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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 12

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 12

N: Today, I'm at a cafe in Daikanyama called "Hypnotize."
N: It's a western-style cafe,
?: Who's gonna be up at the club this time?
N: so there's even a bar counter and a DJ.
?: This is new, isn't it?
?: You bet.
N: Lots of stylish people gather here.
?: I came here earlier to gather material.
N: How nice!
N: Aikawa-san and I are here, just the two of us!
N: Heheh...right now, I must be flying to the top of the fashion pyramid!
Bottom: Fashion Pyramid -- By Negishi (Daikanyama Publishing)
First tier: Thinking about Daikanyama on your own.
Second tier: Talking about Daikanyama with friends.
Third: About here.
Third tier bubble: Going to Daikanyama with a girl!
N: Today I'm gonna have so much fun!!
?: Ah, Yuri-chan?

N: Thanks for the material the other day!
3rd tier (again): Going to Daikanyama with a girl!
4th tier bubble: Making a living in Daikanyama.
N: This is the guy at the very top of the pyramid, Asato Hidetaka!

N: He's always featured in fashion mags...
N: One of Tokyo's "Big Four" in fashion!!
A: Yeah, turns out I really like this place!
H: I'm glad!
N: Suddenly, the summit is in front of my eyes...!!
N: I've dreamed of this moment ever since I came to Tokyo...
N: That knit design is really great!
H: Sankyuu!
H: Why don't you come one of my events?
N: Sure thing!
N: He's mastered a lifestyle that's a polar opposite of DMC...!!
H: Hm?
A: Ah, this is my friend Negishi-kun.
H: Howdy.
N: Uh, er, that recent fashionable magazine featuring Asato-san came out, right?
N: I read it and bought it!!

H: Thanks! I think my styles would really fit you.
N: He...complimented me!
H: Yuri-chan, that's a cute knit.
N: I've never been this happy from a compliment before...
T: You look the best just like that!!
T: You're making me wet, FUCK!
K: Er...that doesn't really make me happy at all.
A: Asato-san, Negishi-kun is aiming to be a musician.
H: Wow, is that so?
N: Yes! I haven't been signed yet, but I always sing on the sidewalks.
N: Although, I have a side-project as the Emperor of Death Metal with DMC...
H: Well hey, how would you like to perform here in this shop's concert area?
N: Ehhh?!

N: Ayayayaya...
N: Suddenly asking me to perform at such a respectable place...there's no way!
A: Negishi-kun, come on, this is your big chance!
A: Don't worry if you mess up a few times!
N: Ehhh...
N: Don't worry if I mess up....?
T: If you mess up during the concert tonight, I'm not sure what will happen to you afterwards...
T: Maybe I'll stick some metal spikes through your head...
N: Okay...I'll keep that in mind....
N: Alright then, maybe I'll give it a try!
A: Yaay!
N: Amazing...in such a fashionable place...
H: There's the stage.
N: OK.
N: For once I can perform, playing the music I really like!
Guy: Hey, it looks like a concert's gonna start.
Girl: Hey look, Asato-san!
G: Let's go!

N: Well then, I'll start singing now.
Girl: Wow, he can sing and play together!
?: Ufufufu!
?: That little guy looks somehow cute!
N: Ahhh...I've always wanted to sing in front of these kinds of people...
N: Totally different from DMC's normal fans...
Crowd: Krauzer!
Guy: RAPE x6
Crowd: Tear 'em apart!
N: Here, I can capture everyone's hearts, even Asato-san's!
(top 4 bubbles)
1: You're the best!
2: Everyone's so fashionable!
3: Your autograph, please!
4: We'll cheer you on!
A: Negishi-kun's so great!
H: Let me be your producer.
N: Ok!
N: This is the world I want to live in!
N: Alright, time to start the first song I ever wrote!
N: One, two,
N: One, two, three--
N: "Sweet Lover!"
N: Wake up in the morning, and there you are~ Baking some cheese taaarrts!
N: Sweet baby, that's you~! My sweet sweet lover--
N: Ahh, this is the best!

N: Let's go out now, down a fashionable street! With cheese tarts in our hands, we're perfect!
N: Push through the bad things, let's go to that store! We'll buy matching rings together, that's what I promised~
N: Is everyone else into it?
SFX: Dead silence.
N: That's...weird... (Their eyes are dead...)
N: Yeah, from here on, everyone sing together!
A: Do your best, Negishi-kun!
N: Sweet sweet sweet sweet!
N: L-o-v-e-r!
H: Uhh....Negishi-kun, was it...?
N: Eh...yes!
H: If you're just gonna play around, would you mind doing it outside?

N: P...play around?
N: Uhyaaaaaah!
A: Negishi-kun!
N: Heheh...it's true...
N: DMC is really all I have...
N: All I wanted...was to have people listen to my own music...
Speaker: I'll be the judge of all your crimes!
N: I can't believe he said I was playing around...they were all just making fun of me!
Speaker: For I am the Emissary from Hell!

