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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 53

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 53

N: A few months earlier, after failing to sign a contract for Nerf Records with DMC,
N: Shinagawa-san started his new training as a pig for Death Records.
N: After gradually receiving more and more experience during concerts,
S: Efu
S: Efu
S: Efu
sfx: gari gari gari
sfx: PAN!
C: That's the
N: he finally achieved self-consciousness as a pig.
S: Negishi-san, I believe there is a way of scrotching that will produce more sound from the claws...
S: Let us have a meeting to discuss this later.
N: Uh...no.
N: There's no reason to have a meeting about that...
S: In this time, pigs should be acknowledged by society as a separate culture. Let's have a meeting to discuss this.
N: Nah, I'm just an M-Man.
N: But then, one day...
N: Eh?
S: Negishi-san, I received an OK on this draft from the President.
S: I'd like to have you look it over.

N: he finally succeeded in giving emphasis to the pigs!!
Bubble: Pigs are culture now!

Nowadays, "Pigs of Capitalism" have become a necessary element to all DMC concerts. Therefore, this time we have drafted a plan to put the pigs in the spotlight. Putting focus on the two pigs who have taken part in past concerts -- Nashimoto Keisuke, the dumb pig, and Shinagawa Yuuji, the wise pig, we will have them entertain the crowd with a numerous array of performances, displaying their personal abilities.

Titles in left picture: wise pig and dumb pig, respectively

Black bar: We will also be selling special goods on the day of the event.
<Gag Ball>
<Nose Hook>

Bottom text (It's really been cut off by the left bubble, but as that just leaves it an incomprehensible mess I just decided to piece it together)
Under the leadership of Johanne Krauser II, who has raped both pigs to his heart's content, and can be seen displayed in various positions within (P12-P18) through an endless stream of violence, these two pigs have gained a sense of unity so powerful that it has led them to start a societal movement focused on promoting pig individualism. They are also currently planning a widescale recording of real pig sounds and a live tour, which is outlined within (P19-P34).

N: Wh-what do you mean, a "Pig Festival?!"

S: Now then, Nashimoto-san, let us discuss these new developments over some beer.
N: O-OK...
N: Hold on a second! The real one who's got to put all this together is me, isn't it?!
S: Over the past few months, I have come to a true understanding of what it really means to nbe a pig.
S: Pigs are a necessity.
B: What'll it be?
N: Kaluha Milk, please.
S: The only way for us to escape the chaotic, stressful society is through "M."
S: In other words, by using us, the "pigs."
N: Are you talking about letting people take their stress out on the pigs?
N: I don't think that's a very good idea...
S: No, on the contrary - this is just the beginning.
S: We will build a company for the sake of meeting the needs of pigs far and wide -- from the soft pigs to the core pigs.
B: Mama, there's a piggy!
P: Buhi buhihi
B: Aww, how cute!
S: This pig industry will become a commercial hit!
G: That damn manager!
G: Stupid section chief!
S: The evolution of pigs will thereby bring a revolution to society, resulting in a pork-flavored big bang, in other words...

S: The Pig Bang!
sfx: karan
S: This will give way to pig idols,
P: The only pig in the world~
S: Pigneyland, and PigneySea,
P: We'll really crack the whip this time!
Sign they're holding: Porkocratic Party
Words underneath: A beautiful Swine-Japan
S: and even a political party dedicated solely to pigs.
S: This festival is the first step to everything. Nashimoto-san, let's work hard together.
N: Um...er....
N: He's going to try and actualize all this...?
Na: The truth is, that day is my son's birthday, so I promised I'd spend it all with him.
Na: I won't be taking part in the concert either.
S: This is a critical moment! Please prioritize the pigs!
Na: But...after getting divorced, I only seen him once this whole year...
N: You should spend the day with him!
N: I definitely won't take part in this concert either, so let Nashimoto-san go.
N: You should return to your real job too, Shinagawa-san!
S: Fine. If you don't want to help...

S: I will make this concert a success, and kick you out from the throne of pigs.
S: You will regret not taking part in this project!
Na: Eh?
Na: This is bad...being a pig is the reason I live...
N: It's fine! Just think about your son for now.
S: Excuse me.
S: I first started this job as a pig because I had no choice...
S: But now I feel that it truly fits me as a person, and I yearn to do it...
S: I owe Nashimoto-san a lot, so I feel bad, but...
S: I must erase all those who lack volition!
C: Woahhh, the pig festival's starting!!
C: This intro is SATSUGAI!
M: Pigs will be my road to success!!
C: Ahh, something's coming down!
sfx: nuuun

C: It's the sliced pork mic!
K: I'm a terrorist from Hell!
S: Efu
S: Efu
S: EFu
K: Yesterday I raped my mom,
C: Woahh! Hanging from the rope like that, he looks just like a slab of pork meat!
C: Satsugai, Satsugai!
C: What a pig-like performance this is!
S: See! Without this pig, there would be no performance!
S: And just like I calculated, since it's around dinner-time, everyone would automatically associate me with a slice of pork!
C: Ahhh, Krauser-san raised his leg!
K: Gahhh!
C: I also calculated there to be a 72% chance that he would raise his leg at this point of this very song!
C: Woah! He slammed his foot down on the pig right away!

