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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 6

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 6

N: Today, Krauzer II, who has gone by himself to Death Records to engage in a solo interview for a magazine...
Guy: What kind of music do you usually listen to?
N: ...has fallen victim to the President's imperial wrath.
N: Kahi...er, no...
N: Uhhh...you know, Hell kei.
N: I wasn't really talking in a Krauzer-like manner...
Guy: Uhh...alright then, what kind of food do you like?
K: O..omelette rice.
K: Ah...but I use human blood as ketchup.
N: I'm pretty sure it didn't go well...
N: Oh well.
N: I don't know a thing about death metal lifestyles...
N: All that stuff goes out of my head once I get home.
N: Now, I should lighten up the atmosphere and watch "Amelie"...

P: Hey!! Negishi!
P: We've come to change your personal life!

N: P...President?
P: Ohhh shit! This room is freakin' small!
N: Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa...
P: What are you doing with all that money of yours?
N: Wait, what is this, President~?!
N: At least take off your shoes~!
P: Hey!!
N: Owwwwwww!
N: Who are these people anyway!?
P: My comrades in metal, Guri and Gura.
P: Negishi, what was with that shitty interview today?
N: Ehh..

P: To make sure that kinda thing doesn't happen again...
P: We've come to show you how to be a full death metal dude, all the way to the roots.
P: Come on Negishi, bring us some drinks!
N: I'm giving you tea, so please just leave quickly..
N: This is the worst...
N: I realize that today's interview went bad, but...
N: There's no possible way I can live in a death metal style..
P: Oi, Souicchan...
N: Hm?

Guy: Just now I heard a scream...
Guy: Everything alright?
N: Ah...Grampa Shige!
N: S...sorry! Just now, my friends came over!
G: Ahh..
N: It was just all of a sudden...
G: 'zat so, 'zat so? So good to be young...
G: I thought something happened to Souicchan...
G: Sorry for intruding.
SFX: Batan
N: Grampa Shige went so far as to worry about me...
N: He's taken care of me ever since I was in college...this place's manager.
S: Here you go, I brought some hizikia.
S: Ah, this is Kahimi Karie, isn't it?
N: He's kinda been like my "Tokyo Grampa."
N: There's people who've grown attached to me even in this apartment...
N: This place really became important to me in a short while.
N: Heeere's the tea! (Hope you like apple!)

P: Yeah, yeah, perfect!
P: Yeah, do it right on top of that poster.
N: Hold on a second, President!
P: Hmm, what's that?
N: You gotta stop this!
P: You think I'm gonna drink this?!
P: Oi, Guri and Gura, go get some alcohol!

N: They totally remodeled the room I've spent years working on...
P: Hey, who's this picture of, your mama?
N: Yeah..
N: That's a picture from when we went to see Tokyo together.
P: Eh...I bet she probably smells bad.
P: When she was young, I bet she was a slut.
P: Hey, Negishi, play a song.
N: Ahh...I can't take it anymore.
N: Okay.
N: This music may mess up the atmosphere...
N: Hehe...yeah, France really knows music...I'm glad I bought this CD.
S: Shabadabaa, seshibooon
S: Shabadabaa, bon appetite
P: HEY!!

P: Listening to this crap is what makes you suck.
P: DMC cm'on!
N: My CD!
S: I am Hell's Detroit!
P: Huu...
P: This is the best.
N: Uh, President...there's an elderly person living here, so we should really turn it down..
P: For explosive music like this, it really is best to bring "leaf"...
P: I'm gonna get high...
N: Eh?
N: Wait a second...don't tell me those guys are smoking THAT?!
N: Is this...turning into a drug party?!
N: So that means criminals are sitting in my room right now!
P: Hey, Negishi, you need to smoke this too.
N: I'm fine just with tea!!

