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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detroit Metal City 51

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 51

N: Today I went back to Ooita for my sister's wedding...
M: Sou-kun, you still haven't met Kawano-san yet, have you?
N: Yeah...
M: He's driving here with Tomoko right now.
G: Souichi, wanna go to Abeyoshi later?
N: I can't believe Tomo-chan's getting married already...
T: I can't wait to get married!
T: I'm gonna invite everyone to my wedding!!
N: Yeah!
T: Do you think everyone will wanna come?
N: She's always wanted this ever since she was a kid. How wonderful...
N: I bet even the angels would come down from heaven to celebrate your wedding, Tomo-chan!
N: I've come prepared to give her the best wedding ever. I can't wait to celebrate!
T: Ah! Shit, bro, you came home already?!
M: Now now, Toshihiko! Can't you turn down your music a bit?
T: I heard Krauser-san from DMC might even come to Tomo-chan's wedding!
T: I sent a fuckin' letter of invitation to his record label!
N: Eh?
M: I'm hooome!

K: I'm the one who has been dating Tomoko-san for some time, Kawano!
K: It's a pleasure to meet you!
M: Welcome home, big brother!

N: Nice to meet you. I'm her older brother Souichi!
N: He seems like a nice guy...
T: Hey, you came! What a huge head you got, man!
M: Watch your mouth now, Toshihiko!
K: Haha, mother! It really is large, don't worry.
T: Yeah, it's fuckin' gigantic!
P: Oh, Kawano-kun! Wanna go to Abeyoshi later?
M: Sou-kun, Kawano-kun works at the town office, and put together the Hometown Festival we had last year.
M: On his days off, he even comes out to help us around here. He even lends a hand bright and early for the cow races.
K: Oh, it's not that big of a deal!
M: When typhoons or storms come he always runs out here to help us...
N: These are all the things that I should really be doing...
M: Now that the wedding preparations are complete, how about we all go to the hot springs?
K: OK!
N: Eh?
T: Hell yeah, the hotsprings! Let's go, fathead!
P: Aren't we going to Abeyoshi?

M: Let's go, brother!
N: H-he kinda seems like a completely different type of person than me...
N: Wow...so you've been seeing each other for five years?
T: Look, Tomo-chan, doesn't this look awesome on me?
M: It does, it does!
K: Yes. We started off taking things slowly, but now that I've saved up enough money, we were finally able to set up the wedding.
K: My job at the town hall is a stable one, so I promise not to cause any problems for Tomoko-chan.
N: Wow...
N: Stable...stable, huh?
N: Is that really any fun, though...? Aren't there more important things than stablity...?
N: Do you have any dreams or anything like that, Kawano-san?
K: My dream is to have a happy family together with Tomoko-chan!
N: Hmmm...that's pretty boring...

sfx: nechi
N: What I mean by dreams is...something more geared toward your career or your abilities...everyone can have a family, you know...
sfx: nechi nechi
sfx: kudo kudo
N: I'm sure your job is stable and all that, but...I'm not down with being tied down like that, you know...I have 'things' I need to do, you follow me...?
K: Uhh...y-yes!
M: Stop it, brother!!
T: I wonder if there's any hot stuff on TV!
N: Eh?
M: You may enjoy being in Tokyo doing what you want, but that's caused our house a lot of trouble!!
M: Mom and dad have gotten old, and Kawano-kun's been taking up all their slack!
K: Well, well...
K: Maybe we should head to the bath now...
N: Y-yeah...
M: I heard you're in Tokyo to play music,
M: but the truth is, that isn't going to amount to anything!!
sfx: biku

M: Keep your hobbies as hobbies, and pursue a career!
M: Think a little bit about your parents once and a while!
K: Hey, Tomoko-chan, aren't you overdoing it...?
M: No! I've felt this way for a long time! And I don't think my brother's in any position to talk down to you!
T: Oh yeah! Fathead! Krauser-san's gonna come to this wedding!
M: I'm going to the bath.
N: Uuu...she's totally right...
N: And it's not like I'm playing the music I like in Tokyo anyway...
T: Today Krauser-san might descend somewhere on our way home! Let's drive around until we find home!
K: OK, got it.
N: And Toshi-kun's still going on about this crazy stuff...I've got to do something...
K: Alright, let's all go to the bath now!
T: He's definitely gonna descend somewhere, I'm tellin' ya!
N: Uh...ok.
K: Sorry about earlier.

K: Tomo-chan's just nervous about all the wedding preparations.
K: I'll talk to her later.
N: Oh, thanks, but it's fine, really.
N: He must be so tired himself, anyway...what a nice guy!
sfx: dururuuuuuuuun
N: H-he's huge!!
K: Doot-de-doot-doot...
N: I've never seen one like that before...
T: Slam, slam it!
T: Slam, slam it!
N: Uuu...I'm starting to feel more and more pathetic.
K: zzz...zzz...
N: At the very least, I'd like to show the music I really believe in to my family...
T: Woahh, this bath is pretty big...
T: I'll just have to play my wedding song tomorrow for them and really move them all.
T: Ahhh, this is!!

