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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 25

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 25

P: Negishi, I got a letter from Jack here for ya!
N: Eh?
J: Krauzer-
Thanks for hanging out with me on the tour.
N: Th...this is...
J: This time, I'm writing you with a favor to ask.
J: My daughter's going on a trip to Japan soon, so I want you to show her a good time and get to know her.
P: Hurry up and get dressed! She's waiting outside right now!!
P: This is a request from Jack!! We've gotta give her the best death metal reception possible!!
N: Uu...
N: What would his daughter want with me..?
J: My daughter came to Japan once before as a foreign exchange student. She's working with metal-related stuff right now, so you two should get along.
J: Thanks a bunch, Krauzer!
-Jack Ille Dark
Guy: Hey, look at those two weirdos walking over there!
G: Are they from some kinda show?
G: Hurry, take a picture!
K: Um..so..what's your name?

K: My name is Kenni Ille Dark!
G: Wow, it's a stuffed animal!
G: So big..
K: Uuu....there's so many people watching us..why do I hve to do this...
K: Ever since the letter came, the President hasn't stopped yelling at me..
P: I don't care if you end up fucking Kenni!
P: You just better not let her look down on DMC!!
N: I'd better give her a good death metal reception with Krauzer..
N: Yes, I understand!
K: I...I received the letter from your father...
K: Is Jack well?

Ke: Ever since Jack returned from his last tour, he's become really dull.
Ke: Now he just sits around playing jazz music.
K: EH?!
K: Jack playing jazz...?!
SFX: Boron
J: Fuuuck...
J: Fuuuck~
SFX: Bororon
J: Fuuuck..
K: Well, you can rest assured now that he's turned the title over to me.
N: Jazz, so cool...
Ke: Hey!
Ke: Don't think I've accepted you as the 3rd Emperor just yet!
K: Eh?

Ke: In fact, the very reason I've come to Japan this time is to see whether you really are worthy of become the 3rd!!
K: If you don't seem like you'll be a good Emperor to me, I'm taking back that Karth guitar!!
N: So she wasn't sightseeing?
N: Uu..I don't even accept myself as the 3rd...
K: Hahaha! Stick with me for just one day and you'll realize the true horror of this Emperor.
Ke: Hmph! What, are you gonna take me somewhere?
K: Yes..to a sumo tournament!
N: Just like I thought, foreigners like sushi and sumo wrestling...
N: I'll make reservations!
Ke: I hate sumo wrestling!
K: Are you blind?!
K: Two naked humans slamming into each other is "metal" that surpasses even music!!
K: I'll show you the real way to watch sumo wrestling!!
Ke: Detroit Metal City's frontman, Johanne Krauzer II...

Ke: If this man truly has it what it takes to be Emperor...
Ke: Then I suppose I'll have to talk with him about THAT...
Crowd: Go, go!!
N: Uu...Kenni-chan looks pretty bored...and I don't know much about sumo...
K: *yawn*
N: More importantly, Kenni-chan really has some incredible boobs...
N: Ahh! What am I doing?!
N: Aikawa-san's the person I truly love...
N: The first breasts I touch will definitely be Aikawa-san's...
A: Negishi-kun...
SFX: Momi momi momi momi
N: Hers aren't too bad, either..
K: Wh..what are you doing?!
C: Go, go!!
N: Ahh!!
N: Er..um...

K: Th..those wrestlers out there isn't out of breath..I'm merely sucking their energy out with my hands!!
K: I wonder which one should win today...
Ke: What?!
C: Wah, nice throw!
K: Alright! Today it's your win!
SFX: Kuin
Ke: Hm?
Ke: Ah!
Ke: Just now..as he moved his hand, that wrestler went down...
K: I wonder which one should win next..
K: Papa did call you a demon, but I didn't believe him..
Ke: Alright, so make that guy with the small red belt win this time!
C: Go, go!!
K: Eh?
C: Push him back!!
K: Alright, the red one.
N: Shit, the red one's going down..

K: It was close, but I approve the contract!!
Ke: Wh...what?!
K: The wrestler down there just sold the souls of his family and friends to me in exchange to win this match!!
N: Th..that was close...
K: That's why I quickly had to change the results.
Ke: EH!?
Ke: So...are you meaning to say you control the material world like this?
N: Ugh, I hate this...
K: I'm hungry, let's go.
Ke: No, something's up here...
K: Now I'm going to feed you some sushi.
Ke: Demons just don't exist!!

K: Eating the raw bodies of living things served on top of rice...there's nothing more demonic than this!
K: Sushi is the most death-metalish food there is!
Waiter: Uh, sir, two weirdos just came in...
B: Let me handle this.
B: Welcome! How may I help you?
B: Today we just got some fresh tuna...
K: Then let us start by first having a piece of your ear!!
N: I'm sorry, man...
B: Huh?
Ke: Ehh?!
K: Like I said, your ear...
B: Eh?
K: ARGGH!! Fine, then just bring us some sweet shrimp and egg on rice and also some tea if you don't mind!!
B: Yes sir!!

