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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 24

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 24

N: So this is Club E...
N: Yesterday Kibayashi-kun said his allies were going to meet up here...
N: I've got to do something before they barge into our concert and bring about the worst possible situation.
N(thinking): He seems so strong and bad now, but...
K: This is how you cook eel!
SFX: Pata pata
N: Wow, you're good!
K: I always help out mommy at the shop!
N: Here's a dog breeding shirt I made with everyone in class!
K: Woow, thanks!
K: Even after I move, I won't forget everyone...!
N (thinking): I want him to turn back into that kind-heard Kibayashi-kun from before...
N: I'll try to talk to him again as Krauzer...
N: And bring an end to this war!
N: This is the entrance....
N: I wonder where the dressing room is?

F: Enough with the weaklings already--bring out Kiva!!
F: We found ya, Club E!
F: Die!!
F: Guwah!
F: You'll never lay a finger on Krauzer-san!!
N: It...it's already become the worst possible situation...

F: Hey, you! *cough* Are you one of Kiva's men too?!
N: Hiee!! No, you got it wrong!
N: I'm your leader, actually...
F: C'mon, Kiva! What are ya, scared?!
F: Orrrah!
F: You still too afraid from Krauzer-san's severed head yesterday?!
G: Severed head my ass, bitch!!
G: If his head's removed, that means he's dead, dumbshit!!
G: Guh!
F: There's no way Krauzer could ever die!!
G: Kiva-san's the strongest!!
N: Fast...
N: I've got to put an end to all this!!
N: Now just for my armor...
N: Fast!!
SFX: Gah
G: Ahh!!
G: That's...

F: Yesterday was a severed head, so today must be the rest of the body--!!
N: Crap!! I got too excited and stuck my hands through the wrong hole.... (My head won't come out!!)
N: But it looks like it's just making them more excited...
G: Th...they're right!
G: This bastard...his head's gone and he's still livin'!
C: It's headless Krauzer!!
K: It looks like everyone's arrived!!
G: This voice..!
G: The room got dark!
G: L-look!! Those white letters....
G: They're shining with blacklights!!

G: Kiva-san's here!!
G: The blacklight lights up white stuff!!
G: So cool!!
K: Yo yo yo....dis is where we finish dis, you psycho clown!!
K: The final battle between rap and metal iz about ta go down!!
C: He's challenging DMC with "Metal is Dead!!"
N: Alright, it got dark, now's my chance...
SFX: Zubo
K: Hoo..
C: Ahh!!
C: Uwahhh, Krauzer-san's severed heal is floating!!
C: Now it's the head's turn?! Damn!!
N: I've just gotta talk face to face with Kibayashi-kun...
C: It looks like he's heading straight to the stage!!
G: He...he's really a true demon!!
K: Come on...turn on the lights!

C: Woahhh!! Finally, Kiva and Krauzer are face to face!
C: Use "san," you bastard!
K: DJ Raika, c'mon!!
C: Somehow Krauzer-san put his body back together!!
N: Kibayashi-kun, please listen to me...
R: It's begun!! Kiva-san's forte, a freestyle battle!!
Ki: How dare you challenge me? Your stupid outfit's all I see! A stuffed animal's all you be, made by some shitty company!!
Ki: I'm a true RAPPA, once a NEW YORKA'! I wanna wipe that makeup off your face, you stupid MOTHAFUCKA'!
N: Uuu...
N: Why does Kibayashi-kun always talk in puns...
G: Oohh, you're tearin' him down, man!
G: That's some true dissin'!
G: You started off at full power!!
F: Shut the fuck up!! Krauzer-san's definitely the more skilled one here!!
V: C'mon, you're up!
N: So this is rap, huh...?
C: Go, Krauzer-san!!

