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Detroit Metal City 7

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 7

N: Today's the first time DMC's played at such a large venue.
N: As usual, I'm messing around before the concert, not feeling like putting makeup on...
W: Oi, Negishi, get your crap on, quick!
N: I can't do it now, so I'm gonna step out and breath some fresh air real quick...
N: So I went outside.
N: And when I did...
A: Negishi-kun!!
N: Ueehhh!
N: Aikawa-san...
N: Why are you...
A: Today, I came here to gather material for the magazine.
Bottom guy: Did you buy a T?
Top guy: DMC rules!
Top left guy: They're definitely gonna play a new one tonight!
N: But...why would such a fashionable magazine as "Amour Amuur" take material from DMC...?
A: Here, look.
N: Ok..

Top line: Infiltration (Star Icon) Worst Concert Report

Text above shaded box: Amo-Amu Reporters Present...
The #1 Worst Band as...

1. Detroit Metal City
(Death Metal) ............... 1246 Votes
Their lyrics are the worst! (Age 20 - Female Nurse)
The makeup they wear is SO stupid! (Age 16 - High School Student)
I'm so pissed that my friend became their fan! (Age 26 - Office Lady)

2. Kiba (Fang)
(Hip Hop) ................... 89 Votes
They talk too badly about others! (Age 23 - Makeup Artist)
Their coarse voices suck! (Age 21 - Operator)

3. Golden Ball Girls
(Punk) ....................... 46 Votes
They're anti-men, but don't make any sense! (Age 25 - Office Lady)
The vocalist is cute but.... (Age 17 - High School Student)

Box beneath the DMC picture:
White part: These three demons started the
band. Last year "SATSUGAI" was released
"GROTESQUE" Went on sale last month and
chat was recently published. Strange rumors
have lots of crazy fans.

As expected, No. 1 is (this part is in the bubble thing): Detroit Metal City!!

Wavy lines to the right: Gross!
No way!!

Bubble letters: Next Week: An Amo-Amu reporter will be sent to attend this band's live concert!!!!

Reporter: "Usually I listen to Stereolove. I don't really have any experience with death metal, so I'm kind of nervous..."

Cut off text at bottom:
Detroit Metal
Home Page

A: What are you doing here, Negishi-kun?
N: Heeh...
N: Oh...I'm on a job. Just for today, I'm a security guard here!
N: Sometimes things get outta control with this band!
A: Hey....
A: If you're a guard, then we'll probably meet inside, right?
N: Eh!
N: Y...yeah, probably. Well, I realy have to get going now, so see ya!
N: This is bad!!
A: Yeah, good luck!
N: To think that Aikawa-san would attend one of our concerts...
W: Get ready this instant, fucker! Are you gonna do this or not?
N: But man, if DMC is hated that much by Amo-Amu's reporters...
N: that means if Aikawa-san recognizes my face, it'll really be the end for our relationship!!
N: If she finds out it's all over...
N: If she finds out it's all over...

N: If she finds out, everything will have been in vain!
W: Hm?
W: Ohh, that make is damn cool!
W: Finally got your fighting spirit back, eh, Negishi?
N: Yeah...uh...of course.
W: Alright!
W: This time, we're gonna do our initials with our arms on the stage, so I'll be D, you're M, and Kamyu is C.
N: Eh...

N: Do...do we really have to do that? I don't wanna be M...
T: Shut up trash.
W: Just listen to us and do it, will ya?!
W: Also, tonight, you're gonna talk between songs! So we don't become tired too easily.
N: I am grateful to music.
Shout: Ahh, it's Grotesque!
N: If I hadn't become a musician, I just would have become some bizarre murderer....GROTESQUE~!
Shout: Look, I knew it!
N: Ehhh..I can't think on the spot like that!
T: No ability.
W: Dumbass! This is our first huge concert!!
W: That means we gotta do a spotless performance as well!
W: Alright, we're on, dudes!
N: Uhhh...
Crowd panel: GO TO DMC x3
A: I wonder what this concern will be like, I'm kinda worried...
Shout: GO TO DMC
Top left: What's the "GO TO DMC" about anyway?
Bottom left: Hey, they're comin' out!
Crowd: Oh, I can see them!

1: It's D
2: M
3: C!!
Crowd: Ohhh...that's the special all-cursing "DMC Person-Letters"~!
Crowd: Curse!
Crowd: Fuckin' awesome!
C: Hey, doesn't it look like Krauzer-san is shaking?
C: That's just his warrior-ness!
N: Why the hell do I have to be the M...not only is this embarssing, it's tiring...
N: I'll never be able to see Aikawa-san at this rate...
C: Hey, today Krauzer-san's face looks different!
C: He looks like an emperor about to give orders to his slaves!

