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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detroit Metal City 44

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 44

N: Shortly after Satanic Emperor ended, I realized something.
N: Ahh, it's been a while since I've had such a relaxing afternoon like this...
N: Despite all that happened being over the course of just one day, it feels like weeks have passed by.
N: Time to make my favorite food, omelette rice while listening to J-WAVE! (They have a great selection of Kahimi songs!)
N: Days like this really make feel happy.
N: Huh? My omelette's starting to fall apart.
N: Aww, come on, why does this always happen?
N: Now it's getting burned!
N(black): Yes...
N(black): Just a little...

N(black): It seemed like my temper had risen just a little!!
N: Don't you fuck around with me, you yellow egg monkey!
N: I'm gonna make a scramble egg outta you!

N(black): But why?
N: Haa...I must have too much stress built up...maybe I'll go shopping.
N(black): Even when I went to buy a ticket from the station...
N: Stop messing around, you old fart!!
N: If you don't finish in the next two seconds, you're going to Hell!
N(black): I got annoyed!!
Old man: Ummm...this is Nakano, so...
O: I'll get off in Shinjuku, then...
N(black): Even when I was in the clothing store.
N: How fucking long are you going to stand in front of the clothes I wanna look at?!
sfx: ira ira (annoyance sfx)
N: Gobous like you should just wear dirt-colored sweaters and be done with it!
G: Hmmm...
N: Ahh, no matter what I do, my anger keeps rising...
N: Has being in that band completely changed my heart?
N: I need to find some hobby that will let me relax...
N: Hm?

Top headline: How about training yourself at a temple?
White text on right side: A priest for a day!
Top text: Stuck in the hustle and bustle of the ever-changing daily life, we humans tend to lose sight of ourselves, and become unstable as to what it is exactly that we're living for.
But it is especially in times like these that we must refresh our hearts, and regain our true selves which we have lost!!
Text over temple: Now, temples are in style!
bold text on bottom right: Students, Office workers, even celebrities love it!!
Text on bottom: Surrounded by beautiful mother earth, training includes everything from cleaning the temple to meditation under waterfalls.
Even beginners can catch on, so you don't need to worry. Anyone who tries can find self-fulfillment.
Now come, let's go!!
Male's speech bubble: I really gained my peaceful state of mind back!
Male data: 19 Years Old / College Student
Female's bubble: I was so surprised that all my worries from work were gone in an instant! Ahahaha~!
Female data: 26 Years Old / Office Lady
White text on left: Starting from 5000 yen 1 night/2 day courses.
N: Training at a temple, huh...
N: Coming to a huge city like Tokyo from the Oita countryside,
N: maybe I have really lost myself -- especially in the void between the music I want to play and what I'm actually playing...
N: Maybe I'll try going here and regaining a little bit of myself...

P: Welcome, one and all! Although it may be for only a short while, let us become true life companions!!
N: I look forward to it, sir!
N: I'm glad he's here, but there's something kinda scary about this Buddhist priest...
B: Why's that baldy acting all high-and-mighty...
M: Watch it, Tatsuhide! Greet the priest just like that boy beside you did!
M: Listen to what he says and study hard while you're here!
N: Hi there, my name's Negishi. Are you in middle school?
N: If you keep calling that priest baldy, he's likely to whack you one...
T: Hmph! Yeah, I'm a middle schooler, so what?
P: Well, I'd like to begin training now, so dearest mother!! If you wouldn't mind, leave everything to me.
M: Thank you so much!
P: First, we shall begin with a thorough cleaning of the hall!!
N: Yes sir!

N: Ahh, it feels like my heart's becoming clearer.
N: CLeaning a temple like this really does clean one's heart!
N: Hm? Huh...hey, aren't you gonna clean?
T: I don't wanna listen to what that baldy tells me!!
N: But if we don't work together, we'll never finish!
P: Now, you shall do the floor, and you shall do the walls!
N: Yes sir!
T: Baldy!
P: Once you have finished, please let me know!!
N: And I really don't think you should call the priest baldy anymore!
N: Ahh, I'm starting to get annoyed again...
T: But he's bald! What's wrong with calling him baldy?
N: What did I come here for?!
N: If he doesn't want to do it, then I'll just do his half.
N: What I've forgotten must be this helpful heart of mine...
N: After doing DMC for so long, I've begun to misunderstand myself as somehow being greater than other people...
N: Ahhh!

N: Wahyahyaan!
T: Hey, hey, what are you doing?!
N: Awawawawa, what should I dooo?
N: I broke it, I broke it~!
T: I-I had nothing to do with it!
N: It's because you weren't doing your part!
T: I had nothing to do with it!!
N: A while back when I knocked the President's ashtray off a table, I was about to be killed...
P: That means I need to break you in return!!
N: That antique...not only did I break it, but during my training...
N: If I just keep quiet, maybe he won't find out.
N: I'll just hide it here...

