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Detroit Metal City 48

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 48

N: Today Aikawa-san and I went to Yokohama to take some pictures.
A: Have you gotten any good shots?
N: Yeah! The foliage looks so beautiful when it dances in the wind.
A: Fufu...Negishi-kun, you look really fashionable holding that camera, you know.
N: Ahaha...I dunno about that!
N: Photography is just like music in that you can make something transient last forever...so I guess i just wanted to express that.
N: But the real reason I'm holding a camera right now is...
N: Look, this photographer said the exact same thing!
A: Ah, he's been in Amo-Amu before.
N: Yeah! He's one of the four Gods of Fashion.
N: That's right...this photographer...

N: It's all because of Kuze Eye Set-san!!
Book slip: To this man and his talent, you, I, and this world are nothing more than photographic subjects. -Asato Hidetaka

N: By the way, I also started my own portfolio.
A: Ehh? Let me see!
N: After buying this one-eye reference, I've become more sensitive to artistic elements.
A: Wow!
N: I even turned my bathroom into a darkroom so I could start developing film.
A: Ahh, that cat's so cute!
N: Ah!
A: Hm? What's wrong?
N: Here it comes...INSPIRATION!
A: Eh?
A: Negishi-kun, it seems like you've become a real photographer all of a sudden!
N: Sorry, could you hold on?
N: I cannot let this moment escape!!
N: Ahh!
N: Aikawa-san, what's 1 + 1?
A: Eh?

A: Two?
N: Amazing...all of a sudden I got an intense inspiration...but after shooting, I realized it was you, Aikawa-san...
N: I didn't take this picture -- rather, I felt like you took it for me...
A: Ehh? Really?
A: Ahh!
N: Aikawa-san! The time's about right now. Let's move to a special place I found earlier.
A: OK!
N: Wahh! This seashore looks so beautiful juxtaposed against the reflection of the twilight!
A: You're right! How beautiful!!

N: Any shots I take here are bound to become amazing works of art!
N: Photographs can become completely different objects thanks to the photographers' sense, you know!
A: Huh?
A: Ai-san!!
N: Ehh?
?: Ahhhh...
N: Th-this guy is?!
?: You're that editor from Amo-Amu...

N: This guy is Kuse Eye Set-san...
A: My name is Aikawa.
K: That's right, Aikawa-san. It's been a while.
N: A-Aikawa-san, you know him...?
N: He seems to be more friendly than I imagined he'd be...
A: Yeah! Back when his photos were in our magazine, I met with him many times.
A: What brings you out here today?
K: Ah...I still haven't found a main photo to use for my next exhibition, so I thought if I came here I might be able to find something...
N: Ehh?
N: Awesome!! He came to the spot I found...
N: Our senses are identical!!
N: Ahhhh...
N: This place really does stir up the ambition to create, doesn't it...

A: Ah, this is my friend Negishi-kun. We've been taking pictures together today.
N: I-it's a pleasure to meet you. Photography is quite a challenge, isn't it?
K: Indeed. If you don't truly love the moment you are photographing, nothing will come of it.
A: Negishi-kun, why don't you show him your portfolio?
N: Eh?
K: Ah, I'd love to take a look.
A: Negishi-kun is also involved in music too.
K: Oh really?
N: Amazing! One of the 4 Gods of Fashion has my portfolio in his hands!
N: The artist Kuse Eye Set...
N: what will be his evaluation of the artist Negishi Souichi...
K: Wow, this is great!
N: Ohhh! He frankly expresses his thoughts with his first statement...

K: I didn't know you could print cell phone pics like this!
N: Wh-wh-what does he mean CELL PHONE PICS!?
N: To him, these pictures I took with a one-eye reference look like pictures taken on a cell phone...?
N: Aikawa-san's here too...I can't allow myself to be embarrassed like this...
N: Cell phone pics...nahaha...Kuse-san, do you have your portfolio with you now too?
K: Yeah, I have a bunch of copies.
N: I...I would love to feast my eyes upon what kind of angles you used in your work...naha...
K: Oh, go right ahead.
N: Th-thank you.
A: Ehh...are you sure this is alright?

N: Th-these are Kuze-san's photos...
N: Nahaha...so this is how you did it...I get it, I get it.
N: These are, kinda...you know, Aikawa-san...like that...
N: There's nothing special about these!
N: Seems like the kinda stuff they'd use for the backgrounds in photo booths...
N: Hm?

