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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 14

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 14

N: DMC's Krauzer the 2nd has received the legendary guitar from Emperor Jack Ille Forte.
N: The achievement has increased DMC's presence in the Indies scene and opened an entirely new act in their history of mayhem.
N: Another Death Metal band "Deazum"
sfx: bo bo bo bo
De: DMC!! Eat my shit--
N: One of the most evil rappers in all history: "Kiba"
Ki: It's ma job to fuck up lil' bitches like dem
Ki: I'm gonna oblit-o-rate 'em wit ma phat beatz
N: ...and many other arists have begun to attack DMC.
N: Out of all of them, one anti-male-society punk band called "Kintama Girls" (*Kintama is slang for balls)
Kin: Lately there's been this shitty band singing about raping women and calling them pigs!
Crowd: Ninaaaa!
N: has created a song targeted toward DMC...

Nina: D.M.C.!! DETARAME MAZAKON CHERRYBOYS!!! (*Detarame is slang for bullshit, Mazakon is slang for mother complex, and cherry boys is slang for boys who are virgins)
Nina: Let's rock!!

N: We're all just cherry boys!!
N: Yesterday I learned how to put on makeup from my mama, tomorrow I'm gonna play dress-up with my papa!
N: Smash, smash, smash, smash their fuckin' balls!
N: Castrate, castrate!!
N: Castrate, castrate!

Side sleeve: The band of ball-hunter girls known as "Kintama Girls" / D.M.C.
Bottom: Detarame Mazakon Cherryboys
N: President, what is this...?

P: These bitches have copied one of our songs as a declaration of war against us!!
P: I feel like my crotch is going to split open in anger!!
N: Ahh, is that what this is~
(small: Tehahaha)
N: "Detarame Mazakon Cherryboys"...this is pretty clever! (It fits perfectly)
P: Don't you tehahaha me!! They want to do a versus live concert battle!!
SFX: Pin
N: Hyaaouuchh!!
P: Kintama is some punk band that howls "anti-male" sentiments, and doesn't make me wet at all!
P: Their ulterior motive here is probably to use this to try and steal some of the spotlight we've recently received away from us!!
SFX: Suh
P: We can't just sit here and be quiet...

P: Anyway, Negishi, I want you to go to their concert tonight and smash 'em up!
SFX: Zu gyu
N: No no no, there's no way I can do that!
N: I could never interfere with someone else's concert!
N: Also, today, I think I caught a cold...
N: Uuu, my snot is...
SFX: zuzuzu
P: Guri, Gora!
P: Take him, will ya?
N: Wait, lemme go!!
SFX: bata bata
N: I have an appointment at the doctor's I need to go to!!
Sign: Kintama Girls
Guy: Nina!! It looks like the new track "DMC" is really hot!!
Guy: Just like I told ya!

N: Tch! Shut the hell up.
N: I still wish I could have done what I wanted with the songs.
G: Hey, you don't have those kind of luxuries during wartime! Just leave everything to your manager here!
G: I'll make you all stars!
N: Shut the hell up, ya fag!
G: Kintamas, it's almost time to go!
M: Yeees!
M: Everyone, do your beeest!!
M: Let's go make lots of moneeey!!
N: Dammit.
N: The manager, this audience...
C: Ninaaa!!
C: Let's see your panties!!
N: They're all a bunch of stupid men!
N: We've come to hunt down all the balls of shitty men!!

N: Ahh...this place is noisy.
N: It's even worse that I have a cold now...
Ni: Smash through that penis face!!
N: How the heck am I supposed to stop the concert anyway?
Ni: Smash through those penis thoughts!!
Ni: Gimme your damn balls!!
N: Uwaa, she's attacking the crowd....
N: Uhh...I never knew punk was this crazy....
Small: Taraaa
N: I'd never want to come see a girl singing such a dirty thing as this...
Ni: We're going to sacrifice your rotten dicks!!
Ni: Let's go, "DMC"!! Detarame Mazakon Cherryboys!!
N: Ah, this song...
Ni: We're all just cherryboys!!
Ni: I started this band after being inspired by the Sex Pistols!