A: What's with that pose...it makes no sense...
N: I'll set the penalty for all your fuckin' crimes! Cuz I'm an emissary from Hell!!
N: Where is Aikawa-san, I wonder...
N: Watch me while I lick your ass!!
N: Negishi's really freakin' awesome.
N: Forget what he's like otherwise...in a live, he really goes berserk.
N: Why do I gotta accept your resentment?! Why do I gotta accept your resentment?!
N: Could she be way in the back?
N: And now I'm gonna tear through your butt!!
N: Where...where could she be?!
N: Could she be hiding, that woman?
N: That...bitch!

N: Get out here, you dirty biiiiitch!
N(top right): Wheeere...
N(top middle): Show yourself!
Wada: Ohhhh...
Crowd, from right to left: Wha..what is this all of a sudden...
C: Scary!
C: He's looking for someone!
C: Here comes the corpses...
W: This MCing is awesome!
W: A performance like a beast hunting down its prey...
N: Where are you...where are you....
W: I've always known you were a metal monster, Negishi!!
W: Let's rock! GROTESQUE!!

N: Grotesque Blood Jet Propulsion!
N: Grotesque Shower of Flying Eyeballs!
N: Grotesque Soul Destruction!
A: I...really can't think of anything good to say about them...
N: Grotesque Pet Dog Slaughter!
A: Forget gathering material, I can barely even stand to listen to this...
A: Negishi-kun said he was a security guard, but...
N: Grotesque Fingernail Ripping!
N: Grotesque Descendant Obliteration!
A: I wonder where he is...
N: Next song, "Symphony of the Ugly Pig!"
N: All those bitches laying prostrate in front of me...
M-Man: Oh-oh...
M: Ohh
N: I don't need your rings, I don't need your tits, I don't need your face!
N: I don't need your words, I don't need your hearts, I don't need your love!!
N: Just stick our your lower bodies!

Crowd: Kyaaah!
N: All I need is the lower body!
N: All I need is the lower body!
N: All I need is the lower body!
N: Uglies are pigs!
N: Yeah, the only use they have is their lower halves!
N: If you have the lower half, it's all good!
N: If you have the lower half, it's all good!
N: If you have the lower half, it's all good!
N: Hah
N: Ah...Aikawa-san...
N: Uglies are pigs!
N: Eh..
C: Come over here!
N: If I continue that way, it'll be bad..

N: All I need is the lower body!
N: Gotta turn back to the stage...!
N(top left): Shit..I'm getting closer and closer to her!
N: All I need is the lower body!
N: Hey, you fuckers, stop already!
N: Stop!!
N: Uwaaahh!
A: Kyaah!
N: FUCK...my wig is slipping!
N: She's gonna see!
N: I can't move my body at all...if she turns her head back up...
N: it's all over...

N: The lower half of this pig's body is RIGHT HERE!!
(Rest of the shouts in top box: If you have the lower half, it's all good! x3
N: Tonight's sacrifice is this ugly pig~!
A: Kyaah
N: And all I need is the bottom half!
N: Yeah, all I need is the bottom half!
N: Krauzer, you fuckin' rule!
A: I can't take this anymore!
C: The pig's runnin' away!

Door: Waiting Room
N: Well then..I'm gonna..
W: Hahaha, tonight was insane, dude!
N: Uhh...I was the worst...
W: You were like the heaven-sent child of metal out there!
N: To protect my own self, I violated Aikawa-san...
N: I have to find a way to apologize...
N: Aikawa-san!
A: Negishi-kun...
N: What's wrong, Aikawa-san?
N: Did something happen during the concert? I was an outside guard, so...
A: No, I'm fine.
N: H..hey, if it's alright, wanna go grab a bite to eat?
A: R..really?
N: I'll use the money I made from tonight to treat you, so..

N: I know a place nearby that has a great pork dish!
A: Pork!?
N: Hah..
N: Goddammit! I forgot, I called her a pig during the concert!
A: Hey, why did you say pork?! Do I remind you of a pig!?
N: No, no!
A: Am I really that fat?
N: There's no possible way I would ever associate Aikawa-san with a pig!
N: And so, despite my unfathomable crimes, I was able to treat Aikawa-san to yakiniku...
N: A few days later, I picked up a copy of "Amour Amuur"...

Top line: Infiltration (Star Icon) Worst Concert Report

This week's infiltration:
Detroit Metal City

Text under Krauzer: Pig

Infiltrator: They really are a terrible band. They were shouting loudly like pigs and I could hardly hear a thing. The vocalist especially is a terrible man.

N: Looks like she's still sensitive about being called a pig...

[Track 7 - End]


"Fat Pig"

Slang used to insult women. In truth, there is no justifiable reason for ever using this term, but for Krauzer-san, we will forgive it. Unexpectedly, though, the most frequent users of this word are women speaking to other women.

[Usage Example] I never thought a person like you from Kyaria-group would be this much of a fat pig!

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