K: You just a dog RAISA'! Pretending like you're from New York, like some sorta GANGSTA'! It makes me sick, you think people will really believe you're from JAMAICA?
K: Your family's eel shop was closed up, REMEMBA?! And then you moved away FA'! We all made you dog breeding shirts, and yet thankless we AH'! Rent-a-CA'! KATOU TAKA!! (*Famous Japanese pornstar)
Ki: Why does this guy...
Ki: know about my past...?!
K: You cooked some eel! The you back then was for real! Now you're just on your way to some shitty-ass record deal!!
Ki: S...stop!!
C: Woahhh, here it is!! Krauzer-san's Demon Rhyming "Deathrap!! "
C: Kiva-san's in shock!
Ki: It's like he's possessed by my old friends from elementary school...
K: You went to the Donko Fishing Tournament* every year, but where have you BEEN? DOLPHIN! SEA LION!

* Line: A Fishing tournament held every May for dog breeders.

C: What the hell is "Donko Fishing?!" A new type of torture?!?!

Ki: Guh...these are the first disses that have actually punctured my core of being...
C: Ohhh!! Kiva-san is speechless! Krauzer-san's won it!
N: Kibayashi-kun, I hope I can bring you to remember the past....
N: Here, this is the melody from our elementary school song...
SFX: Jyaga

Ki: I threw away my past so I could stand on the top of this world...!
Ki: I won't give up...
N: Come on, remember..
N: Faster, faster!
N: Bring back the gentle-hearted you from the past...
N: Kibayashi-kun!
C: Woahh...the music's gradually getting harder...
C: Even without an amp we can hear it....crazy..
N: Kibayashi!
Ki: What da fuck you showin' off for? C'mon, fuckah, dis is war!!
K: I'll fuckin' murder you, ya punny pig!!
C: Woahhh, dirty voice rap vs. death voice metal!! It's the final battle!
C: Which one'll be the most evil!?
C: They're both evil enough already!!

Ki: Ya damn faggot!!
Ki: You just a maggot!!
K: Shut up, you dirty feminine rag!!
K: Dinner's in a garbage bag!!
C: Woahhh, they're screaming out dirty words in dirty voices!!
C: I still think 'maggot' is worse than 'bag!'
C: Are you crazy? Rags and garbage smell way worse than maggots!!
Ki: Bribes!
Ki: Money-laundering!
Ki: Tax evasion!!
C: Woahhh, Kiva-san's really getting heated up!!
C: Awesome vocabulary!
C: He's bringing out all the dirty things about society!
C: Huh? Krauzer isn't talking back!!
C: He won't even follow the rhythm!
C: Is Krauzer-san gonna lose...?

C: YEAHH!! There's nothing dirtier than that!!
C: Woahhh! Krauzer-san just blew him away!
C: Krauzer-san wins!!
Ki: Damn, what a guy...
Ki: DJ, change up the record!
K: Hyahhaah!
SFX: Gasha
DJ: Wahh!!

K: Turntable my ass! Hore hore hore hore~~
SFX: scritch scritch kyu kyu
C: Look at those fingers go!!
FC: It's like he just stuck his hands down the turntable's pants!!
SFX: Kyu kyu kyuuuuuu kyuuuuun kyuuuuiiin
C: By fingering the turntable, he's fingering the DJ!!
C: The turntable's really getting loud! It's feeling it!!
DJ: Stop, you're gonna break it!!
DJ: It'll break!
K: Hahaha!! It's trying to come during the foreplay? You nypho turntable, you!!
Ki: Shit...this guy's nuts...
Ki: I can't beat him...
Ki: That freestyle battle just now...
Ki: I almost thought...

Ki: That Krauzer II's true form could be Negiccho....
DJ: My turntable..
SFX: lick lick lick lick shururu shururu shiro shiro
Ki: Negiccho's the only one who knows that much about my past...
Ki: Hey, listen up!
Ki: If he's Negiccho, then he'll understand..
Ki: I desperately tried to rise to the top in this world...
Ki: Even making up my past as a New Yorker...
Ki: But I haven't forgotten anything!!
Ki: I've always worn this underneath and done my best, in honor of those days!!
Shirt top: Ayu Town (Sweetwater Fish Town)
Shirt Center: DOG BREEDER
Ki: This shirt protects me!!
Ki (the black): Negiccho....
Ki: You saved me just before...
Ki: I became an evil person...
SFX: Dah

Ki: I...was wrong...
Ki: He isn't Negiccho at all!!
Ki: That means this guy...
C: Ahhh, Kiva-san's getting whipped!!
SFX: Gaku
Ki: This guy..is a real demon!!

