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Detroit Metal City 15

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 15

Black text: Backstage before the Concert
P: Hyaahahaha!! It's finally time for the versus concert against Kintama!!
P: You're all ful of fighting spirit, right? FUUUUUCK!!
K: Yes, of course!
N: We had a little trouble with the Kintama Girls last time...I'm not very good with strong-willed women...
N: We're supposed to go first, anyway. I just want to get this over quickly and go home...
P: Oi, Wada, you're full of fighting spirit, right?
W: Un
W: Yes ma'am!
P: FUCK!!! Lately, compared to Negishi and Nishida, you've been the most quiet, you know!!
W: I'm...I'm so sorry!
P: Listen up! Those bitches are the ones that asked for this!
P: Let's give those poseur punk sluts a proper retaliation!!

Top: Golden Ball Project

Dr. Momo
Vo. Nina
Gt. Rei
Ba. Sae

A symphony of war between opposing species!
Gates Open at 18:30
Concert Begins at 19:00

Chaki Krezer the 2nd Kame
Let's drag down these clowns into humiliation!

K: GROTESQUE praise for the demon world!
K: GROTESQUE lifting freshly-severed heads high!
K: GROTESQUE neighbors faint in agony!
K: Today's gonna be our best concert ever! Kintama fans, we're gonna pull you in too!!
K: Krauzer-san, you rock~~
K: Go crush the kintamas!!
?: What the hell are those lame-ass shitheads doing?
?: I hope the Kintama Girls come out soon...
?: Owww!
?: Be thankful Krauzer-san is singing to low-grade bastards like yourself!!

M: So Nina, the day's finally come...
M: I never thought they'd have the nerve to trespass on our concert like this...
M: We're gonna crush them in our own way!!
M: We'll make them realize that we're the #1 hottest band on the scene!!
?: It really seems like Nina's changed since that "Sid Incident"...
SFX: Zu zu zu
N: Sid...I know you're watching me from somewhere...
N: Alright, let's rip 'em apart with our own hands!!
N: Give us the mic!!
?: Ahhh, what the hell are you doing?!
K: Hm?

N: You fuckin' stuffed animal!!
SFX: Doh
?: Ahhh, she kicked Krauzer-san!!
SFX: Gah
?: Kyah
?: Yeaahhh, the Kintama Girls!
?: Nice kick!!
?: You idiots! Krauzer-san took that on purpose!
?: Krauzer-san took it on purpose as a display to her crimes!
?: And now he's gonna murder her as punishment!!
?: Huh?!
?: (top right) Uwaaahhh, Krauzer-san's sleeping!
?: (bottom right) Just like Akebono!!! (famous sumo)
?: Was he knocked out with one kick from a girl!?
?: No, wait!!

?: Krauzer-san suddenly started raping one of the band members!!
K: Uwah
?: Hey, lemme go!
?: That's the "Fall down seven times, rape an eighth time!" (*There's a saying in japanese that goes "Fall down seven times, stand up an eighth time.")
?: Daaamn, you sure work fast, Krauzer-san!!
?: She's still reeling!!
?: The Kintama Girls must have started this fight out of sexual desire!!
P: I gotta admit, they have some balls to just run out there like that...
P: They're worthy of being crushed...
K: Wh...why did I suddenly accidentally rape her like that...
N: Listen to our songs instead of this clown show!!

K: Look at that bitch, getting all full of herself...
K: I don't care if she's a pig or a punker..
K: I'll crush her with my METAL!!
N: Cut through this stupid society!
N: Slash up those damn politicians!
K: Naive, naive, naive! You, the politicans, and society!!
K: You are all being used by me!
N: We'll destroy this world with our own hands!
K: The world you live in is in the palm of MY hand!
?: Krauzer-san's redoing her lyrics!
?: They're a helluva lot better!!
P: Hyahahaha, this is awesome!
?: What's with her..
K: I am the all-powerful, all-knowing Demon King!!
?: We really are all being used by Krauzer-san!

