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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 13

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 13

Negishi: The man we used as the Pig of the Righteous Emperor of Capitalism's name is Nashimoto Keisuke...
Krauzer: Grotesque best friend explosion!
Keisuke: Ou
Keisuke: Ou ou
Krauzer: Grotesque candy-lover persecution!!
N: I carry a deep feeling of regret for him.
K: This thing is just a pig manufactured by a grotesque society!
N: After the concert was over I went to apologize to him,
N: Nashimoto-san, I'm so sorry.
N: It's alright, it's alright.
N: I'm an m-man, after all.
N: He just said the same thing as always while laughing.
N: Nashimoto-san is divorced, with kids, I think...
N: But can he really make a living just by performing with DMC?
N: Ah, I worked up an appetite. I'm gonna stop in this convenience store...
Nashimoto: Welcome--
SFX: Piroriro~
Ne: Hm?

Na: That'll be 525 yen, please.
SFX: Pih
Na: Thank you very much.
Ne: Na....Nashimoto-san!!

Na: The concert's barely over, and he's already working at another job...
Na: As I thought, this guy must have a hectic life...
SFX: Yoroh
Girl: Nashimoto-san, thank you very much.
Na: Ah, Uemura-san.
Ne: Hm.
SFX: Sasah
Girl: Your apron's on backwards. You sure you aren't working too hard?
Na: Eheh, I have no dignity...
Na: I'm a slovenly man, so I have no dignity...
Ne: That's the first time I've seen Nashimoto-san with that kind of facial expression...
Ne: Could it be love...?
Na: Well now, if you'll excuse me...
Ne: Nashimoto-san!

Ne: Good work back there!
Na: Kura...Negishi-san!
Na: Ahh...you saw me in my most embarassing state...
Na: I've got no dignity...
Ne: Fufu, it seems like you and that girl get along well...
Na: That girl is 26...divorced, just like me...her ex-husband made off with a new woman...
Na: She's such a nice girl, I'm so embarassed to feel in love with her at this age...
Ne: Love has nothing to do with age, though!
Ne: Fight on!!
Na: I wonder..
Na: But there's not one thing about me that would fascinate a woman...
Na: I'm not as cool as Negishi-san, I can't play the guitar, or even sing...

Ne: Th...that's not true!!
Ne: Next time, let's invite that girl to the concert and show her your cool side!!
Na: But, if Uemura saw me as the Pig of the Righteous Emperor of Capitalism...
Ne: No, no! This time you won't come to the concert as a pig, but as the true Nashimoto-san!
Ne: You're going to make a present a song just for your girlfriend!
Ne: Convey your love to her from the stage!!
Na: That'd make me happy, but I wonder if the President will let us...
Ne: Don't worry about that, you just leave that to me!!
Ne: It wasn't just that I wanted a way to save myself from feeling guilty about Nashimoto-san...
Ne: Nashimoto-san, name a musician you like.
Na: Umm...
Na: Maekawa Kiyoshi, I suppose...

Ne: I truly wanted to make Nashimoto-san happy...
Ne: Please, I beg of you!! Just one time, let the pig have the spotlight!!
Pres: Fine.
Pres: I don't care.
Ne: Together, we came up with a plan.
Na: Today, I gave her the tickets.
Na: I think I can make a song by the time the concert comes around.
Ne: Awesome!! I'm so excited!
J: You sure you're gonna be OK, ossan? (*ossan is in between an adult male and old man)
J: This is an important period for us, we're counting on you!
K: Katsu Curry~ (*curry with breaded pork)
K: It's alright, let's go!
Ne: And so, the day of the concert...
Crowd: GO TO DMC
Crowd: GO TO DMC
Crowd: Kamyu!
Crowd: Jyagi-sama!
Crowd: GO TO DMC
U: Nashimoto-san is really in a band...
Crowd: Krauzer!
U: And it seems like they're really popular...how amazing!
Crowd: They're here!
Crowd: Nn!?

Crowd: Uwaaa, what the fuck is that!!
Crowd: That's the Righteous Emperor of Capitalism's...
Crowd: The Righteous Emperor of Capitalism's Hero!!
K: Today I'm filling in with guitar and chorus.
K: Please, give that girl your best today!
U: Nashimoto-san...
U: Awesome...

J: Hmm..
J: Surprisingly, this is actually kinda cool...
N: I am a terrorist from Hell! Yesterday I raped my mom! Tomorrow'll I'll kill my dad!
K: Great work, Nashimoto-san!
Crowd: The hero's started singing!
Crowd: Awesome!
N: I'm gonna murder you! I'm gonna murder you!
K: Wow, the crowd's really into it!
N: I'm gonna murder you, I'm gonna murder you!
K: Nice!
K: See, you really can do it, NASHIMOTO!!

