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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 52

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 52

N: When Bonma and riage fell in love~
sfx: jaga jaga
C: What the hell is that?
C: That's our new brother-in-law!
M: Brother, what are you doing...
N: They became bon mariage~
N: Tomo-chan!
N: Because they loved one another~ They were loved~
N: I know we had our differences yesterday,
N: But today I want to celebrate you with all my heart!
N: Bonbo-bon-bon!
N: Bon mariaaaaaage!!
N: When bonma and riage got in a fight~ they remembered this day~
T: Ahahah, bro's piss drunk!
M: Father, where are you going?
sfx: haaaaa...
N: The two of them made a seed of amour~ Let's all go pour water on it~
N: Yay! C'mon, everyone!

D: Just how drunk did you get, dammit?! What the hell do you think you're doing?!
sfx: BON

?: Oh my...looks like daddy just gave the angel his fist!
C: Ahahaha, what is this?
N: Ehhhh...
M: B-brother...
C: It's the Negishi Father-son comedy duo!
N: I'm not drunk at all...in fact, I haven't even had a single sip....
K: C'mon, brother, let's go.
N: Ehhh?
C: Ohhh, the groom is helping him!
?: Please watch, everyone! In this moment, a new bond of brotherly love has been created!
C: Nice one, Kawano!
K: There's an open room over here.
N: Ahhh, my wings! My wings fell off!
C: This is hilarious, bro!
?: Let's all celebrate the bright future that the Kawano and Negishi houses have together!
C: And nice one to you too, pops!
C: In a way, Tomo-chan's bro is kind of a genius!
N: That was so mean of my dad...
N: I spent so long preparing this song and my costume all for Tomo-chan...
N: and then he punched me and ruined it all!
K: No, no, it was fine! The exit was great!

K: You did a great job as the "boke"! It was hilarious! (*TL Note: In japanese comedy, the 'boke' is the guy in the comedy troupe who always does the stupid stuff and gets yelled at. Think of Curly in the Three Stooges, he was the boke)
sfx: niko
N: Eh?
N: Wh-what does he mean, "boke"...
K: Well, anyway, I'm the groom, so I'd best go back now...
N: I-is this guy seriously making fun of my music...?

N: He fucking thinks we're buddies just cause we're both from the countryside...
N: As if he could ever keep up with my refined Tokyo sense!!
N: All that bastard's got going for him is a big dick...
K: Sorry 'bout that!
?: And the groom has returned!
N: Is he really capable of making Tomoko happy...?
N: If you won't give me blessings, then...

?: Tomoko-san just went to change her clothes and should return shortly!
C: Yooo, Kawano!!
?: Akira-san, I hear this next costume has a special story behind it...
K: Yes! This dress was given to Tomo-chan as a special gift by my mother.
K: It is a dress that my mother received from her mother years ago to wear at her wedding.
K: It's a bit gaudy, but I think it'll look very good on Tomo-chan.
C: Stop braggin' about her, Kawano!!
K: It is a tradition in my family to wear this dress for the first time at the wedding reception.
?: Today, Tomoko-san, with these same thoughts in her mind, will present herself to us in this dress for the first time.
?: Now, everyone, prepare to applaud!
?: A magnificent figure, wrapped in tradition!
?: The bride appears once more before us!
C: Ehhhh, Tomo-chan?!

C: Tomo-chan, you changed too much!!
N: Kawano...I won't forgive you!!
C: Is that the traditional dress of the Kawano family?! (It's definitely gaudy, alright!)
C: What incredible makeup!!
K: Ehh...ehhh?
K: Tomo-chan!?
?: Eh...ah...
?: Is that really it?
?: E-everyone gaze upon her! This sturdy, high-quality purple mantle brimming with class, along with that golden wig...
C: Are these the Kawano family traditions?!
C: You look great, Tomo-chan!
?: Through this pose, we can feel the strong desire Tomoko-san has to protect the Kawano family!

