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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 18

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 18

N: It's been a few months since the release of the first two singles, "SATSUGAI" and "GROTESQUE"...
Guy: Krauzer-san talked a little about the album on the mic tonight...
Guy: It's finally coming out...
Guy: I bet they're furiously recording it in the demon world as we speak...
Guy: Wonder what kinda songs it'll have...
N: ...and DMC has dove straight into recording their long-awaited first album...
P: OK, Krauzer! Time for the vocals!!
P: Put your heart into it!
P: Bring a sticky flood of wetness to this world!!

N: Murder, murder~
N: Doo doo doo waaah~

N: Yesterday, shanananaaa, my mom
N: Tomorrow, doot-doot-doo, my dad~
P: Bastard, you're skipping over all the wet* parts!
N: Gaguhh!
* Mark in between panels: "Raped" and "Carve up"
P: DMC's first album is gonna destroy the world!!
P: You won't be able to violate anyone with that kinda singing!!
N: Y...you told me to put my heart into it...
N: I was just trying to use some arrangement...
P: When you sing "SATSUGAI," I want you to really act like you're killing and raping your parents!!
P: I want to feel the hatred and death spilling out when you sing "My Hatred Will Flow Unto You"
N: But...there's no one I hate that much...
P: FUCK!! Just shut up already!

P: From the top, one more time!!
N: Uu...
N: I don't even wanna put out an album, and yet I've been shut up in here for days now..
N: What am I gonna do if this starts selling on the shelves?
P: ORRA!! Come on, let's here "My Hatred Will Flow Unto You!"
N: Hiee!!
N: Uu...if this was live, I'd naturally get more excited...
N: Let's see...have I ever really hated someone before?
N: Wait! Last Sunday...!!
N: These cream puffs were featured in Amo-Amu...
N: But what a line...
Guy: I'm sorry, the guy before you just ate the last one.
N: But I've been waiting here for two hours!
N: My cream puffs....
P: How are you gonna kill someone with that kinda haterd?!

P: I'll deal with you later!!
P: Kamyu!! It's drum time!!
N: Uu...
P: Just look at that barbaric drumming...it's amazing!!
N: I wonder what he thinks about to make him drum so crazy like that...
P: OK!! C'mon, Jagi!

P: Hyahooo! This is really making me wet!!
P: Yesss, that's it! Deeper, deeper!!
N: Wada-kun's gotten a lot better...
J: Alright, the boss looks happy...
J: Good thing I've been practicing bass until my fingers stopped moving every day...!!
P: Yeahhh...right there..
SFX: Furu furu
P: It's like the feeling of knowing that in some small, unknown pocket of the world, nuclear weapons are being manufactured!!
P: I want you to finish off these weapons with your guitar and vocals!!
N: Ehh?!

P: Ahh!
N: I hate nuclear weapons!
N: I never wanted to make this kinda music in the first place!!
P: Shit...he ran away...
K: Die!
J: That idiot!
N: Uuu....I hate this, I don't want to go back.
N: As long as I refuse to record, the album won't get released....
N: Ah!
N: That's right, I picked this up earlier...
N: Letters from a bunch of DMC fans...

Letter 1:
Krauzer-san, Jagi-sama, Kamyu-san! Thank you so much for your hard work recording the album! I've been waiting forever for it to come out, I think I'm going crazy! I can't wait to see what kind of songs are on it, and what kind of order you put them in! Once it's out, my friends and I are going to buy three copies each with the money we've saved up!! And of course, we're still gonna come see your concerts!!

N: Uuu...

Letter 2:
I'm really excited for the new album. Once it comes out, I'm going to blare it through the entire school as loud as possible and cause a huge riot! GO TO DMC!! GO TO DMC!!

N: Ahh...
N: I didn't know people were so excited for the album...

Letter 3:
I want it so bad! DMC's album...Krauzer-san, you can go ahead and kill me if it'll make it come out faster! I just need to hear it, now, now, now, now!! Take me down to Hell with you so that I can hear you record it!!

N: I guess I'm kinda the same way when I wait for new albums from the artists I like...
N: But I still don't want to make this music...
N: Hmm?

