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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 26

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 26

K: Hoo...
P: What is that weird costume?
P: I dunno!
N: The police didn't get us, but now what are we gonna do?
N: Suddenly doing something like that to Kenni-chan...the President's gonna be pissed!
Ke: Krauzer, I need to talk to you about something. Let's go in here.
Bar Sign: Sons of Satan
K: Eh?!
Ke: I used to come to this bar all a time as an exchange student.
K: Wh..what does she want to talk to me about?
SFX: An, an...
Guy: Ahhh, I'm gonna come...
N: Wha...what are they doing out in the open like this?! (I can't watch!)
N: Uuu...I have a really bad feeling about this...
Guy: Drugs...sell me some drugs!!
Ke: Bartender, long time no see!

B: Ah, Kenni-chan, it's been a while!
N: Wha...what is this place?!

Ke: This is a bar where fans of the worst metal band come to unite!!
N: The worst metal band...?!
G: Oi, that looks like DMC's vocalist and Jack's daughter Kenni...
G: AHH!!!
(Bottom right box, from top right around clockwise)
G: Uwahhhh!! Krauzer-san came to "Sons of Satan!!"
G: Meh...
B: Please, come on in!
K: Please, do not get excited, this is a private matter...
N: DMC followers were here, like I expected...
Ke: Man, you really are super-popular!
G: That's Jack's daughter!!
G: He brought a girl with him...he's gonna rape her! He's gonna rape her!!
Bartender: Krauzer-san, it's a pleasure to meet you. The President of Death Records often stops by here, you know.
K: I...is that so?
N: So even this store is within the President's sphere of influence...I'd better entertain Kenni-chan...
B: What'll you have to drink?
K: Oh, that's right...
N: Alright!

K: Gimme a bat and pig's blood cocktail!
B: As you wish!
N: They have such a thing!?
N: I figured he'd just get mad and I'd be able to order some water!!
K: Ah...actually I changed my mind, I'll have a tiger brain stew instead..
K: Cut off the claws and put them on the side, would you?
B: That order will take a bit, is that OK with you?
K: What!? You can make it!!?
K: Kuh! Me, wait for such a meager order? Alright, fine, this just crossed my eyes!
K: Give me Kaluha Milk and a spinach and bacon cream pasta! It just crossed my eyes, though...
Ke: I'll have a bourbon soda.
B: As you wish!
G: Damn, Krauzer-san almost ordered a fuckin' tiger...
G: With that demon menu...
G: Hey, he came here in private, don't stare at him! (He'll kill you...)
N: Argh, what is with this place..
N: I really wanna go home..

Ke: Krauzer...first, I'll divulge what I know to you.
Ke: Take this business card.
K: Eh?
Small black letters: Representative Director
Big black letters: KENNI ILLE DARK
K: Project Ille Dark?
Ke: Yes, PID* is a company I started using papa's savings in order to promote the advancement of metal.
* part at bottom: Project Ille Dark
K: Hoh, the advancement of metal? What great dedication!
K: Lately, it seems like a lot of metal bands with no muscle have been cropping up...
Ke: I'm excited for your participation, Krauzer!
K: Uu...if I had any say in it, I'd ask her to reduce metal's exposure..
Ke: However, in Japan, there exists a band that still does not recognize you as Emperor.
K: Hah! Bring 'em to me!
K: They'll be the perfect snack to go with my alcohol (Kaluha Milk)!
SFX: Karan karan karan
Ke: Hah! Not so soon. Right now we're thinking of a plan for PID and Japan...
K: Eh?

Ke: Putting together the worst metal bands that acts only in the darkness, and then publicly announcing as a new metal fest...
N: Wh...what the hell!?
Ke: We've drafted a contract for you to perform at the fest in the coming days.
N: What's fun about gathering a bunch of terrible people together like that?!
N: Nooo!!
N: There's no way I'd purposefully get involved with this knowing how terrible it'd be!!
Ke: After asking the President, she made sure to have everyone sign it.
K: Eh?
N: Wait, I don't remember ever signing such a dangerous...

Contract top: "Contract"
Johanne Krauzer II
Alexander Jyagi


Nashimoto's face right: It's alright!
NF Left: After all...I'm an M-Man!

K: Th...they even got Nashimoto-san to sign it!! (My signature's in the President's handwriting..)
Ke: Finally, I'd like to have the band's leader, you, sign it in blood.
N: What!? Blood!?
K: N..no, you see, around this period of the year it's grass-reaping time back in the country, so I have to return....er, I mean....
Ke: Oh, head-reaping in the Demon World, right?!
Ke: In that case, I'll get the schedule to you ASAP.
K: Demons have no use for schedules! If I get the feelings, then I have the right to return home anytime I wish!
G: Hey, they started talking about some kinda fest..
G: Awesome!
G: Is Krauzer-san gonna be in it?
Ke: Here's the list of performances we have, Krauzer.
K: Hmm, I think it's a no-go this time. If you would have told me earlier, there might have been something I could do...

Ke: From Kansai, we have Deazm, of course.
D: Shitty DMC! Eat my shit!
D: Shit shit shit, eat my shit!
D: And then I'll make you eat shit!!
Ke: They started off by producing what they called 'scat-metal,' and have since become even more powerful than even DMC!
Ke: Also notable are the "Lunatic Fang Demon Riders!"
Ke: They assembled their members from the strongest bike team in Japan, and have since produced some super-loud metal music.
K: Pfft...so all you've gathered are a bunch of weaklings? Why would I even bother stepping foot on stage to such an easy win?
K: Besides, I've already taken over Japan.
N: What the hell are those bands?! They sound too scary..
Ke: Oh, we have even more amazing bands than those coming.
K: Enough about this! I'm starving.
N: Uu..I really, really, really, do not want to be involved with this..
N: I'm just going to eat up and go home fast.
N: Uu...after listening to all that, I think I even lost my appetite..
Ke: Even for you, who has conquered Japan, there's still a band coming that will present a challenge to you.

