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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 23

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 23

Black Text: An explosive incident within the indies scene...
K: Fuggin' death metal! All dey got iz fake medalz! Doze medalz, I be stealin 'em! Das rite, I be reelin' em!
B: An incident happened to Kiva, the artist who refused to let up on attacks toward DMC...
B: An attack from the fans..
Fan: Your existence alone is sacrilege towards DMC!!
F: DMC's the strongest!!
G: This guy's insane!!
Bloody guy: Y...you motherfuckers! Kiva controls this town, doncha know that? He won't let you off easily!!
F: This TOWN?! Krauzer-san owns this entire universe, you insolent fucktard!!
F: Krauzer-san created the very core of this town itself!!
B: This incident soon reached Kiva's ears...

K: Yiiih, I'm Kiva! (*Kanji: Demon Blade) Fangs iz the words I be speaka' (*The word 'kiba' can mean Fang) My time iz now hea'!!
K: And soon, you will kneel before me!!

C: Woooh, Kiva-san, you da shit!!
C: I feel the rhythm!
C: The gangster rapper back from NY has proven himself to be KING!!
K: OK, ya'll, listen up!
K: Hey yo!!
K: Yesterday, in dis town of mine, SHI-BU-YA, some DMC muthafugga went and ATTACKED one of my KIVA KREW!!
Crowd: KIVAAA!!
K: Looks like all muh dissin' towards DMC has started a huge fire!!
Bottom star thing: "Dissin'" = Abbreviation of disrespect (then it's explained in Japanese)
K: Got it? The war between DMC and Kiva has begun!!
K: FROM NEW YORK CITY...I kin rememba my days wandering da ghetto! Life n' death befoa muh very eyes!!

N: Ha...
SFX: Piroriro~
C: Greetings.
N: Here I am, eating all alone at a restaurant after a concert again...
N: And it doesn't seem like I'll be able to quit DMC anytime soon...
N: I can't even do my own music anymore...maybe I should just head back to the country and breed dogs..
N: That's right, today Wada said that some DMC fan got in a fight with some rap guy...
W: Hey Negishi, check out the forums!
N: What, Kiva? I don't want to look at this...
W: It looks like one of our guys finally kicked the shit out of one of theirs!
N: This is scary!
N: Raising dogs would be pretty peaceful...and all my childhood friends would be there...
Guy: Hm?
N: Eh?
N: Huh?

N: Kibayashi-kun!?
K: Negiccho!!
N: It's been so long...since elementary school! So you came to Tokyo too instead of staying to breed dogs, huh??
N: You don't look any different at all...(except you have a beard)
K: Ohh, yeah! Negiccho, you haven't changed at all...
N: Kibayashi Susumu-kun...my best friend from elementary school..
N: There's cicadas over there!
K: A girl in class called me piggy!
K: I'm hungry!
N: That's terrible, Kibayashi-kun! You're a human!
N: How nostalgic!
Gang: Kiva-san! We're back from the bar!!
N: Eh?
K: Ohh!

G: Last night's concert was amazing!!
G: It was like the eve before a massive war!!
N: K...Kiva...
N: Could it be that Kibayashi-kun is that guy Wada-kun was talking about...
N: THE Kiva?!
G: Huh? Kiva-san, who's this guy?
N: Ah!
N: I'm Kibayashi-kun's [cut off]
K: One of my followers from childhood!
G: Ehh?! Was he in New York too?!
G: You were in New York from preschool, right?!
N: New York..?
N: Kibayashi-kun was born into a family of dog breeders...Unagi-ya...wasn't he?
K: Aiight.
Star thing: A mountain with a lot of monkeys on it
N: Kibayashi-kun in New York..?!
K: Uuu...my family's been talking about taking a vacation to New York for the summer...
K: And there are rumors that we might close up the shop and move to Takazaki-yama...
N: Don't worry, it'll be all right! Your shop's eel is really tasty, it won't close!
N: H...how could gentle-hearted, soft-spoken Kibayashi-kun have...
N: ..turned into such a fearsome gang boss..?!

G: By the way, two dogs from DMC were supposed to be coming around here, so Ryouji's out there waiting for 'em.
N: Eh?
K: 'zat so?
K: Let's fuck 'em up.
N: That's right...Kiva's in war against DMC fans...
N: I..I've gotta stop this!!
N: Kibayashi-kun, I don't think violence is the answer here...
N: Don't you remember when your classmates used to pinch your stomach and make you cry?
G: Hey bitch, you just dis Kiva?! (You inferred he was fat?!)
G: I don't care if you ARE his pal!!
N: Huh? What's a dis? I was just telling the truth..
K: Shit, my order ain't here yet...
K: Yo, waiter!
W: Yes.
K: Where is my lasagna
K: Bring it now, or I bring da pain on ya!!
G: Woahhh!! Kiva-san's freestylin'!
W: I apologize!

