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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 8

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 8

N: Man, Shimokitazawa is sure a cool place.
N: Got my hair cut, even bought a new cup for tea...
N: Now all that's left is to stop at Village Vanguard and check out the secondhand clothes.
N: My vacation ends tomorrow with our TV broadcast...I can still forget about DMC until then.
Krauzer: Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape
Krauzer: Rape that bitch!
?: Sally, you, who I met in this town~
N: Hey, that song sounds good...
N: Someone must be doing a street live in front of the station!
SFX: Da dah
?: Sally, you, who smiles for me~
SFX: Jyaka jyaka
N: This seems really similar to the kind of music I want to do...I wonder what kind of people are doing this...
N: Ah!

Girl: Hello! We're Tetrapot Melon Tea!
Sign: CD is out! [Sally My Love]
tambourine SFX: Shan shan shan

N: Tetrapot Melon Tea...?
N: The name that was above Detroit Metal City in Karaoke...
N: They were a band this good?!
Girl/Guy(?) with tambourine: This song now is kind of indies-level, but will be on the CD.
Woman: -level, is so fashionable!
SFX: Shan shan shan
GwT: We'll be on TV now too!
Woman: Saji-kun's so cuuute!
N: That vocalist is...
S: What a cute daucshund!
N: Saji-kun!
N: I can't believe Saji-kun is in Tetrapot...
S: Alright, time for the next song!
N: Saji Hideki-kun...
N: The only junior from my college years who ever missed me...
S: Negishi-senpai, you're so good at guitar!
N: Heheh...I'll get conceited.
S: Isn't Kahimi Karie great?!
N: I knew you'd understand, Saji-kun!

N: We always said that someday we'd start a band together!
Small SFX: Kune
Big SFX: Jyaga
N: Morning, I open my eyes, and you're there, baking a cheese taaart~
S: Sweeet baby, that's you~
White text: SWEET LOVERS
Lyrics/Composition: Negishi Souichi
N: Brings back memories...
S: Wha...
S: Aren't you Negishi-senpai?!
N: N...No, I'm not!!
S: Ah..
N: Why...why am I running...
N: I probably wanted to turn around...
N: But there's just no way I could face Saji-kun and tell him...
?: And now, for today's first guest...Detroit Metal City!
?: Now, please give us your introductions.
N: That the band I'm in now...

N: Hey bastard, you tryin' to order me around?
N: ...is something like THIS!
?: Um, anyway...this year, you've made a hit single as well as made plans to release an album, haven't you?
N: Hahaha! We also made plans to kill you fuckers this year too!
?: Ugh...these dumbasses are no different from late-night idiots from Saitama...
N: Orrrah, focus the camera on me some more!
N: I'm sorry, interviewer guy...
N: Saji-kun's continued on with his music for all this time...but what the hell have I been doing?
N: We're gonna kill all you shitheads sitting in your living room right now, got it?!
?: Er, now, let's bring out our second guest...
?: Come in...
N: HM?

I: Tetrapot Melon Tea!
S: Howdy~
N: Sa...Saji-kun!
I: Today this second band is a completely different style of music from the first -- an indies band!
N: No...no way...
I: Are the members from Tetrapot familiar with DMC?
S: Oh yes, of course!
S: They have a peculiar way of seeing the world, so I hate them as a result.

I: Is that sooo? But your names look so similar, don't they?
N: They figured it out! What do I do...
S: That's true.
I: Are you guys from DMC familiar with Tetrapot?
N: Eh..
N: Like hell we'd be!! These fuckin' gobou-men! Makes me wanna puke all over the place!!
S: Wah!
SFX: Bleh
I: Oh my! Are you alright, Tetrapot?
Guy: There's no helpin' it..
S: Well, we're used to being teased, so...
N: I'm sorry, Saji-kun...but if I don't, the Prez will get pissed...
I: Well now, do you have a particular musician you respect?
S: Oh yes, mine is Negishi Souichi!
N: Ehhh?!
S: He was my senpai in college, and...
SFX: Kira kira
S: He was so good at singing and playing guitar, that I've always done my best to try and reach him someday.

