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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 22

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 22

Black: A few hours before the next concert...
SFX: Dogah
P: What do you mean you're gonna quit DMC?!
SFX: Gashaaan!
Kamyu's SFX: Guu guu
P: Don't just say bullshit like that suddenly as you're about to go onstage!!
W: Yeah, come on, Negishi!
N: It isn't sudden at all! I've always wanted to quit, you know!
N: We've put out an album, I've even been in a movie...that should be more than enough!
Line on wall in back: BALROG
SFX: Jyukyuuuh
W: B...Boss, maybe you should calm down a little..
P: Shit! I'm so pissed off, my slit's opened up all the way to my navel...
SFX: Pusu pusu
P: You son of a bitch...you don't understand a single thing about what you quitting DMC would mean!!
W: Hm?
N: Yes I do.

N: I am prepared to quit DMC, even if it kills me.
?: A...A shiroshozoku!! (*Ceremonial white robes usually worn by samurais or noblers preparing to kill themselves in ancient times)

P: Oh really, now? Sounds like this might be fun~
SFX: Chakon, kachon
SFX: Pikyan
P: Maybe I will just kill ya!
W: Wait, you can't just kill him, boss!
N: Farewell!
P: FUCK!! Don't run from me, bitch!!
SFX: Dada, kahh
SFX: Dan
P: Shit!
W: He took his stuff with him...he really did quit for real...
P: Tch!
SFX: Kacho
P: We'll just use Krauzer's kagemusha for tonight's concert. (**explained at the end)
W: Eh...a kagemusha?!
P: I never thought there'd come a time when I'd need to use HIM...
Text: 40 minutes later...
SFX: Mogu mogu
SFX: Cha

(*Note: this guy's sentences are intentionally fucked up)
Guy: Hiiiiiii!! Heeey there Miss President, I too sorry from keeping you waiting!!
Guy: I had practice with baseball team!
W: EHH!?
P: I owe this foreigner a favor...
P: Anyway, he promised to learn DMC's songs....
Guy: Nice to meet you! My name is Rozardo Koegorey Bosarabarodos!!
Guy: I justa love muuuusic!! Look, I brought radio cassette!!
Guy: Hey you, MR. COOL!!
Guy: Don't steal my girlfriend, OK?!
W: This guy's gonna be Krauzer...?
Guy: Hey, that's UMEBOSHI! It's so soouur, it's souuur!!
Guy: That salmon looks gooood!! Gimme some, c'mon!!
P: Here, put on Krauzer's clothes.
Guy: OK, no worry, no worry!
P: You've seen DMC concerts on TV before, right?
SFX: Suh
W: Are we really gonna be alright...?

N: I was pretty forceful back there, but I really had no choice...
SFX: Suta suta
N: Wada-kun and Nishida-kun should be able to handle the concert by themselves...
N: From now on I'm going to put all my energy into making the music *I* want..
Crowd: GO TO DMC!
C: Jagi-samaaa!
C: Kamyu!
C: Krauzer-saaaan!!
C: For DMC, this is the one of the nicest concert halls we've played in...
C: I won't have to see the faces of those scary fans anymore..
C: Woahh!! Jagi-sama and Kamyu have ascended!
C: Krauzer!
N: Sorry, everyone...Krauzer's not coming today...
N: Farewell.
N: Thanks for everything.
C: There!!

SFX: Yussa yussa
J: What the hell is this guy doing?!
C: Woahhh, Krauzer-san got a tan!!
C: He must've taken a trip to the carribean or something!!
C: Krauzer-san, you look great!
C: His sign changing from "KILL" to "THROW" must have some deep meaning attached to it! (Someone figure it out!) [***If you look closely, you can see the idiot messed up on Krauzer's regular "Kill" kanji, and instead drew one that means "throw," "abandon," or "release." Definitely less cool.)
N: Eh?
FK(Fake Krauzer): HEY HEY! Everyone lookin' gooood tonight!!

N: Didn't take them long to find a replacement...
N: Now I can rest assured and go home in peace.
FK: I'll be da one to judge da sin! I judge from Hell!!
FK: Now I be lickin' yo ass!!
N: He...he's messing up all the lines...
FK: A Curse is comin'!
Crowd: Woahhh!! It's a new version!!
FK: Hoooo...a curse is comin'!
Guy: Woof!
N: Not only that, he's bobbing around all smoothly like that...
N: And even though Mr. Pig's at his side, he's not interacting with him at all...
FK: A'right! The next song is about dreams! History! Family! An' all dat stuff...
Guy: Wooooof!
G: Wooof!!
N: Geez! There was nothing bizarre or creepy about that speech at all..
N: Slopping mud all over my face like that...
N: Ah!

