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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 19

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 19

N: After a few years..
N: I will have become the most famous musician in the world.
?: Negishi-kun, congratulations on receiving your award!
?: "Sweet Lover" is such a beautiful song...
N: This is the commemoration party for the award I received for my solo album.
N: "Sweet Lover" was composed in the memory of my school days with the woman who is now my fiance.
?: How wonderful!!
N: A CD with 12 songs and a fashionable jacket created entirely by me...
A: Souichi...
N: Ah, Yuri!
N: Excuse me a moment.
?: Hoh, she must be the fiance...
N: And I've finally started something special with Aikawa-san.
N: That dress really suits you.
A: I can't believe you set up this party to coincide with my birthday...it's amazing!
A: Ah, that's right -- Asato-san wanted to see if you could sign one of your CDs for him.
N: Oh...that fellow who referred to my work as "playing around"...
N: Yes, this is my very own album...


CD top: Makai Yuugi (*Playing Around in the Demon World)

Track listing:
1. Hell's Colloseum
3. Mad Monster
4. Rape that Bitch
5. DeathPenis
6. Slash Killer
8. My Hatred Will Flow Unto You
9. DeathVagina
10. Demon King
11. Bitch Pig Symphony
12. Evil Lovers

CD Jacket: Krauzer-san, please stop it! Especially not that person...they're already dead!!


N: Ahh!!
J: Oi, what are you sleeping for, Negishi?!
N: Ahhh...
J: Today we're doing an in-store event for the commemoration of our first album being released! You better get excited!!
N: It was a dream?
J: Customers are waiting, let's go!!
N: Ugh...I can't believe our album had to go on sale today...
N: It's Aikawa-san's birthday, of all things!
N: Aikawa-san, next week it's your birthday, isn't it?
A: Aww! I'm so happy you remembered!
N: If you want, let's go to the zoo together!
N: Even after I got up the courage to ask her out...
N: Aikawa-san...I'm so sorry...but I have a commitment with work that I can't get out of today...
A: Hey, you can't help it, don't worry.
N: But it'll be over in the evening, so...if anything, we could still have dinner...
N: So at the very least, I'll be able to meet up with Aikawa-san in the cafe across the street after all this is over...
J: Come on, Negishi, move your ass!!
N: O..okay!

Host: Say Hello to DMC!!
Crowd: Jagi-sama!
Crowd: Krauzer-san!
Crowd: Kamyu-san! Kamyu-san!!
N: Hooo...once this is over, I can see Aikawa-san..
C: We bought the CD!!
C: All twelve songs kick ass!!
C: My circumcision surgery went perfectly!!
C: Rip through some ass, rip through some ass!!
H: Here's the jacket with the three on the cover!
N: I can't wait to give Aikawa-san the Fishmans CD I bought her...
H: Krauzer-san, what do you think of the respnse for your first album so far?
C: Shut up! It's gonna become legendary!!
N: Eh...
K: Hahaha! This release signifies the countdown for the armageddon!!
N: Alright, I'm gonna use Aikawa-san power to get through this...

H: Alright, today is a very special day! Bureikou!! (*Means roughly "putting rank aside" or "we're all equals")
Guy: What IS that?
H: Come on, interviewer, ask me whatever you want!!
Guy: Those Detroit-something guys. Really stupid...
K: Ahh!!
K: It's almost time for me to go meet Aikawa-san!! I gotta get going!!
K: Ahh, I forgot that I had some unfinished business down in Hell...
J: H...hey!
K: I'll be back in a bit!
C: Hey, he's leaving!
C: Whyyy!!
N: Dammit!! I completely lost track of time...
Sign: DMC Dressing Room; Entry Prohibited
N: I'll never forgive myself if I'm late on her birthday!
N: Gotta hurry and get all this makeup off...
N: Her present....crap..where is it...
N: Hurry!!
N: Aikawa-san!

N: Happy birthday!!
SFX: Mokkoshi
A: Negishi-kun!
A: Thank you!
N: Negishi-kun, you look like you're in really good shape today.
N: Ehh...ahh....yeah, lately I've been working out a lot...hahaha!
N: Aikawa-san, your face...
A: Oh, this? I had a big zit on my face earlier..
N: Oh, it looks fine, don't worry.
N: Aikawa-san looks so cute as usual...
N: But I wonder if it's really OK that I just ran out on the event like that...
N: If the President finds out about this...

N: A...Aikawa-san, do you think it'd be OK if I went back to work real quick?
N: I wasn't quite finished yet..
A: Yeah, sure.
A: Negishi-kun went out of his way to meet me even though he's so busy....
N: I gotta make this fast!!
K: Just went to drink some tea on the river styx while I raped a bitch!
C: He looks like he's out of breath!
H: Ah, so you returned.
K: Alright...looks like everything's going OK.
W: Huh, Negishi didn't tell me about this part...

