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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 41

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 41

N: I came to a college in Tokyo from the small town of Inukai in Oita Prefecture.
N: In my high school in Oita, people often praised me saying "Negishi-kun is fashionable, and has good sense to boot!"
C: Woahhh, Krauser-san's getting serious!
C: His first song is "A Curse Will Fall Unto Youuuuu!"
N: The only boy in Inukai Town with a mushroom haircut...was me.
K: I'll be the one to judge your sins! I'm an emissary from Hell!!
K: Now your ass will be ripped wide open!
N: Even my brother respected me.
N: Eheheh!
B: All the music you recommended to me is great!
N: With that...
C: What amazing energy!
K: A curse will fall unto you!
K: A curse will fall unto you!
N: With that, I should have become a pop musician, just like that bastard!!

K: You fucking gobou!! Those bulging nostrils of yours really piss me off!
K: You're nothing! You're just some damned country bumpkin!! You're only a fashionable poseur!!
K: Those ridiculous straight mushroom like bangs of yours look like nothing but a big fat penis!!
K: And your little brother's an idiot too!!

C: Uwahh, Krauser-san's making such direct attacks toward Syse!
C: It's as if he's known him a long time or something!
C: Syse has no room to counterattack!
C: Shut up! There's no way Helvete would lose to DMC!!
P: This self-torturing performance has me totally soaked...
P: You've completely awakened, Negishi!!
S: This is Helvete's final Prophecy, Verse #666: "DEMON GATE!"
C: Helvete's started playing!
C: The last prophecy, "DEMON GATE" has begun!
C: Let us hear the song that will destroy the world!
C: The world will fall down to Helvete!!

K: Go on!! Go on prattling all you want!!
K: I'll bust right through that Demon Gate of yours!!
S: An everyday boy, touched by the music of Syse echoing through the streets!
B: This song sounds nice!
B: I think it's one of Syse's...
S: First he is charmed by the music, then it entraps his heart!
C: Woahhh, the everyday boy's awakened to Syse's music!
C: He'd never realize that pop music is actually the gateway to Hell!
S: Moved by Syse's speech, the boy becomes intoxicated!
B: It's not just beauty, there's something else.
B: There's something deep and spiritual about this song!
S: And soon, he ends up at the true form of Helvete!
B: This is the band Syse is in,
B: Helvete.
B: Amazing! It seems so far removed from Syse's music, and yet it's connected...
S: Now he has no choice left but to accept Helvete!

S: Soon his brain is eaten away at by demons!
S: His heart is consumed with hatred!
C: Woahhh, what's gonna happen to this boy?!
C: Is he going to transform even further into a demon?
K: However on this day, the boy feels filial piety towards his parents, so he makes them each a rice omelette, taking special care to put a ketchup heart on top!
F: Wow!
K: They end up tasting delicious, and he is praised for it!
C: Woahh, the boy's becoming a good child again!
C: Helvete can't do it after all!
C: Krauser-san ruined their plan!
S: But the boy is truly filled with hatred for his parents, and merely did so as a way to commemorate their last supper!
C: Woahhh, so that was their last supper?!
C: What Krauser said made the plan work!
H: Along with Helvete's music, the full moon rises, and then comes the weapon in hand!

H: All within the Demon Gate!
C: This is Helvete's frightening brainwashing plan!
H: Tonight, offer up your soul and transform into a demon!
C: Ohh, so that's it! The Demon Gate is a gate to the demon world!
H: Once this world passes through the Demon Gate,
H: it shall fall into the palm of our hands!
C: Killing your parents is the way to pass through!
K: But at that moment, he receives a text message from the girl he liked!
C: Ohhh, Krauser-san's broken in again!
K: Everyday he suffers, as his feelings only become stronger!
C: Wh-what kind of song is this?!
C: Stop messing Helvete up!
K: Finally, he goes to confess his feelings to her!
B: Umm...
B: I've always had a crush on you.
G: Ehh...
K: But it's alright, because she says she likes him too!

K: Their first date is at a zoo, complete with wine and fine dining!
B: Rhinos look strong, but they also have gentle eyes, don't they?
B: I love you.
G: I love you too, Nobuo...
G: Yeah, I've never thought they've needed horns...
K: Gradually their relationship blooms, and gradually he opens his heart!
C: Woahhh, how pure!
C: Helvete's prophecy was nothing more than an innocent romance!
H: Throwing away his pride, he thinks of going to a hotel to have sex!
B: Hey, what do you say?
G: No!
B: We're just gonna rest for a bit.
G: Stop it, Nobuo!
H: But the girl denies his lovemaking request!
C: No way! Just leave her alone!
C: Take things slow and have sex with her next time!
C: This is pissing me off, just rape her already!
H: And so he runs off into the dark town, unable to suppress his sexual desire!
B: I wanna fuck...
B: I wanna fuck!
H: Eventually he finds himself -- yes! in Shinjuku!
H: Standing in front of him is the Demon Gate!
B: This is my first time here. What should I do...
C: Ehh? Could it be?!
C: The Demon Gate is--

C: the gate into Kabukichou?! (*T/L Note: Kabukichou is a famous red light district.)
B: I'm goin' in!
C: Hey, if that's all it is, I wanna go through too!
C: What kinda demonic gate is that?!
C: Helvete are just whore-lovin' perverts!
C: What's gonna happen between that boy and his girl?!
H: And so, their once spotless relationship went out of control!
G: What? Nobuo, what's this card?!
B: Ahh! That's--
G: You're the worst!!
C: Uwahhh, she found out!
K: No matter how he apologized, she wouldn't forgive him!
K: Eventually, the time came for them to break up!
C: Whaaat, they broke up?!
C: Can't she understand a man's needs?!
K: Through her days of despair, she eventually came to know the music of DMC!
C: Ohhh, she's gonna start listening to DMC?! What'll happen next?!

