!!
10: Then we have to redirect their anger...
11: toward him!!!
12: Let us goooo!!!
13: Undo our chains!!!

1: Uaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
2: Gyaaahh!! Are you kidding me?! They broke through the chains?!
3: Shurororo! Amazing! So their power's grown this much!
4: ...that gas bastard...just watch this...!!
5: I know what works on gas..."Hissatsu!!"
6: Firebird Star!!!!
7: Get away, kids!!!

1: Shurorororororo!!
2: Ehh?!
3: You thought it'd ignite me? so you know I have a gas ability?
4: Unfortunately, for you, though, I put out the flames before it touched me!!
5(2b): --not just poison gas is "gas!!" even the air around us here is "gas!!" I can control the entire atmosphere around me up to a certain distance!!
6(2b): Remove oxygen, and not even fire can survive!! Nor will you be able to breathe!!

1: Like so!!
2: Ahh....!!
3: What?! When?!
4: Usopp!!!
5: Can't breathe...!!!
6: Black Hole!!
7: Thunder Clouds...
8: bzzt...
9: ...uuuu...!!
10: Shurorororo...

1: Master!! Give us candy!!
2: You asked...if I met up with Luffy's group, didn't you...?
3: Give us the candy that makes us feel so good!!
4: Hurry!!
5: ...Well, I did...!!
6: Straw Hat and two others...I suffocated them just like this!!
7: ...children!! The candy...will be given out to good little children who return to the lab...so just try to bear it a bit longer. Before that...
8: I'm getting you out of here!! Exterminate these demons who've been trying to add to your pain!! Use this big pipe to crack their heads open!!!
9: Uoooooohhhh!!!
10: My head...is getting cloudy...
11: Stop this...!!!

1: Caesaaaaaar!!!!
2: Waaahhh!!
3: Hm?
4-5: haa

1: Uaaaaaahhhh!!!
2: Cough!!!
3: Buhaaah!! Haa
4: Haa
5: Uoooohhhhh!!!
6: Shurorororo...!!
7: Brown?!
8: It's Brownbeard!!! W...we're saved!!
9: I-I'm awake now...!! Haa
10: Straw Hat Pirates...haa...!!!
11: ...who were you again? ...ahh, yes.
12: My able subordinate, Brownbeard!!
13: What's happened? Your body's so burnt, I hardly recognized you...!!!

1: I came to kill you
2: by Master's orders...
3: You're the one who's responsible for this!!!
4: I trusted you!!! Haa
5(2b): Shurororo! Don't get so angry. I can't believe you survived after meeting with the COOL Brothers...!!
6: Hey, children!! This place is dangerous!!
7: Go outside and board the "Flying Gas Balloon!!!" C'mon, let's escape from here!!!
8: Waah! A huge snake!!
9: Zombies are on the ground!!
10: wait, everyone!! You mustn't go!!! haa haa
11(2b): Haa....haa! You tricked me...but I don't care. I don't care...about that now...!! Haa
12(2b): I just...want my men back!!! ...haa! I won't let them share the same fate...!!!

1: Huh?
2: You idiot!! You no longer have any men...!!
3: All of them, including you, became MY men!!! Just how long do you intend to keep acting like a Captain?!
4: You piece-of-shit loser from the New World!!!
5: Nami! After the children!! They're outside!!
6(2b): They still believe I'm their savior, and are obeying me!! They're too stupid to know any different!!!
7: Little do they know that I'm just keeping them alive so I can use them as guinea pigs!!!

1: You son of a bitch!!!
2: Gastanet!!!

1: This is Caesar...I retrieved the children with no problems...!!
2: Candy!
3: Master...
4: Monet!! How are the preparations going for Smiley's "bait?!"
5: Candy!
6: This is Monet. The preparations you ordered have all been completed, Master.
7: Then all we need to do
8: is to wait for Smiley to arrive...
9: Connect me to all receivers.
10: Yes sir.

1: Attention all illegal "brokers."
2: I apologize for the sudden experiment...but you should feel lucky to be able to see something like this...
3: the poison gas weapon I am about to reveal
4: was enhanced with new effects from what it existed as four years ago.
5: It's a fine piece of technology that those government idiots could never possibly create...!!
One Piece is going on a break; it will return in Issue 35.

1: Today,
2: some uninvited guests found their way onto my island.
3: So I intend to use this as a chance to go through with the experiment.
4: "Country stealing"...
5: "wars"..."domination"...
6: jiiiii
7: Various areas around the New World--
8(2b): It has many uses. If you find it to your liking--
9: Then let us strike up a deal...!!!
10: Boss...you got any interest in weapons of mass destruction...?
11: Nah...
12: ...but it can't hurt to know about them!!!
side: Everyone's watching!!

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