N: Kibayashi-kun, you shouldn't speak to him like that...
N: That pun wasn't even that funny...
G: How dare you dis Kiva again?! (Callin' that a pun!)
N: Ehh?!
K: Hey, wait.
K: DJ Negishi...I'm not da same I wuz before!
N: Eh?! (Who's a DJ?)
K: I'm MC Kiva from New York, the man who calls Shibuya his hideout!!
K: You ain't no GANGSTA'!! You're mo' like a LAMESTA'!! Now it's about time you thanked this FAMESTA' and get yo' sorry ass gone!!
N: M...more puns...
N: I can't laugh...
G: Kiva-san!

N: Kibayashi-kun, what happened to you? Talking all low like that, saying weird stuff...
G: We got one of DMC's CDs.
N: Back in school you got worried about your voice and hated going to chorus...
K: Turn it on!
N: Stop pretending to be some bad guy...
Speaker: I'm a terrorist from Hell!
S: Yesterday I raped my mom, tomorrow I'm gonna carve up my dad!!
N: What would ma and pop back at Unagi-ya say to you now?
G: What do you think?
SFX: Pirororo
N: You should sing songs to make your parents proud!
S: Kill, kill, kill your parents!
K: The fuck is this shit?
G: Kiva-san, Ryouji-san's on the phone!!
G: He said those DMC dogs should be coming any minute now!!
K: Aiight, we out!!
G: Yes sir!
N: EHh?
K: Negiccho.
SFX: Da da da

K: I threw away the old weak me. Kiva is now my true self!!
K: Sorry for treating you like that back there.
K: We're gonna school those fuckahs!!
N: Uuu...but still, technically, Kibayashi-kun's target is me...
N: Any way I look at it, it seems like I'm just gonna have to become Krauzer and talk it out with him..
N: B..but today I took my costume to the cleaners!! All I have is the wig and makeup!!
G: Ryouji is an ex-pro boxer!! But still, he can't take 3-4 people on his own!!
N: What should I do...
K: He should be around this corner here..
G: Ahh!!

R: Kiva-san...this guy's too strong...(I'm sorry)
F: Oh, so you've finally showed up, Kiva!
F: I can't wait to see the look on Krauzer-san's face when I bring your head back to him!!
G: Ryouji got his ass kicked...
G: And they wrote "Kill" on his head...
SFX: Zah
N: These guys are the DMC regulars!!
N: Krauzer-san's here, but not with the look you're expecting!!
N: Looks like I have no choice!!
K: I don't got time to be playin' around with weak-ass suckas like you...
K: Bring me the muthafuckin' band!!
F: Heh! As if Krauzer-san would come out to meet YOU! I'm more than enough!!
K: Wait just a moment!!
F: Th..this voice..

?: L..look at the top of that car!!
K: I demand you fools stop this scandalous dispute immediately!
?: It's Krauzer-san's head!!!
K: Us true demons don't start minor scuffles like this on our black roads...
K: If you're true believers of DMC, you should understand as well.
F: Of course!!
K: A...severed head?
N: Phew....alright, they bought it. Now, as a severed head, hopefully I can bring this to an end...
N: Then leave here at once.
K: Fuck this..he's just standin' on the otha side of the damn car!!
K: Child's play!
F: Ahh!!
F: Fine! Why don't you look underneath the car!! THEN tell me what you see!!
K: Hah!
N: Ehh?!

K: Lessee..
K: You dare challenge me, a demon?
N: Hooh...
SFX: Hyon..
K: Th...there really aren't any legs...
K: Hahaha! I can see your body, trembling in fear...
F: Of course not! I told you it's a severed head!
N: I feel like my chin's going to break...
N: Hm?
Guy: Yeah, got it!
G: I'll leave right now!
K: EH?!
N: Crap...now what?
G: Yeah, I'm in the car!
K: Hahaha...well, I have other matters in Hell to attend to, so..
K: Hey, wait!
K: You runnin', bitch?!
K: Me, run? Preposterous!

N: Guhah
N: Hah..our...battle..hooh, hah....should be...hah, hah...not on the street...hah, but on the stage!!
F: He's getting short of breath just thinking about killing Kiva!
F: Woahhh!! Krauzer-san just made a declaration of war!!
K: Aiight, Kiva Krew! Tomorrow we meet up at Club E!
G: Yes sir!
K: We're gonna go rip the DMC concert a new one!!
F: Hahaha, later, fuckwad!
K: Shut the hell up, imma smash you!!
F: It's only a matter of time until you fall to the hands of Krauzer-san!!
N: I should be good now...
N: *gasp*
N: *gasp*
N: I should be able to stop now...
?: What a...weirdo.

[TRACK 23 - END]


Puns made by hip-hop people. Some people say some funny things most in the while, but most of it is composed of really bad jokes. Also, suddenly breaking into a beat and "versus"-ing someone else while you dis them is freestyling. Middle-aged salarymen dissing their underlings are also said to have a potential to be great rappers.

[Usage Example] Don't say rap! SLAP! Watcha say?

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