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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detroit Metal City 45

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 45

?: It all started when
?: Wada-kun answered the phone call at Death Records.
J: You absolutely cannot let the President hear about this!!
J: It's not like we're going to do anything, I just think we should hear what they have to say. So there's no need to worry...
N: OK.
J: It seems like they want to talk to us, DMC. Tomorrow, let's put our makeup and costumes on and then head over.
Camus' sfx: guni guni guni (warning: potential masturbation alert)
J: But whatever happens, don't tell the President!! (I don't want her to worry)
N(black): Then Wada-kun told us about someone from the music industry who had seen our concerts and wanted to talk to us.
N: O-okay.
Sign: Shinjuku Teahouse
N: I knew it...
G: Nice to meet you all.
G: Please excuse me for calling you all out of the blue.
N: Yes, this was...

N: An offer from another record company!!
S: I'm Shinagawa from Nerf Music, nice to meet you.

K: What are you trying to do, Wada-kun? If the President finds out about this, she won't just stop at killing us!
K: Their name, Nerf Music, doesn't even sound like a major label or anything.
S: Let me ask you...
S: DMC, are you all happy under your current label?
J: To be honest, if we were, we wouldn't have come here.
N: No, Wada-kun!
S: After seeing a DMC concert, the existence of such a powerful band as yourselves shocked me.
K: I'm gonna carve up every last one of you!
S: The truth is, it's a shame that such a band is stuck at such a small company like Death.
K: To DMC record companies are little more than tools for us to use.
K: We have no interest in gaining a bigger tool.
J: What are you saying, idiot?!
N: But...
S: Oh, no, I agree that DMC is already a very well-known band.

S: "Pop in Metal."
S: My goal is to use the musical power of DMC as a core to create a transformation toward a more pop sound in order to produce a more mainstream type of metal.
N: Pop in Metal?!
N: I'm not uninterested in what you have to say, but there is no way we'd change over to your label.
S: With our record label, DMC would spread into advertising and mass media, as well as gain the ability to secure more serious contracts.
J: Ohhh.
J: Awesome! This is definitely the road to stardom...
S: Obviously, this also opens the possibility for solo projects as well.
J: Solo projects, too!! Just like X Japan! (So cool!!)
N: This talk of pop music makes me happy, but there's no way things could be this easy.
N: And if the President finds out, it's all over...
S: Alright.
camus sfx: guu guu (snoring)

S: Let's leave this boring talk behind and head out to the city!!
J: Woahh, a cabaret club?
J: Our label never once took us out to a place like this!
N: Uuu, this is my first time in a place like this...I've only ever seen them in TV documentaries..
S: Hahaha! Even a company like mine makes sure to bring our patrons here regularly.
N: Hm?
Sign: Harassment of any kind towards employees or other patrons will result in forceful removal from the premises. - The Management
N: Nishida-kun, if you make any trouble, they'll have some tough guys throw you out, so be careful!!
J: Oh, just come on already, nothing like that's gonna happen!!
G: Welcome!

G: Wahhh, how cool!!
G: Are you men in a band?
G: Long time no see, Shinagawa-san!
S: These are my important guests, so take good care of them.
N: Uwahh, there's so many girls in sexy clothes here...
G: So what band are you in?
N: Detroit Metal City!
G: You have albums out, right?
G: Wow! Detroit, that's like some kind of car, right?
G: Have you ever met Ayumi Hamasaki?
C: Yeah.
S: Hahaha! Don't you guys wanna start playing some music that these girls would know!
J: Indeed!
N: Even if you count all of DMC's crazy fans, we still aren't that widely-known...
G: Is it your first time here?
C: Next!
N: But getting brought to a place like this...I hope they don't think we're going to switch over to their company...
G: Ehh? What are you saying?!
G: We don't have that kind of system here!

N: Although it seems like Wada-kun's already decided on it...
J: I have a ton of ideas for that solo project thing you were talking about earlier.
S: Oh, like what?
G: What shall you have to drink?
J: Jagi with EMERALD FIRE!
J: A rockin' show on your lips!
J: It'll be thrilling!
J: Unlike DMC, it'll be a more visual band with emphasis on style!
G: That sounds cool, just like X Japan's hide with SPREAD BEAVER! (I love X!)
S: That's definitely a possibility.
J: Now that I've thought of this, I'm pretty sure Japan's music will be changed forever.
G: Wow!
N: Wada-kun, before that, you should start thinking about how the President's gonna kick your ass...
G: Then you'll be famous soon!
J: If you want my autograph, now's your chance.
G: Ehh, please do!
N: Uuu, Wada-kun's getting completely out of control...
N: He's falling right into Shinagawa's hands...
G: What would you like to drink?
C: Stick in a bottle.
N: I really don't like places like these...everyone just acts fake in order to please you...(I saw it in a documentary...)
G: Would you like something a little watered-down?