N: Who cares if you're one of the "Big Four"....That Asato bastard, all he does is look down on others!
Speaker: And now I'm gonna rip through your butt!
N: I bet he'd never guess that in DMC, I hold the seat of "emperor!"
N: I'm better than you'll ever be!!
N: Peh peh
N: Nigah
Speaker: Why do I gotta accept your resentment!!
N: Hekeke....this is the first time I've drowned my sorrows in alcohol...
Speaker: Why do I gotta accept your resentment!!
N: Hekeke
Top text of glass: "Portion Drank"
Other text: (Water) (Alcohol)
9 : 1 Ratio
N: Bourbon is pretty tough, as I thought!
N: Aaan!
Speaker: And then, in Hell, I'll kill you again!
Speaker: Hatred in my right hand, Madness in my left!
Speaker: I'll banish you to an eternity of capital punishment!
N: You think just cuz you're fashionable, you can make fun of other peeeeeople?!
N: I'm the Emperor!! I'm the Master of "Public Rape!"

N: Hekeke...but that Aikawa, she's a bad girl too...
Speaker: Why do I gotta accept your resentment!
Speaker: (same)
N: Even going so far as to tell me, back in college, that she liked my songs...
A: Negishi-kun, I love your songs!
N(top left): Thank you!
A(middle right): That guy's songs are so gross!
A(middle left): It'd be better if he just dropped dead!
N(far left): Is she talking about me...?
N: She's always just been laughing behind my back!!
N: The reason I wrote this song was because of her in the first place!
N: This song...if I performed it with DMC...
Title: Sweet Lovers <3

1: Wake up in the morning, and there you are
2: Baking some cheese tarts~
3: Sweet Baby, that's you
4: My sweet sweet lover~
5: Let's go out now, down a fashionable street
6: With cheese tarts in our hands, we're perfect~
7: Push through the bad things, let's go to that store
8: We'll buy matching rings together, cuz that's what I promised~
9: Sweet sweet sweet sweet L*O*V*E*R
10: (same)
11: ............two people in the bed
12: ..............................too much
N: It would be the ultimate revenge!!
Building sign: Death Records
T: Hm?

N: Prezzz'dent....I writed a song for yaaa~ (Iyeaay!)
T: Ohhhh shit!
T: What!? This seems like a huge transformation for you...
T: Hekekenoke....I've drunken for three days'n three nights...didn't take ANY breaks! (Happy~!)
T: A song...wait, you came here just because you wrote a new one?
N: C'mon...there's no reason to act soooo confuuuuused...
N: Hekeh
N: As Krauzer, I'll explain it all to ya...
N: Ya see, Prez'dent, I've decided...
N: From here on, I just wanna live as Krauzer!
N: There are people all around the world waiting for DMC.
K: An Emperor has many responsibilities!

K: Today, I, Krauzer, will seal away this bastard Negishi forever!
T: Negishi...er, Krauzer...
T: You've finally done it...
K: ALRIGHT, let's go, new song!
K: "Evil Lovers!"
K: Wake up in the morning, there you are!! Baking my two dead parents!!
N: Aikawa-san!
K: Crazy baby, that's you! My evil, evil lover!

K: Alright, let's go out now! In a fashionable double suicide! Chainsaws in our hands, you look perfect!
K: Cut through all the human waste, let's go to that store there! Let's buy some matching weapons, that was the promise I made to you!
T: Amazing...this song paints a perfect picture of a boy and girl possessed by demons!
T: This love song...it's making me soaked!
T: OK, you did great, Krauzer!
T: We'll begin production of the "Evil Lovers" album immediately!
T: Hey!!
T: Krauzer, stop!
K: You dare go against Satan, biiii--
T: Tch!

K: Uwacchiiii!!
T: Who the hell is Satan, asswipe? Some shitty sweetwater fish from some back-water town in Ooita-ken?!
T: I own DMC! Don't you dare try and overthrow me, you ungrateful twat!
N: Hiiie!
N: What the...
N: Until now, what have I been doing?
N: Ah, my cell...
N: There's a new text message...
Negishi-kun, yesterday's concert was so great. I was cheering you on the whole time! Next time you're out on the street, call me, okay?
T: Don't ever talk back to me again, got it?
N: Aizawa-san, I'm so sorry...

[Track 12 - END]

Guy: Woah, look at those awesome bikes!
Girl: And they're going so fast!!
Guy: Guri, Gura-san, thanks for coming from so far away.
Guy: We just got here ourselves.

G: The truth was, we were held up for a while getting searched by the police.
G: Open it up.
G: Here's the "goods."
G: Feel free to check the insides.
G: Then we'll make the exchange.
G: What do you think? Pretty high-class, eh?
G: Would you like a sample?
G: Hey, boss! We've heard reports that there's some cops heading out here!
G: Guri, Gura-san, you guys need to get outta here!
G: Bring the car around!

G: Give our best to your President!
T: Oh, back so soon?
shaded triangle: Super High-Class

Small text: Kyoto
Bold text: Yatsubashi
T: Man, I've been wanting to eat these for so long!! (So sweet!)
T: Go on, get the tea already!
Cell: Fuck fuck fuck, Fuckingham Fuuuuuuuuck!
T: Hm?
T: Ah, excuse me President...this is just a small detail, but the 200 yen bus fare back to Yatsubashi wasn't included in the...er, yes....yes, I promise to take more care next time.
Guy: The police didn't get on our ass for being in a No Parking zone, did they?
Guy: Nah, we're fine.

[Bonus Track - End]

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