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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 54

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 54

N: Today I went out to eat with Takako-chan.
N: Lately I've been hearing your "Blue Notes" around town a lot.
T: Really? It seems like I'm finally getting some exposure.
N: After that last incident, Takako-chan finally started getting in touch with me.
T: A while back, I had a spot on TV, but I wasn't able to sing well at all.
N: We were able to discuss a lot of things with each other again.
N: That's amazing...I need to start working hard too.
T: Hm?
T: Negishi-san, there's something on your forehead.
N: Ah!
N: C-could it be...
N: I have to go to the bathroom!
N: No...could I have forgotten to erase it after the DMC event today?
N: Th-this is terrible...

N: She just found out that I'm Krauser!!

N: Uuuu...what should I do?!
N: Back then I invaded her radio program and even spit the Demon Jewel onto her...
T: Eh? What?! Hold on a minute!
T: Stop, stop it!
S: Pu...pus...pus...
S: sy!
K: Hyahhah!
N: Then I made Saji-kun say a bad word and got the program cancelled.
N: If she finds out that I'm Krauser...
T: Horrible...I never would have thought you'd be Krauser...
T: I'm calling my manager...don't come near me...
N: Please listen!
N: Uuu...
S: Obviously, I'm quitting the duo. And I'm calling Aikawa-san too.
N: Aikawa-san!
magazine: That Krauser guy's true form is actually a talentless pop guy.
N: my life will be over!!
T: Is everything alright?
N: Y..yeah...
N: ...Her attitude...she seems kinda normal...
T: I'm really sorry about taking so long to contact you!! I had a lot of stuff going on.
N: Am I really in the clear...?

T: The radio show I was doing got cancelled, too...
N: R-really?
N: Nooo...she might just be trying to make me suffer more...
N: Wh-why did it get cancelled?
N: Just say it already!
T: Hmm...I don't want to say.
N: I knew it...
T: Everyone, please listen!
T: Tonight at this concert, Krauser from DMC is in the crowd!
N: She's just going to keep quiet now, and then invite me to a place with a bunch of people and humiliate me!
T: That radio program was the first job I've ever had in Tokyo...
N: Uuu...and I've always regretted what I did...
T: All my fans listened to it...it was a priceless place for me.
N: I really, really want to apologize to Takao-chan..
N: Just say it...say it all at once...
T: Excuse me, I'd like to order a cake.
W: Sorry, but our cake promotion ended...
T: Really?

N: It's my fault that it ended...
N(thought): Now...say it!
N: It all ended because of me...
W: Huh?
N: Just say that I ended it!!
T: What are you talking about, Negishi-san? This is kinda scary...
N: It's my fault...
N: Just please say it already...
W: Tch!
N: Uuu...I want to apologize...
T: So Negishi-san was Krauser...
N: I'm sorry!
N: I felt like I was possessed back then...I really regret it.
N: I want to apologize to Takao-chan right away!
N: If it's too hard for you to say...
N: Alright, Takako-chan, how about going to a different shop for dessert?
T: Oh, OK.
N: Since you're from Miyazaki, Takako-chan, I know you'll love it.
T: I can't wait to see where it is!
N: I'll just make it easy for you to say it!
N: So.

N: Why did your radio program end again?
Mango Shop "Mango Bongo"

Mango Runba
Mango Tropical
Mango Carnival
Mango Special
Mango Crisis
Mango Hannibal
Mango Happiness
Mango Ole
Mango Dollop

*The joke here is that mango sounds very close to "manko," or pussy)

N: Now, say it!! This is the shop of the forbidden fruit...
N: There isn't an atmosphere where it'd be easier to say it than this...
T: I never knew there was a mango shop like this!
T: Tokyo really is amazing!
T: Alright, I'll have the Mango Dollop!!
T: And remember, I said I didn't want to talk about the radio program.
N: Eh?
N: If she's gone this far without saying anything...
N: could it mean she really didn't notice?
N: Ahaha...sorry. I just felt really concerned~....
N: Phew, I'm so glad...
N: I didn't even put down my stuff yet.
N: Hm?

sfx: posu
N: Sh-shit!!
N: I was in such a hurry, I forgot to zip it up!!
N: I'm dead!!
N: She definitely saw that this time...
T: Even before I made my own debut here in Yoyogi Park, I've always loved this place.
N: She must have seen it...
T: Lately I've always been coming here.
T: Whenever something bad happens, I come straight here.
N: Just say it, dammit!

