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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 190

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 190

H: Sarugaki Hiyori!
O: Eh?
H: What's the "Eh" for?!
H: It's my name, my NAME!!
H: So what the hell's yours?
O: ...Inoue Orihime...
C: Sado Yasutora.
H: Ha?!

H: A princess and a tiger, huh?!
H: What exquisite names!
H: We're just Monkey and Palm!!
H: Mannn, I'm so envious!!
H: The hell is this "Palm" crap?
H: How come I'm the only one who isn't a living thing?!
H: You're gonna force me to hang myself, dumbass!
H: But damn, look at her...big breasts, pretty tall, soft flowing hair...
H: Man, doesn't she piss you off, this girl?!
H: Yeah, uh, well...
H: Comparing her to you, of there's gonna be some problems...
H: Alright, that should be good.
H: There's really nothing more we have to tell you anyway.
H: Now...you can die here.

O: Ah!!
C: Stop,
C: Inoue!!
O: Sado-kun...!
C: You understand, right?
C: There's no possible way our powers could match theirs...
C: If we just followed them unprepared like that...

C: We would undoubtedly
C: be killed.
H: Hey, Shinji!! Let go of me, dumbass!
H: I wanna go get 'em!
H: Are you an idiot?!
H: Our target is Ichigo, isn't it?! We can't just go around messing with normal people!!
H: So what if we do?!
H: Lemmme go!!
H: I told you to stop doing Kancho!!! (*Japanese 'game' where one person stuffs their fingers up another person's ass with as much force as possible. Think Kakashi's 1,000 Years of Pain.)
H: Hey, watch it, baldy!!! That isn't a smart thing to do if you want me to become your bride!!!
H: The hell?!?! That's it, I'm completely ignoring you from this point on, dammit!!

H: They don't like us...
H: Humans...
H: I know that.
H: Shinigami also...
H: hate us...
H: I know.
H: Don't worry about it, though.
H: Just wait a little longer, things will change...
H: dummy.

190. Conquistadores

I: Uh...ohh?!
I: The heck?!
(Karin bottom): Are you alright?! Oniichan!!!
(Karin top): Hey...
(Karin top 2): Daddy, what do you think you're doing?!!

I: Wha..wha..what's wrong, Ichigo?! You don't feel well?!
I: Oh wait, I got it!! Today was the first summer after vacation, and you got the absolute worst grade in the school, right?!
I: Fufu....don't worry about it, Ichigo...
I: The man known as "Kurosaki Isshin's" never sat around crying about test grades!!
I: So my test scores fell!! Who the hell cares?!?
I: What the hell are test scores anyway!!? They're poop, that's what!!
Y: Uhh...are these really the words of a parent?
I: When I was a high school student, it was much different...but I feel that parents should talk, speak, and carry on about important things like passionate love!
Y: Are you sure your parents never told you ANYTHING about those things?
I: YEAH!!!
I: But you know what...for me, it started at the ripe young age of 9!!!
K: Are you talking about PUBERTY?!

I: ...Sorry
I: But I'll be in my room 'till dinner.
I: Wh...what?! Ichigo! Ichigooooo!!
I: This is because daddy hasn't apologized properly, right?!
K: ....un?
K: OOOHH!!! Hey, what do you know, if it isn't Ichigo!! What a timely return!
K: Not like I've been waiting for you or anything, but...welcome back!!
K: Yo, yo!! So uhh...how have things been with your father lately?!
K: Have they been normal?! You tellin' me you haven't noticed anything frickin' weird around him?!

U: I've seen eeeveryone out and about today...
U: But of course there's no reason to let them "know," riiight?
K: Damn, that was a close one!! This shitty felt mouth of mine almost spilled the beans!!
K: No no no no!!! What the hell am I talking about?! Your dad is a normal dad! Man, what a dumbass I am!!
K: How could he be weird?! Shit, he's normal!! He's TOO normal!! Wahahahaha!!!
K: ...huh?
K: Somethin' happen to you or something?
I: ...nope.
I: Nothin's wrong at all.

K: The hell's wrong with you? You tellin' me you just came home to wallow around?
K: Watching you suffer makes ME wanna suffer!! Man, it ticks me off!!
K: Who'd wanna hang out with you like this?!
K: I'm going on my daily walk!! If someone else wants to sit and suffer by themselves, ain't my problem!!
K: ...Ch!
K: What a freeloader, huh!!
I: I can still hear it.

I: When he came out during the fight with Byakuya, I was able to drive him away.
I: Until then, no matter how many times I threw the mask away, it would always come back. But after the fight, it suddenly disappeared.
I: And from that point on...
I: From that point on, I've kept hearing him.
I: Deep inside of me, he's...
I: Calling out to me...

I: It sounds a lot closer lately.
I: It isn't like a daily thing.
I: It's much more than that.
I: But now it sounds even closer than ever.
I: From when I was talking with Hirako.
I: I can certainly tell that much, at least.
I: He wants to swallow me up...erase me...
I: What...
I: What the hell am I supposed to do?!
Door SFX: kon kon
K: Ichi-nii...
K: Is it ok to come in?

I: ...Karin
K: I want to know...
K: Ichi-nii...
K: I want to know why Ichi-nii's suffering so...
I: the hell are you talkin' about?
I: You don't need to worry about anything, alright?
K: I know about it.

Monster SFX: Kukekekeke...
K: I...
K: I already know about it!!
K: Ichi-nii...
K: You're a Shinigami!!
?: Fuwaaaaaaah~~~
?: Man, today has been more boring than usual...
?: Ahh~~, Bo~ring...
?: The guards haven't reported back anything of interest either...just the normal torture going on.
?: Oi, Rin!! The hell are you doing, stop eating candy for once in your damn life!!
?: Go fill me up some tea!!
?: Hop to it, dimwit!
Rin: Ah...excuse me!! Just now...

Rin: Something showed up on the radar!!
Rin: Axis 3600~4000...Tokyo: eastern part of Karakura Town!
Rin: Standing by for any corrections or supplements!
Akon: Oh!
Akon: What's goin' on?
?: Hey!! Somethin' big's goin' on, Akon!!
Akon: Ah?
?: Get over here!

What the ?!
It looks like somethin' fell over there!

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