G: My name's Yuua, nice to meet you!!
N: Even your name's a made-up one...
N: A fake-sounding name like that won't work on me...
G: And what is your name?
N: Yohanne Krauser the 2nd.
G: Wow, it sounds just like a foreigner's, how cool!! (And what class!)
N: Why are you complimenting me...I told you it's not gonna work!
G: A bottle of what?
C: Just stick a big, thick bottle in there.
N: You're probably lying about your age too, aren't you?
G: What? This isn't funny.
C: Next!
G: Ehh, how old are you, Krauser-san?
N: We don't keep track of things like age in the Demon World.
N: That day I fucked Himiko still feels like yesterday to me. (Japanese Emperess circa 300 AD)
G: What a surprise!! You look so young! Yuua's 21!

N: 21 my ass! Fabricated playgrounds like these really aren't to my liking!
G: Ehh?
N: Jagi, Camus, we're outta here!!
N: Demons can't be tricked into signing contracts so easily like this!
J: H-hey, Negishi...
S: Hey you, what did you say to him?
S: He's my special guest!!
N: This is how it should be.
N: Who knows what would happen if the President ever found out about this...
Y: Wait, please.
Y: I didn't tell you a single lie.
Y: My name and my age are both real.
Y: I just like talking to people, so that's why I have this job!

Y: Or are you unable to believe others because you're so full of lies yourself?
Y: I compliment people because that's what I really think of them.
Y: I'm just doing my best at my job!
N: That's right...
S: Krauser-san, what I want for you is also a type of music free of lies.
S: When you sing a song with your true voice, it becomes the kind of thing that will definitely pierce the heart.
N: I'm sorry...
N(black): Myselfm my music...is it all a bunch of lies?
N: I lied about my name and my age -- and I've only met Himiko in a history book...

N: We're returning to the club!
N: Without sincerity, I won't accomplish anything...
G: Smile~ I want to be together with you~
G: If there's something~ we can see~ on the other side~
N: Didn't I want to create the type of music that would make people happy?
N: My fear of the President made me forget
G: Together~ You~ and me~ Sakuranbo~
N: about the true music I want to play!
N: Isn't this the time to be showing off my true pop sense?!
N: Someday when I'll be able to play this with DMC,
N: I'll have this uptempo pop song!
N: I'm not the President's pet dog!!
N: Shinagawa-san, let's do it.
J: Eh?

N: I'm ready to sing the songs I'm meant to sing.
N: Just like you said: pop in metal!!
S: Yeah...I'd love to hear it. (His face...)
N: This is the type of music I can sing with sincerity!
Y: Fufu! I'll bet my pride in this job on cheering you on!!
N: Thank you! Feel free to help me out with the chorus!!
Y: Yeah, I love music too, you know!
Y: So, what's the name of the band whose song you'll sing?
N: Hooo...
N: It'll reach everyone's hearts!!

N: Here I gooooooooo!
Y: Ehhh? (Acapella?!)
N: The up-tempo song I wrote, "Roll Cake Bebop!"
N: What I ordered in the cafe where I met you was a milk tea~
N: What did you order that day~
J: H-hey, Negishi...
N: Just what I imagined, a roll cake~!!
N: A sweet taste, just how I feel~
G: What is that?
G: Ewww!
G: Sir, what should we do about HIM?
G: He's being a nuisance, isn't he?
N: Spinning around so sweet, just like my feelings~

N: Round and round, sweet, so sweeet~
C: Uwahh, he's coming over here!
C: Ehhhh?
N: Round and round and round, sweet, sweeet!
C: He's laughing!
N: My heart's on top of the roll cake on your table~
C: What the hell's wrong with you?!
C: Are you this desperate to look cute?!
G: This place is too noisy, I'm going home!
N: Ready to go crazy with just one lick from you~
S: Shinagawa-san, this is a problem.
S: Wait a moment!
S: You must leave.
J: Nuu...
J: That dumbass!
N: Time to show everyone my serrrrviiiice~
N: Round and round, sweet, so sweeet~
N(black): Yua-chan, sincerely doing what you want...
N: Round and round and round, sweet, so sweeet~
N: isn't it the best?!
N: Round and round and round~

N: Swee-
Y: Ahhhhhh!
(warning: Camus boob groping alert)
G: Don't wory, Yuua, there's nothing to be afraid of.
N: Why...
N: Round and round~
N: Shinagawa-san...
N: Heeeere~
N: What?
N: Round and round~
N: Hm?
N: Let's sing together~

N: Swee-
N: I
P: You bastard! I heard there was a ruckus happening at one of my bars, so I came to see what was the matter!
P: You wanna tell me what this's all about...HUH?!
J: T-the President's here! Negishi...it's all Negishi's fault!
S: Nice to make your acquaitance -- I'm Shinagawa from Nerf Music.
N: Gyaah!
N: And so, the offer was suddenly retracted.
N: Nerf Music's Shinagawa also started work at the office as a pig-in-training.
Na: If you get it just a little bit dirtier,
Na: Then the President might come and kick you!
S: I'll make sure it sparkles...

[TRACK 45 - END]

(No Grossary AGAIN?!)

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