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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 478

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:57 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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tl by molokidan

1: It looks like peace...
2: but it's an eye poke!
slanted: Waiting for a souvenir from her brother with all her might?!
BATTLE478: Return of the King

1(2b): There he is!! Hongou-sensei!! He looks hurt!
2: What?!
3: Hurry!
4: Toh

1: Nuuuun!!
2: Wah, Elder!!
3: Is Miu alright?!
4: Y-yes!!
5: Uuu...grandpa...Kenichi-san...protected...me...
6: Miu-san, hang in there!!
7: Kenichi-kun!!
8: Y-yes!

1: Thank you.
2: I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
3: ...daww.

1: If you had made just one mistake, Miu could have lost her life...
2: Eh?! Ah...
3: Kishaah
4: Cross!!
5: uwahh, not again!! Get a hold of yourself, Miu-san!!
6: Mun!!
7: Miu-san!!
8: This isn't the kind of spell that can be broken with a single attack. I'll have her sleep for now...

1(2b): I-is it possible to heal her? W-we can return her to the old Miu-san, right?!
2: Even though such a powerful technique's been used on her, you've been able to move with her without having to kill her, Kenichi-kun.
3: The axis of Miu's heart is still in tact. She will definitely return.
4: So I didn't save Miu-san after all...
5: Her powerful heart saved me.

1: My master...
2: To think the day of Junazard-sama's death would come...
3: ...you were a being who had perfect skill as a warrior.
4: But if I had to say, you had one shortcoming.
5: The ability to raise your disciple!!
6: You tried to make your disciple's soul into a heartless "clump of martial arts"...but it failed.

1: For I respected you as my master...
2: And adored you like a father!!
3: Farewell, guru.
4: If you want to take revenge for your master, feel free to come anytime.
5: Once you get stronger, that is.

1: You aren't worth killing now. Even if my body's like this.
2: Even if you aren't conscious...?
3: Guh...let me go. I don't need your help, Sakaki.
4: I...still have to settle things with you...
5: How about we do it now?

1: (no bubble) Terrible.
2: Fufu...
3: Nah...
4: Let's do it later.
5: Hongou-sensei!!

1: Wh-who are these guys?!
2: You're just going to let the man who killed Junazard-sama walk out of here?
3: The enemy of the hero who saved our country...
4: Kuh! Bloodlust!!
5: stop!!
6: You're making a grave mistake. These people are our friends! They just SAVED Tidat!
7: If anyone lays a finger on them, they will become my enemy!!
8: Warriors, step down!!

1: Friends of the east.
2: If you head for your country now, you won't make it in time to heal your wounded. Luckily, this country is in the middle of a war, so we're trained in healing.
3: That's right! We have a treasure trove of herbs that not even Western medicine knows about!
4: Wh-what wounds!!
5(2b): What'll it be, Hongou? Hey, Hongou!!
6: We have to treat his wounds at once!!
7: Take him to my palace in the helicopter!
8: Gaja! Good job protecting the palace in my absence!
9: Sire!
10: Prepare the palace doctors for healing!!
11: Yes sir, at once!

1: Excellent.
2: Take them once you've located the other wounded ones. The war is over. Everyone here is now a citizen of Tidat!
3: Hurry!!
4: Yes sir!
5: Masters raise disciples, and disciples raise masters...
6: Junazard...you never thought to learn anything from your disciple, did you...?
7: Jeihan...was abandoned by the master he believed in, and nearly killed...
8: It must be an emotion I'll never understand for the rest of my life, since I only know the masters from Ryouzanpaku...
9: We should be glad you're our disciple, Kenichi-kun.

1: Jeihan-samaaaaa!!
2: Ohhh, Sham! Long time no see!
3: I thought...
4: I thought you had died in the avalanche, Jeihan-sama...
5: Hahaha! Didn't I tell you? I'm the King! I will not die!
6: No, wait, I saw you get swallowed up in the avalanche back there!!
7: I want to hear an explanation about what happened afterwards and how you made it back here with the elder!
8: Oh my.
9: Common people are so impatient.
10: Oh, sorry. It's rude of me to speak like that, isn't it? Even if you are a commoner.

1: He has grown up a little...
2(small): Although he's still the same at the core.
3: Let's just return to the palace for now!
4: We can talk later.
5: What shall we do with Junazard-sama's corpse?
6: I don't want it to be used. Bury it in a private place.
7: And then
8: tell only me of its location.

1: Ah.
2: Good job protecting my daughter, Miu.
3: I'm the previous owner of that gauntlet you have.
4: Uuuu...

1: Elder, I met a certain someone.
2: Sorry, Kenichi-kun.
3: Can you...
4: keep quiet about that to Miu a bit longer?
5: Please.
side: Next issue, the Tidat arc reaches its climax!!

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