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Vagabond 304

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:12 | Go to Vagabond

-> RTS Page for Vagabond 304


tl by molokidan

1: You ever kill someone?
2: Or been in a war
3: or something?
4: I did basically nothing in the war.
5: And the first time I killed someone was recently.
6: How old were you?
7: 13.
8: Arima something, I think he was.
9: 13...!!
10: Hurry up and sleep.

Vol. 33 now on sale!!
A right leg that doesn't heal and smoldering tenacity.
The path of the blade is shrouded in mist.

#304 - Overflowing Water
side: A great enemy that cannot be defeated.

1(2b): Hooh. At this rate I'll never finish...
2: Let's go to the mountains, Iori.

1-3: hah
4: slice
5: chop
6: saw
7: knock
8: pop
9: zzz
10: rattle
11: clunk

1: Alright, looks good.
2(no bubble):A cart!
3(no bubble): rattle
4(no bubble): slice

1: Ummm.
2: What are you doing?
3: Hm? Can't you tell?
4: Listen up.
5(2b): The water overflowing from the river runs this way. So we just need to block this part off.
6: We'll need more than a few stones, though.
7(no bubble): Busy, busy!
8: Why are you helping me?

1: You're a warrior traveling to train.
2: Why are you wasting time with me?
3: Well,'re letting me stay here.
4(no bubble): I dunno, really.
5: What about your training?
6: You haven't trained at all!
7: And you only unsheathed your katana once.
8: Katanas aren't something you unsheath often.
9: That current's making fools out of us...
10: Doesn't it make you mad?

1(2b): Ohh, here it comes again. Not yet, dammit!
2: Heavy rain won't be here again for a while.
3(2b): A wooden sword? Let me see it.
4(2b): How many of these did I make, I wonder? I made a lot when I was a kid.
5(3b): This wood is a little soft. Not that it matters. Not like it's been made to kill someone.

1(no bubble): munch munch
2: Sorry.
3: All I've got tonight are dried potatoes.
4(2b): What are you saying? You don't need to keep treating me like a guest.
5: If we could just get wheat or radishes growing here,
6: you wouldn't have to worry at all about food, Iori.
7: We're going to protect this land,
8: once and for all.

1: We're gonna win against the water.
2: Win!!

1: That samurai's sure been staring at that river for a long time.
2: Every single thing that guy does is sorta...creepy, you know?
3: Don't tell me he's thinking of throwing himself in?
4: Hahaha! Nah, I doubt he'd die in such shallow water.

1(2b): Umm, I want you to teach me how to read and write. It's raining outside anyway.
2: Hm? Me?
3: I can teach you what I know, I guess...
4: A wooden sword and reading and writing...what, do you want to become a samurai, Iori?
5: Well, I guess...
6(2b): Your family used to be samurai so you have documents left over, huh?
7: (Classic Japanese)
8(bubble 1): Classic Japanese
9: (Classic Japanese) Umm...
10: What does this say?

1: And so--
2: It's coming.
3: Is it now?

1: Well?
2: We won!!

1: Hahaha! How do you like that?!

1: "How do you like that?"
2: Sorry about this, God.

1(no bubble): Hey!

1: I know a man...
2: who's like this water.
3: Free and uncatchable.

1: If I fight him, I'll lose.

1: I may have beaten the water, but I don't know what to do now. All it ever does is rain.
2: I'm bored...
3: My body's going to become dull.

1: Let's do sumo.
2: Gaaaah
3: Man, you're light.
4(nb): Take that!
5(nb): Bam
6(nb): Grrrr

1: Hm? You can be serious, you know.
2: Grrrrr

1: Legs!!
2: Nuuuu
3: Nununu
4: Gununu
5: Gu...
6: Light, light.

1: Change
2: change
3: Does it hurt?
4: Does it hurt when you do sumo?
5: No, it doesn't.
6: Just itches.

1: Hm?
2: Let me see your legs, Iori.
3: I'm not hurt.
4: Uwahh! They're all black!
5(2b): I'm gonna wipe 'em off. Stay still. You smell like a dog.
6: Gyan!
7: rub rub
8(2b): Ohhh! This dirt has been piling up for years!
9(2b): Haha! It's fun to watch all this gunk come off.

1: Does it tickle?
2: Yeah.
3(nb): Ahiiiee
4: Takezou.
5: What kind of guy is the guy who's like water?

1: Huh?
2(2b): The grave...? Maybe he misses his dad.
3: What kind of guy is the guy who's like water?

1: Slow.
2(2b): But fast there. That's what decides how the bottom of the river looks.

1: Wide river,
2: thin river.
3: Soft riverbed.
4: Sudden riverbed.
5: Water...

1: Where the water flows to.
2: Current speed.
3: Slowness.
4: The water itself doesn't choose.
5: It simply obeys.
6(2b): The shape of the soil in the riverbed, wind...
7: Outside forces like these are what decide everything.
8: Which means that water...

1: is completely...

1: Oh, come on.
2: How could you let your guard down this much?
3: You may not be such a strong samurai after all.
4(2b): I wanted to have you teach me how to fight with a sword, but maybe I'll reconsider.
side: Truly without shape.
5(nb): Pffft
Next: July 19

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#1. by alquimistafm (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 29, 2012
Thanks bro.
#2. by hunterhorror (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 27, 2012
Is there any hope to translate the rest of the chapters (plz)?
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