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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 27

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 27

N: A few days ago I got a call from Aikawa-san...
A: Negishi-kun, in a few days, Amo-Amu* is going to sponsor a new musician search audition. You should totally try out!
*The fashionable music magazine, "Amore Amure!"
N: Eh?
A: This is your chance! If someone from a record company sees you, this could turn into your big debut!
N: Y..yeah...
N: From Amo-Amu...
N: I felt like that call was somehow alerting me to my true destiny...
N: So I went out onto my favorite street.
N: It's been a while since I came to Shimokita...
N: I'm just going to have courage and stand out here in the street playing good songs, so that I can make the most of this chance!!
N: That way, if I can quit DMC fast enough, I won't have to perform for that frightening fest...
S: Huh...Negishi...senpai?
N: Hm?

S: I thought so...Negishi-senpai!! Negishi-senpaiii!!
N: S..Saji-kun!!

N: Wh-wh-wh-what should I do?!
K: Memories of those days...
K: will be painted red in a glorious melody of blood!
N: I did so many horrible things to Saji-kun during that TV interview!!
S: How have you been since college?!
S: Still continuing with your music, right?!
N: Ahh!!
N: That's right...Saji-kun doesn't know that I'm really Krauzer...
N: Of course! How have you been, Saji-kun?
S: Yes!! I still play music all the time!!
N: You're with...Tetrapot Melon Tea, right?
S: Eh!!
SFX: kira kira
S: You mean you've really heard of us?!?!?!
N: O...of course! "Sally My Love" is a great song! (I even bought the single!!)
N: It really is a good song...
S: I'm sooooo happy!!
N: Is Tetrapot gonna put an album out anytime soon?
N: I'm so excited! I wonder what kinda songs it'll have..
S: Well, um..
S: You see..

S: One time we went on TV for an interview, and we ended up getting stuck with some death metal band, and they fought us..
K: Memories of those days...
Guy: Saji-kun, we've decided...
K: will be painted red in a glorious melody of blood!
G: that we're gonna quit this band.
S: After that, the band broke up for good.
N: It's my fault!
N: That great band came to an end all because of me!!
S: We did have our differences when it came to music, I decided to go solo for now.
N: Saji-kun...
N: I stole Saji-kun's future away from him..
N: Saji-kun!
S: If you'd like, why don't we team up together?
S: Eh?

N: In a few days this magazine called Amore Amure is having an audition.
N: Let's make a 2-man unit and participate in it!!
S: Negishi-senpai...and Amo-Amu...
S: I've always wanted to play music with you, Negishi-senpai!!
N: It wasn't that I was saying this to Saji-kun out of feelings of guilt.
N: The truth was, I simply wanted to make music together with Saji-kun.
N: And so, we started together with our new unit.
N: For the audition, why don't we combine our song with making a cake?
S: That's so cuuuute!!
S: Then, let's both wear these partissier-ish hats as well!!
N: Wahh! That's awesome! We should get a "fashionable patent" on that!!
N: Ahh, this is great...this is the music lifestyle I've always dreamed of!
N: And as long as Saji-kun's with me, the audition will go wonderfully!
S: Ahh, it fits you!! Senpai, you're a fashion millionaire!!

N: Oh yeah, and I brought a harmonica, too!!
SFX: Jajaan!
S: Waaah, thank you so much!
N: You're supposed to play a harmonica as if you were french-kissing a girl!
SFX: Pupii
S: Like this, right?
N: Okay!! Let's head out to the street to rehearse! The audition's tomorrow!!
N: Aikawa-san from Amo-Amu said she'd come watch us, as well!
S: Yes sir! (*Since Negishi is the senpai)
N: I've known it ever since college...
N: We were meant to perform together!!
G: Ah, that's Saji-kun.
G: They're cooks, how cuute!!
S: This my new unit, "Whip Love Creams!"
G: Who's that guy next to him?
G: I your solo tape, Saji-kun!!
N: Saji-kun's pretty well-known around Shimokita...
N: I've got to work hard to make an impression on everyone, too..
S: Senpai, let's begin!
N: OK! let's go! Here's our first song, "Whip Love Cream!"
N: Listen, everyone!!

N(song): I want to whip it uuup~
My feelings for youuu~
I want to whip it uuup~
My future with youuu~
Text at bottom: WHIP LOVE CREAMS
Music / Lyrics : Negishi & Saji
SFX: jaga jaga, kune kune
S(song): We're both partissiers of love~
We'll make a delicious cake for you~
N: Ahh, this is the best!
N: People of Shimokita...
N (song): We'll whip some love cream onto your cheek~
N: My name is Negishi Souichi~!!
G: Hey, isn't that guy a little disgusting?
G: He sings weird too...
G: He's getting in Saji-kun's way.
N: Eh?!
N: That's right, I can't forget the whip cream performance...
S: I wanna whip it uuup~, I want to whip it uuup~
G: egg...
N: I've gotta try harder!!
G: Hey you! You're just dragging Saji-kun down!!

