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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 33

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 33

N: The SATANIC EMPEROR festival utilizes three stages:
N: On the east side, the "MURDER'S STAGE,"
N: and on the west side, the "DARKNESS STAGE."
N: Then, finally, the stage in the center where both bands will have their final battle:
C: Here they come! Poison on the Murder's Stage!!
C: Yeah!! DMC's on the Darkness Stage!
SFX: Gya gya gya gya
C: Woahhh, listen to that shredding!!

C: It's France's Poison!!
C: He's riding Napoleon! What amazing pig utilization!!

C: Uwahh, it's their first track, "Esclave!" (*Means Slave in French. Note: there's a french band called Manigance who has a song titled this on their 2006 album...this band might be inspired by them, so check 'em out!)
P: This world is infected with my evil poison!
P: Devote your bodies to me! Bring to me SEX!!
C: Aldo!!
C: Aldo!! Shred me!!
C: The French words in their slash metal is brimming with poison!
C: DMC doesn't even come close to them!!
Ke: Poison got into a lot of trouble France by starting a sex slave group with their fans...they truly are the lustful sadist band...
P: Hoo! These Japanese fans are really getting into it!!
Nap: Uee
Nap: Uee
Nap: Uee
P: DMC!! You may hold the title of Emperor here, but we'll show you how much bigger the rest of the world is than you!
C: They have a pig with them, just like DMC...
C: Even though he's riding the pig, he's shredding like crazy..
C: Th...this guy...he's abusing like pig as much as Krauzer-san does...
C: DMC still hasn't come onto the Darkness Stage yet!
C: Poison's fans are totally outta control!
C: Hey...look at the Battle Stage!!
C: Ahh!!

C: There they are! DMC!!
Na: Oohhh
Na: Oh, ohhh
Na: Ohhh
C: It's the "DMC Person-Letters from Hell!"
C: No matter how you look at it, Krauzer-san's body doesn't look like an M...
Na: Oh oh
Na: Ohhhhh
Na: Ohh
C: What could this mean?
C: Did they mess up...
C: Y...you idiot!! Look closely!
C: Think about why Krauzer-san is riding that pig up there!
C: Ahh!!
C: The M-Man! It's the M-Man's M!!
C: We figured iut out!!
C: Krauzer-san will never lose at pig abuse!!
C: The "DMC Person-Letters from Hell" are pretty deep!!

N: Those French bastards insulted by pig...
Na: Ohh...
K: You disgusting, ugly pig! Stop getting your snot all over my fingers!!
Na: Oooohhmm...
N: A pig's quality isn't about their beauty or high-class upbringing!!
C: Ahh, DMC appeared on the Battle Stage all of a sudden!
C: They're staring at this stage!!
K: Stop with your pathetic little performance! If you're a true musician, let's fight pig to pig!!
Na: Ohh!!
K: I'll teach you the true beauty of pigs!!
C: Ohhh, Krauzer-san just challenged Poison!!
C: They're about to go to war!!
C: Musicians shouldn't be putting on performances!!
C: What's Poison gonna do?!
P: Hmph!
C: Are they going to run away and keep performing?

C: Ohh, here comes Aldo!!
C: He's riding beautifully on Napoleon!!
C: Ahh, Krauzer-san's standing on the defensive with his pig!!
C: It's begun! DMC and Poison's "Shredding Competition!!"
SFX: Kyo kyo kyo myu myu
C: Neither one of them is missing a single stroke off this slash beat!!
C: Ahh!! Below them, their pigs are having a moaning competition!
The bold bubbles: Ohh
The lighter bubbles: Ouii
C: Could it be a tie?!

K: Tch! We won't settle anything this way!!
Na: Ouuunn!!
C: Eh?!
C: What is Krauzer-san ...
P: Hmph! Certainly, this way we'll quickly find out who's the faster one...
W: Hey, what are you doing, Negishi? The song's...
C: They're going to race...
C: I...I know it's Krauzer-san and all, but this is just too reckless...
C: What?!
C: Why?

C: Japan's pigs are known around the world to be losers!!
C: The Arch of Triumph Prize once decided the best pig in the world...
C: Many pigs from Japan entered, but not one of them had a chance of victory...
C: All of Japan put their bets onto the Deev-In-Ando duo, who only made it out with a 3rd-place prize...
C: After that, the Europeans stole all the glory...
C: No!! This Pig of Capitalism is in a completely different league!!
C: Not only that, his rider is Krauzer-san!!
C: Ahh, but look!

