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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 29

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 29

N: Today I'm practicing guitar by a park near by house.
N: I'm a patissier of live~
I'll cook a delicious cake for you~
N: I want to whip them uuup~
My thoughts to you~
I want to whip it uuuup~
My future with you~
G: Takako, you like that kinda music?
T: Ewww!
N: Uu..
Man: Tch! That disgusting voice woke me up from a pretty good nap....
N: Uuu...
N: Why won't the music I actually want to make be recognized by anyone...?
N: I want to try again as a unit with Saji-kun...I can't stop now!
N: I'll whip some love cream on your cheek!
SFX: Kuuun! (*This is the sound effect for dogs whining in Japanese...as far as I know, there's no english equivalent, so I dunno what to do here..)
SFX: Kuun!
SFX: Kun!
N: I'm Mr. Whip Love Creaaaam!
SFX: Ku-kuuun!
N: Hm?
N: It sounds like someone's clapping or something along to my beat...

SFX: Kuun!
SFX: Kuuuun!
SFX: Kun!
N: Awww....a puppy!!

N: Over here, boy!
N: Do you understand my song?
SFX: Sasah
N: Ah.
D: Kuuuuun.
N: Awww..how cute!
N: Hey, here's a cookie for you! You must be hungry, right?
D: Kuun.
N: Why are you in this park all by yourself? (Lost? Or a stray?)
N: Desite being so small, this dog is just doing its best to survive...
N: You can't give up just because some days turn out bad...
N: It seems happy when I play guitar...does it like my music?
N: Alright, what do you say we sing along together?

N: Wake up in the morning, and there you are~ Baking some cheese taaarrts!
D: Kuun!
D: Kuun!
N: Hehe, it's pretty good at harmonizing!
D: Kuun!
N: Sweet baby, that's you~! My sweet sweet lover!
D: Kuu, kuuun!
N: The dog made me feel better,
N: So as a way to thank it, I named it "Merci."
D: Kuun~
N: Sorry, Merci! My apartment doesn't allow pets...
N: Tomorrow I'll come here again after the DMC concert, so just wait, okay?
N: Goodnight!!
: Kuuun!
C: Woahh, here it is! Krauzer-san's Zodiac Massacre!!

K: GROTESQUE! Twelve-sign destruction!!
K: GROTESQUE! Blood jet spray!
K: First is the RABBIT!!
K: GROTESQUE! Sliced-up rabbit ears!!
C: Ugyaa! He got the rabbit! That's my Zodiac sign!!
C: Guwahhh! I wonder if my Dragon's gonna be next!?
C: Bathe in the blood shower!
K: Hahaha!! All animals of the zodiac will become my sacrifices!!
C: Woahh, that's the Dog, my sign!!
K: Dog!!

K: Be happy with this, you fuckin' dog!!
C: Woo, we're dogs, he saved us!!
N: Merci...
C: Woahhh, Krauzer-san's making the dog give him fellatio!!
C: It must be a bitch!!
K: GROTESQUE! My pet dog is a bitch!
K: GROTESQUE! Flying pieces of flesh!
K: GROTESQUE! Zodiac destruction!!
N: Merci...

N: Hehe! Come on!
N: I'm so glad it's still here!
N: I brought you a lot of food today!
N: Merci, I'm sorry...today the President's made me do some weird performance...
N: I came here quickly, so there might still be blood on me..
SFX: Suh
SFX: lick lick
N: Kyahh!
N: Thanks Merci! You really understand everything, don't you..
N: And, so, with our heart-to-heart connection, we met every day like this..
N: Okay, Merci-chan!!
N: Today I'm going to tell you a secret no one else knows!!
N: I already told her I'm in a band...
N: But I haven't told her that I'm Krauzer II of DMC...
N: I want her to know everything about me...
D: Kuun
N: Alright! Don't laugh, now!!
SFX: Kurun

K: EH!?
K: What's wrong, Merci?! It's me! Some call me a Demon King, but..it's me, SOu-kun!!
K: Don't be afraid! Here, come on!
K: Owww!!
K: You bit me..you bit me!!
D: Woof!
D: Woof!
D: Woof!
K: You bit me, who is called a Demon King....even though I've hurt others, I've never been hurt myself...
K: You unworthy dog!! So be it, I'll leave you out here to die of hunger!
D: Woof!
D: Woof!