P: Hold on, buddy...aren't you the one who sang "I invented narcotics!" with DMC?"
S: Kill, kill, kill, kill everything!
N: Ahh..yeah...
P: Then smoke it!
N: Alright, then I just pretend but not actually inhale any...
N: Fake smoking, fake smoking...
N: Ohhh...ume....I think I'm high...
N: Is this how it goes?
P: Hmmm...doesn't seem like it worked...maybe this will do the trick.
N: !! (Injection?!)
N: Hyoooooooi!
N: I'm surpassin' my limit!
P: Oh, seems like it did work after all.
N: Kyahii~ Where the hell is this place!?
P: Make me cum, Negishi!
N: Ahh, that was dangerous...
SFX: Pinpooon (doorbell)
N: Ehh..

G: Seems like you're having lots of fun in here!
N: G..Grampa Shige!
P: Hm.
N: I'm so sorry about the loud music!
G: Naw, it's good to be so young!
G: Here's some fried dough cakes, eat 'em with your friends!
N: I'm so sorry..
P: Hey pops, you think we can eat that?!
S: Wahh!
N: P...President!
P: Come on, pops, let's go back here.
P: Guri, Gura, c'mon!
S: Wow, young people sure are strong...
N: President, please stop!

S: Orororo...if it's about the bath, I've already taken a...
P: Hyahahaha, no escape, no escape!
G: Ooohh...my eyes are spinning...
P: Come on, Negishi, you gotta try this too!
N: No, there's no way!
P: As I thought, you really aren't high, are you...
N: Heeey, I think there's gold locked inside this vault, dudes!
N: Quick, what's the combination for the dial!
N: Quick, or the po-po are gonna come!
S: Souicchan, that's my nipple you know...
P: Hyahaha, awesome hallucination!
P: You really are stoned after all!
N: I'm sorry, grampa!
N: Hey, I'm getting aroused...
S: Seems like when you're around people your own age, you're full of energy, Souicchan...

(top right)N: Let me do you, grampa!
(bottom right)(speaker): Murder, murder!
(bottom middle)(speaker): Murder, murder!
(right middle)(old man): Ororo
(left middle) (old man): Ororororo
(top middle): Ya feeble old fart!
(top left): Hyaahahaha! You've gone fuckin' crazy, man!!
(bottom left)(speaker): Murder, murder!
N: I'm soooo sorry!
N: Feel good, pops?!
N: My fried doughnut's comin' at ya from behind!
S: Orororo..
S: Ororooroorororo~
P: Hyahahaha, this rocks! I'm all wet~!
N: Eventually, dawn broke...

B: The Next Day
P: Laaaater, Negishi!
P: Don't forgive yesterday, and live like a true metalhead!
N: After the President left...
N: I took a look around my room..
N: All the posters and pictures of artists and things decorating my room...
N: All that style had been ripped from away in a flash by the hand of Takumi...
N: Obscenities drawn with spray paint covered my walls...
N: Turning my room into some kind of grotesque production.
N: The TV and DVD player their client treasured...
N: can't be used to watch the great movie, "Amelie," any longer...

N: And so, just as Takumi had suggested...
SFX: Zaaaah
N: An eerie "Zaaa" sound emitted from the skewered TV all through the night, giving way to an unsettling night.
N: And then, the bed...
N: A futon normal-looking strap pattern and an all-too-soft pillow was rapidly changed...
N: ..to the lair of Sir Sou-maru. (This is a really hard joke to translate.)
N: With the sleepless nights resulting from using this thing, it's easy to see why the owner would gradually lean towards killing people.
N: The last thing I can't forget is Grampa Shige.
S: Souicchan!
N: He, who was once a naive and gentle manager...
N: ...was apparently transported back into the fiery days of youth through DMC's music...
S: Murder 'em, murder 'em!
N: Grampa Shige...I'm so sorry...
N: This will certainly pave the way for our next concert.

[Track 6 - END]



A french movie directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, starring Audrey Tautou. From the cinematography to the music, it paints a stylish picture. The story of a fashionable person's road to success. It will stylish please your insides, so bon appetit.

[Usage Example] We have to break our Cream Brulee in half and eat it, just like Amelie!

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