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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 36

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 36

J: Negishi, what the hell are you doing?!
J: That performance we just did was a huge mess!!
N: Uuu...
N: It's not like I was trying to neglect my duties or anything...
N: Those Dezumu (*this is the confirmed spelling from a t-shirt in a later chapter) guys just took a really long time in the bathroom!
N: Man...the last time I pooped my pants was in elementary school...(Gotta dry these quick)
J: Although, I should say that Nishida and I still dominated on our own.
J: I just wish you could've heard that rendition of L'arc I did!
C: Hmph. 'Twas a no-brainer.
J: Oh, looks like Dezumu has started.
J: We have some time until our next gig, so I'm gonna take off my makeup and go watch.
K: Ehhh?

C: "Greedily Saving Up a Big One!"
D: Shit, shit, shit, I'm gonna make you eat my shit!
D: Then you'll be eating my shit!
D: And then I'll make you eat some more shit! Shit shit shit!

D: Time for you bastards to eat my shit too~!
C: He's shooting his fecal matter on us with a vacuum!
C: Relax! Surely it's just muddy water!
C: Spray some more!
K: Dezumu truly do put on masterful performances...
K: They're pushing ahead with their own type of metal...
K: Throughout its long history, metal has undergone so many changes.
Black text: Since it was introduced to the world in the 70s, metal has achieved varying transformations thanks to a wide group of musicians.
Box under NWOBHM: "Thrash Metal"
Black text 2: Eventually, thrash metal was established.
C: Woahhh, Togashi's taking off his pants!
C: He's about to do THAT!
K: And then, born from the ferocity of thrash metal
Box 1: Thrash Metal
Box 2: Death Metal
K: was death metal...
K: And now, Dezumu has further evolved death metal...
Box: Death Metal
K: ending up with...

K: their scatolo-metal!!
C(bottom right): Tsuyoshi is concentrating on the guitar!
D: Shit, shit, shit, eat my shit!
C: Dezumu isn't scared of anything!
C(big one): HERE IT IS! Dezumu's "Death God Bowel Movement"~!!
C: Will it come out, will it come out?!
D: Tch!
C: It didn't come out today either!
C: He needs to eat more fiber!
C: Ahh, it didn't come out! So Togashi really is constipated!
C: When will he let it out?!
J: Ohhh, what an incredible performance!
J: Dezumu is clearly taking things to a new level here.
N: Uuu...
N: I can't take thi anymore...what's good about that band...?
N: And what am I doing in a place like this...
N: Ahhh, listening to music like this 24/7 is gonna make me go crazy..
N: Good thing I brought some music I really like to listen to and refresh myself...

N: Ahh, Flipper's Guitar really is the best!
N: The utter shock I felt when I first listened to this song in Oita's Rhythm Records
N: Amazing! This is the music for me!
N: is what made me start learning guitar.
N: Hm?
G: So, which band at this year's Satanic Emperor are you modelling yourself after?
M: I came here to see Horror Aesthetician, so I'm going to mimic their guitarist, Jerry!
J: Abyaa Bijamiiiii!
C: Woah, that sounds like him!
N: What is this...a cover band event...?
N: They must have planned different types of events to keep the guests from getting bored.

N: Ahhh, what am I doing in a place like this?
C: Do it with the intent to kill!
C: Ora, ora, ora, ora!!
C: Scream, howl!
N: I'm in a world completely different from the music I want to create.
C: That looks just like him! UGAHHHH!
C: In the end, have I ended my career in the very music I believe in...
C: without even starting it in the first place...?
G: OK, that was amazing!
C: Let me go next!
C: Let me mimic Helvete!
G: Who should I pick to do the next performance?
G: Alright!! You there, with the earphones, get up here!!
N: Ehhh?!
N: No, wait, I'm not a fan or anything!
N: You've got it wrong!!

C: You're not excited enough, bastard!!
C: C'mon!!
N: Hiiee!
C: Go on, asshole!!
C: Orrahh!
N: Uuu...what should I do?
C: Hurry up!
G: Hahaha, you can't just be standing quietly like that!
C: Ahhh, what's with this guy?!
C: His face alone pisses me off!
N: Why does stuff like this always happen to me...
C: He's just some average guy, ain't he?!
G: Alright, so which band did you come to Satanic Emperor to see?
N: Eh?!
N: Ah...uh...well, I don't exactly like them, but
N: I'm part of the band, though...
C: What do you mean you don't like them, you little bitch?!
C: Are you trying to commit a sacrilege to Krauser-san?!
N: Hiieh! What you guys are doing is the real sacrilege here...
G: Hahaha!
G: Surprisingly, DMC fans come in all shapes and sizes!

G: Alright, well we have a bunch of equipment back there to use, so do a rockin' DMC copy performance for us!!
N: No way.
N: Can I really continue floating along and living in this kind of word...?
N: This world full of wrongdoings...
N: If I throw away my music here,
C: There's no way an idiot like you could ever sing a DMC song!
C: He's so gross!
C: Let Krauser-san kill him!
N: it's all over for me!!
N: I don't know what it will take,
N: but I want to show all these people the magnifience of true music...
C: Hurry it up, dumbass!!
C: Ya damn gobou-man!
N: If I sing with all I've got,
N: it should definitely move their hearts!!

N: Good evening, I'm Negishi Souichi.
N: I'm going start with my first song now.
N: I'm going to change Satanic Emperor here and now!
N: Little by little.
N: Here we go, Raspberry Kiss!
N: Everyone's been in love at least once, so let's sing together with those feelings!!
N: Little by little, I'll move their hearts...
N: That band on the Darkness Stage,
D: Diarrhea!
A: Hell, come down, come down,
A: Hell!
N: and the band on the Murder Stage too!

N: I will color them all with my music!

C: Uwahhhhh, he dragged two Dezumu fans onto the stage~!
C: He's making his own version of that great Dezumu performance we just saw!
C: The "Death God's Bowel Movement!"
K: I'm gonna paint this Satanic Emperor bullshit blood red with my metal!!
C: Woahh, that guy's acting like Krauser-san~!
C: Amazing!
J: Negishi!!
J: He disappeared all of a sudden so I started looking for him out of worry...
J: But it looks like he's totally ready to rock out again...(What a guy)

N: Ahh! What am I doing?!
N: I already went just a bit ago, there's no way anything would come out!
N: Hyanyaaaaa~
C: Ah, he's running away!
C: Is he constipated too?
K: And so, following the tournament bracket..
C: Ehhhh?! The Lunatic Fang Devil Riders got lost on their motorcyles in a forest and couldn't make it in time~!?
G: We truly apologize.
C: Woahhhhhh! America's "Horror Aesthetician" really is the craziest band here!
C: Make me beautiful too!
K: the winning bands continued forward.
K: It's all going according to plan.

top right: HELVETE
H: You're all getting prettier and prettier!
H: Prettier! Prettier!
Middle: The four remaining bands in Satanic Emperor have been assembleed!
bottom right: DEZUMU
D: I love shit!
D: Shit, shit, shit, I love shit!
J: You should get ready soon.
N: Ahhh, my tights haven't dried at all!
[TRACK 36 - END]


[Oita's Rhythm Records]

A records shop in the heart of Oita City that's been loved by young people for over 35 years. On 2007.3.04, following numerous debts, it was closed. At this point, it was said that Japan's musical history would become 10 years slower than that of overseas...

[Usage Example] Rhythm Records was closed...Oita must be saved! Oita must be saved!! (T/L Note: In truth, these last two lines were used with very country-ish dialect, since Oita is like the boonies of Japan.)

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