FK: GROTESHK! From birth!
N: If I keep getting irritated like this...
N: I'm going to end up turning into Krauzer and rampaging around again!
FK: GROTESHK! Baseball boyz!
FK: GROTESHK! Big event!
FK: GROTESHK! One hit, see ya lata!
FK: GROTESHK! Three balls, three hits!
N: Forget it! This has nothing to do with me...
N: There's no way I could possibly get up to the stage from all the way back here...
FK: GROTESHK! A new morning comes!
FK: GROTESHK! Baseball dreams!
C: What the hell are these lyrics?
C: Today, Krauzer-san is kinda weird....
SFX: Zawa zawa
FK: GROTESHK! Baseball overseas!
FK: GROTESHK! One year contract!
FK: GROTESHK! Nine brothers!
FK: GROTESHK! I'm oldest!
FK: I never gave up my baseball!!
Crowd: Hmm?
FK: I really never gave up my baseball!!

K: My hatred has forced me to return to this material realm...
K: Now it is time for you to know your true destiny: DEATH!!
C: What's going on?!
C: Woahh! He's heading for the stage!
W: Woah! Negishi!!
C: Which one's the real one?!
C: Th...there's two Krauzer-sans...
G: Bow wow!
SFX: Uro uro
G: Bow wow!
FK: I'm da real one!!
C: Woahh, the pig's getting confused!!
G: Bow wow!
SFX: sniff sniff
SFX: Uro uro
C: Which one's the real Krauzer-san...
C: Only the pig can figure it out!
SFX: Uro
G: Woof
G: Woof
SFX: Tsuin
C: Woahh!!

SFX: Goshi goshi goshi goshi etc.
G: Woof woof!!
G: Woof woof!!
C: That's the real one!!
FK: This is MY STAGE!!
C: You got good eyes on ya, piggy!
C: Fuckin' pig!
C: You're our pig savior!
W: Alright! Time to rock, Negishi!!

K: Rip an angel apart, a rain of blood falls! God's sad cries become thunder!!
K: I summon you, Mad Monster!!
K: Feast on guts! Feast on brains!
C: Woahhh, this is totally different from before!!
K: Feast as it spills to the bottom of hell!
C: This violent power is the true DMC!!
C: Alright! Fake Krauzer's going to be a sacrifice to the Mad Monster!!
FK: Ahh!!
C: Pull him in!!
K: Feast on corpses! Feast on spirits!
C: Wah! Krauzer-san saved the fake one!
K: Mad Monster feasts on everything!
FK: He...saved me?!
K: Feast on hatred! Feast on killing intent!
FK: No...*I* was the one who got out of control!
FK: This isn't my stadium...
K: Feast as it spils to the bottom of hell!
FK: It's my third out...time to change!

SFX: Chomp
C: Uwahhh! Krauzer-san bit the fake one's head!
C: So he wanted to deal it the finishing blow himself!!
C: He chomped the carribean!
K: Feast on fear! Feast on life!
C: He ripped off its mantle!!
K: Feast as it scatters! Feast as it scatters!
C: He's eating the fake!!
?: Woahh, that's--

K: I'm stilll hungryyyyyyy~!!
FK: This guy's insane...
C: Wahhh, Krauzer-san assimilated his copy!!
C: There's the real mad monster!!
K: Feast as it scatters! Feast as it scatters!
SFX: Yoro yoro
C: He summoned it up from Hell!!
C: We need to prepare a sacrifice!!
C: Uwahh, it's coming this way!!
C: We're all gonna die!
K: Mad Monster feasts on everything!
C: Awesome...this is..
C: Yeah!!

C: The "Costume Prize" from the Demon World!!
C: He can change his body after eating humans!!
Sign: Mad Monster

[*Okay, so to explain this joke..in Japan there is a TV show called "Kasou Taishou," or basically "Costume Prize" where contestants come up dressed as different famous people/historical icons, etc. The topic is always shown on a card like the 'Mad Monster' one. And the scale on the right rises depending on how much the audience likes the costume. So there's your joke.)

C: Pih
C: Pipih
C: Pih
Fan: More!! More!! It's still not full yet!!
F: He came all the way from Hell for this!!
C: Pih!
C: Pipi!
C: Pih!
C: Pih!
C: Yeahhh!! It's full!!
K: Gaoohhh!
C: Sweet!!
C: This rules!!
SFX: *victory music*
Black text: And so, Negishi returned to DMC.

[TRACK 22 - END]


One who exists only to serve as a double to someone of a high position. Often seen in times of war or around people who fear assassination. For recent times, see Koroki Choshu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koriki_Choshu).

[Usage Example] Why are all my kagemushas so ugly!?

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