Ni: What would Sid say if he saw me slaving away for that shitty manager...
Ni: Yesterday I learned how to put on makeup from my mama, tomorrow I'm gonna play dress-up with my papa!
Ni: Sid, am I going down the wrong path?
Ni: Castrate, castrate!!
N: Th..this..
N: ..really does sound just like "Satsugai"...
Ni: Castrate, castrate!!
N: Mmmm...making songs for DMC is hard...
N: Err..let's see here...
N: But it's different....
N: Yesterday, I raped my mom, tomorrow I'll..
N: Ahh, I can never let my parents hear this...
N: This isn't the DMC song...
N: Ahhh, I did it..let's call it "Satsugai."
N: ..that I slaved so hard over!!

N: I murdered my parents and raped them after that...how could you understand my feelings?!
Ni: Castrate, castrate!!
C: Uwaah!
C: What's with this guy?! He's heading for the stage!
C: Oww, hold on, you motherfucker!!
N: Haa, crap!
N: I think I lost control a little there thinking about the song...
N: Hiiii, oww!
C: Arrgh!!
N: Stop pulling my haiiir!
N: Ahhh, I just bought this shirt from Paruko!!
N: Wahiiin!
C: Ahh, he fell onto the stage!!
Ni: What's your problem, bastard?!

N: Wha...what should I do..
Ni: That pointy, straight-up hair..
Ni: That slim, thin body...
Ni: ..cut-up chest...
Ni: Th...this is...
N: M..my snot is...
SFX: Zu zu zu

N: Ahh, my throat's getting dry...
N: I need to find some water...
N: Hoo....
Ni: He's gulping down the sake...
N: THIS ISN'T WATER!! (Gross!)
Ni: Gyaa!
C: Uwaaahhh, this guy's crazy!!
N: Awawawa
N: I'm sorry...
Ni: Kuh
guy: Hey, fucker, what are you doing?!
C: The staff's coming out!
N: Uhh...my snot...
SFX: Zu zu zu
C: Uwaah, that face...it's Sid!!
G: Ohhh
C: It's the ghost of Sid!!
M: Hey, you guys can't just stop performing like this!!
Ni: Hah!

Ni: Shit, what am I doing?!
Ni: Castrate, castrate!
Ni: I'm completely torn!
N: Ahh!
N: He-hey, you've gotta stop singing that!
N: My president's gonna get mad...
Ni: There's no way that can be Sid...
N: Hey, you, stop playing that guitar!
N: Gimme it!
Ni: Don't stop playing the bass!!
Ni: Ahhh, it's Sid!!
N: Uhhhh....my cold is getting worse...
SFX: Zu zu zu

N: Hey, come on, you gotta stop singing that!
Ni: eh?!
Ni: Ah...he doesn't want me to sing it?
N: My label's President will get mad if you do.
C: Ahh, he took the mic from Nina! What's he thinking?!
C: Ohh!
C: He looks like he's about to make the face again!!
N: Fuaaachoooo!!
SFX: Shuun
C: Ahh, he's sneezing!!
C: What the hell?!
Ni: Did he say fuck just now?
Ni: As in...my song is a pile of shit?
Ni: Hey, Sid, tell me the truth!!
Ni: I'm heading down the wrong path, aren't I?!
N: Uh, no...
N: Er..
SFX: Taraaan

N: I'd rather see a girl like you singing some fashionable pop song, that's all.
N: Ahh, my snot....
SFX: Zu zu zu
Sid's voice: Bitch!! I wanna hear some crazy, wild music comin' outta ya!!
Ni: I really am in the wrong place...
Ni: I should be playing the music I really want...
N: Houu
N: And with that, Negishi opened Nina's eyes...
N: At DMC's next concert...
N: I'll crush them down my own way!!
N: Hey, guys, next week, come watch us when we go head-to-head aainst DMC, live!!
N: After that, Negishi was able to go to the doctor's without any problems.
Doc: What kind of symptoms?
N: Well, my nose keeps running...
SFX: Zu zu zu
[Track 14 - End]


[Penis Face]
A penis-like face. Usually accompanied by a penis-like laugh, or making a penislike expression when one gets mad. A penis face's eyes are often filled with penis spirit, and it's a good idea not to rely on them too often.

[Usage Example] It's okay to go out with a penis face, but getting married to one's no good at all.

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