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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 28

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 28

B: Backstage before a concert...
Sign: DMC
Enter and leave as a corpse!

N: Hey Nishida-kun, that playstation game I let you borrow a while back, "My Summer Vacation"....
N: Are you still playing it?
N: You...didn't lose it, did you?
N: Uuu..why do you always go silent when I ask you about this? I DID lend it to you, didn't I?
J: Hey, you guys!! This isn't the time for dumb conversations!!
J: You gotta get dressed, we're on soon!
K: Shut up, weakling!
N: B...but, Nishida-kun...that's terrible!
N: Uuu...not returning something someone lent you, that's terrible!
N: I've told him time and time again to return it....
N: He'll pay...he will pay!!

K: I'll be the one to judge the sins of the drums I am the judge of DMC!! Now I'm gonna tear through Kamyu's ass!!
K: A curse will fall unto you! A curse will fall unto you!!
W: O-oi, Negishi...

C: Woahhh, what's with this version?!
C: Is he really attacking Kamyu-san?!
C: What's going on?!
K: All those demons who act rudely to this Demon King...will not be treated equally!!
K: They will be PUNISHED!!
C: Ahhh, Krauzer-san threw his mantle!!
C: Woahh, it's covering up Kamyu!!
C: Ahh!! Kamyu-san can't see, so he stopped playing the drums!!
K: Return it! Return it!!
SFX: Suka suka suka
Wada: What are you doing, you idiot? And all in front of the fans, too..
C: What does he want returned?!
C: Krauzer-san really is trying to provoke him!!
C: Hmm...eh?
C: AHH!!

SFX: Suta suta suta
W: You...
W: You idiots!!
N: Shit!! I got too excited, and...
N: ....started saying bad stuff to Nishida-kun!!
C: What's going on between Kamyu-san and Krauzer-san!?
C: Th...they might kill each other...
C: The hall's going to turn into a sea of blood!!

W: Hey, Nishida, what are you doing? C'mon, sober up and keep playing!!
W: The boss'll get mad! Think of the boss!!
W: Negishi, this is all because you provoked him! Get ahold of yourself, dumbass!
K: S...sorry.
W: We can't let the boss get mad, remember!?
K: Hahahaha! No more hesitation! Let's go, "SATSUGAI!!"
C: Ahh, he's back!!
C: Jyagi-sama had them both make up!!
C: Krauzer-san isn't going to retaliate?!
C: After the concert! After the concert, something bad's gonna go down!!
W: For a second there, I though the whole concert was going to be ruined! Hahaha!!
N: Y..yeah...
W: You guys need to stop pickin' stupid little fights like that!
N: Sorry for getting so worked up all over a game..
N: It was my fault...

W: Hahaha! But geez, Nishida, just give him the damn game back already!! Negishi doesn't come out to these after-parties that much, so at least make it worth his while, would ya?
Waiter: Excuse me, but are you ready to order?
N: Abalone! (*It's a seafood that looks like..well...just look for yourselves: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ja/thumb/f/fb/Awabi_2.jpg/200px-Awabi_2.jpg)
Wa: Um, I'm sorry, but..we don't have abalone on the menu..
N: YOUR abalone.
SFX: Kucha kucha
Crowd: Yeah, and this time, Krauzer-san and Kamyu-san got into a fight!!
W: Hm?
Fan: Yeah, look outside!! Doesn't the weather look weird to you?!
F: Woahh...
SFX: Goro goro
F: It's the proof that those two are fighting!!
N: DMC fans are sitting over there...
N: And they don't even know that Krauzer and Kamyu are sitting here getting along well together..
W: I guess today's little event will turn into a big topic..
F: So, I guess the reason they got into a fight was over THAT...
F: Sure seems that way, from how they were acting...

F: Krauzer-san removed Pluto from the solar system!!
F: But Kamyu-san wanted that planet for himself, and so their rivalry began!!
N: Awawa!! No, you're wrong, I just wanted my videogame back...
Wa: Like I said, we don't have abalone..
N: But there must be some SMELLY abalone around here somewhere.
SFX: Giiii
F: Well, I don't care how strong Kamyu-san is, there's no way he can beat Krauzer-san!
F: Hey, I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet...
F: Ya hear that?! That sound was DEFINITELY an attack from Kamyu-san's side!
F: Shit! Maybe you're right, but before that, every sound was from Krauzer-san's side!!
Waiter: Um, excuse me...but other customers have been complaining about the noise level over here..
F: Hey, who do you think'd win, huh? Krauzer-san, right?!
F: Kamyu-san, right?!
Wa: Eh? Who are thos epeople...
F: Don't play dumb with us!
F: Fine, alright, so if Krauzer-san and Kamyu-san both fell in a river, who would you save?!

N: They're getting out of control! What should we do?
N: Wada-kun, this is my fault..
W: Leave 'em alone! (they're just fighting.)
F: C'mon, choose already!
Wa: Well then..I'd save them both...
F: EH?!
F: Like they'd ever need rescuing from the likes of you!!
Wa: Hiieee!
F: You tryin' to act like a demon, bastard?!
C: Ah, the power went out!
C: Uahhh, the world's going to be thrown into darkness!
C: The time has finally arrived!!
Wa: No, the power just went out, so can you please be quiet...?
C: The three members of DMC have thrown this world out of balance!!
C: It's the end of DMC, which means the end of the world!!
C: The balance of the universe is crumbling!!
Wa: I'm gonna call the police..
C: No police are gonna stop those two!!
N: It's getting worse and worse...
C: No one can stop the end of the world!!
W: Damn, those dumbasses are really loud..
C: No, someone can!
C: HE is the only one who can stop such a thing!!