H: Krauzer-san, I'd like to open the panel up toe fans now.
H:: Is that alright?
K: Yes indeed!
C: Hey! What kind of bitches do you like to rape in the demon world, Krauzer-san?
K: Ehh?
K: Uh...well, the woman I raped just now had a clitoris on her face.
A: I had a big zit on my face earlier..
K: She was a succubus!!
C: Woaahhh!! Sounds like Krauzer-san, having sex with such a crazy monster!
C: Must've been the ghost of a nympho!!
K: Uhh...I'm so sorry, Aikawa-san...
K: But today is Aikawa-san's birthday!
K: I can't keep her waiting too long!!
K: You guys talking about raping bitches has got me all excited again!
C: You're going back to Hell AGAIN?!

N: S..sorry about that!
N: Sorry...that job of mine is really strenuous...
A: Eh?
A: Negishi-kun, what is that? Your cheeks are all black..
N: Ahh..must be the results of my working out. It's really taken a toll on my face muscles...
A: I ordered a cheesecake. Do you want something, Negishi-kun?
N: Hmm, alright, I..
N: I think I'll go with a shortcake.
N: Ah, that's right, I forgot my present for you.
A: Huh?!
A: Wow, you really bought me a present?
N: Hold on, let me go back to Hell for a minute!!
A: ....Hell?
Sign: Event Stage
N: Uu...I'm getting mixed-up...
H: Ah, Krauzer-san.
H: Please take a seat, would you?

N: Alright, I'm Krauzer right now, so...
K: How dare you try and order ME around!!
C: Waa, that woman's such an idiot!
H: Kyaa, I'm sorry!!
Box: I'm Negishi at the cafe!
N: Hey, you...I mean, excuse me, our order hasn't come yet...
W: I'll be right back.
Box: At the event I'm Krauzer!
C: So, what's your favorite food?
K: Shortcake, of course!! (Er...um...I mean..)
K: ...glazed with flesh!!
Box: Negishi at the cafe!
K: The sacreligiousness of this strawberry is overpowering...(No, wait!)
K: This strawberry is so beautiful and tasty-looking...
A: Yeah, it is.
Box: Krauzer at the event!
H: It's autograph time!
C: Why is he writing "Negi"? (Maybe it's a death curse!)
K: Shit! I messed up and started writing my own name!!
N: Here!

Box: Krauzer at the cafe!
N: Listen to it with your asshole popped wide open!!
N: Ya fuckin' bitch!!
A: Ehhh!!?
A: Wh..what did you say just now?
A: Is that really my p-present...?
N: AHH!!
N: OH NO!! I brought the DMC album by accident!!
N: It...it's not really a joke, but hold on a second, OK?!
N: Uuu....over there I'm me, over here I'm him...
J: Geez, what are you doing?!
C: Ahhh, Krauzer-san has returned!!
J: It's time to perform our new song, man!
J: C'mon, grab your guitar!
K: I'm getting confused!!!

K: Here it comes to you bastards -- the new song off our album!!
C: Woaahh, Slash Killer!!
C: This intro is fucking awesome!! (Cut me up, man!)
C: This is the first live version!
K: I was born to be a killing machine!
K: The minute I was born, I killed the midwife!!
K: The father I suddenly murdered screams out!!
N: Shit! What the hell am I doing?!
N: It's that bitch's birthday today...
K: The policeman I cut to pieces screams out!!
N: Dammit!!

K: GYAAAAA!! Why were you born?!
C: Woahh, awesome!! (Good think that wasn't Jack's guitar!)
C: You rock!
N: If I don't get there quick...
N: She might have gone home already!
N: Shit! Why am I doing this...
N: Because of that BITCH...
N: If that bitch wasn't alive...
A: I hope this zit goes away soon...
A: Ah, Negishi-kun!
N: Thinking she's so special just because it's her damn birthday!

A: Kyaaa!!
A: You're horrible, Negishi-kun!
A: I even told you I was feeling bad about this zit!
N: Ahhh!!
N: No!! I got too excited!
N: Er, no...
N: I thought if I touched it'd make you feel better...er..I mean...
N: And with that, I gave Aikawa-san the worst birthday ever....
N: It's good if you pop zits early, you know... (Nevermind what I said, though)
A: Oh?
N: And here's the CD I meant to give you!
N: The next day, her zit disappeared, and I got a thank-you call from Aikawa-san.


Especially used at drinking parties or other gatherings with co-workers, when rank and position is put aside and one doesn't have to go painfully out of their way to be polite. Usually, it's good etiquette to follow this by wrapping one's necktie around one's head, but this is only done with the utmost tact.

[Usage Example] Dumbass! I don't care how much "Bureikou" you have, that's no excuse to pull off the boss's wig!!

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