K: Alright, now it's time for you to ram this next strong straight through that girl!
N: Eh, now, my next song will be one I personally created for a special girl.
N: "The Road Home."
K: Hm.
C: What the?
C: So he's doing originals too...
C: Road home?
N: Ohhh, just forget it~
N: Because I fully understand all your sorrows~
N: Just like cleaning up broken glass~
N: Two people embrace each other together~
U: This song...it must be for me...
N: Someday, I'll take you down the roaaad hoooome~
C: What the hell is this?
C: This isn't DMC-ish at all!
N: We'll walk down there togeeetheeeer~
SFX: Dah

K: You really think you can rape a bitch pig with that kinda song?!
N: Boga!?
Crowd: Woaaaaah, here comes Krauzer-san!
Crowd: It's mic fellatio!
Crowd: The demon's come down to destroy the hero!
Crowd: Hyahooo! That's how it should be! (Small: This is the best!)
U: Na...Nashimoto-san!
C: Is that guy alright?! He's not moving!

N: P...preez gibh me mooh!
C: He's begging for it! Looks like he degenerated back into the pig!
K: Your shitty song--
C: Krauzer-san is winding up his hand? Here it cooomes!
C: There it is~!
K: This is how you really do it!
Black box: Faster than the speed of wind!
Na: (Both bubbles) Oh oh oh oh (etc)
Black box: Quieter than a forest!
Na: (all three) Oh oh oh (etc)
U: What is this...?
Black box: More daring that fire itself!!

Black box: Squeals louder than any dirty pig!!
Big kanji: SPANKING FUURINKANTON (basically what the english says. the kanji are: wind, wood, fire pig)

(*Cultural note: The term "Fuurinkazan" which will be explained later is a saying originating from the Sengoku Jidai, or Warring States Period of Japan. It was utilized by a powerful daimyo named Takeda Shingen, and basically means "faster than wind, quieter than the forest, more daring than fire, and immovable as a mountain." Obviously DMC is playing off this.)

three scream bubbles: Oh oh etc.
left bubble: Awesome! This time he's going to surpass 100 "Oh"s!!
K: Now, time to sacrifice the girl this big brought as an offering to me!!
K: First Song: "Rape that Bitch!"
U: This is the worst!
K: Rape rape rape rape (etc)
Crowd: The pig's rockin' out!
Crowd: He did it! 10 times in one second!
Ne: The next day...

Ne: Nashimoto-san...whatever happened to that girl?
Na: All of a sudden...
Na: ...it seems as if she quit that job...
Ne: Huh?
Na: After what she saw, I suppose there's no helping it.
Ne: Please forgive me, Nashimoto-san...this is all my fault!
Ne: I got too caught up in the tension and totally ruined your song!!
Na: Negishi-san, it's not your fault...
Na: Negishi-san was just doing Negishi-san's job. And I was just doing mine.
Na: I am proud of my role as the Pig of the Righteous Emperor of Capitalism.
Ne: B...but...!!

Na: It's alright.
Na: After all...I'm an M-Man.
Ne: Nashimoto-san...
Ne: At that moment, Nashimoto-san suddenly looked really cool...
Ne: I was moved by his attitude toward his job.
Na :Someday, I'll take you down the roaaad hoooome~
Na: We'll walk down there together~
Ne: Somewhere out there, there must be someone who'll appreciate Nashimoto the pig.
Ne: But after all that, I'm still not able to be proud of my own job...
Sfx bubbles: Oh
Na: Ohhhhh~ It's the Anal Kick!!

[TRACK 13 - END]

DMC Dictionary

[Fuurinkaton] (Wind Wood Fire Pig)

(*This upcoming passage is a lot of jokes on japanese history. I made notes but it's up to you whether you want to include them because they're kind of long.)

A way to break in a masochist. It is said that this move originated on Fuurinka Mountain (*a historical landmark where Takeda Shingen's famous quote was marked on a flag) by the famous sadist Takeda Shingen. (*A powerful daimyo during the Sengoku Jidai who fought against Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu) At the fourth battle of Kawanaka Island of Uesugi Kenshin vs. Takeda Shingen, the legend exists that Shingen used a fan to block Kenshin's sword from fatally killing him, however, the truth is that it wasn't a fan, but actually a bondage whip with which the katana was blocked. The day on which this incident's connections with the strongest horse calvary as well as the origins of the bondage rocking horse comes ever nearer.

[Usage Example] There it is! The parents' ass-breaking technique, Fuurinkaton!!

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