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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 42

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 42

C: DMC....
C: has lost to Helvete!
C: Not even Jagi-sama's card tricks
J: I'll have to compensate for Negishi!
C: can deal the finishing blow...
C: And Camus-san is...
C: Come outside?
sfx: giii
C: I can't right now...
F: There's no way this can be happening! Krauser-san just returned to the full moon for a bit...
C: Look, you dumbass!! It's all covered up with clouds now, he just ran back there so he could hide!!
C: Nah, he probably just goes up to the stars when he wants to sleep.
C: Ahh, that makes sense...
C: Stop scrambling around for some sort of excuse! (You're really distorting things!)
C: Wooooaaaahhhhhh!
C: Ahhh!

C: Syse picked up the legendary guitar that Krauser left behind!
C: Helvete has taken the seat of the Emperor of Metal!

C: Wow! Helvete really have dominated Satanic Emperor!
C: And they've deprived the Emperor of his throne!
C: Helvete are the true demons!
C: The battle's over!
C: DMC's lost!
C: Krauser-san...
C: Is it really over...?
K: Krauser, are you really going to lose like this?
N: Uuu...I don't care about winning or losing anymore...
N: Please just end this festival already.
K: Why? If you do this, then your title as Emperor will be stolen by Helvete!
N: I've lost all my confidence...
N: I doubt you'd understand, Kenni, but as I am now, all my dreams have been shattered...

N: You'll probably think them grandiose, but...
N: Instead of making missiles, let's all make rice omelettes together~!
N: Instead of playing with tanks, let's play jokes on one another~!
N: I just wanted the world to unite under my music...
K: Papa said the same thing...
J: I will be the one
J: to control this world!
K: Krauser, you've even gone as far as to inherit papa's will!
N: Ehh?
N: N-no, I don't understand what's going on anymore.
N: Look, I lost, so just end the festival!
K: Here's my father's masterpiece album, which was released when he was young and in his prime!
K: Many metal fans around the world became obsessed with this -- and even I, as a small child, felt as if the world had become united...
N: No, come on, just end the festival--
K: Shut up and listen!!

C: Helvete is the new Emperor!
C: The Emperor's performance has begun!
F: Nuu...
F: You've gotta be kidding...
F: As if this would happen!
F: This is Krauser-san's!
C: Ahhhh!
C: What? That guy just stole the guitar!
C: What's going on?!
C: Until Krauser-san returns, we'll protect the guitar!
C: Someone catch him!

C: Wait up, bastard!
F: Woahh, he's fast!
C: Yeahhh, get it back!
C: I'm more than confident in my speed!
F: Kuh!
C: Go! You almost got him!
F: Until Krauser-san coms back...
F: We absolutely cannot lose!
F: Kuh! But I'm getting tired...
C: Now! The DMC fan's out of stamina!
F: Alright, pass it to me!
F: Take care of the rest!!
C: Ohh, they passed off the guitar to a second runner!

F: Ahh!
C: Ahh, the DMC runner dropped the baton!
C: Idiot!
F: Kuh!
C: Alright! Helvete's gotten ahead of DMC's runner!
C: Idiot, what are you doing?! (Just hurry up and get it back!)
C: Show them the spirit of a true DMC fan!
C: Alright, leave the rest to me!!
C: All that's left now is the final stretch!
F: Hurry it up!

F: I'm gonna win this race!!
C: What?!
C: Woahh! All of a sudden, DMC's caught up with Helvete!
C: This guy's super fast!
C: Don't underestimate me!! I was part of the track team in school!
C: I broke two school records, and even kept doing it through college!
C: Woahh, so fast!
C: He's totally broke ahead!
C: Hey, I think I've seen this guy before...
TV: #3 has broken ahead!
C: This guy's crazy...
C: I remember a guy with dyed blonde hair just like his who beat out another school's runner by a hair in some relay race...
C: Yes! Now it's time to crush the fans and gain completely victory over DMC!
C: Hm?

C: Woahhh! Fast!! He's so faaaaast!
C: Ehhh?
C: DMC beat Helvete!
C: Are you alright...?
C: What was that guy?
C: So fast...
C: Our victory has been returned to Krauser!
C: Hey, speaking of which, where is the guitar?
C: Guitar? What?
C: Krauser-san!
C: What are you talking about?

N: What's good about this kind of music?!
K: K-Krauser, what are you doing?
K: This is papa's masterpiece...
N: How can this be called a masterpiece!?
N: And those idiotic metal fans out there who don't even know the first thing about the 'p' in pop music...
C: He looks like Syse, but something's still different!
C: He's too gross!
C: What a talentless idiot!
N: had the nerve to reject my music...!
C: He's just playing around!
K: As the music escalates...
K: Krauser's getting weirder and weirder...
N: Figures, idiots of their caliber would have no chance of understanding music like mine!!

N: But denying my music would also mean denying people who cheer me on like Aikawa and Saji-kun,
A: Negisihi-kun!
S: Alright, Negishi-saan!
S: Negishi-senpai!
N: as well as the people in Shimokita and Daikanyama!
A: Until I heard your music, I thought pop music was just child's play!
N: The people who believe that falling in love with my music will lead to the unity of the world...
A: Look at how many people have gathered because of Negishi-kun's music!
S: I believe true world peace starts from something like this!
A: Until I heard your music, I thought world peace was just child's play!
A: I love you, Negishi-kun, and your music!
N: Just acting nice to me when it's convenient for you...
S: I think Negishi-senpai's music will become #1 worldwide!
N: Stop saying half-assed shit like that!!
N: What the hell do you know about me?!

N: You pigs don't even know the first thing about the 'm' in metal!!
K: K-Krauser!
K: With such lukewarm metal like this, it's no wonder Jack got murdered by Helvete!
K: U-uh, okay...but papa isn't dead or anything...
K: I'll send my true "FUCK" off as a requiem to Jack in the afterlife!
K: But papa's still alive and doing jazz...

H: Within these flames, the time to open the Demon Gate has come!
C: Woahhh, that relay race had nothing to do with Helvete!
H: Rampage, go mad, murder! Feast, violate, destroy!
C: What amazing energy! They must be heading towards the end of the festival!
H: Rampage, go mad, murder! Feast, violate, destroy!
C: Syse is going crazy with that axe of his!
C: Yeah, kill them! Destroy this festival!
C: Helvete is the world to us!
P: This killing intent...
P: He's coming.


C: H-hey, look!
C: C-could that be?!
C: Woaaaaaaahhhh!
C: That "Kill" kanji...

C: It's him...
C: Krauser-san has returned!!
C: Krauser-san, we've been waiting!
C: Here!
C: Your guitar fell down over there!
[TRACK 42 - END]

[Relay Race]
A long distance race involving multiple teammates. Giving it their all and running over many miles, the racers create images of themselves worthy of moving the audience. This goes without saying, but the other stamina-involving activity known as "ekiben" has been known to move those who see it, but in a different way.

(*T/L Note: Okay, this is an untranslatable joke, but 'ekiben' is slang for a sexual position in which a guy stands up, wraps his partner's legs around his waist, and has at it. It sounds very similar to the japanese word for relay race, or 'ekiden'.)

[Usage Example] "That heated finish in yesterday's relay race was amazing!"
"How the hell do you know about my sex life?!"

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