K: This bastard...he's not all talk after all!
S: Efu
S: Efu
K: Understanding this Demon King's movements so well...allow me to answer you with my desire!
K: Here's your damn reward!
S: here it comes!
S: Leg angle 42 degrees,
S: vs. an ass angle of 58 degrees!
S: Effffuuu!
S: Launch success!!
C: There it is!! Krauser-san's Anal Shoot!!
C: Woahh! This pig is too awesome!
C: You shitty little pig!
S: Efu
C: He's a pig among pigs!
S: Efu
S: Efu
S: Efu
C: The time of that other old man pig has long passed!
C: Who's that?!
C: When was that pig ever around?!
S: Look, dad, a panda!
N: Yeah...

S: It's eating bamboo!
N: Don't get too close to it, Hiroshi.
W: What's wrong?
W: You have such a concerned expression on your face.
N: Eh?
W: I came all the way out here just because you wanted to see Hiroshi...
N: I know! Hey Hiroshi, let's go over there!!
H: OK!
H: Waa, look! The goats are eating their meal!
N: Shinagawa-kun should be with Krauser-san about now....
H: I wanna feed them!
N: Krauser-san must be doing this...and that...to him...
N: It isn't fair...Shinagawa-kun getting it all to himself...it isn't fair...
H: Hey, dad! They really want it! They want it sooo bad!

N: Daddy's the one who wants it the mooooost...
sfx: haa haa haa
W: Eh?
H: What do you want, dad?
N: Ah!
N: Sorry, Hiroshi. Go over to your mom for a second.
H: eh?
C: Woahhh!
C: He really is a smart pig!
K: All you need is the lower half!
C: What precise movements!
S: Efu
S: Efu
K: All you need is the lower half!
C: It's like he's being controlled by Krauser-san!
S: I've totally stolen the hearts of the audience!
S: I will be the one to create a future for all pigs!!
C: Ahhh!
C: Uwahh, look at the back door!

No text

N: Dragons
N: are known as sacred beasts.
N: Pegasus was also said
N: to be a holy animal.
N: And finally, pigs...
N: Pigs are...

C: It's the dumb pig! The dub pig's trying to get through the door!
N: Ou
N: Ou
N: Ou
K: Heh...so he really did come!
C: This hideous sex slave of mine!!
S: But it's too late now!
S: I already have this event in the palm of my hand!
C: Look at this shitty old man!
sfx: nota nota
C: Get outta here, you useless porker!
C: It was just getting good!
S: There's nothing he can do at this point...
S: Eh?

S: He raised his ass
S: into the air!!
S: A raised ass, just like the tip of a mountain!
S: That moment, when everyone looks upwards,
S: What comes next...
S: is full of neither "knowledge" nor "technique,"
S: but, in response to the "pleasure" bestowed from God to a mortal,
S: just...just...

S: insatiatable lust!!
all sfx: Ou
S(top left): B...beautiful....
S(middle right): In response to such mad pleasure...
S: overcome with greed...
S: Only one unescapable thing remained...

S: the feeling of instinct arousing his body!
S: Nothing but enthusiasm
S: toward such pleasure,
S: No-it was as if the pleasure is being sucked into his very ass itself!
S: Concentration surpassing all limits--
S: to a place where only the top players can arrive!
S: Yes! This is what it means...

S: to be a pig...
C: You're fucking annoying, pig!
C: You middle-aged man!
N: Ouun
N: Ouun
N: Ouun
sfx: goshi goshi goshi
C: It doesn't go along with the song!
C: You stupid pig, Krauser-san's gotten bored!!
C: Learn to read the atmosphere!
C: You're the absolute worst, you damn pig!
Sign: DMC Dressing Room
Entry Prohibited
Go to Hell

S: It was a huge success thanks to Nashimoto-san!
S: I underrated your quality as a pig, Nashimoto-san!
N: I want to make a phone call, so please try to be quiet...
S: What we talked about before is no longer a dream!
S: I want to present the seat of company director to you, Nashimoto-san!
W: Huh?
W: Hiroshi, it's from your father.
H: Eh, I don't feel like talking to him.
D: Here's your birthday present, Hiroshi-kun.
D: It's a PS3!

[TRACK 53 - END]


A state in which one person is concentrating so hard that it cancels out all audio and visual stimuli around them. Top athletes who achieve this state usually go on to pull off their best performances. When you're walking through town and see the wind blow up a girl's skirt, and it suddenly feels like slow-motion, you are also experiencing ZONE.

[Usage Example] Why did my ZONE have to end...

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