S: If Negishi-senpai continues as he was before, I'm sure he'll enter the music world someday.
Guy: So, DMC, who is someone you respect?
K: Pff, we killed 'em already.
N: Saji-kun...I've already entered the music world...but not as you imagined...
Dude: OK then!
Dude: We'll take a break now, and then we'd like to have Tetrapot play a song, please.
K: 'Scuze me, bathroom...
S: Hoo...that was stressful.
K: Man...I was so bad back there.
K: I'm not a person to be respected...
S: Nice work back there!
K: Saji-kun!

K: Er..earlier...
K: Sorry for calling you a gobou.
S: Eh?
S: No, no, don't worry about it!
S: I'm sorry for acting so nervous!
K: You're nervous?
S: Yeah...we're about to go on, and I'm worrying about whether I'll be able to sing right...
K: Alright then, let me hear you sing now.
N: Saji-kun...
S: Eh?
K: If you can sing just once, you'll alleviate your nervousness.
N: I want be helpful to you, even if it's just a little...
S: Yes, thank you very much!
SFX: Taan
SFX: Tatan
S: That meeting with you was the first time~
K: Look, you sound great...
S: From then on we became lovers~
N: It really is a great song...

N: This reminds me...
S: I knew it, Sally~
S: That we would meet someday~
K: Great, nice tambourine!
N: Of old times...
N: This tone is perfect, ah, this is so fun...
S: Overcome time and call me, Sally~
K: Sally~
N: When did this become so great all of a sudden?
N: I wish this moment would...
Both: Sally~~~
N: I wish it would...last forever...
Guy: Saji-kun, the staff is calling for you to come out immediately!
S: Ahh, sorry!
S: Krauzer-san, thank you so much!
K: Y...yeah.

S: You know, Krauzer-san, your ambience really reminds me of the person I admire!
S: You really made me relax!!
K: I am a demon.
K: Nothing more than that...
N: Saji-kun, good luck on the real thing!
Guy: Isn't he scary?
S: Naw, he's a great guy!
E: You're late, Krauzer.
K: S..sorry.
E: Look, they've started their song already!!
S: Sally~
K: Ah..
S: Exit the tunnel of time and call me, Sally~
S: It's still only 7:00 in Tokyo...

K: Heheh...looks like he's happily singing it...I'm glad.
E: Alright! We'd better get moving too.
K: Huh?
E: It's been decided that at the end of their live, we'll barge in there and mess shit up.
E: It's an order from the president!
K: Ehh?!
K: Hey, quit with the jokes--
Sign: Get out there.
K: Wait a second...
N: You've got to be kidding me!!

K: Wai-
E: Your shitty song is a sacrilege to DMC!!
S: Eh?!
K" I'm sorry, Saji-kun!
SFX: Gyah
SFX: Hiiiih
E: Stop the music!
K: I'm gonna fuckin' rape your tambourine!
N: Sorry!
S: Heee....what are you doing?!
Guy: He's playing the keyboard with drumsticks!!
E: You think I can play this?! (Besides, I'm a bassist!)
Guy: Waah, just after I saved enough money to buy that!

K: Yesterday I violated the chairman! Tomorrow I'll take on these bastards!
S: Hieeehh...
K: All memories of those days...
K: Have been painted red in a glorious melody of blood!
Director: Go for it, deal the finisher!
K: Murder, murder!
N: And with that, DMC created yet another legend...
K: Go on, show your dirty fucking gobou face to that man you love so much!
S: Negishi-senpai, help meeee!

[Track 8 - END]



An easy musical instrument that even children can play. Just hit it with a "pan pan" and a crisp clean sound will ring out. Since the end result is that of a fashionable melody, it must never be played in front of DMC.

[Usage Example] The tambourine sounds great from over here! Go for it!

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