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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Detroit Metal City 16

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 16

N: Last night, I got a call from Aikawa-san.
A: Yesterday, Asato-san invited me to go to an amusement park called Naqua with him...
N: Y...you don't say?
A: It may be just because he wants to hang out a co-worker...but what do you think, should I really go?
N: Eh?
N: Not knowing what to do, this is what I said:
N: Y...y...yeah, you should.
A: Oh....you think I should, huh?
N: Uh...yeah.
N: But after I hung up...
N: Nooo..nooooo!!
N: Aikawa-san going on a date with some other guy...
N: I can't take it!!

N: A..Aikawa-san...
As: How about we ride that?
A: OK!

N: Ahh...so they actually came to the amusement park..
N: They're on a rollercoaster...
N: Aikawa-san looks like she's having fun...
As: Hey gobou, if you're gonna play around, do it outside, will ya?
A: With Asato...despite the fact that he shunned my music...
N: Hah..what am I doing? Tonight I have to do a gig with DMC...
N: I don't have the time to be doing these stalker-like things..
As: Let's ride this next!
A: OK!
N: Why did Aikawa-san think she should come here with a guy like that?
N: No..I felt it yesterday on the phone.
N: It wasn't like she seriously wanted to come with him....

N: ...No.
A: Kyahahaha!
N: Maybe she
A: Asato-san, you don't need to help me drive!
As: But you're gonna crash!
N: really did
A: Kyaa!
N: want to come after all!!!
N: Even though she asked me "Should I go?" on the phone yesterday..
N: she's here acting all lovey-dovey with Asato-san!!
As: Let's go ride the ferris wheel now.
A: OK!
N: Inside the ferris wheel car, they'll be all alone...
Guy: Go ahead.
A: Waa!
Guy: Watch your step!
SFX: Dah
As: What is he planning to do with Aikawa!?

N: Shit...I can't see anything when I'm below them!!
N: What could they be doing in this cramped-up car all by themselves?!
N: Wait, calm down...Aikawa isn't the kinda girl who would do something like that so fast....
N: Just yesterday she was talking to me so innocently on the phone...
N: What the hell
N: are those humans doing

SFX: Kohhoh
N: Even though I tried so much to make her not go on the phone last night...
N: that bitch is just trying to score....!!
As: There, I put the necklace on for you.
A: Ahh, it's so cute!
Guy: Thank you!
A: We'll definitely have to write about this place in the magazine.
As: Yeah, I think it'd go great with Amo-Amu.
Guy: Okay!
Guy: Please be careful when you step off!
Guy: Wh...what's this evil air I'm feeling... (They're not coming out...0
SFX: Nuooo
Guy: Um...sir...?

K: Guess I've reached the material world.
Guy: Uwaaah!
Guy: Is it...a demon?
Guy: I don't remember that guy getting on...
Person: Wah!
Announcer: The Victory Three Justice Rangers have arrived!
Guy: Go red!
As: These Hero Shows really bring back memories...
A: Let's watch it for a bit.
Kid: Go get 'em!

VR: I, Victory Red, will defeat anything that threatens peace!
VR: Blue and Yellow too!
Crowd: Protect us today, Red!
VR: Mu!! Watch out, here comes a monster!
M: Gaooooo!
Crowd: There it is!!
Crowd: Behind youuu!
VR: Eh?
A: That's...
As: Ohhh!
M: Huh?
K: Bastards...
K: So that's where they were hiding.
Crowd: He looks super-strong!!

VR: Wh...why...
VR: Why is Krauzer-san here!?
VR: Doesn't he have a concert tonight?!
VR: Hah...I work my ass off every day here at this job so that I can go to the DMC concerts... (Of course, I was planning to go tonight as well)
VBlue: This wasn't in the script...
Crowd: Red, help us!
Crowd: Kick this bad guy's butt!
VR: Does this mean all my efforts have somehow conjured up Krauzer-san from Hell?!
Kid: Eyy! Eyy! I'm gonna beat ya!
SFX: Posu posu
VR: Hey, you bastard!
SFX: Zudadada
Kid: Ahh, Victory Red!
VR: Don't you dare touch Krauzer-san, you damn peasant!!
Kid: Hegyag!