K: zzzz....zzzz....
sfx: durururu
N: Wh-what are you saying, Toshi-kun...
N: Although Kawano-kun's thing IS big enough to surprise someone like that...
K: H-hmmm...?
sfx: biku
T: Ahh! It moved a little!
T: This dark color....
T: thickness...
T: the grotesquely illumanting presence...
T: Underneath this full moon...it really must be...

T: Krauser-san's, right?
K: zzz..zzz...
T: Ahhh, it looks like it's getting a little bigger...
T: He's slowly possessing this for the wedding ceremony tommorow...it's slowly becoming more and more Krauser-like...
N: What is Toshi-kun talking about...
N: Isn't that actually sacrilege towards Krauser...?
sfx: orra orra!
K: zzz...zzz...
N: Alright...I have no choice but to use this chance...

K: Good job awakening me, my loyal believer!
K: zzz...zzz..
T: K-Krauser-san's talking to me!
T: It really sounds like Krauser-san's voice, but where is he...
K: Fool! You have no right to look upon me!
T: Yes sir!
K: Unfortunately, I will not be taking part in your sister's wedding ceremony tomorrow.
K: zzz....zzz...
T: Eh? But--
K: Tomorrow, someone who is not me will instead play a wonderful song at the wedding...
K: Everyone must hear his song...
K: It will certainly be an excellent wedding.
K: Hm?
sfx: munya

K: Ohhh, excuse me!
sfx: suh
sfx: bah
Sfx: babah
T: AHHHH, Krauser-san hid his body! (He disappeared in an instant!
K: I was so tired from all the wedding prep that I dozed off...
N: Alright, let's go...
N: I'm so glad Toshi-kun is a moron.
K: Let's go in before we start to get chilly.
T: Krauser-san really isn't coming...?
sfx: buuuu
N: On the way home...
N: My sister and I didn't say a word to one another.
T: I can't believe Krauser-san isn't coming...
K: I hope we can come back here sometime and really take it easy...like during the Donko Fishing Tournament or something...

N: That night, I practiced the song I wrote for my sister over and over again.
N: Bon
N: Bonbo
N: Bon
sfx: jaga
sfx: jaga
sfx: jaga
N: This song will definitely turn Tomo-chan around.
sfx: jaga jaga
sfx: jaga jaga
N: The day of the wedding...
?: Enter the bride and groom!
all sfx: pachi pachi (clapping)
T: These are hella tasty!
P: Toshihiko, wanna go to Abeyoshi?
N: Fufu..mom and dad...they look so happy.

?: Everyone, please clap your hands and celebrate the lucky couple!
sfx: pachi pachi
N: I'll go secretly ask the announcer to let me go up and play my song.
sfx: tah
N: I'd better get prepared!!
M: And now, the bride, per her request,
M: will be reading a letter to her family she wrote herself!
M: First, to my dear mother and father who raised me all this way...
M: Thank you so much.
M: Father always worked so hard for me, and when I did something wrong, strongly corrected my ways...
M: Oh, dear...
M: Not only do I love him with all my heart, but I also deeply respect him for that.

M: And then my mother, always so sweet...she always embraced our family with warmness....
M: Oh, my...
M: She is the kind of woman I aspired to be.
M: And my grandfather, who always took me to Abeyoshi.
P: Eh? Whazzat now?
M: Toshi-kun, who would always get excited and cheer up my family.
sfx: musha musha
T: Hey pap-pap, lemme have this if you aren't gonna eat it!
P: What's Tomoko saying?
M: I hope he doesn't trouble mom and dad too much in the future.
M: Finally, my older brother living in Tokyo...he always did his best at whatever he was interested in.
C: Hey Kawara, what are you crying for?! Pull it together!
sfx: doh
M: Hm? Souichi's gone.
M: Always sweet...but he did have his stubborn side, too...
M: My brother, who went to Tokyo to pursue his musical career...I said some cold words to him, but I'm really cheering him on inside.
C: What nice siblings!
C: This is great...
M: Visions of my hardworking brother struggling to keep playing his music float through in my head...

M: I know that my brother will make it someday.
M: How proud I am to think of my brother, the musician!
K: Uuu...it's no good...I can't stop crying...
?: Hey, where are you going, Kawara? Hang in there!
K: Eh?
K: B-brother...
K: What are you doing...?
N: Ssh!
?: And now, we have a special present to Tomoko-san from an angel!
M: Eh?
N: Bon
N: Bon
N: Bonbo
N: Bo
C: What?
C: What is this?
N: Bonbo
?: Her older brother, Negishi Souichi-san!
K: You can't do this, brother!
N: Bonbo-bon-bon!

N: Bon mariage! (*He's speaking french)


[Hometown Festival]

One of the top three biggest festivals in the world, held every autumn in the Inukai Town Square. There's a corner for fresh barbeque beef, udon, as well as an agricultural charity bazaar, a lottery, and even a karaoke concert. It's easily bigger than the Rio Carnival.

[Usage Example] "Kyaa! Look! It's amazing! There are clowns walking around!" "Really!? It must be time for the Inukai Hometown Festival!"

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