M: Huh? Isn't that Kura-chan?
T: Ah..
K: Sharahh
?: Ahh!
C: Ah, Tomo-chan!
?: J-just now, Tomoko-san has appeared. She looks so beautiful...
C: Then who the hell is this guy!?
C: Is this also the work of the Negishi family?!
C: These are the traditions of Inukai! (Seems pretty Akita-ish though!)
M: How nice of him to come all the way from Shikoku!
T: Awesome!
T: He came all the way from Hell even though he's so busy!
K: Wahh! Eh? What do you want?
N: I absolutely cannot forgive you!!
?: Now then, it's time to bring in the cake prepared especially for the bridge and groom.
K: Wahh!
C: Wow, what a huge cake!
K: Hiiee!
M: H...hey, Kura-chan!
C: Do your best, Kawano!
T: Ohhhh, could this be--

T: it's the REAL Cake Nyuutou!! (*Oh god...this is a horrible, horrible, pun. Alright, so anyway, traditionally in Japanese weddings, the emcees avoid words like cut and separate so as not to allude to divorce. Instead of cutting the cake, they say "nyuutou," with the kanji of "insert" and "knife." However, the kanji here are "nipple" and "head"...so the sound's the same, but the meaning is something only Krauser-san could devise...)
K: Haaiiin!
M: Ehhhh?!
?: Everyone, gaze upon their first cooperative job together!
?: The groom's nipple is being inserted into the cake just as it is supposed to!
K: Haiin!
K: Haiin!
K: Haiin!
?: Look how beautifully the cake is being molded! And in one of the lower ones, we can even see a nipple hair that has remained as decoration!
C: Ahaha, go for it, Kawano!
C: Nice, nice!
T: Krauser-san, you're so cool!
?: And next comes the Candle Service!
K: Ofu
K: Ofu-ofu...
C: Flames on his nipples? Hilarious!
?: Everyone, watch as the flame of the future lights up his nipple as well as the candle! The flame that guides us all!

?: And now, everyone, please feast your eyes on the wonderful catch of our groom, who enjoys fishing in his free time.
K: Wah!
?: On his days off, he often takes Tomoko-san and heads up to Saganoseki.
?: Now, everyone, look!
?: Here is a taku of the biggest mackerel the groom has ever caught... (*T/L Note: A taku is where you get an especially memorable catch, put ink on it, and then stamp it on a piece of paper to commemorate it)
A: Wah!
?: Er, no--
?: This is the taku from the time the groom himself was fished...
Sign: Johanne Krauser II
K: Someone fished Kawano!
?: Damn! I've never seen a mackerel that big before!
C: Nice one, Krauser!
K: How does it feel, Kawano...being embarassed in front of all these people?!
C: Why are his nipples being attacked? (I guess because he's gonna be a father?!)
K: Have you already lost all the confidence you had in bringing Tomoko happiness...?
M: Kawano-kun, are you alright?
K: Yes...let out a scream of weakness and run away!

K: It looks like everyone's cracking up...isn't this great, Tomo-chan?
M: Hehe!
K: Th...this guy...
K: Despite being reduced to such a state...
?: And now, we will begin a series of speeches for the groom,
?: the first of which comes from his supervisor, Gotou Akiyo...
?: Er, I mean Krauser-san.

K: Ummmmmmmm...
K: I'd like to introduce myself now -- I am the Demon King of Hell, Johanne Krauser II.
K: Today I have taken it upon myself to descend to this foolish ceremony in the human world.
C: Lookin' good, Krauser!
C: Thanks for comin' all the way out here!
C: Woahhhhhh! Krauser-san started his speech!
C: I'm praying for all kinds of disasters to befall these two, so you'd better thank me.
K: Oh geez...
C: This girl is very level-headed, always puts her parents first, and is without a doubt loved dearly by her man.
C: Obviously, they are going to attract a whole lot of anger from the Demon King here.
C: Hey asshole, my torture hasn't softened your feelings for this woman at all, right?
K: Of course not!
C: Girl! You may be level-headed, but you get lonely pretty easily, don't you?