Crowd: Wahh...Red's gone over to the dark side!!
VR: I shall protect Krauzer-san!!
Crowd: Help!!
Mom: Takkun, are you OK?!
Takkun: Oww!!
A: I'm...afraid of that guy...
As: It's alright! This is just a play...
K: Trying to steal one of my whores..
K: That slave to carnal desires...!!
Mom: Hey you, what are you gonna do if my child gets injured?!
K: Then I'll grant you with the job of bearing a new demonic child for me!!
Mom: Kyaaa!!
SFX: Kaku kaku kaku...
SFX: Pyon
VR: There it is! Krauzer-san's Public Adultery---!!

VB&VY: Hey!! The Victory Three will not forgive evil that threatens peace!!
VY: Today's performance seems kinda stale...
VR: This isn't a game! Stand back, co-workers!!
VB: Guwah! (That was a real punch!)
K: You, come with me!
As: Yuri-chan!
A: Kyaa!
As: Hey, aren't you overdoing it a little?!
VB&VY: Mu!!
As: Let Yuri-chan go!!
As: Ushare!!
VR: Krauzer-san, I've brought back their heads!!
K: Umu!
K: Come to the stage.
A: Nooo!!

K: Now, thou shalt confess thy sins in an oath to these two severed heads...
Crowd: Uwaaan, Blue and Yellow are dead!!
Crowd: Scary!!
K: This shall be your repentance...
K: Justice has lost!!
Kid: Mama!!
SFX: Ehhhhnnn...
VR: It's begun!! "The Public ZANGE of Death!!" (*ZANGE = Buddhist Repentance)
K: You!! Earlier, inside the ferris wheel..
K: do you deny that you engaged in a kiss of lust with that male?!
A: I....I didn't do that!
A: Could...could this really be part of the show...

K: A sin-laden bitch like you...
K: ...is perfect for taking on my DEATHPENIS!!
VR: Deathpenis!! Is he gonna sing?!
K: I'm gonna stuff my demonic item in you!!
K: I'm gonna stuff it in you, my sacrifice!!
VR: I'll do the guitar...
VR: Gyuiiiin....gyuaaaahh~
K: Slam it, slam it!! In your ass, in your mouth!!
K: Slam it, slam it!! From dawn to dusk!!
VR: Bigyugyugyugyugyu
VR: Gyuriri~~ryabyuuun!
K: Slam it, slam it!! In your nose, in your ear!!
Crowd: This is terrible!
Crowd: He's gonna kill us!
Takkun: Slam it, slam it!! Slam it, slam it!!
Mom: Takkun, you can't say that!!
K: Spin, spin, bitch bitch bitch!!
K: (repeat)
A: Kyaa!!

K: Spin spin spin--
SFX: Guru
VR: Woaah!! It's not the ferris wheel, it's the nymphomaniac wheel punishment!!
Narrator: And with that
VR: Yeah!! DMC's Specialty: "The Bitch's Black Panties" visual version!!
Crowd: I'm going home!
Mom: Takkun, stop it!!
N: Krauzer II turned the Hero Show into a seao f agony...
N: And made it in time to the gig at night.
K: Murder, murder!!
Punk: What's with this guy?
VR: Murder, murder!!
VR: I barely made it...
N: After that, he called Aikawa-san on the phone, but...
N: Uuu...Aikawa-san, I'm so sorry...
A: Negishi-kun, why are you crying?
A: Did something happen? Today nothing happened with Asato-san, so...?
N: ..he just ended up being consoled.

A Super Ranger Hero Show performed at an amusement park. For a long time these shows were strictly good-vs-evil, but after the appearance of Krauzer-san, they transformed to a portrayal of the severe disparity in society consisting of justice, evil, and the law of "strong controlling the weak."

[Usage Example] Hey, Blue! In tomorrow's Hero Show we're going to lose to a monster, order some new uniforms, and become management supervisors!

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