C: Napoleon's getting farther ahead!
C: He's three pig lengths in the lead!
C: Hey, look at Aldo!
C: He's even drinking special custom French-made Poison wine!!
C: Not only that, but he's calm enough not to have let a single drop fall out of the fglass!
C: What a pig abuser!!
C: Ohhh, they're coming up on the Darkness Stage! They're going to have to turn around soon!!
C: At this rate, he's only going to fall farther being Napoleon!!
P: Hmph!! Acknowledge your failure!
C: Uwahh!! Napoleon is blocking the Pig of Capitalism's path!!

Little bubbles: Ohh
Poison's sfx: Basha
Crowd: Uwahhh, it's the Marseilles Roulette!! (France got beat at their own game!!)
C: Yeahhh, now they're ahead of Napoleon!!
N: That moment's performance dealt Poison's side an attack they had never received before...
N: Nuu!!
C: They didn't know how to attack or fight back...
C: Krauzer-san's really the best jockey!!
C: We won the race!!
C: Since it was apparent that the pig's stamina and technique were beyond all reason...
C: However, at that moment--

C: That middle-aged body reached its true limits!!
Na: Ohh
Na: Ohh
A: Alle! Alle!
C: Ahhh, they took the lead again!!
C: What the hell is that shitty pig too?!
C: It's just an old man!
C: It's done for!
C: Not even Krauzer-san's technique can save it!
C: That badly's just too fat!
C: It's disgusting to watch! Give up already!!
C: You're embarassing Japan!
K: Muh!
N: He's..
C: You're nothing, gramps!!

C: He's being abused!!
Na: Ohh
Na: Ohh
Na: Ohh
K: Hahaha!! The true soul of the M-Man is coming out!!
C: Krauzer-san's laughing!
C: He still hasn't given up!!
K: You fucking pig!! What would your son, about to enter junior high, say if he saw you like this?!
Box: Every vehicle has a certain peculiarity about it...
K: Restructure your company!! Throw away your wife!! Your role in society is disgusting, pig!!
K: Here, shout out the name of your son!
C: Krauzer-san's really mentally attacking him!!
C: He's a sadist among sadists!!
Box: Victorious riders (S-Men) must always learn to exploit those peculiarities to their maximum potential...
Box: In the final stage of the rice, that M-Man rose to his boiling point...

Na: Y...you're a dirty boy, Krauther-than...
Na: A dirty boy!
N: The balloon within, now filled with so much air, finally popped...
C: Woahh, the pig's coming back!!
C: Krauzer-san's holding on!! He's holding on!!
C: Five meters left to the goal...
C: Ahh, there comes the whip!!
C: Yeahhh!!
SFX: Pah pah pah
C: SPANKING FURINKATON!! (*See Chapter 13)
P: Hm?

C: He's flying!?

C: He blew right through the goal!!
C: He won!!
C: This is the beauty of pigs that can't be seen in photographs!!
C: Japan's pigs are the best in the world!!
C: You rock, pig!!
Ke: Hmph! To think DMC would come up with such an amazing performance so soon...
P: Shit, we lost...
P: You failure..
Nap: Mathter, ith all my faurt..
Nap: My running wath too throw...
Na: That'th not true! You ran wonderhurry!
Nap: I wath born into a nobur pig family...
Nap: I could never become such a wird pig rike you...

C: Woahh, despite being pigs, they're both praising each other!!
C: What a great scene! (For pigs, that is!)
SFX: oink, oink, oink
C: I can't tell what they're saying!!
C: With a gagball, their dialogue surpasses political boundaries!!
P: Come, let's go home, Napoleon!
P: Let's drink some wine and feel better..
Nap: Ouii...mushuu..
K: Sounds good to me!
K: I'll make all three of you into my own French wine right here!!
Black bubblers: Ohh
Light bubbles: Oui
N: And so, the battle...
C: There it is in! Krauzer-san's "Pasteurization from Hell!"
C: Humans are just grapes to Krauzer-san!
C: Hurry up and drink it!
C: I can't wait till the lift the ban next year on Krauzer-san's noveau!!
Black text in to pleft: ...between DMC and Poison came to an end.


A russian pig race held in France, in order to find the greatest M-Man (pig) in the world. In the history of Japan's S&M scene, the only one to place in the tournament has been the Deep-In-Andou duo. Andou, a business executive of a large company pent-up with stress, continued the S&M lifestyle after the race and eventually ended up marrying a dominamatrix. More activity from this popular man is anxiously awaited.

[Usage Example] You want the whip that bad? A pig as ugly and dirty as you would be kicked out of the Arch of Triumph Prize race!!

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