P: Now for the waterfall training.
P: Stand under this power downpour and strengthen your hearts!
N: I wonder if I should really keep quiet about that antique...
N: The weight of this waterfall is making me feel the weight of my own sin...
T: H-hey, don't say anything to baldy!
N: But I feel like he's already seen through me...
N: I told you not to call him baldy!
N: If he just would've done what he was supposed to, none of this would have happened!
N: It isn't my fault!
T: What are you looking at me like that for? It's your fault, you know!
N: If somehow telling the whole story to the priest doesn't bring this bastard a fair judgement,
N: Then the Demon King will bring down his own judgment!!
N: No, I can't.
N: What did I come here to do?
N: I...

N: I must change myself!!
N: Priest, sir...
N: During the cleaning, I broke one of your antiques.
N: It is all my fault. I have no excuse.
N: Uuu...he's gonna be mad!!

P: I may have lost one of my precious things, but doing so has allowed me to see the true preciousness of your heart!
P: It is that very precious thing that I shall use to decorate my own heart!
N: Priest...
N: That instant...
P: Antiques like that are broken by rats sooner or later anyway.
P: Let's go have dinner!
N: I truly felt
N: that I had grown as a human being...
N: ahh, this zenmai is so tasty!
N: It's just like the kind we had back in my hometown!
P: These are grown on the mountain behind our temple.
P: Hmm, hmm.
N: Ahahahah!
T: I'm really sorry.

T: That antique got broke because I didn't do my share of the work...
T: and then you covered for it all by yourself.
N: It looks like he's starting to change.
N: Yeah, well, the one who really broke it was me, so don't worry about it.
T: Lately I've been really rebellious toward my parents, so they just sent me here.
M: Tatsuhide, please study a bit!
T: Shut up!
F: Aren't you going to eat dinner?
T: I'm the type that gets mad easily, I guess...
T: I don't wanna eat together with you!
M: Here's your allowance.
T: This is all I get?!
T: Even if I know I'm wrong deep down inside, sometimes I still just blow up in their faces..
N: But it's alright now. I feel like I've grown a bit from coming here as well.
N: Until the end of our meditation tomorrow morning, I'm sure you'll become a bit more mature as well.
T: Heheh...I wonder.
N: Trust me!
N: If you do your best, I'll even write a song for you.
T: Eh? You're a musician, bro?
N: I had a realization.

N: Yeah, I'm a pop musician. (It's a secret to my friends, though.)
T: Wow!
N: Now that my heart has been cleaned like this, I'm sure I could write an amazing song...
Box: The Next Day
P: Lastly, you shall train in meditation and clearing your hearts while you calm your bodies.
P: You two have become fine young men.
T: Yes sir.
N: You finally stopped calling him baldy, Tatsuhide-kun.
N: I'll watch out for you, so try your best.
P: Mu!
P: There is a tremor in your aura!
T: Arrrgh!
T: Kuuu...goddammit...
N: Owww!

T: Ahh, I can't get angry.
T: I have to calm my heart...
N: That's it, Tatsuhide-kun!!
T: Heheh...
P: Muh!
P: Do not rupture your aura!

N: Ahh!
N: Oh no!!
N: E-excuse me, a b...bug was on...
N: A bug was on meeeee!
P: I see. Don't worry about it.
P: Please, sit.

T: Are you alright?
N: Haha, a bug just bit me, that's all.
P: Now, let us restart.
N: Oh man...I was just about break my own rules...
N: Calm your heart, Tatsuhide-kun's maturation depends on it...
N: I've got to act mature too...
N: Once this is over, I'll write a bunch of songs and have my musical debut. I'll surpise both Tatsuhide-kun and the priest...
N: And then someday, I'll invite them both to a concert!
P: Muh!
N: I bet they'll be happy! Fufufu...
P: There is a tremor in your heart!

N: Auuuhh!
N: Shit, now I've done it!! This is bad!
N: This gosh-darned bald fly just won't let up!
N: I'm sorry, I just can't stand it anymore!
N(black): And so, his training was ended...
N: I'm sorry, priest...Tatsuhide-kun...
sfx: uuu...
N(black): regardless of whether he actually learned anything or not.


Allowing even someone who isn't a baldy to experience what it's like to be a priest. Training includes meditating alongside a baldy, spiritual cooking, and many other things, all in order to fix one's way of life. Once the person sees a baldy doing so well, it makes them feel bad about themselves. And so, self they once suffered as becomes smaller and smaller. Especially someone who's worried about becoming bald.
[Usage Example] My experience as a priest-for-a-day bumped me up to the barcode level, I think? (*It's referring to the 'barcode' haircut, where bald people try to cover it up with strands of hair.)

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