N: Mmm, egg on sushi is the best...I think I ate four!
G: What the hell?
Ke: This guy was seriously about to eat that waiter back there...
Ke: And I thought my papa was the only person who did that..
Ke: Hm?
G: When's the next meet-up?
G: We even called those Shinagawa guys...
Ke: Japanese punks! I'll use them as the final test to Krauzer..
Ke: Hey, you little kids!
Ke: Come and get me, you pissfucks!
G: Wah!
G: What the hell's the meaning of this!
Ke: Hey, Krauzer!
Guy's shirt: BIKE
K: Eh?!
G: You tryin' to fuck with us? We'll mess you up!

K: You bastards know who you're talking to?!
K: I'm Krauzer II!!
N: Wh...what is Kenni-chan doing...
G: Hah, what?! This stupid costume...
G: You tryin' to mess with us?
K: Ehh!! (They don't know me?)
Ke: Just use that hand technique you did to the sumos!
K: Y...yeah..
N: Crap!
G: Hey, get over here, you...
G: C'mon, take it off! What kinda job do you have, anyway?
K: Wh...who should I make win today...
K: Ohhh...it seems like these three want to make a contract with me...
G: Pull off his wig!
G: What the hell are you talkin' about? Orrahh!
K: Awawawa!
K: Awawawa!
G: Hahaha!!
N: Uu....why is this happening...
N: This is why I didn't want to walk around in this outfit in the first place!!

Ke: Hmm, his coolness is starting to wear off...
N: Now that I think about it, this is all her fault..
N: They're making a fool out of me, all for Jack's daughter...
N: Why do I have to prove myself to you?! What did I knock down those wrestlers for?!
N: Did you even think about the happiness of those wrestlers!?
Ke: Eh?!
K: You're making a game out of Japan's traditions!!
G: Ah, a cat trick! (*When you clap in front of someone's face like that)
K: DOSSEI!! (*Charge scream used by sumos)
Ke: Eh!? Why are you..

K: If you wanna be a sumo, then at least dress like one!! (*He pulled her pants into a fundoshi, the sumo-diaper thing)
Ke: Kyaa!!
G: Woahhh!!
SFX: Rupun
G: What is this guy...he just randomly started attacking the foreign woman he brought with him!
G: What a nice ass!
Ke: Hey, stop....
Ke: Are you trying to rape me in the street?!
G: This Krauzer guy's a riot!!
G: He's throwing her down like a sumo!!
G: Woahh!
Ke: Kyaa!!
G: He pushed her over! Gooo!!
K: Hey, you American..
K: Let me show you the true Hell!!
G: Eh?!

K: It's time for world war! The Demon Fleet is rising from the dead!
K: Return to life! World War! Time to settle your pact with the devil!!
K: Smother the White House in blood!
G: Woahh, this song kicks ass!
K: Slam through the Statue of Liberty's ass!!
Ke: He's playing amazingly well...
Ke: And the lyrics are crazy too..
K: The soul of great peace sinks deep into the sea! Now, the revived hatred cuts through the ocean!!
K: The grotesque black Demon Fleet bears its grudge! Now, it sets off, great cannons piercing the sky!!
C: The Yamato Fleet hasn't sunk after all!! (*Old sci-fi anime)
Ke: This performance, Karth's guitar...now I realize what papa was raving about!
SFX: Gyai gya gyai
G: Woahh, he's getting even more crazy!
G: He's about to launch off!!
Ke: You're amazing, Krauzer! You've matched up to everything my papa said!!
G: Ahh, the American forces are closing in!!
G: What's he gonna do?

K: Boobs spotted on the starboard side!!
G: Woahh, he made it to the helm!!
P: Hey, you guys, what are you doing over there?!
G: Hm?
G: We ain't gonna let you ruin this, copper!
G: Move it!
G: Krauzer-san, it's time to shove off!
K: Ahh!
K: Crap...I got too excited again...
K: Kenni, let's go!!
K: Uu...she must be mad...
K: And after all I'm done, the President and Jack will be mad too...
Ke: This man is dangerous...to think he'd actually be Emperor material!
Ke: Then there's no reason he'd be afraid of "that band"..
K: Uuu...


One of the most death metal-esque foods out there. Especially good with a freshly-killed old man to serve with the rice. Start from his droopy ears and continue down past his beer belly, going through the body parts systematically. Important words to use while eating:

(*Note, this jokes are really hard to translate, they're puns on words that are used often while eating sushi but with a old-man theme. All the "vocabulary words" are puns on the actual sentences)

"Agari" - (You retired this year, old man) and "Aiso" (Don't put on a fake smile like that just impress your damn boss! "Sabi" (That sparse hair of yours looks pretty sad, old man).

[Usage Example] Instead of revolving sushi, let's go to the revolving flower instead tonight. (*Slang for prostitutes)

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