C: Jyagi-samaaaa! Jyagi-sama, we summon thee!!
C: Light some fire and wait for him!!
N: Wada-kun..
W: EHH?!
W: Shit, man, this is bad! I can't do that whole demon act like you...
C: Jyagi-sama!
N: But at this rate, the fans will think DMC split up...
W: Th...this is bad!!
W: I want to hit it big with this band!!
W: I'll be right back!!
Wa: I told you, we don't have abalone...
N: Are you wet yet?
N: Wada-kun, I beg you...please stop this madness!
C: Jyagi-sama!!
C: More fire!! Yell!!
N: Ah!
C: Jyagi-sama!
J: Hey.

J: With the help of my power, Krauzer and Kamyu finally stopped fighting.
C: Ahh, the electricity came back on!
C: The world was saved!!
C: By who!??
SFX: *ahem*
J: Umm...
N: They didn't notice Jyagi-sama!!
N: His timing was just a bit too early! (If he would've come out in the light...)
N: Uwahhh, it's Jyagi-sama!! Jyagi-sama's been summoned!!
Crowd: Eh?
N: Woahhh, here he is!!

C: Uwahhh, Jyagi-sama! Jyagi-sama's been summoned!
N: Phew..
Crowd: When did he?!
J: Hahaha, it's true.
Crowd: So Jyagi-sama really did quiet down the battle!
J: 'Tis I, Jyagi-sama!
N: Wada-kun!
N: Quickly, use your authority to stop all this!
C: Jyagi-samaaa!!
C: Cool!!
W: Alright, so now what..
W: I have to charm the fans like Negishi always does..
C: That's our Jyagi-sama!!
F: Jyagi-sama, how did you get those two to stop fighting?!
J: Eh..
J: Well, you see..
W: Crap! I have to do something cool...
J: I...talked to them.
C: Ehh?!
C: Talked?!
N: Uuu..that won't do it, I'll have to help him...
N: Uwahhh, Jyagi-sama! Your hands are so calloused?
W: Oh, Negishi, you came to help me?
N: Could it be that you crushed those two down with these very hands?!
C: Wh...what did he say?!

J: Wrong! My hands got this way by practicing bass for a long time every day!!
N: Ehh?! Well, that's true, but...!!
C: Woahh, Jyagi-sama! You love bass so much you play it every day?!
N: Uuu...
Crowd: Aeesome!!
C: So even demons' hands have calluses on them!!
J: Y..yeah!
W: Did I mess up...?
C: Here it comes! Jyagi-sama's bass inferno!!
J: Now I'll burn you all up!
N: C'mon, Wada-kun, do a guerilla performance or something!
J: Oh!
J: Um, okay, waiter, I'm gonna perform here, alright?
W: What--no!!
N: Why are you asking for permission?! (And he was denied!!)
C: Hey...did Jyagi-sama really stop Krauzer-san and Kamyu-san?
C: What's with this gentleness...
C: What's going on?
N: What are you doing, Wada-kun?!
N: The fans are going to get upset again!! Are you trying to ruin DMC?!
N: Crap...I'm going to have to make some fire....
J: If I can't perform, I'll just burn this place down!
N: It should be okay as long as I put it out afterwards....

N: Uwahhh! He started a fire since the waiter said no!!
N: That's more like Jyagi-sama!!
N: Come on! Now you should be able to do your top performance!!
C: Woahhhh!!
W: What are you starting a fire for, idiot?!
N: Why are you putting it out, Wada!?!
W: Ah! (Shit!)
C(top): Jyagi-sama put the fire out....
N: Just don't move anymore!!
C(top): No way!
C: Something's off...
N(yelling): Uwahh!! I guess Jyagi-sama can't stand to look at such small fires!!
N: Woahh! My body started moving on its own!
W: Hey, Negishi, what are you doing?
N: Whyyy!? Why is this happening to meee?!
N: Ahh, it's hot!!
N: C'mon, do your performance!
N: Jyagi-sama, it burns!!

C: Uwahh, he's raping him while he burns him alive!!
J: Woahh!
W: What is the meaning of this?!
SFX: Jir jiri jiri
C: He's controlling the human by flames!!
N: Please don't burn and rape me, pleaaase~
Crowd(bottom): How violent!!
J: Hahahaa!
J: It burns, doesn't it?!
C: Woahhh, Jyagi-sama, Lord of Fire, really is the best out of DMC!!
C: He's the one who keeps the entire balance over the band!!
C: He saved the balance of the universe!
C: Jyagi-sama, you rule!!
W: Negishi, you're such a metal monster...
N: And so, the curtain was closed on the war between DMC members...
C: DMC is immortal!
N: And the truth was, it didn't completely close until a few days later...
N: Ahh...thanks so much for returning it....
W: I've gotta practice my performance some more...

[TRACK 28 - END]


A general term for cunt, vagina, or pussy. Although, there is the extremely rare case in which it's actually being used as its true meaning, a type of shellfish, in regards to some ocean or cooking-related topic, so be careful. Just because a shop has tasty abalone doesn't necessarily mean it's an escort service.

[Usage Example] Abalone, giiii.

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