N: Even though we became such good friends, the minute I change my appearance she bit me...
N: I don't want to see Merci again...she breached our friendship!!
W: Hey, it's raining pretty hard out there!
N: Keh, pig!
W: I hear that I typhoon might come through here tonight. (The wind out there's crazy!)
K: Eh?
C: Krauzer-san!
K: I was born to be a killing machine!
N: What will happen to Merci if a typhoon really does come tonight!?
K: The minute I was born, I killed the midwife!!
K: The father I suddenly murdered screams out!!
N: Can she really fend for herself with that tiny body...?
N: No!! She breached our friendship! Whatever happens is none of my concern!
D: Gyan!
C: Hey, Krauzer-san stopped all of a sudden....
C: What's going on...
N: It's none of my concern...
W: Hey, what are you doing, Negishi...
N: Uuu....

N: Merci!!
SFX: Pyon
C: Ehh?!
K: I just remembered that I had something to do in Hell...
C: Uwahh!!
C: Where are you going, Krauzer-san?!
C: It's the middle of a concert!
K: I'll finish later!
N: Wait for me, I'll be there to help you soon!
N: Merci, I hope you're safe!!
F: Krauzer-san, where are you running to?!
N: There's no one who wouldn't be frightened seeing this appearance for the very first time!!
K: There's an entrance to Hell...in the park near Nakano Hall!
C: Nakano?!
N: I can't believe I called Merci an unworthy dog!!
F: Hey, someone call a taxi and head over to the spot!!
C: Got it!
N: I'm the worst!! That's something one should never say!
N: I can't let it end this way!
C: Ahh!
C: Krauzer-san fell down!!

C: Krauzer-sa...
F: Idiot, don't touch him! That's even more dangerous!!
N: Merci...
N: If I can meet you again in that park...
N: Here's the toilet!
N: Here, we can sleep together now...
N: Let's go for a walk!
N: I promise we'll live together in a new home!!
C: Woahh, Krauzer-san started running again!
C: I can't believe it!
N: I want to be together with Merci!!
C: He's a stamina demon!
N: Forever...
C: Krauzer-san's dragging his legs!
C: How can he run like that?!
C: Geez, it's been an hour since we got here...
C: Where are they.....
C: Could Krauzer-san have...given up?
C: Hey, watch what you say, bastard! Some might take that as sacrilege!
C: Shut up, I believe in him more than you do!
C: Dumbass!
C: Hey you guys, shut up!

C: Listen!
C: This sound is...
C: Ahh...
C: It really is...
C: Krauzer-saaaaan!!!

C: Yeah! Awesome!!
C: You made it!!
C: Krauzer-san, thank you!!
N: Merci!!
C: Huh? Where are you going, Krauzer-san?!
C: Oh yeah! His journey's not over yet!!
D: Kyuun
D: Kyuun
N: There she is!
K: Merci...
K: Y..you're alright! Come on, let's go home together!
C: Ohh, he started chanting something!
N: Eh?

K: Auuuh!!
C: Woahhh, Krauzer-san's making a dog give him fellatio!!
K: Owwwowowow!! Let go, Merci!
K: I ran all the way here just for you!!
C: He ran all the way here just for this!!
N: Uuu...
N: No more...please...
C: What sexual cravings he has!!
C: And so bizarre!!
N: It's just a dog...
N: It's just a dog...
C: Ahh, the dog's running away!
N: Ahh, Merci!
C: Krauzer-san came! He's thanking it in French!!
N: And so, Krauzer II..
N: ...gained a new hatred for canines.
C: He ate a fuckin' dog!!
K: I'm going to kill off every dog!!
W: Insane...
C: He got tired of fellatio!


A word of thanks to say after you come in French. When it really feels good, you should say: "merci beaucoup." (Kinda like "thank you very much.") With such an everyday usage of the word "merci," France truly is the country of amore (love).

[Usage Example] Hey, hey, I'm not even close to merci yet!! You're doing it wrong!

Have you shown your appreciation today? Click the thanks button or write your appreciation below!

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