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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 31

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 31

N: At last, the day to prepare for SATANIC EMPEROR has arrived...

Your presence is requested at the festival of demons screaming out in despair...SATANIC EMPEROR! This month, under the full moon, on a hidden stage in a dense forest in Fuji, we shall be waiting for you.

P: Got it, you bastards?! The time for battle has begun!!
P: Tommorow evening, we're gonna meet up here and then head up to Yamanashi! (*prefecture in Japan) If anyone's late, I'm gonna kill 'em!
W: Yes ma'am!!
N: The day to head to war soon arrived...
N: But I made a promise with Aikawa-san..
N: So the day has finally come. In the end, there really was nothing I could do...
N: I don't even know if I'll come home alive...
N: I'm going to spend these last peaceful moments I have tonight with Aikawa-san...
A: Heey, Negishi-kun!
N: Yes, today, I will...

A: Over here, over here!
N: Have my last fashionable moment here at the flea market with Aikawa-san!!

N: Ahh..Aikawa-san looks so cute today.
N: Thanks for waiting!
A: We saved a spot for you here behind these clothes!
N: Oh, thanks!
A: This is my friend Saki-chan and her boyfriend!
N: Hello!
S: Long time no see! (From the group date)
T: I'm the boyfriend, Tanaka!
N: Ahhh, today, after this fun day a the flea market with friends...
N: The only road left for me is that of death metal...
A: Negishi-kun, what's wrong? Today, you don't seem too well...
N: Eh...
N:, I'm fine! I'm just a little tired.
A: Oh.
N: I wonder if I should even be here...
S: Welcome!
G: Ahh, aren't these clothes cute?

G: I'd like to buy one! How much are they?
N: Oh, 500 yen. Go ahead. (*About $4.50)
N: Huh?
G: How cheap!
G: That one please!
G(Low): These clothes are nice!
Negishi: Here's 200 yen in change.
N: My clothes keep getting sold...
A: Thank you very much!
G: That one please!
T: Negishi-kun, you're amazing! I haven't sold a single piece of clothing yet!!
S: You really have a lot of nice clothes!!
A: You're pretty good at setting prices, too.
N: Ehh?!
N: That's not true...
SFX: Dehe Dehehe~
N: So the God of Fashion hasn't deserted me yet...
N: Okay! Let's put on some music and attract customers!
N: I brought a Kahimi CD!
A: Wah, nice idea!
A: Negihi-kun, how much should I sell this for?
S: And this!
T: And my hat!
N: Heheh! I guess I could make a pretty good living in this world, too...

N: Alright! Today we'll found our own International Fashion Union!!
S: Ahaha, what's that?
T: Sounds great!
N: The International Fashion Union (IFU) has been established in order to spread peace and fashion around the world!!
White box: Objectives
* Fashionable Achievements
* Fashion Maintainment
* Fashionable Protection
* Fashionable Cooperation
T: I get it! If everyone in the world became fashionable, peace would be everywhere!
T: Director!!
N: Tahaha! You made me Director already? (Well, well...)
A: Ahaha! This is funny, Negishi-kun!
S: I want to be Vice-Director!!
T: Hey, that's not fair!
N: OK, time to start our Flea Market meeting!
T: Well then, how much should I sell this necktie for?
N: Oh, that's a cute tie...
N: I might want to buy that...
T: That's our Director...he just CRAVES fashion!
Black text: -Fashionable Meeting-

N: Ahh..
G: This one please!
G: This store is so cute!
G: How cheap!
N: This is so fun..
Kid: I want this one!
N: Like we're the heart of fashion...
All: Thank you very much!
N: Like the seeds of fashion are falling all around us...
N: I finally found it, my IFU...
N: You're the best members ever!
A: Us four could almost start a shop together!
N: The place where I should be!
N: A shop with these members, huh? And it's almost like we're two couples.. (Aikawa-san and I have yet to get together, though..)
N: Fufufu!
A: We really sold a lot!
S: Let's go get some lunch!
?: Ah! You're Yuri..
A: Eh?

Y: ...aren't you?
A: Yuutarou-kun!
N: Who's this guy..
N: I'm kinda...
Y: I haven't seen you since the first year of've ya been?
Y: Good?
N: I'm kinda getting a weird feeling...
Y: Yeah, I've been fine! You look great, Yuutarou-kun!
A: The way Aikawa-san's acting...could it be...

N: This is Yuri's ex-boyfriend, Seki Yuutarou-kun!?
T: Hi, I'm Tanaka!
Y: Saki-chan, long time no see!
N: So it is Aikawa-san's ex-boyfriend...I've never thought about him before...or maybe I've just purposefully not thought about him...
N: This is bad..please hurry up and leave...
S: Seki-kun, if you'd like, come and join our "Fashion Union!" (If you join now, you'll get to eat lunch with us!)
Y: Huh? Fashion?
N: EHH?!
N:, um..there can only be four leaders at a time in the union, otherwise...
S: Here, come on!
N: Uuu...
N: This is horrible!!
Y: Sure, maybe for a bit.
S: Here, sit over there!
N: Right when I created my true place to be...the #1 person I didn't want to see comes!!

