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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 50

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 50

G: I swore to the blue sea
G: that I would keep singing forever~
N: Today Saji-kun invited me to come along with him to an in-store concert.
S: That girl's Takako-chan...I met her when we both took part in the last event here.
S: Last week she put out a CD, and seems to be getting more and more exposure.
T: With my white sneakers on, I ran with all my might down that beach~
T: The musical notes coming from my footsteps are the only proof that I'm alive~
N: She's got such a powerful voice...and it sounds like her guitar is speaking to me...
T: Because I know I will never stop~
N: Seeing her sing that determination-filled song so happily, my...
N: my...

N: heart was stolen!
T: Because even if a storm comes someday, I always sing on~

T: Thank you! Bye-bye!
C: Takao, sing one more!
C: I'll go to all your concerts in Yoyogi! (*Note: A famous park in Tokyo where a lot of musicians go to perform publicly for free)
C: You're the best!
N: Ahhh...our genres are so different, but still, to see a girl the same age as me singing such beautiful songs...
S: C'mon, let's go meet her in the dressing room!
N: Eh?
T: Ahh! Saji-kun, you really care!!
?: Ah, hello.
S: You were so great! "Blue Foosteps" really is your most popular piece, huh?
N: Ah...
T: Ahaha...this was my first in-store, so I got a little nervous...
N: we were so far away that I couldn't see her too well..she's such a cute girl...

S: Ah, this is Negishi-senpai, who I've been playing together with.
T: Ah! The Whip Love Creams, right?
N: Sh...she's heard of us!
N: Nice to meet you.
N: Your songs really touched me!
N: It gave me a nostalgic feeling, and filled me with courage to keep playing music.
T: That's a song I wrote when I decided to move away from the country and become a musician in Tokyo.
N: Wow, really?
T: It's how I feel when I'm playing on the street, and it starts raining, or wind blows really hard, or people say mean things to me.
T: Because I don't want to lose~
G: What an idiot! Look how hard it's raining...
T: Tomorrow there will be clear skies~
N: Yeah, yeah! That's a road everyone has to go down.
N: But I still think it's too early for you to talk...just wait until they start throwing eggs at you!
S: Yeah, yeah!
T: You're right, that hasn't happened to me yet! Ahahaha!
S: Negishi-senpai's from Ooita Prefecture.
N: Yeah, but I went to college here.
T: Oh, really?!

T: I'm from Miyazaki Prefecture, you know! We're both from Kyushu, huh?
N: Ohh, so you have a Miyazaki accent!
N: Maybe it's beecause we both came to the city from the country that it moved me so much...this is great!
N: Alright! I'll start talking with my Ooita accent!
T: Ahaha! When I first came here no one would ever stop and watch me, so I started to think of Tokyo people as my enemies...
S: Hey, you two! (Include meee!)
N: Ahaha! Well, if they try to throw eggs at you, just eat them instead!
N: Ahh...speaking in accents like this tears the wall of my heart right down...
T: You'll stay in touch with me, right, Negishi-san?!
N: Of course!! Hey, I heard SeaGaia was torn down...
N: Hehe! I have a feeling we're gonna become really good friends...
?: Oh yeah, Takako. Why don't you ask Saji-san about the radio thing?
T: That's right!
T: Lately I've been doing late-night radio on Pei-FM...would you be interested in coming on the show?
S: Sure I would!
T: We have a spot exclusively for street musicians!
N: Ehh...?

N: Whip Love Creams is going to get on the radio this soon...!?!
S: I'm Saji!
N: And I'm Negishi!
N: Put us together, and you get the Whip Love Creams!!
T: Awww, how cute!
S: OK, Negishi-senpai, I think we'd better get going now.
N: Yeah. Thanks for everything, Takako-chan!
T: My pleasure!
T: Talking to you put me in a better mood too, Negishi-san!
T: Let's get together soon, alright?!
N: OK!
N: Ahh...what's going on?
N: After talking to Takako-chan...
T: Bye bye!
N: I feel like I've gained so much courage...

N: Takako-chan's such a cute, sweet girl...
N: And we had such a great conversation, as two people with similar dreams...
N: Her house is walking distance from mine, too...
sfx: tsun tsun
N: It feels like she'll be calling me pretty soon...
N: And then once we get on the radio, we'll form a 3-person unit together...
N: Hello everyone!
S: We're the Whip Love Creams!
N: Ohh, what should I say to Saji-kun?!
N: Once Takako-chan and I start going on, what should I tell him?!
sfx: tamu tamu tamu (negishi always has the weirdest sfx)
N: I know he'll understand! Love and love, and romance is romance!
N: Ahh!
N: What am I talking about?! I still have Aikawa-san!!
N: That's right...I should tell her that I'm gonna be on the radio next week...

N: The next day...
N: She still hasn't called...
N: Hopefully once we're on the radio together we'll become better friends...
N: As two people with incredible dreams like us, I'm sure we'll have such a wonderful romance...
N: Three days later...
N: She hasn't called me today either...
N: What about the radio..there are only three days left before we go on...
N: Calling her from my side may seem too gutsy...
N: I should just wait a bit longer.
N: Five days later...
N: What's her deal...
N: She seemed so happy to meet me, and even invited me on her radio show...
N: She isn't like the other bitch pigs around here! She's a pig with a dream...!
N: She called!!

