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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 190

Bleach 190 Conquistadores

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Jan 6, 2007 02:34 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 190

I'm picking up some older chaps of Bleach for Isane's use in their scans. However, it's not exclusive to them, so if anyone else wants to use these transes for scans, feel free to do so. ^^

Pg 1
Frame 1
Hiyori: Sarugaki, Hiyori!

Frame 2
Orihime: Huh?

Frame 3
Hiyori: What do you mean “Huh?” It’s a name! My name!
Tell me yours!

Frame 4
Orihime: …Inoue, Orihime…
Chad: …I’m Sado Yasutora.
Hiyori: Hah!

Side Text: A disobedient Visored!?

Pg 2
Frame 1
Hiyori: A princess and a tiger, huh!
What a grand name!

Frame 2
Hiyori: We’re a monkey and flat!
I’m jealous!
Hirako: What’s a flat?
I’m the only one that’s not living.
Don’t try to rope it together when it won’t work, stupid.

Frame 4
Hiyori: …Plus you’ve got huge boobs and silky hair!
You really piss me off.
Hirako: That’s a regular inferiority complex.
And just against Orihime-chan to boot.

Frame 6
Hiyori: …Whatever. Anyways, I don’t have a thing to tell you two.

Frame 7
Hiyori: You’re going to die here.

Pg 3
Frame 3
Hirako: Excuse Us!!
Orihime: Ah!

Frame 4
Orihime: Wait…
Chad: Don’t, Inoue!

Frame 5
Orihime: Sado-kun…!
Chad: …You should know.
…With our powers, we can’t catch up to that speed.

Frame 6
Chad: …And even if we did catch up…

Pg 4
Frame 1
Chad: We’d be killed… …For sure

Frame 2
Hiyori: Hey, Shinji. Let go, baldie!!
I’m going to gut those two!!
Hirako: You can’t, dummy!!
Our target is Ichigo! We don’t need to cause a riot with others yet!

Frame 3
Hiyori: Just shut up! Put me down!!
Hirako: Ogyaaaaaaah!!!

Frame 4
Hirako: I told you no kanchou!! (Alternative: I told you not to poke my ass!!)
Hiyori: Hyawaaaaah!!!
Translator’s Note: Kanchou is where a person sticks their fingers up someone's butt.

Frame 5
Hiyori: Baldie! What are you going to do if you turn me into damaged goods!!
Hirako: Shut up!! It’s punishment!! Kids who can’t listen need to be punished!!

Pg 5
Frame 1
Hiyori: …I hate them. Humans.

Frame 2
Hirako: I know.

Frame 3
Hiyori: …The shinigami too… …I hate them…

Frame 4
Hirako: …I know.

Frame 5
That’s why I’m telling you to wait just a little longer. Stupid.

Pg 6
Bleach 190. Conquistadores
Side Text: Once it’s decided, let’s go all out!!

Pg 7
Frame 1
Isshin: Weeeelcoooom Hoooome

Frame 2
Isshin: Icchi Gooh!!!

Frame 4
Isshin: U…Ooh!?
Yuzu: Wha… What did you do Daddy!!
Are you okay!? Onii-chan!!

Pg 8
Frame 1
Isshin: Wh…Wh…What’s wrong, Ichigo! You’ve got no energy!?
Oh-ho! I know!! You’re test scores were the worst today after the break, wasn’t it!?

Frame 2
Isshin: Fufu… Don’t worry Ichigo… A Man: Kurosaki, Isshin isn’t so small of one to wail over some test scores…

Frame 3
Isshin: Your grades dropped!? So what!!
What are grades!! Grades are shit!!
Yuzu: It’s hard to believe those are the words of a parent…

Frame 4
Isshin: When you’re a high schooler… You should put your energy into things like love that you can’t tell your parents about!!
Yuzu: Love is something you can’t tell your parents about?

Frame 5
Isshin: Of course!! 90% all love during the mating season is like that!!!
Karin: It’s adolescence.

Pg 9
Frame 1
Ichigo: …Sorry. I’m going to be in my room until dinner.

Frame 2
Isshin: E..Eh!? Ichigo!! Ichigooooo!?
Yuzu: It’s because you wouldn’t apologize to him Daddy!

Frame 4
Kon: …Mm?

Frame 5
Kon: Oooh!! It’s just you, Ichigo. Don’t scare me!!
I wasn’t waiting for you or anything, but welcome home!!

Frame 6
Kon: Yo yo!! How was your dad acting!?
Was he normal!? Nothing unusual, right…

Pg 10
Frame 1
Urahara: Everything you saw today…
Is of course a secret. <3

Frame 2
Kon: Uooooooooh, that was close!!!
I almost talked and would have been reduced to a pile of felt and cotton!!

Frame 3
Kon: No no no!! Nevermind!! Your dad is a normal dad!? Completely normal!! So normal he’s boring!!

Frame 5
Kon: …What is it? Is something wrong with you?

Frame 6
Ichigo: …No

Frame 7
Ichigo: Nothing’s wrong……

Pg 11
Frame 2
Kon: Hah! All blue as soon as you get home!!
Having worries like a grown up!? That’s creepy!!
Oh whatever, I don’t want to be around you!

Frame 3
Kon: I’m going for a walk! If you want to worry, do it by yourself!

Frame 5
Kon: …Tch. It’s hard to be freeloader.

Frame 7
Ichigo: I can hear it.

Pg 12
Frame 1
Ichigo: After I got rid of that guy that appeared during the fight with Byakuya,
The mask that kept coming back no matter how many times I threw it away suddenly disappeared.

Frame 2
Since then,
Since then, I can hear it.
I can hear him inside me.

Frame 3
His voice calling to me.

Pg 13
Frame 1
Ichigo: It’s coming closer a little at time.
Not daily.
Much faster than that.

Frame 2
Ichigo: Definitely closer now than just a second ago.
There’s no need for Hirako to tell me.
I know. There’s no doubt. If it’s left like this,

Frame 3
Ichigo: I’ll be swallowed by him and disappear.

Frame 5
Ichigo: I… What should I do…!!

Pg 14
Frame 2
Ichigo: …Karin

Frame 3
Karin: …I want to know. …Ichi-nii…

Frame 4
Karin: I want to know what you’re worried about…

Frame 5
Ichigo: …What are you talking about.
It’s nothing for you to be worried about.
Karin: …I know about it!

Pg 15
Frame 1 & 2
Karin: I… know about it…!!
That you’re… a shinigami!!

Frame 4
?: *yawn*
Sign: Development Institute
Communications Research Division
Spirit Wave Measurement Reaserch
Division Head

Frame 5
?: There’s no response again today…
Man, it’s so boring…
Being on watch is just torture if nothing happens.
Hiyosu: Hey, Rin! Don’t just sit there eating candy!!
Bring some tea or something!!
Useless lazy bum!!

Rin: I…I’m sorry! I’ll go…

Pg 16
Frame 1
Rin: There’s a response!!

Frame 2
Rin: Seat axis: 3600~4000
Tokyo, Karakura-chou eastside!!
Requesting correction and confirmation!!

Frame 3
Akon: Ooooh, how’s it going?
Hiyosu: Hey! You came at a good time, Akon!!

Frame 4
Akon: Ah?
Hiyosu: Look!

Frame 5
Hiyosu: They’re coming.

Pg 17
Frame 2
?: …Wh… What happened!? Something fell!!

Pg 18

Pg 19

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