A: Incredible...
N: A-Aikawa-san!
N: She's crying...
K: That expression...I love it!
A: Eh?
K: Aikawa-san, if you don't mind, would it be alright if I photographed you today?
N: Ehhh?!
N: Heheh...Aikawa-san, I guess Kuze-san's photos...
N: really are far better than mine could ever be...
A: Hm? That's not true...
A: When you're pointing your camera, Negishi-kun, I get such a feeling of happiness. I love it!
N: Eh? Really?

A: Yeah! It reminds me of when I used to make shrine visits as a child!
A: Peace!
A: Peace, peace!
N: Sh...shrine visits?!
P: Look, Souichi, I'm gonna get you now!
P: Stay still, alright?
N: Peace!
K: Aikawa-san, could you follow me for a bit?
A: I'll be right back, Negishi-kun.
A: I'll have Ai-san take a two-shot photo of us later.
A: I've always wanted a photo with you!

K: Ahhh...this is looking great. The reflection in the water is perfect.
K: As long as I can get this shot, I won't mind collapsing for it...
N: Two-shot photo my ass...
N: She just wants to go with Kuze...
K: Yes. That's it!
sfx: pasha
K: Excuse me, but would you mind exposing your breasts a bit more and putting your hair down?
A: Eh?
K: I want to take this photo as something symbolic of a woman.
N: Hmm...I dunno about that...
sfx: splish splash
N: Aikawa-san isn't some porno actress, you know...
A: I don't mind doing just a little bit!
K: Um-
N: B-but!

K: I'm trying to concentrate now,
K: so would you mind going over there and making so waves for me?
N: M...make waves?
N: Are you saying I'm an unwelcome visitor to your private world...?
K: Well then, I'm counting on you!
K: Alright, I'm taking it now!
N: Acting all fashionable like that...as if she'd actually be a true artist...
N: Aikawa is just Aikawa!
N: Trying her hardest to hide that nymphomaniac side of hers as best she can!!
N: She even told me 1 + 1 equals 2...
N: But now I know that to Kuse, she thinks 1 + 1 equals porno...!
N: I won't forgive her...taking a picture like that...
N: A picture like that!!

N: It'd turn out the same no matter which one of us took it!!
K: Yes, that's a wonderful expression...
K: Find the best moment...
K: The best...
K: Alright!
K: NOW!!

K: Sorry to invite you so suddenly like this, but I just felt that we should come to the opening night together.
A: No, I'm so honored!
G: Hey, it's Kuze-san!
A: I invited Negishi-kun too, but I guess he had to work or something...
A: After I took that, I collapsed out of exhaustion. Today is the first day I'll be able to see the developed copy.
K: But I took this shot with the utmost love for the moment, so I'm quite excited to see it.
G: He has a girl with him!
A: That's right...Negishi-kun suddenly disappeared that day, so we didn't get to take our two-shot either...
G: Wow!
K: Ohh! Look how many people are crowded around the main photo!!
K: I suppose it really did turn out to be something fantastic!!
A: Wahhh!
K: I modeled you with all my might as a symbol of all women...
K: Ehhh?!
K: Why...

K: Why is there a phallus coming out of the water?!
picture title: SYMBOL
A: Ehhh? What's that behind me?!
N: And so...
G: Overwhelming!! Eye Set-kun has reached uncharted territories!
G: He juxtaposed the naked face of a female against a phallus so well!
G: It bears such a strong message!
K: Er...no...
G: It's the famous photographer Arayama Kishin! (*This joke is combining the names of Araki Nobuyoshi and Shimoyama Kishin, both famous photographers in Japan known for their erotic tendencies)
K: A deathpenis rises erect from the bottom of the sea!
C: Woahhh, Deathpenis came out of the sea!
K: Deathpenis pierces the heavens with a splash of crimson!
C: It's like the penis version of Nessie!
N: their first two-shot photo drew all types of worldy criticism...

[TRACK 48 - END]

The exemplary name of the unidentified mysterious animal. Some suspect it as being a remnant of the large meat-eating phallus beasts that populated the prehistoric era. Its physical appearance bears striking resemblance to a man's penis, and its movements are reported as being ferocious and overflowing with sensation.

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