K: I'll turn you into fried eel, Kibayashi!! (*The joke here is that fried eel is "Kabayaki," which sounds similar to Kibayashi)
SFX: Pan pan pan pan (etc)
Black text: Skewering for three years,
B: Slicing for eight years,
B: Cooking for life!! (*This is a chant by eel chefs to show how hard it is to become skilled in the profession)
K: Krauzer-san's victorious!!
K: It's the "Spanking Fuurinkaton" Fried-eel style!!
G: Ahh, man!!
C: Damn, he really smells like shit!!
G: I can't believe Kiva-san lost...
C: And so, Krauzer-san punished Kiva...
Picture label: Donko Fishing Tournament
N: Back then, I never thought I'd be making fried eel out of Kibayashi-kun...
N: The worst...I'm the worst!
C: And solidified the entire indies scene within the palm of his hand.

[TRACK 24 - END]


After slicing it, you start to skewer it, then line them up and cook the eel in sauce. Cooking without the sauce is called "white eel." You can use eel (unagi) or conger eel (anago), but either way it is considered a delicacy by haughty food critics.

[Usage Example] Should we throw him in Tokyo Bay? Nah, better yet, let's make fried eel out of him!



(*Title explanation: "moe" is a term used by geeks to mean really cute)(

K: Murder, murder!!
K: Murder, murder!!
N: After a Detroit Metal City concert...
F: Today was the best!!
F: They played all the tracks from the album!
F: Luna, papa's in the toilet right now, so wait here and drink milk with mama, ok?
L: Yaay!
F: Hm?
F: Huhh?! There's a tiny Krauzer-san over there!!
F: Or should I say, Krauzer-tan!! (*Modification of san used for really cute girls)

M: Hey Luna, sing a little!
L: All need is lower body!
L: All need lower body!
C: Woahh!!
C: Even though she's a little girl, she's singing the "Bitch Pig Symphony!"
L: Ugly bitch pig!
C: All I need is the lower body!
C: All I need is the lower body!
L: All I need lower body!
C: How masochistic!!
C: Krauzer-tan, you're awesome!
SFX: Suh
C: Ahh!
C: Uwahh, she started drinking some white stuff!!
SFX: Chu chu
C: So cute!
P: Hey, there you are, Luna!
L: Ah, papa!
C: Oh, so that's her dad...
SFX: Tata
L: Papaa!

SFX: Pyon
P: Ohhh!
C: It's reverse-rape!
C: Woahhh!! She's trying to rape her dad!!
C: When she's little, she's gonna kill her parents and rape them! Just like Krauzer-san!
C: Krauzer-taaan!
C: She'll be perfect for the next generation!!
P: C'mon, let's go home!
C: See ya later!!
L: Bai bai!
P: They sure liked you, Luna!
N: Wah, um..
N: Um, excuse me, this is a Kahimi Karie CD...
N: Maybe instead of DMC, you could have your child listen to..


Floating letters in center: Murder, Betrayal, Death, Hatred, Rape. Crime, Violence
Black bar on left: What's fun about gathering so many evil people together?!
White letters next to black bar: PROJECT NAME:
Big white-black letters across the spread: SATANIC EMPEROR
Tiny tiny black-white box: Preview
Left side of page, black letters in: [DETROIT METAL CITY] Vol. 3
Underneath those: KIMINORI WAKASUGI
White letters in black bubble: Now serializing in Young Animal!!
Right side of page, big black letters: Coming out in 2007!!
Smaller black letters: Vol 1 & 2 now on sale!!
Tinier black letters: For more info., check Young Animal.

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