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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detroit Metal City 40

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 40

N: Music.
N: It is something that, when heard by humans, can move their hearts and stir up many different feelings within them...
N: However, over time, such feelings can intensify...
C: Woahhhh!
C: Blood, blood, bloooood!
C: Killlll!
N: and in some cases, can even cause madness.
N: Norway's Helvete, using the power of music,
N: is said to have intentionally controlled their fans in order to cause crimes.
N: Yet, in Japan, there exists a band that can be said to have gathered an equal amount of fanatic followers through a sort of bizarre charisma.
N: And now...

N: Those two demons are standing on the same stage!!

C: DMC and Helvete are finally together!!
K: Lovely, lovely way!
K: Can't you see the way! It's a--
C: Krauser-san's finally come out!
C: The time for one demon to eat another has finally come!
K: Ahh, the medley's over already? Too bad!
J: Hang up already!
K: I'm at work right now, so when I get home I'll call you back! Okay, bye!
K: Eh?
K: Wahhh!
A: Byee...
C: Woahhh, look at Helvete go!
C: DMC's no match for them!
K: Hiiee! They cut my cell phone in two!
K: Wh-what the hell's wrong with these people?!

K: Waving an axe toward someone all of a sudden...
K: I don't want to go up against people this scary...
J: Negishi, start playing!
J: Let's do Satsugai!!
K: Kuh! We have no choice?!
K: I'm a terrorist from Hell! Yesterday I raped my mom, tomorrow I'm gonna carve up my dad!
C: Here it is! Murder Helvete!!
K: MU--
N: Hiiieee!
K: Murder...even if there might slightly possibly be the small chance that you could not be able to...murder!
N: Scary...this is scary...
K: But either way, murder! No, don't... (Do, don't, do, do, don't!)
N: They're staring right at me!
C: Woahh, what is this? It's Satsugai "Irritated Version!"
C: Something's different about Krauser-san tonight!

J: Wh-what a performance...
K: There's no way! These guys are too crazy!!
C: Ohhhh! Helvete's metal is the best! Here comes their prophecies!
C: K...
C: Krauser-san!
C: Those DMC guys are being overwhelmed!
H: Weak pigs shaking in fear, feasted upon by the hyenas!

C: Weak pigs shaking in fear...they're talking about DMC!
C: We, the hyenas, must make their blood flow!
C: Let's go!
C: Get on the stage!
F: Ehh?
C: Kill them, kill them!
C: Ugohhhh!
K: Hiiieeee!
K: Waaaait!
C: You idiots! No matter how you look at it, the weak pigs they're talking about are over in that pork soup stand!!
C: Ehhhh?!
C: We, DMC's hyenas, must feast upon it all!
C: Let's go!
C: WHaat?!
C: Wait! We're Helvete's hyenas!!

C: Woahhh, this is some damn good soup!
C: I was getting pretty hungry, too!
G: Why so many customers all of a sudden...?
C: Nice prophecy!!
C: Hurry up and let me eat some too!
C: Helvete really have the best gourmet sensibilities!!
N: Uu...I can't go on like this!
N: If it's prophecies they want, even I can do that!
N: If I don't, I really will be killed...
K: Skinning the impostors from Norway, leaving them nothing but bone!
J: Alright, Negishi's finally doing something!
C: Woahhh, Krauser-san's prophecy!
C: By skinning he must mean taking their costumes off!
C: Let's go!
C: Let's tear them down to the bone!!
C: You idiots!! If he says skinning, he must be talking about Norway's specialty fish, salmon!!
C: Your understanding is far too naive!
C: What?!

C: Look, right over there!
C: Just as he prophesized!
Sign: Norway's Specialty
Cooked Salmon
Guy: Ehhh?!
C: It looks pretty good!
C: Figures, Krauser-san would show up someone with an eye for gourmet with a gourmet of his own!!
C: But which one tastes better?!
C: I knew Krauser-san's cooked salmon would be delicious! (DMC are the true gourmets!)
C: No, the pork soup was better
C: The supreme meal, or the ultimate meal, which will win?!
C: Who's the strongest gourmet?!
C: They used natural oils to make this!
C: I feel bloated, but I need some kind of dessert!
H: Silence, you fools!
C: Ohhh, the next prophecy's starting!
C: What's next on the menu?!
C: Give us some dessert next, please!
C: Mont blanc cake!
C: Shiratama Zenzai! (*rice cakes in red bean soup)
C: Hot coffee!
C: That Ginza thing..it was like a cheesecake with something on top!
H: Now is our chance...

