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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 5

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 5

N: I made up with Aikawa-san...
A: I'm sorry about before, Negishi-kun.
N: It's ok!
N: Even after saying such a thing to Aizawa-san, back there in the CD shop..
N: N: I'm gonna rape ya, you fuckin' bitch pig!
N: The next day, she called me on the telephone.
N: Ah, Aikawa-san...
A: I'm really sorry about yesterday...you protected me and everything..
A: Good thing your cell phone number is the same...
N: Even though it's all my fault...
N: I contemplated this...

N: And then, today, I even get to go drinking with Aikawa-san and her friends...
A: This is the first time I've really got to go drinking with you, Negishi-kun!
Blonde: You're in a swedish pop band, aren't you?
N: Yeah, the members should be coming now too!
B: We really like rich-style music!
Glasses: I want stylish musician friends too...
N: The other two members are stylish, too!
SFX: Hehen
N: Well, because that's the kinda music we play, you know.
B: Cool!!
N: The bassist listens to "Cornelius" a lot.
N: And the drummer wears a lot of APE clothes.
G: Is that so?
N: It's alright...yesterday I told those two all about the plan, so there should be no problem...
N: Tonight, all that I need to worry about is becoming closer with Aikawa-san!!
Wada: Ou, Negishi!!

Terumichi's shirt: Eating Battle Team "Buruma-chan"

Girls: Eh?
N: What the hell are you two doing?!
SFX: Dadah
N: I even went so far as to guide you through all the fashion books last night!!
W: Dumbass! This is what I always wear when I go out to meet chicks! (This is a group date, right?)
SFX: Shu x3
N: Uh, that smells, Wada-kun...
N: And Nishida-kun...could you at least pull your sweatshirt outta your jeans...?
N: Just like I told you last night...we're a swedish pop band, remember?
N: Please!
W: Chill out, we get it!
N: I really wonder...
N: Maybe I should have turned down this date after all...

N: If it's revealed that our band is really the demonic death metal band "Detroit Metal City," then...
Krauzer: Shut the fuck up, bitch pig!
N: Aikawa-san truly will hate me...
Girl: Kyaa! Spit on me too!
Girl: It's a good omen!
N: I can't give up, though...this is the last chance for Aikawa-san and I!
W: Good evening! Shall we be off then?
B: What are these people...
G: Um...right...
N: I must do my best!!
E: Cheers!
W: Haaahahahaha!
W: I'm surprised by how cute everyone is~~

B: Are you really in a pop band?
W: Hahaha, of course.
W: I'm a fan of Katsumi Kanie, just like Negishi!
G: What is that?
N: It's Katsumi Karie...Wada-kun, you idiot...
A: Negishi-kun, you don't hold your alcohol very well, do you?
N: Ahah...I got drunk just off the Kahlua Milk. (*type of cocktail)
SFX: Tehahaha
N: Good thing I sat next to Aikawa-san...
A: Let's go all out tonight!
B: Oh yeah, what's the name of your band anyway?
W: Hm..
W: It's Detroit Metal City.
G: EH?!
N: De..De..Tetete...Tetrapot Melonty...
N: Tetrapot Melon Tea!
G: Hmm...sounds stylish, what does it mean?
N: Er...ah...um...
N: Kinda like...drinking melon-flavored tea from a tetrapot...
A: Oooh~

A: I really am sorry about before, Negishi-kun...running out of the CD shop like that...
A: You really saved me, after all.
N: Don't worry...I was barely able to do anything anyway...
N: Good...it ended up being just a misunderstanding...
A: These are tasty...
A: Hm?
T: To eat a weiner, you must first lick the tip with your tongue, and then, using your rear muscles, lick all over the entire morsel. Then, you may place it in your mouth.
N: Ahaha, do you get it? That just now was the French way of eating weiners!
N: Nishida-kun is a returnee from there!
A: Oooh~
A: I'd love to hear some French!
T: Anal.
N: Did you get that?!
N: "Anal" is the perfect form of "Amour," which means "true love!" (Or something like that.)
A: Ohh, I like that!