A: Negishi-kun, you're going on the radio tomorrow, aren't yu?
A: I'll definitely be listening, so do your best!
N: Your only purpose in living is to be eaten!
N: You're a bitch pig train heading straight down the tracks!
A: Well then, see you tomorrow!
N: The next day...
T: Good evening, it's Takao!
N: She fuckin' started the radio show...
N: Even though I rushed over here as fast as I could after finishing the concert...
A: It is now 1:00 am! The moon looks so beautiful in the sky from my booth here.
N: That bitch pig Takao betrayed the Whip Love Creams!
A: Now, to introduce today's guest...
N: Eh?!

A: Saaaaji Hideki-kuuuuun!!
S: Hi everyoooone, I'm Sajiiiii!
T: Saji-kun's been a fan of mine since I started performing on the street.
N: That gobou...
S: Well, our genres are different, but we still have a strong sense of respect for each other.
N: How dare you think of music just as something to devour women with!!
T: Now we're waiting for some questions to Saji-kun and I to be faxed to us!!
S: It's been a surprisingly long time since we've known each other.
T: Yep. And today we're gonna let it all out!
T: Alright, the fax is here!

T: This is from "Negiri-san!"
T: Let's see here..."Good evening, Takao-san and Saji-san. You seem so comfortable around each other, are you going out?"
S: Ahaha! No, we aren't.
S: I've never even talked about love with you before!
T: Ah...you're right. We usually jump right into music.
S: Alright, here's the next fax!
S: From "Negiuzar-san!"
S: Hmmm!?
S: "Since your songs are so hardened with determination, Takako-san, 'that place' must be really loose, right?"
T: ...what is this? Getting stuff like this late in the night is really creepy...I'm not anything liek that!
T: And I'm certainly not loose!! Do you want me to get mad or something?
S: Ahaha...Takako-chan, you're kinda scary when you get mad...let's just read the next fax.
sfx: sah
T: OK, the next is--
T: Ehhh?!
S: What's wrong?
T: If I read this, I'll get kicked off the radio! Why do the staff keep passing these to me?
S: Wh-who sent it?

T: It's from "Johanne Krauser II-san!"
S: Hiiieeeee!
A: Eh? That name...what's going on?
A: When's Negishi-kun going to come on?
T: What's going on here...? Only staff members are allowed inside!
S: Ehh?! We can't read these kind of faxes!!
T: Hey, don't come any closer!
T: Eh...what? EHHHH!?
F: Woah, this radio program's crazy!
F: I've gotta tell everyone!
T: What do you mean "Demonic Shiritori Corner?!" (*Shiritori is a rhyming game in which one person says a word, and then the next person has to start a word with the last syllable of the previous word.)

shop sign: RAMEN "FULL"
N: One moment!
S: Takao-chan, I think he started with the word "creep!" (*Note only to myg and the trans-checker: I'm changing the words they used from the Japanese because otherwise these last pages are going to be filled with translations of the words they're using in the games. I think this will carry the joke better)
G: Hm?
C: What IS this?
F: I-it's true! Krauser-san's on the radio!! This isn't the time to be watching soccer...
TV: A dribble to a shoot!
T: Fine then, "politican!" It ends in "n," so the game's over!! Go home!! (*If you end a word in "n" in Japanese the game has to end, because no word starts with just 'n'.)
A: Hm? What's that noise?
T: Wh-what!? Eww, gross! Stop it!!
A: The reception's getting bad...
T: Sto...
A: Eh? What's he doing to her...?
F: Here it comes!
S: Are you alright!? Takako-chan!
S: I-I understand...I'll do it!
F: Whoever says "n,"
F: gets the Demon Jewel!
TV: Goal!
TV: One point!
S: "P," right...?

S: "Parfait!"
A: Hang in there, Saji-kun...
F: Tch! What a crappy word to return with...
F: Eh? "P" again...?
F: Krauser-san's "P" assault...he returned it with "trap.."
F: A "P" assault can only mean...yes!
F: K-Krauser-san's trying to make him say THAT WORD!!
TV: There he is, going for it with all his might!
TV: Will he make the goal!?
S: "Puppy!"
F: He returned it with "yelp!"
S: "Pansies!"
F: He returned it with "strip!"
S: "Puppet!"
F: Listen to him go...look at all these attacks he's deflecting...
S: "Plate!"
S: "Peanut!"
S: "Playtime!"
F: But he's running out...come on, say it!
S: "P...p..."
S: "Pus..."
F: Here it comes! He's gonna say it!

F: He stopped it!!
S: "Plate!"
F: What a stubborn bastard!
S: "Petunia!"
F: Just give it up already!
S: "Posie!"
F: Uwahh, I thought he was gonna say it!
TV: Oh no, the keeper can't move any more!
S: Uuu...I'm out!
S: "Pu...pu..."
TV: The ball is right in front of the goal line...
S: "Pu..."
TV: Ahhh, Krauser-san's aiming for a kick!
F: It's coming!
A: Sa-Saji-kun...
A: You can't...
F: That's the only thing left!
F: He did it!
F: Goooo!

S: "SSY!"
A: Sa...
A: Saji-kun...
N: And so, Negishi, who accomplished his radio debut in a different fashion that he originally imagined...
N: along with his goal of getting a banned word past the censors...
sfx: taka taka taka taka (etc)
N: whistled to commemorate the discontinuation of the radio program.
sfx: pouuuuu

[TRACK 50 - END]

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