Ke: The norweigan band, Hellveta!!
K: Hm...
N: Huh? The moment she said that name, the atmosphere in here changed..
Ke: The reasons papa washed himself clean of metal are DMC and one other band...
G: Ah, that rumor!
G: Was it really true?
G: But hearing it straight from his daughter...
G: Then after when he went to Norway after Japan during his tour..
Ke: In the middle of a concert, papa was tied up by them and tattooed.
K: Eh?!
N: What a horrible thing to do to Jack-san...
K: Hmph! That's just because I had weakened him beforehand.
Ke: Not only that, but they're young like DMC, and already have a whole slew of legends about them...

Ke: Just like DMC, they set fire to an airplane on the verge of take-off...
Ke: Just like DMC, the band members are said to have killed their parents...
Ke: And just like DMC, they blew up a skyscraper with a bomb...
Ke: To be honest, they aren't humans, but demons..
Ke: Not only that, but I hear they want that legendary guitar you own...
Ke: They instantly signed the contract with their own blood!!
N: Wah..it's covered in blood!!
N: Uu...why does she think DMC did all those bad things?!
N: It all they want is the guitar, I could just air-mail it to Norway for them...
Ke: It doesn't seem like they have a weaness..
Ke: Quickly, Krauzer, place your blood seal on this...
N: Uu...

G: C'mon, Krauzer-san, you've gotta kill Hellveta for us!
G: You gotta be in the fest!
G: Dumbass! You think that stupid costume band can stand up to Hellveta?!
G: What'd you say, bastard?!
G: Krauzer's just afraid to get involved in the fest!
G: Use "san," asshole!
Ke: Hmph! If you say no here, it'll make it seem like DMC ran away!
N: Ugh, why does this always happen to me...
(Right box, starting from top right corner, counter-clockwise)
G: You'll do it, right, Krauzer-san?!
C: Sign it in blood!
C: Please kill them!
C: Those Hellveta guys are just a buncha pigs!!
N: At this rate they're gonna make me sign it!!
N: Uwah..what should I do?!
(now move to left box)
G: What this guy (Krauzer) plays isn't metal!!
C: Shut up, bastard!
N: Uu...the only way to get out of this...
K: Fine, then what do you say death metal is?
G: Eh?
G: Death metal was a movement that started in the mid-to-late eighties in America and Europe...
K: Looks like you still don't get it. Any last requests...?

K: The despair of those about to die is DEATH METAL!!
G: Hieee!!
C(top): Woahhh, there it is!! Everything Krauzer-san kills is death metal!!
C(top): Coool!!
C(top): Even our deaths wouldn't be enough!!
Krauzer: Hey, bartender! Put on my album.
B: As you wish!
Kenni: Krauzer!
Speaker: I think, therefore I am! I kill, therefore I am! I kill, therefore... (*"am" is "ari," and "kill" is "yari," so it's a pun)
C: Woahh, the first track! Hell's Colloseum!!
S: I kill!
K: Hahaaah! My blood's boiling! Kill, kill!!
N: Everyone's getting wound up...
K: Everything I kill goes straight to the bottom of hell!
K: Kill! Victory or defeat, you're going to Hell! Kill!
Ke: Hah! Krauzer's really something.

S: Kill and be killed! But before that, kill everyone!
C: Wahh, we're gonna be killed!
C: Yahooo!
C: Orrah!
C: Krauzer-san, here's a prayer for your fest!
K: Those who are killed and fall, will just be killed again in Hell!
M: Alright! Now that everyone's going crazy, I'll leave...
N: What should I do about this contract..
G: GUwah!
K: Eh?!
S: Kill and be killed! And then kill yet again!
K: Uwahh!!
N: If blood touches this, the contract will be signed!!
N: Okay, I'll just hide it under this pasta bowl here...
S: Victory and defeat mean nothing! Everyone goes to the gates of Hell!
K: Kill, kill, kill 'em all!
Ke: Krauzer, look how excited everyone is about your participation in the fest!
Ke: Quick, the seal of blood!
K: Er..no!
Ke: Ah, that plate!!
K: Eh?
S: I kill, therefore I kill!

Ke: Everyone, Krauzer's green blood has been sealed on the contract!!
K: Blood...that's pasta sauce!!
C: Woahhh, so demon blood really is green!!
C: Helvetta's blood was red, that means Krauzer-san's the real demon!!
K: No, it's pasta!!
K: It's spinach...
K: ..sauce..
C: Those Hellveta guys are gonna die!!
K: Bartender, it's pasta!
B: Nope, that's definitely blood alright!!
Black: And so, with the signed contract in hand...
Ke: Krauzer's gonna take revenge for papa!!
K: No, I'm telling you, it's pasta..
K: It's green spinach sauce...
K: Pasta...
Black: Kenni happily returned home to America.
K: Pasta..


An abbreviation of festival. Usually connected with music, such as Summer Sonic or Fuji Rock, two famous names in japan. Be sure not to confuse it with "fetish."

[Usage Example] "Naota-kun, when you hear fest, don't you think of summer?"
"No, that definitely makes me think of school swimming uniforms...or bikinis..."

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