C: Woahhh, she got him!
C: Man, what a story!
C: You should get a Naoki Award for this!
C: It made me cry!
C: This is the definitive work of the author Krauser-san, who has expertly captured the painfulness and importance of the dried-up love of modern society!
C: Krauser-san's destroyed the Demon Gate plan!
C: DMC are the true demons!
S: What the hell are you talking about?!
C: Hey, look around!
C: The flames are getting stronger, and they're heading toward the Battle Stage!
C: Can they even continue the concert?!

C: Ahhh, Krauser-san was kicked by Syse!
C: He went flying!
C: Yes! It's an instant comeback!
C: Time for me to skin your monstrous hide!
C: Ohhh, he's going to rip up the stuffed animal!
N: Ehh?
H: You have stood in our way,
H: but it's all over now!

C: Ahhh, he's pulling off Krauser-san's hair!
H: Let's see how you look without that makeup!
N: Wait!
N: This is bad...
N: If my true form is revealed, it's all over!
N: Aikawa-san...
A: Ne-Negishi-kun was really Krauser....
N: Toshi-kun, mother...
T: Woah! Brother was really Krauser-san?!
M: So this is why you haven't come home to Oita...
N: Granpa Shige...
S: Ororo
S: Oro
N: And the DMC fans...
F: Krauser-san's really a gobou man?!
F: You lied to us!
F: Kill him!!
H: Time to show everyone!
N: Oh no!
N: Mmmm!
C: Uuu!
C: Uwahhhhhhhh!

N: I-it's over!

C: K-Krauser-san shapeshifted into Syse~!!
S: What the...
N: Eh?
C: It's said that looking at oneself is that which man fears the most!!
C: It's the doppelganger phenomenon~!
N: Fuhaha! Now, the death penalty of Hell has been invoked on you! This is not the doppelganger, but the Kupperauser phenomenon!
N: That's right! Since our faces look the same...
N: Now that I am in control of your body, I will sentence you to death!
N: I'm safe, I'm safe...
C: Woah, even their trembling looks the same!
H: Ku-Kupperauser, huh?!
C: The Kupperauser-san phenomenon is so frightening!
C: This is a death sentence!
C: No way! Does that mean this guy can sing Syse's pop songs, too?!
C: Krauser-san's got Syse in checkmate!
C: Krauser-san!! Take possession of this bastard's pop songs and deal him the finishing blow!
N: Of course! Here I go...
N: Hmph! If all I have to do is sing a pop song, I've got it made...
N: I'll just think of one of the songs from the MD Aikawa-san made for me...
C: Woahhh! This means the end for Helvete!

N: Watching in the sky as my dream passes by~
N: Touching you from the window, just an illusion~
N: This song was my favorite...
C: Something's different.
C: Yeah, this is gross.
C: That isn't Syse!
N: Wh-what?!
N: When I sang it before, everyone said it sounded so similar to the original...
C: S-shut up, this doesn't mean he's lost!! It just wasn't one of the songs he was good at!
C: Krauser-san, please try one of the many other songs you're an expert art!!
C: There's no other attack remaining for Helvete to throw!
N: Another song...?
N: Alright!
C: Just finish them off in one blow!
N: Here I go, with all my might!!

N: Faraway
C: Uwahhhh, something really is wrong!
C: His grossness has gotten worse!
C: What could it be? His voice!? Is his voice the gross part?!
C: I can't take it! Somehow I just can't take it!
C: Songs like this really must be impossible for even Krauser-san to sing~!
N: Kuuuuh!
N: Is my pop sense being rejected?!
C: Krauser-san, calm down!! The enemy's King is completely surrounded by yo ur pieces!
C: His Demon Gate has been destroyed, and his face is bare. He has no other moves left!!
C: All you should need is a single move to defeat him!
N: Despite looking the same as the successful pop artist Syse...
N: there's still something different between he and I...
C: Now, make your move, Krauser-saaan!
C: The entire board is your playing field!
C: Victory is right before your eyes!!
N: Uuuuu!
C: Krauser-saaan!

G: I have lost.
P: Ehhh?!
Black: At 2:45, the eighth dan player, Krauser-san, was defeated...
N: I can't take this anymore!
C: Woahhh, Krauser's running away!
C: Why?!
C: He ran away with victory standing right before him!
J: Ne-Negishi...
C: Does this mean DMC is gona lose?!
F: N-no way!
C: It's Helvete's victory!
F: Krauser-san, are you...are you just gonna let it end like this...?


When someone catches sight of another who looks just like them. Many people live their lives in fear of something like this happening. And so, in order to kill this other being, which they fear, they dress someone up to look like them, resulting in the "Kupperauser Phenomenon." Conversely, after visiting the red light district and seeing a photo of their companion, what is known as the "They Overcharged Me Phenomenon" often happens.

[Usage Example] Kimura Takuya is my doppelganger.

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