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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 30

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 30

N: Followers of a band that are said to have certain special intimate relationships with the members...
K: Dripping meaty inflamed liquid! Out comes a newborn demon child!
K: Here I come, from the DeathVagina to the world!!
N: Female fans are often called such.
K: Hey all you bitch pigs! Want me to rape you and kill you?! Want me to kill you and rape you?!
P: Hmm...
P: This trip to Sendai was definitely a great idea! It's really getting me wet... (*City north of Tokyo)
K: Bear me a demon child, and you'll become my sacrifice!!
N: Of course, there are DMC fans who can be considered groupies...

C: Krauzer-san, make me your sacrifice! I want a demon child!
C: Rape me and kill me! Rape me and kill me, pleaaase!!
C: Rip through my ass!
C: I...I...I wanna be killed then raped...
K: Come on up to me! I'll rape you as much as you want!!
Dressing Room
Come on in!
We wanna kill ya!

N: Uuu...
N: I said some pretty terrible things to the women in the crowd today...
N: If Aikawa-san saw me then, what would she say...
W: Ah, President!!
P: That was the best, you three!! FUCK!!!
P: Here's the key to the hotel room! Go on and get some well-earned rest tonight!
W: Thank you very muuuch!
N: Tommorow, once we get back to Tokyo, I'll have to ask Aikawa-san out to dinner...
N: It's been a's about time I tell her my feelings...
P: HEY, Negishi!! You haven't killed a single "DeathVagina" yet, have you, punk?!
W: Th...thanks for all your hard work!
N: Eh?!
P: You haven't seen a real vagina before, have you?
N: Ah...
N: You've never even hugged a real woman before, huh?

N: That's kinda a private question, isn't it...?
N: Kyahh!!
P: You gotta eat a woman or two tonight and get your tastebuds fready for SATANIC EMPEROR!!
N: Agaga...
P: Here, take the hotel key!! (I signed it out as Krauzer, anyway!)
N: I'm finally alone...
N: This seems like a really high-class room...
N: Haa..I'm really tired. I'm going to take a shower quick and hop into bed...
S: They said this is the hotel Krauzer-san was staying at...

W: Tonight, one of us shall be chosen as the sacrifice....
W: finally becoming Krauzer-san's!
Bellhop: Welcome.
W: After the concert, this key was passed to us from the servants...
W: Eh, this is...!
W: Usually after concerts, Krauzer-san always disappears without a trace...but now, finally, the day has come!!
W: Fufu...tonight Krauzer-san's definitely going to pick me!
W: Shut up, you ugly bitch!
W: He was looking at me the whole concert!
W: He'll rape and kill me for sure, I'll show you all!!
N: Haaa...
N: I can't believe the President said those things to me...there's no way I could have sex with someone I don't have a crush on!!
N: I can't think of anyone else but Aikawa-san right now...

W: Krauzer-san!
W: Your sacrifices have arrived!
W: Huh....he isn't here.
W: Ahhh, look, that's Krauzer-san's Supreme Beast Armor!!
W: It's dangerous to touch!!
W: Ahh!
W: It sounds like the shower's on in the bathroom!!
N: Hm? I thought I heard some voices...
W: Inside here, there's an armorless Krauzer-san..
W: Let's take a peek!
W: I wonder what kind of body he has...
W: Ahh!!
W: That's...

W: That's Krauzer-san's DeathPenis!!
N: Ehh!?
Box: [Fan's Imagination II] (*#1 was in Chapter 15)
W: It's soo huuuuge!!
N: Why are there fans in here...?!
W: moved!!
W: Incredible! It's so hard and pulsating!
W: Krauzer-san, tear right through me! Tear me in half!!
N: The...the President! The President must have told them!!
K: I...I'm in the shower right now, please excuse me..
K: G..go outside and wait!
N:'re the worst, President!!
W: We're sorry!!
W: We'll get prepared in the bedroom!

N: I've got to get out of here!!
N: At this rate I'll end up just how the President wants me to!!
N: But I still have Aikawa-san!!
N: Ohh, shit! My bodysuit's outside!!
W: Quick, quick...
W: Krauzer-saaaaan...
W: Fuck me like a pig...
W: Mmmph...
W: Mmmph... (*What the fuck is she doing to that wall?)
W(on floor): Aan...
W: An...
W: An...
W: An...
W: Aaan...
W(on bed): I want to be in agony...
W: Quick...
W: Mutilate my ass!
W: (On floor, 4 times) Aaan..
W(at wall): Mmph..
W(on bed): I want to die..I want to die..
SFX: Kacha
SFX: Petan
W: Ahh!
W: Krauzer-san!

