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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Detroit Metal City 46

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 46

N: One night, I got a call from Aikawa-san.
A: Negishi-kun, are you free this Friday?
N: Eh? Is something going on?
A: You know the band "Aluminum Tunes," right? They put an album out recently.
A: Anyway, they're supposed to be doing a couples-only concert this Friday in Omotesandou. I was wondering if you'd wanna go?
N: Ehh?
N: C-couple...
sfx: doki (heartbeat)
A: Ah, I didn't mean anything weird by it~
A: I just thought you might be interested, plus it'd be fun to go together.
A: You can't get in unless you're a boy-girl pair.
A: Before it starts we could walk around town a bit too~
N: Yeah!
N: Not only that, but walking around together...
N: Doesn't that mean...
N: we're...

N: gonna be just like a real couple?!
N: I'm so glad the weather's nice today!
A: This concert will be so exciting!

N: Aikawa-san can't stop talking to me.
A: Negishi-kun, let's go into that store!
N: It's so fun being together with her.
A: Do these glasses look good on me?
N: Yeah, red really suits you.
A: I bought them because you complimented me, Negishi-kun!
N: Ahaha!
N: Haha...I wonder if we look like a couple to other people?
?: Excuse me!
?: We're taking pictures for the fashion town section of our magazine, "Throat."
?: Would you mind if we snapped a few shots of you?
N: Ehh?
N: "Throat?!" I buy that magazine all the time!
N: And not only that, but together with Aikawa-san...
A: Sure, it's fine.
N: From the standpoint of such a fashionable person like this, we really must seem like a couple!
?: Well then, here I go.
N: Alright, I'll try to get as close to her as I can.
N: Piisu!
?: Hm?

?: Er, no, sorry, we weren't talking to you. (Your friend can wait over here until we're done)
N: H-huh?!
N: I guess we really don't look like a couple...
N: But they didn't have to push me away from her like that...
G: Welcome!
A: That surprised me back there!
N: Despite the fact that today, before I came to meet Aikawa-san, everyone was fighting to get pictures of me at the DMC Photo Shoot...
G: Krauser-san, please turn this way!!
G: Krauser-san!!
G: Look over here!!
A: It seemed like they were doing a focus on women's fashion.
N: Huh? You don't need to console me...
N: Really?
N: You're just a hottie, and I'm not...

A: If it had been a couples focus, I would've wanted to take it together with you, Negishi-kun...
N: EH?!
N: Aikawa-san...what do you mean?
N: W-what did you just say?
A: Ah, we still have some time before the concert. Wanna go to the "Sweet Fortune-Teller" that was featured in the latest Amo-Amu?
B: Here's your sesame ramen combo.
A: Lately it's been super-popular! That woman's fortunes are always right on the mark!
N: A-Aikawa-san...
Sign: Sweet Grandma's Sweet Fortune-Telling
Small sign: Your sweets are being prepared inside.
N: Heheh...I've been interested in this place ever since I saw it in Amo-Amu.
A: Wow, there's a lot of people here.
G: Ooh, a shortcake?
G: And you there, you're pudding ala mode.
G: Next, please.
N: Ahh, it's our turn!!

G: You, my dear, are a Doble Fromage!!
N: I knew Aikawa-san would be something fashionable like a Doble Fromage!!
G: On the outside, you seem strong, but inside, you're as soft as sweet cream. You have a strong affinity towards milk products...
G: I see a bittersweet chocolate man in your future soon...
N: It really seems like she's right...
N: She's completely right, isn't she, Aikawa-san?!
N: So chocolate people are a good match for Aikawa-san...
A: Yeah, isn't it amazing?!
G: Now for you, young man...
N: Heheh! I wonder what kind of sweet I am?
N: I write a lot of songs about candy...who knows if I'm bitter status, but I should at least be a tira misu or something...
G: You are...

G: a potsticker.
N: P-potsticker!!?
N: How did I get that from a sweets fortune-teller...
N: Is that really a type of candy? How about a kiwi?
G: Potsticker.
G: You are a person surrounded by a stinky outer layer composed solely of terrible thoughts...
N: I'm a potsticker, and Aikawa-san is a doble fromage...
G: If you meet a ramen and a fried rice, you can become a menu combo.

P: Pfft! That guy's a potsticker!
P: Hilarious!
P: Isn't she a sweets fortune-teller? Why?!
P: But he does look kinda potsticker-ish!
G: Next!
A: Negishi-kun, you shouldn't let it get to you.
A: She probably just got that impression since you just had that ramen set.
N: Just stop trying to console me, Fromage-san!
N: Everyone's laughing at me with their stupiud sweets masks on!
N: I won't forgive that old bag!
A: Hmm, where was the concert gonna be again?
N: Sweets fortune-telling my ass!
N: I'm not part of some fucking ramen menu set...
N: She just wanted to tell me that Aikawa and I aren't meant to be together
N: Ah!