Letter 4 (1):

To Krauzer-san:
After listening to DMC for a long time, I finally summoned up the courage to write a letter. If the sentence just suddenly stops somewhere, that means I'm not alive anymore.

N: Is this person sick...?

Letter 4(2):
To be honest, I was so afraid, but figured I should just go ahead and do it...Krauzer-san, has something bad or terrible ever happened to you? I hope I can get better soon and go see DMC live and hear the new album. -- Fukatsu Ryouta

N: He's cheering on DMC even on the verge of life and death...
N: I can't just ignore this and leave DMC behind!
N: I'll do my best for one more day and pray for this Ryouta kid's recovery...
Mom: R...Ryouta, a friend of yours is here to see you....
R: Eh?

K: How are you feeling?
R: Wh..what are you doing here?!
K: Just sit there and listen...I don't have much time.
K: Mom, could you please cut these melons and serve them to Ryouta-kun?
M: Uh...sure.
K: That letter you sent me...
K: Summoned me, busy with recording, up from Hell!!
R: Th...thank you so much...
K: I could feel the determination within your letter..

R: Ahh...but my surgery is tomorrow..
R: To be honest, I'm really scared..
K: Tomorrow, huh?
K: That's a pretty bad cough...you must be in bad shape.
K: A true follower of DMC...
K: shows no fear!!
R: You're right...I'm sorry. Of course Krauzer-san, you must not even know what fear is...
K: It looks like I was a little harsh there... (I'm an idiot!)
K: Even I, the Demon King, does not live without worry and fear. Sometimes I think about the future...and I suppose those feelings might be slightly close to, um...
K: A little scared, I guess...
R: Ehh!?
R: So you worry about the future too... (Just like me)
K: Yes, about whether or not I will be able to destroy the world, you know...
R: Heheh...somehow I feel a little more courageous...
K: Then, let us make a promise.
K: If you stand up to your surgery tomorrow with bravery...

K: During this recording, just for you...
K: I will say accomplish the feat of saying "rape" 11 times in 1 second!!
R: Eh..ahh...turning the "10 Rapes in 1 Second" into...
R: ...eleven...
R: But...you might bite your tongue by accident...
K: Do not worry about me! Live on through your surgery so you can hear the new album!!
R: Y..yes! Thank you so much!!
R: I'll definitely hear the album and come to more concerts!!
M: Umm, I finished cutting the melons...
M: ...melons..
N: I've got no choice!
N: This album must become the finest thing I've ever created!!

N: Time for me to destroy the world--!!
P: Hyaaahahaha, this fucking rocks!!
J: Teeth guitar during the recording...you're crazy, Negishi!
P: I never thought he'd come back in full Krauzer mode!!
P: Fuck, go ahead, "Rape that Bitch!"
P: I wanna hear rape ten times in a second!!
K: RAPERA*!! (Japanese women!)
K: PE(American women!)RAP(Italian women!)ERA(French women!)
K: PERA(Brazillian women, Russian women!)PERA(Swiss women!)
P: At this pace...
P: Could he possibly..
K: PERA(Phillipino women!)PERA
K: PERA(Thai women!)PE(Cameroon women!)
Box: Surgery
K: RA--

K: And the eleventh one is the illusionary mongolian woman!!
P: FUUUCK!! 11 rapes, all in one second!!
P: Alright, that's one nuclear weapon complete, boys!!
K: Ryouta, I kept our promise!!
K: Live on!! Live on and enjoy the album!!
Sign: Shimono Clinic
Black letters:
Urinary Tract Infection
Plastic Surgery
Sexual Surgery

R: Thanks to Krauzer-san, my circumcision went perfectly!! Now it's time to go have a fucking marathon!!
Small text: It's nice and clean now!
R: I still have that pesky cold though...
N: And so, DMC's album was finished.

[TRACK 18 - END]



Often said to be a good gift to bring when going to see someone sick. It can also be sold. Although it is often thought of as a fruit, it's technically a vegetable. There are also said to be melon-looking things that exist that are actually sweeter...

[Usage Example]

"Oh lookie here, I spy two ripe melons..."
"Ohhh, Mr. President, you know you can't touch me like that here!"

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