Y: Ah, Yuri, you used to wear this shirt all the time..
N: Is that so?!
A: Oh, you have a good memory.
N: Umm, we lined these up in a special order, so please don't touch them...
N: That's a fashion error, you know..
Y: Oh, I'm sorry.
S: Alright, lunch!
N: Uuu...don't talk about the Aikawa-san I don't know...
T: Eat up, Director!
Y: You know, one time, I made Yuri a boxed lunch!
N: This isn't your place to be, you know!!
A: Ah, when I had a game with the soccer club, right?
S: I helped you out then!
N: Uu....I need to chase this guy out of here as fast as possible...
Y: Hey, you know, I started eating green peppers now.
N: If this guy brings anything unfashionable in here...

big black letters: IFU
White box: RULE #0480
Unfashionable Things Are:
* Not to be possessed
* Not to be made
* Not to be brought in

N: It'll give me the right to kick him out of the IFU!!
N: Hm.
N: That's...

N: A metal CD (weapon of mass destruction)!
N: If I can point this out, his expulsion will be sealed!
N: And here is the evidence we found of his WMDs.
Y: Uu...
T: Eww, you actually listen to this stuff?
A: Not fashionable at all!
S: We must remove him!
N: Hey, can I listen to this CD you have here...?
N: It's an IFU inspection...
Y: eh?
Y: That was some cheap CD they were selling over there. (My big brother likes that stuff, so..)
N: Everyone, this man brought in this CD!!
N: This WMD he willfully brought in...
T: Eh?
A: What CD is it?
N: I now present to everyone in the IFU...

N: punishment!!
N: According to Rule #0480 of the IFU, all those who enjoy and listen to this music are to be removed from the IFU!
A: Eh, Yuutarou-kun, have you always liked this kind of music...
A: Isn't this metal? I'm not really familiar with it...
S: Seji-kun, you really own this kinda stuff?
S: It's ruining the atmosphere..isn't the volume up a bit high?
T: It's bothering the store next to us, too...
Y: Sorry, my big bro likes this kinda stuff...
A: Oh, is that so...
A: Negishi-kun, can you turn it off? It's his big brother's CD!

A: Eh?
T: D..director...

N: Now what, you metalhead (ex-boyfriend)?
N: It's time for you to remove your unfashionable self from the premises!
N: Your WMD is loud enough for all to hear!!
N: This 100% pure heavy metal music!!
N: What are all these pig-faced fools staring at?
A: Ne...Negishi-kun...
Y: What's he doing?
N: Who gives a fuck about the flea market! Who gives a fuck about the IFU!
T: Ji-ji...
N: You're all a disgrace to metal!!
N: None of you can understand the true power of a metal performance...
T: Direc...
SFX: Gurun gurun
A: Negishi-kun, you're putting the tie on wrong...
N: This ridiculous group...

N: I'm removing myself!!
T: What's he doing?!
A: Negishi-kun, I know you really love that tie,'ll hurt yourself if you put it on that way!
A: Negishi-ku...
G: Kyaa, what is that?!
G: Kyaa!
G: Disgusting!
G: It's a monster!
G: Eww!!
A: Negishi-kun was that tired...


Y: Ohh!
W: He's not picking up...
N: M..more, please..
P: What's that Negishi bastard doing?!
P: He better not have run away! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUCCK!
P: Tch! Let's head to the parking lot.
P: If he isn't there, we'll go to kill him!!
W: Negishi, please come..
G: What's that gathering for?
G: Hmm..
N: Don't get out there!
W: Ah!
W: B...boss...
W: There's something inside that car...
P: Yeah...

P: N...Negishi's...
P: ...dead body is inside the car!!
P: Fuckin' A!! So you just couldn't wait to go to Hell!?
W: Hey, Negishi, are you OK?
N: Ahh!
P: Hyaahahahaha!!
N: Shit!! I got too excited and starting choking myself!!
N: And so, the DMC members got together...
N: and headed to SATANIC EMPEROR.
N: I'm sorry, Aikawa-san...farewell...

[TRACK 31 - END]

An organization devoted to peace and fashion. There are four country representatives involved. As of late topics have included the long "Metaller" hair problem, the "Akiba-Style" Bandanna problem (*As in, Akihabara). They are rumored to be heavily acting against these problems, but the local backlash has been severe.

[Usage Example] If the rule banning the placement of toothpicks in one's mouth after eating is not lifted, I am prepared to remove myself from the IFU!

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