N: Don't fuck with me!!
?: Woah, Nina spit at Krauzer!
?: Woaah, but Krauzer-san returned fire!
?: Not only that, but three times!
N: Kuh
?: Wow, both punk and metal are good at spitting!! No one's been hit yet~~
W: Uuu
?: It's too fast for our amateur eyes to see!
?: Not a single drop has touched either of them!
?: They're spitting into the "fourth dimension!"
N: Shit, I've run out of saliva!
N: But it should be the same for him too!
SFX: Gaaah
N: Eh, a loogey?!
?: There's the "gaah!" Here it comes: Demon King Jewel!
?: We've got to send our small bits of evil power to Krauzer-san!!
N: Eh?!

sfx: decha
N: Gyaah!
N: this rate, I'm gonna lose!
K: Hahaha! I love teaching lessons to strong-willed girls!
?: Uwah! A point-blank strike from the Demon King Jewel! (that girl's dirty...)
?: Everyone's power came together!
W: Negishi's expected from the presence of the King.
W: But today I can't lose either..
W: The Prez got pissed at me! I don't wanna get fired...
Crowd: There it is! Jagi-sama's blaze!
W: Gotta stand out...gotta stand out...
W: Ahh, the fire's spreading!
J: Eh?

?: Kyaah
?: Ahhh, the fire's getting out of control!
W: Shit!
W: I overdid it!!
?: Ahh, run~~
?: We're gonna die!
?: It's a sea of fire from Hell!
W: Negishi, Nishida! We've gotta run, dudes!
K: Ahh, the fire's on my hair!!
N: Ahhh, I gotta put it out fast!!
?: Oi, look at Krauzer-san!!
?: Ahh!!

?: You can see his disgusting black penis!!
(Fan's Imagination)
?: He must have got a boner looking at all this fire!!
N: Alright, I put it out...
N: I've gotta run away...
?: Nina, we've gotta go! This is dangerous!!
N: B-but..
N: He's...
N: Ahh, my mantle got caught under a broken piece of wood..I can't move!!
N: He's totally calm even in such a fire like this..

N: They're insane...
N: I really picked a fight with the wrong guys...
N: Kyaa!
?: The concert house is burning down~~
P: Hyaahahaha!
P: The concert hall in blazes...this is legendary!!
?: Krauzer-san and Kamyu-san are still inside...
?: Nina, too...
W: Heh, the Prez is happy... (Good...)
P: Hyahaha! I'll make all those bastards pay for the damage! (Die, diee!)
?: Nina...
?: I hope she gets out OK...
?: It doesn't look like it...
?: Do you think Krauzer-san is really dea...
?: Hm?
?: Ahh, that's--

?: For a demon, the idea of "death" doesn't exist, does it?!
?: Woaah, Krauzer-san's back!!
?: I knew it, the Demon King is immortal!
?: He saved the girl!! Why?!?
K: I...I saved her...
K: I hope she's alright...
K: Ahhh....she's lost consciousness!!
K: She must need oxygen...
K: I've gotta try CPR...
?: Ahhh!!

?: Krauzer-san's gonna rape her~~
K: Eh?
?: He didn't save her, he brought her out so he could bang her!!
?: That's our greedy Demon King!
N: stupid stuffed animal...
N: Jagi, who burned down the concert house...
?: Farewell!
?: Are you finished already?!
?: His crotch is the gateway to hell!
Negi: Good thing she awoke...
N: And Krauzer the 2nd, who brought out a woman just to rape her..
?: Ahh, what that's guy doing?!
?: Has he been in here the whole time!!
N: And Kamyu, who continued laying the drums until the firefighters finished their work...
N: All etched another entry into the Legend of DMC...

[Track 15 - END]

The way to save someone who's stopped breathing. Open the person's mouth and breathe down it as if you were artificially making them breathe. If the person is a woman, just make sure you're breathing in the top hole, and not her bottom one.

[Usage Example] Hey, mama, are you OK? Last night I saw daddy doing CPR pretty hard into your crotch, so....

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