B: You put out a CD, so you must do concerts too, right?
W: Yeah, I'm the bassist, so I do it kinda like this.
W: It's a pop band, so I'm really relaxed.
G: Wow, that's cool!
N: Hmm..
N: They seem really entraced over there...
N: I guess Wada-kun really DOES know what he's doing...
G: Hey, you're the drummer, right? Can you demonstrate for us?
T: Hugooooooooooooohh!
B: Ahahaha, what is that, death metal?
G: Kyahahaha, ooh, how scary!
N: Awawawawawah...
N: I can't think of anything to talk about with Aikawa-san...
N: I guess I really won't have the courage unless I drink more...

W: Alright, next up, karaoke!
G: Yeah, let's do it!
A: Are you alright, Negishi-kun?
N: Yeah...
W: And then-
B: Ahahaha
T: If only I could get the two of us together...
T: Then I'd take her to the flower garden of pleasure.
A: Tell me if you feel like puking.
N: Uh, I'm okay...there's just a hammering in my head...
N: Aikawa-san is so sweet...
N: Now she's seen the pitiable side of me...
T: Tch...she's even wet already...

G: Holding your right hand~
G: Let's gently walk forward together~
A: Negishi-kun, maybe you should rest for a while.
N: Yeah...thanks.
N: Even though this is no time to relax, my head feels like it's going to burst.
W: Hmm..
B: What are you gonna song?
W: Ahhh!
W: Our songs are in here!!
B: Wow, that's amazing!
W: Wow, there's three!
G: I may have heard of them before, show me!

W: Check it out, Negishi! We've even penetrated this far!
Everyone: Hm....
E: You're right! There's Tetrapot Melon Tea!
Song name: Sally My Love
N: No way...Tetrapot Melon Tea is a real name?
N: Above DMC...
B: Come on, sing some TMT! (You're vocals, aren't you?)
N: Ehhh!?
W: I wonder what visuals they used for our song...
T: Babibube...Buruma will eat you up~
T: Yesterday, your pretty clipped fur~
W: Man, Nishida, shut that shit off.
N: What should I do...I can't sing a song I don't know...
T: You can't stop breasts growing to adulthood~
T: The ecchi-sensei is watching~
N: And to top it all off, I'm drunk...this is bad...

W: Alright, guys, let's play the King game!
B: Alright, let's do it, let's do it!
G: Whooo's the King?
N: I'm done for...
N: Consciousness...fading...
G: It's me.
G: Alright then, #1 has to kiss #3.
W: Oh!
B: Hmm...
?: Hey, what the?! This isn't Tetrapot!
?: Wada-kun, you put in the wrong number!
Screen: Detroit Metal City
Demon King
Composed by: Krauzer the 2nd

G: It's too loud, hurry, turn it off...
W: Alright, once more! King game!!
N: Huh...?
N: Wait, this intro...
N: This song is...

A: Whooo's the King?
N: I am the Demon King!
A: Ne...Negishi-kun?
N: C'mon drums!
G: What is this?
W: Those retards are totally drunk...
W: Let's continue! Whoo's the King?
N: I am the Demon King!

N: #2's gonna rape the fuck outta #1!
N: #3's gonna cum in #5's eye!
G: Gross...this guy is the worst!
N: Demon King...Demon King...Demon King...orders from the Demon King are final!!
W: It's true, he's the worst...
W: Which makes this the best performance from DMC yet...
N: And I, the Demon King, can doas much as I like!
W: Alright, let's go somewhere else.
B: Let's go, Yuri.
A: Eh...
N: I need no companions!! All those around me are merely my slaves!
N: For I, the Demon King, have control over all!
A: Negishi-kun, um..this was a mistake, so...
A: You don't need to try so hard, you know?

N: How dare you touch me, trash-cunt!
A: Kyaah
A: Negishi-kun, you're terrible...
N: Wait, why does it look like I just spit on Aikawa-san's face?!
N: What should I do...what should I do...
N: Throw up!!
N: Oeeh..uwehh..
A: Negishi-kun!
N: The night ended safely (?) like this.
A: Are you alright? It looks like you're going to throw up...
A: Don't push yourself...
N: I'm so sorry, Aizawa-san...
N: Will there be a tomorrow for Aizawa-san and I, Krauzer the 2nd?

[Track 5 - End]



The perfect form of "amour." It means "I really love you." You see, with French, in the case of comparative and perfect words, there is no conjugation needed with adjectives. Amour is a noun in the first place, though, thus, sadly, it's slang only returnees can know.

[Usage Example] Ohh~ Monanal~
(Ah, the person I love very much)

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