N: Hyaaaaan!!
S: Wah!
S: Ne..Negishi-senpai, are you alright?
N: Yeah...
Crowd sfx: snickering (kusu kusu)
N: That should have been a home-run, but it looks like I made a foul.. (*vague, strange, random baseball metaphor...don't ask me)
A: Negishi-kun, sorry I'm late! I was so busy getting ready for tomorrow...
N: Aikawa-san!
A: So you really did make a unit!!
SFX: Haa haa
N: Yep!
N: Heheh...Aikawa-san will always be my fan..
A: And you're with Saji Hideki-kun! He's so popular in Shimokita right now!!
A: I don't know much about his old band, but you're great!!
N: Eh?
S: Ah, hello! I've heard a lot about you from senpai.
A: Ah, good evening, my name is Aikawa!!

A: I heard your solo songs and thought they were fantastic! That kind of music is what I truly love!
A: Did you record them at home?
S: Yes, I did!
S: I distributed all those cassette tapes on my very own!
A: Amazing!!
A: I'm so surprised that there's someone this talented who was in the same college the same year as me!!
A: I'll review your work soon in the magazine,
A: and cheer you on!!
S: Really? I'm so happy..
S: I buy Amo-Amu every month~!
A: I'll be at tomorrow's performance, so please do your best!
N: Uuu....
N: Aikawa-san was the only special person I had to cheer me on....
N: And the only reason Saji-kun got into music was because he was inspired by me!!
SFX: Bata bata
N: But now, not only Aikawa-san, but all the fans in Shimokita have been stolen away from me!

SFX: Piiirorirooo
N: Aikawa-san...
N: What does she want?!
N: Hello?
A: Negishi-kun? Why did you disappear all of a sudden today?
A: Afterwards Saji-kun and I talked for a long time...
A: Saji-kun knows so much about music! His interests are exactly the same as mine!
A: We even ended up going to Daikanyama for dinner together!!
N: Those fashionable Daikanyama fucks!!
A: Hello, Negishi-kun? Were you sleeping?
Sign: Amo-Amu
10 ~ 20
Waiting Area

S: Where could Negishi-kun's almost time for us to go up...
G: This arrangement is...
G: Don't worry...
S: He went home all of a sudden yesterday, too...was he not feeling well?
G: Wahh!!
S: Hm?
S: EHH?!
Band: Light~ shining~ in a dreaaam~
B: The limitless sky~ All for you, all for you~
B: Thank you very much!
Judge: You're welcome!
J: Now then, next!
A: Next, Negishi-kun's up...

K: #12!
K: Johanne Krauzer II, is here!
J: W..well then, you have five minutes to perform!
K: HOHH!! You tryin' to order me around, bastard?!
K: C'mon, you shithead judges!!
K: Decide which one of us is the more talented, here and now!!
J: This guy know...
J: From that metal band...
A: Why isn't Negishi-kun here?!

S: I'll just have to do my best until Negishi-senpai gets here!!
SFX: Boh
S: WAhh!!
SFX: Baa baa buu, rurara ra ra ra
K: Listen up, you shitbags!! This is the Demon King's death metal!!
S: Stooop it, stoooop!!
SFX: Zubu zubu
K: This is the Emperor's guitar skill!!
K: Hore hore hore!! How do you like THAT?!
J: What's with this guy?
A: St...stop it!!
A: This isn't the place for such vulgar music!!
K: How dare you?!
A: Ehh?!

K: You're the vulgar one, you cumshot-lovin' bitch!!!
SFX: Byubaaa
A: Kyaaahh!!
K: Kyahoooooiii!
S: Uuu...
J: DMC must have some kind of grudge towards Amo-Amu..
J: Are you alright?
SFX: Doroo...
A: I hope Negishi-kun's not hurt..
S: Not only has he destroyed my band, but even my chance for a comeback...
S: Why does that man have to punish me so much...?
N: And so, Negishi...
N: Uuu....both Saji-kun and Aikawa-san are calling me at the same time..
N: I can't answer it..I'm the worst!!
SFX: Piroroo
N: ...completed his duty as Krauzer II and had a nice rest.

[TRACK 27 - END]

A term to use for one who eats or shops in Daikanyama and generally gets a feeling of fashion about themselves. Also can refer to, but is not limited to: people who have artistic dreams about themselves, who go on journeys of self-discovery, or who listen to a lot of elevator music. The act itself isn't much important, as the term is truly attacking the mentality of such people.

[Usage Example] Wait, don't tell me you're a fashionable Daikanyama cherry boy? LAAAME!!

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