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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 9

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 9

N: The Emperor of black metal: Jack Ille Dark.
N: A legendary musician who's lived in the dark world of American metal!
N: Not only that, but he carries with him a stunning history of rape and drug cases.
N: His concerts are graphic and powerful, and he has a great clan of devoted fans.
N: And now, before he descends into retirement, he's decided to go on one last world tour!
N: The name? "Worldwide Breakdown!"
N: The theme is this tour is smashing down all other countries' metal bands, is that right?
N: And the chosen band for Japan is "this one," isn't that right?
N: What do you think of this song playing right now? It's one of theirs.

J: This piece of shit? I couldn't even use it as a fuckin' alarm clock!!

N: The topic of your musical contest with DMC has become a ppular topic in the indies scene.
J: I'll crush those fuckers...
T: Well, that settles things, you guys...
T: Yesterday, that Jack Ille Dark guy, on NTV....
T: He directly pointed out that DMC was to be chosen as the band he wanted to crush.
T: When I was but a young flower...I heard Jack's record, and it opened my eyes to metal.
T: To think that I'd be included in his last tour like this...

T: And now, at the Budokan, you guys will express your feelings toward Jack in a musical performance!
T: These will be Jack's retirement flowers!
N: A...uh...President...
T: What?
N: Who is this "Jack" guy, anyway?
T: Ohhhhh..
N: Eh?
T: How dare you play death metal and not know who Jack is!!!
N: Auun!
T: The Emperor of Black Metal...a living legend...Jack Ille Dark!
T: He's where the roots of DMC's music lies!
T: You two surely know of him, don't you?
T: Lies.
E: O...of course we do...
T: Jack rocks.

T: Since you don't know, you need to read this book.
N: Eh?
N: Thi...this is Jack-san?
- The True Story of the Emperor-
50 Years of Rape, Violence, and Drugs
N: His makeup looks just like DMC's.
T: To me, this book is like the Bible.
T: It's a legendary record that holds all of the crimes and events surrounding the Emperor...
N: Just like DMC's legends..
N: This man's circumstances...might be similar to mine.
T: OK!! This will be your crowning performance, so I want you to do everything you can to prepare!
N: Ye-yes...
N: And so...

N: Japan Budokan
E: Hahaha...check it out, guys! Outside, there's a bunch of people, TV cameras, and everything!
E: I can't believe we're finally at the Budokan!
E: N..Negishi, what is that?
N: These are some shiitake that I got from the country.
N: I'll give them to Jack as a present!
E: Whaaat?
N: After reading those legends, I got some courage.
N: I'm just going to go introduce myself to Jack-san.
SFX: Patan
E: Hmm...I wonder if that's really a good idea?
N: think there was a worse person out there than us...

N: It'd be nice if we ended up having a lot in common...
N: (In Engrish) Mai neemu izu Souichi Negishi!
Jack: My name is Sam Hanks.
J: With this makeup and wig, this tour'll be the best.
N: Isn't retirement nice?
N: This time, would you be willing to collaborate in singing "We are the world?"
J: Oh, I love that song!!
N: Ah, there it is.
Door: MASTER Jack Ille Dark.
N: Hmm...
N: This is the first time talking with a foreigner...I'm kinda nervous.
N: I should practice one more time...
N: Japaneezu shiitake purezento foor yuu! (Oh yeah!)
N: Shiitake shiitake! (Like that.)
N: Alright...staying up all last night practicing will finally pay off!
N: Uhhh...I'm one of the people who will be playing tonight with you, and um...
N: Ekusukyuuzu meeee~

N: Wha...what the?!
J: Hm?

N: Na...naisu tuu miityuu~
N: Mai neemu izu Souichi Negishi!
N: Ehh?!
N: Let's see...when a person says fuck...
N: is
N: Ahhh...he's exactly how it was written in the book!
Line 1: On my face is a tattooed pattern...I can never take it off...
Line 2: My penis is always in the mouth of some random ho...
LIne 3: I believe that FUCK is a universal word...
[Taken from Jack Ille Dark ~The True Story of the Emperor~]
N: Th...that's right, the present...
N: Ja...Japaneezu shiitake~
N: Foor yuu~

N: Uwaaah!
N: Hiiee...this snake must be Jack's pet "Metal Cobra" they talked about in the book!
N: mother sent those shiitake just for today!
Guy: You must be the "sacrifice," right?
N: Eh?!
N: Ahhh!
N: "Before every concert, a fan's blood is sacrificed to the demon lord."
N: Ehh...that kind of evil acting is a bit far for me...
N: Was that really true too!?
N:, I'm not!
N: I'm just a staff member...

Guy: Well, what are you doing in here, Mr. Staff Guy?
N: Eh...
N: Oh, that's right, the people from DMC wanted me to ask if it was okay to play together and sing "We are the World" at the end.
N: I have the score if you need it...
J: Did you say DMC?
N: Wah!!
J: You're a pal of DMC's?
N: Wha...what's he saying?
Guy: "Are you a supporter of DMC"?
Guy: "My penis is going to enter your asshole."

J: Come on!
Guy: "Loosen up a little more and then it will start to feel good."
N: Uhhh, when you're in a tight spot, and you don't want to insult the other party, you should...
N: Hiiiieee!
N: Uwaaan!
J: Keh...just joking! I care about men's asses anyway.
Guy: "I feel a deep affection for your lower area."
J: Be sure to tell the live, I'm gonna kill 'em all!
N: Ahhh!
Guy: "If you do not wish me to enter your asshole, we can always use your mouth"....I think.

N: Auh...
E: Ne..Negishi, you're late!
E: Did something happen?
N: That was terrible...even after I studied so hard to learn English and make friends with him!
E: Ne..Negishi...
N: Doing weird stuff to me without even taking my shiitake...
N: I won't forgive him!!
N: Those shiitake that my parents worked so hard to grow out in the country!!
T: Heey, you guys! It's about time!
T: Don't be scared out there!
T: Huh?

K: Today, the title of "Emperor of Death Metal" will become mine!!
T: He changed "Kill" into English on his forehead...
T: That's going pretty far in a counter-plan against Jack...
T: You guys..doesn't seem like you'll drop many retirement flowers...

[Track 9 - END]


[No Sankyuu]

Means "No, I'm fine." A phrase to use so as not to offend the other party. If you forget the "No" part, you'll end up saying something totally reverse, which can put you in a very risky situation.

[Usage Example] Someone older than me has fallen in love with me, even though I don't like them back...."No sankyuu, no sankyuu!"

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