A: There it is! This way, Negishi-kun!
N: Eh?
N: My hand...
N: Just like romance between a servant and a princess...
N: Aikawa-san!
N: Love between a fromage and a potsticker really can happen...
G: I wonder if they'll play new songs!
G: I wanna hear Closing Eyes!
G: Please stand in a single file line, everyone!
?: Tch! These stupid gobous!
?: I like being a security guard, but why do I have to take care of these stupid gobous going to some dumb concert?
?: I wanna have Krauser-san come rape all these couples!
?: Hm?

?: Keh! That's just the kinda shitty gobou I'd love to skewer alive!
N: Eheheheh...even if it was for a short while, I was able to hold Aikawa-san's head...(I can still feel her on my palm...)
N: Maybe during the concert too, she'll...
A: Negishi-kun, this bag is getting a bit heavy, can we stop by the lockers first?
T: Turning around, to nature and the mountain wind~
T: Turning around, to you and me~
N: Ahh, Aluminum Tunes are like wizards of words..
T: Turning around, turning around~
N: Despite my fortune being what it was,
N: I'm just happy to be here with Aikawa-san, no matter waht the case...
T: Thank you so much for today, everyone!
T: Now I'd like to tell you a little story.

T: Earlier I went to that famous sweets fortuneteller!
C: Ahh, I got tira misu!
T: Everyone know her?
C: Yeah, we know!
C: I got mont blanc!
T: Ahaha! I went there too, and I got the worst result!
N: Eh? Could it be...
T: I got iced green tea!
T: Isn't that dumb?
C: Today I saw some guy who got called a potsticker!
T: Ahaha, wow! If I heard that, I'd probably stop playing music all together!

T: Anyway, let's end this stupid story here!
T: Close your eyes and listen to this next one: "Closing Eyes!"
T: Cloose your eeeyes~
G: Man, this is such a shitty song! (Makes me wanna puke!)
T: In the darkness, all I see is your face~
A: Ah, that's right...
T: The face close to youuurs~
A: I think this is the song that people are supposed to kiss during...
T: That's the person you looove~
T: Now kiiiiss them, yes kiiiss them~
A: I thought so...
T: Until your world changes~

A: I forgot...what should I do...
T: Now kiiiss, kiiiiiss~
T: Until your world changes~
A: They won't end the song until everyone does...
G: Keh! What a vulgar performance!!
T: Kiiss, kiiiss~
G: Eh?
A: I'm sorry, Negishi-kun, but that's not the reason I invited you here...
A: Uu...but...
A: Negishi-kun...
A: Would Negishi-kun be mad if I did?

K: Kkkgh
K: Kkkpph
K: Pppffhh
K: Kkgh
K: Kgggh
K: Kppggh
A: Hiiieeee!
(from top to bottom, left to right)
G: Th-that sound coming from his throat....
G: Krauser-san...could it be...
C: Wahh, what is that?
T: Now kiiiss, kiiss~
C: Kyaah!
C: Ehh?
K: Ggg...pphh...
T: Now kiiss, kiiss~
G: He's reaching critical pressure...here it comes!
A: N-nooo!
T: Until your world changes~

sfx: Geeeeeppp
T: There it is! "Berlin's Golden Wind!"
K: Kyahohooooi!
T: Krauser-san, please waaait!
A: Wh-why would that man be in a place like this..
A: Where's Negishi-kun? Did he do something to Negishi-kun too?
C: Uwahh, it smells like potstickers!
C: Yes, Berlin's Golden Wind!
K: Aggghh!
K: Agghh!
G: What a stench!
G: It smells like potstickers!!
T: It's Berlin's Golden Wind!!
[TRACK 46 - END]

Black: During Satanic Emperor...
R: Boss, isn't it overdoing it a bit to walk our bikes through the forest like this?
R: At this rate, who knows when we'll make it to the stage...
B: Shuddap! If you've got problems, then go on home!
B: Any bastards who can't even take this would never make it on stage anyway!
B: Pushing these things with us until we make it to the stage is our form of metal, dammit!
R: Yes sir, we'll follow you, sir!
Black text: And so, the Lunatic Fang Devil Riders....

R: Boss, Yusuke just fained!
Y: Just leave me behind!
B: What?! Someone carry him on their shoulders!
Black: helped each other,
B: Alright, how's about we cook up some dinner here?
R: Yaaaaay!
R: This is the first time I've ever cooked rice in the wilderness like this!
R(bottom right): Boss, should we put up the tent?
R(top): Are you serious? How long have you been in am etal band for?!
R(bottom middle): Who wants some cuttlefish?
black(top corner): worked together,
R(left side): Let's play UNO!!
R(left corner): Why the hell did you bring porno mags with you?!
panel 4:
R: Just a little more! Put some power into it!!
R: Push, puuush!
R: Every tear you spill will make you stronger!
Black text: refused to leave a single person behind,
black text: and finally reached the stage...
R: Boss, we're here!
B: Ohhh, so this is the stage!!
black text: ...three days after the festival had ended.
R: We made it, guys!
R: This is true metal!
R: The Lunatic Fang Devil Riders are the strongest, fastest band ever!
R: Boss, I love our gang!
R: I feel like we're forgetting something, but maybe it's just me!

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