K: There doesn't seem to be a worthy sacrifice among any of you that I find particularly enticing tonight...
K: You're all free to leave!
N: Alright, now get out of here!
N: I hate vulgar girls like you!!
W: But....
B: But who will sacrifice us then?!
W: Please, I beg you!! I'll do anything, just please violently murder me!!
W: Blood, I have blood, Krauzer-san....
W: I want to die...I want to die...
N: Kuh!!
N: If I choose someone else as the sacrifice, they'll have no choice but to give up!
K: Tonight's sacrifice has already been chosen!!

K: Tonight's sacrifice will be...that telephone!!
N: Ah! It's broken...
W: Everything that is not one of your devoted bitch pigs has been destroyed, Krauzer-san!!
K: The chair...
N: They put stuff on it!?
N: The wine fridge...
N: They pulled the plug!!
W: Krauzer-san, I'm begging you...please, choose me...
W: I've waited years...
W: Please, please, Krauzer-san..
N: This is this rate, they're going to...crap..!!
W: Come, Krauzer-san...
W: I want you!
W: Rape and kill us!
W: Please mutilate me!
N: there anything left?
N: Ah!
N: That's it!!
K: Tonight's sacrifice will be this!!

K: How dare you be unprepared, you damned fresh air?!?!
W: Ehh?!
W: Krauzer-san started fucking the air!!
W: This is tonight's sacrifice...
W: No way, this is...
W: Air Rape?!
K: Yeah, yeah!! You're always giving off that transparent aura...
K: How about it? Can ya feel it?!
W: Uwahhh!! Even the air is a target of sex to Krauzer-san!!

N: Wah!
N: Oh no!
W: Eh?!
W: He fell down!?
K: Hahahahaa!! So you want to ride on top and show me your true passion, huh?!
W: Ahhhh, the air's riding Krauzer-san!! (He's even feeling the air's breasts!)
W: It even feels like the air's changed a bit!
W: The composition of the atmosphere must be changing!!
W: Now it's doggy-style!!
W: So the carbon dioxide Krauzer-san's been raping in the air must have become...
W: Krauzer (Oyxgen)-san-based particles!!
Diagram: Carbon Dioxide Rape
CO2 + Ra ->
Krauzer-san(Oxygen) Particles

W: Do you all remember the mnemonic saying we had to memorize in order to learn the Periodic Table of Elements back in junior high?!
W: "SuiHEi LIBE: BoCuNOFuNE, NAniMonGALu: SIPSCLAR.." (translation: Sailor Libe: On my ship, it says something: Sipsclar.." *I guess this is some weird saying made to help people remeber the elements. Remember that C/Ks and L/Rs are interchangable in Japanese, so it may look a little weird. Well, even without that, it still looks weird. this whole thing's weird, just wait for the next page)


K: I'll attack you from the back!! Open your ass wide!!
W: Amazing!!
W: Suddenly it all makes sense!!
W: Alright, we've gotta give Krauzer-san more carbon dioxide so he can continue raping!!
W: Blow in air!!
SFX: Suka suka
K: Wah!!
W: Krauzer-san, where are you going?!
W: Eh?
W: Krauzer-san, did you come?

W: The air is going to bed with Krauzer-san!!
W: It's trying to cuddle with him in bed!
W: Is that bitch pig air trying to show off to us?!
W: the air really did become Krauzer-san's sacrifice...
W: Gugi...
W: Doesn't the air know it'll soon get thrown away?!
W: Uuu.....
W: He didn't like us after all....
W: Krauzer-san, please excuse us!!
W: Call us again whenever you wish!
N: And so, Negishi protected his chastity...
N: Hoh...
N: The Next Day
C: Breathe in that air! Can't you feel the CR2 flowing through it?!
C: Ahh, this air tastes great!
C: A...are you for real?!
C: Duude, that cloud up there is an image of Krauzer-san cumming in someone's eye!!
C: Woahh, no way!
N: Yet another legend was born.

[TRACK 30 - END]


A list where the main two rows of elements are lined up. The mnemonic is then created from the elements according to their sounds in the alphabet. The [The sailor Libe...] method is the most common, but there are many other variations that exist. Libe, in German, means "To Love." Going to such extent to use a German word certainly begs some recognition.

[Usage Example] They keep messing up the mnemonic. Seriously, high-school girls today just can't keep their periods in order, can they? (Heh-heh!)

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