H: With our plan, madness will spread over all the world's music...
C: Plan...
C: Isn't this another prediction...?
H: and Helvete shall lead this world down the path of destruction!
C: Cheesecake...
P: I knew Helvete would have just the thing to make me completely wet...
H: Gaze upon my true form!
K: Eh!?
P: Hah!

K: Th-this guy...
K: He looks just like me...

C: H-hey, I'm pretty sure that's...
C: C-could it be?
C: The Norweigan pop musician...
C: Sharsae...
C: Helvete's vocalist is Syse...
C: Who's that?!
C: Isn't he super-popular right now?!
C: What's going on...
C: There's gotta be a mistake!
C: I don't get it!
N: Now that I think about it, I think Aikawa-san mentioned him to me once!
A: Negishi-kun, has anyone ever told you you look a lot like Syse?
N: Eh? Who's that?
A: Whaaat? Negishi-kun, I think you'd know of him!
A: Right now, he's the most popular artist in the Norweigan pop music scene.
A: I also like him a lot, so I'll have to copy an MD for you!!
K: Wh-why would that guy be in a band like this?
K: That's it!
K: I'll get his autograph and give it to Aikawa-san as a present!!

K: Here, on this battlefield of death, will come the seal of he who has shown his face...or should I say, an autograph-ish thing from Syse will fall down unto my hand!!
C: Woahhh, Krauser-san's prophecy!
C: The one who shown his face -- he's talking about Syse, right?!
C: Hurry up and figure it out!
C: He prophesized that the vocalist's autograph will somehow appear!
C: Woahhh, give me your autograph!
C: Write your autograph, dammit!
C: Hurry up and sign this, idiot!
C: Who should he make it out to, Krauser-san?
K: The recipient's name shall be "AIKAWA!"
S: Allow me to teach you imbeciles the truth about Helvete's plan!

S: Our plan to create a paradise by controlling humans through music:
S: "DEMON GATE 666"...
S: In order to solidify Helvete's position, I stretched my hand into the pop music scene.
C: Syse!
C: We love you!
C: I'm gonna die!!
S: As Syse, I planted the seeds within those who would soon become my soldiers.
S: And now, after revealing my true self as being Syse, without a second thought, they will all devote their lives to serving my cause.
S: The fans we control through music shall be the ones to construct the entrance to the demon world: "DEMON GATE 666"...
S: Helvete, unmask thyselves!
C: H-hey, look...
C: No way!

C: That guitarist is Edvard from the Norweigan punk band "Dud!"
C: The drummer
C: is the prolific hip hop artist Borberg!
C: And the bassist is Gunners, from the mixture rock scene!
C: A-awesome!!
C: So Helvete is really going to control all the music there is!
C: So this is Helvete's true form?!
C: The day when Helvete controls the entire world is near!
S: Followers of Helvete, is it not time...
S: for you to offer up to us everything you have...
C: Wooaaahhhh!
C: Helvete really is a level above DMC!

K: What's the meaning of this?!
K: Even though I want to be a pop musician, I'm stuck in this band...
K: And this guy, who shouldn't even be doing it, is involved in pop music for the worst reason!
K: Not only that, but he's successful!
K: While a single person has yet to acknowledge me!!
K: It's not like I'm jealous...
C: Woah, Krauser-san started playing the guitar!
K: Although I haven't been acknowledged at all...
C: Krauser-san has already been acknowledged as the Emperor of Metal! He's the best!!
K: What's the big deal about Helvete?!
K: He's just some little shit with a kappa wig on!
K: You idiots think you can dethrone the Emperor of Metal?!

K: No matter how I look at you, that stupid face of yours just pisses the hell out of me, you damn gobou man!!
K: I haven't been acknowledged at all!!
K: This isn't an inferiority complex!!


Weak pigs shaking in fear, along with gobou, carrots, potatos, and konnyaku make up this soup. There are an infinite variety of forms it comes in throughout different geographic areas and family recipies. In some districts, it is said that even the bitch pigs themselves end up in the broth.

[Usage Example] Groooss! This isn't just soup, it's PORK soup!

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