K: You always cried when someone from your family would leave and then cause trouble for your mother...
M: Dad isn't home yet!
Mo: He had to stay late at work tonight.
K: Causing trouble for your father, and your older brother...
M: I don't wanna go on a field trip! I wanna stay home!
D: You've gotta go, alright?
M: Brother, are you really serious about going to Tokyo?
N: ...Yeah.
K: You thought you'd always be able to trouble your family with your worries like that...
T: The Demon King really does know everything....
M: What good friends he is with Toshihiko...he must tell Kura-chan everything!
K: The only one who can live together with such a troublesome girl is a man who can withstand my torture...
K: Now cause trouble for this bastard until he dies.
Ka: Leave it to me!
K: There's a saying that goes like this..."Marriage is the graveyard of life."
K: Time ends for you as lovers and you begin life together. You see the bad parts of each other, and hatred begins to fester...
K: How grotesque...just like a graveyard!
sfx: puru puru
C: Hey, what's wrong, Krauser?!
C: Is he crying?!
C: Krauser!
C: Hang in there, Krauser!
C: Krauser-san's the Demon King!! There's no fucking way he'd cry!
K: This Demon King here...who has survived through...this graveyard I speak of...has this to say.
K: Bastards...

K: Bastards like you would never make it into a graveyard!
sfx: dobo
sfx: dobo dobo
K: O man, take this woman and bring her happiness...
Ka: Yes sir!
C: Way to go, Krauser!
C: He cried!
C: You're a Demon King among Demon Kings!
K: Alright! That's enough of this gloomy shit...
K: Guess I might as well play a song for you two.

K: A staple wedding song from the Demon World!
K: Virgin road to the graveyard~ Alongside your crying parents~ Sending love to my child, wearing the ring of death~
C: Ohhhh...what's this?
K: When a pure white dress gets drenched in blood~ Vows of marriage turn to wails of despair~
C: It's rock, man, rock!!
K: Love!! Rip it to shreds~
T: Ugyaaah! A new song!!
M: Get down, Toshihiko!
K: Memories!! Rip them to shreds~
K: Bonds!! Rip them to shreds~ Never to return, never to return!!
M: Oh, Kawano!
M: He's doing air guitar!!
K: Engraving the words "regret" on your gravestone!!
K: The bell of a journey chimes~
K: A voyage on the sea of regret!!
K: Regret, regret!
K: Regret, regret!!

K(every bubble in the top panel): Regret, regret!!
K: Engrave it on your gravestone!
C: Woahhh, Krauser!
K: Well, it's time for the gate to the Demon World to close! (*This is a great throwback to the first chapter, if anyone remembers!)
C: This was the best!
C: Thanks!
N: And so, Krauser II, who invaded his younger sister's wedding reception,
N: did a great job of exciting the crowd and promptly returned home.
C: Kawano!
C: Tomo-chan!
C: Congratulations!
C: Good luck!
C: Tomo-chan, throw the bouquet!
M: OK!
C: Kyaaaaa!

C: Ahhhhhhh!
C: Hey!
C: Krauser's still here?!
K: Kyahohohohohoho!
C: Why?!
C: Did he come back just to grab the bouquet?!
C: Does this means he's hoping to get married or something?!
K: As for Negishi, he got the bouquet he had been wanting,
N: Alright, I'd better be off now.
N: I have to go straight to a DMC concert...
M: Take some kicchomu pickles with you!
K: and returned to Tokyo...
N: Aikawa-san, I went to a wedding...
A: So you went back home, right? Sounds nice...
N: I even caught the bouquet.
A: Really? Wow!
N: If you'd like, I could give it to you? Don't take it the wrong way, though...

[TRACK 52 - END]


The bundle of flowers a bride holds at a wedding. The act of throwing it to a group of unmarried ladies is called the "bouquet toss," and the one who catches it is said to be the next girl who will get married. Especially dreadful-looking girls are often seen exhibiting lively catches and precise positioning, just like a character from Slam Dunk.

[Usage Example] Kumi-chan, one bouquet! Rebound! Rebound!

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