N: "You caused me so much trouble"...
N: "You're really Krauser"...just say it...
N: I want to apologize to Takako-chan..I want to tell her all my true feelings...
T: Look! That's the tree I always sing under.
N: If it's too hard for you to say...
N: Gah...
N: Gaaaahhh...
N: Then I'll just make it easier for you!
N: Look! This is the same way I spat on you during the radio program!
sfx: peh
T: Eh, Negishi-san?
T: Are you sick? This is kinda gross...
sfx: Gaaaahhh
N: Come on, say it!! You remember, don't you?
N: Hurry up!
N: C'mon, hurry!
T: Negishi-san, this is where I always play!
N: I'm Krauser, dammit!!

big sfx: aaaaahhhhhhh
penis sfx: deruruuun
T: Negishi-san, if you have something stuck in your throat, try gargling!
N: Ah!
T: This is the place where I always sing!!
N: If she still hasn't said anything after all that, then I guess she didn't notice...
N: Sorry...about your singing spot...
T: I think there's a sewer grate over here.
S: Hm?
S: Th-these are Demon Jewels...
S: This color...this gloss...there's no mistaking it...I should know, I've eaten so many of these at concerts before!
S: It looks like there's a trail of them leading that way...

S: Could this be what he was talking about before...?
F: The Demon Jewels will fall down on a full moon's night, leading the human race to destruction.
F: Krauser-san has prophesized this since ancient times.
S: Woah!
T: Negishi-san, musicians have to take good care of their throats, you know.
N: Yeah...
N: Phew...I guess she didn't see anything...
N: I'm so glad we're friends, Takako-chan.
N: Let's work hard together with our Kyushu-inspired music...we'll definitely motivate each other!
T: Oh, it'd definitely motivate me! I hope we can perform sometime together.
N: Ah! That's exactly what I was thinking of!!
N: I could help you out with lyrics and composition, and we could start a duo together!
N: Ahhh...being together with Takako-chan, making our dreams come true...
T: Hey, Negishi-san...I...
N: Eh?
N: H-her hand...

T: I've decided that I don't want to sing anymore.
N: Takako-chan!
N: Miyazaki accent... (*She spoke it just for her declaration)
N: You can't stop singing!
N: Let's go back to your singing spot!
N: Eh?
C: Descend upon us!
N: Wh-what the...

N: Why are all these DMC fans gathered around Takako-chan's stage?!
T: I've heard of this band before!
C: Scream toward the moon!
C: These Demon Jewels are definitely from Krauser!
T: I hate them!
N: I've got to stop this...
N: The only one who can make her sing again is me!
N: But if I become Krauser here...
N: I'll be right back!
T: Eh?
N: Then Takako-chan will definitely find out!
N: But...
N: I won't let Takako-chan's music be stolen from her as well...
N: As long as I protect that, I don't care if she finds out!
C: Hey, look!
N: For Takako-chan's sake...
K: Silence, you cretins!
C: Ahhh!
C: He's here!!

N: I just want to apologize to her!
K: This place does not belong to me. Quiet yourselves!
K: Get out of the way! This place belongs to that woman!
N: Have you realized yet, Takako?!
C: What!? To that bitch pig?!
N: If you have, then let out your anger on me!
T: You were really Krauser, weren't you?!
T: Horrible!
K: I apologize...please forgive me.
T: If that's all you have to say, then I guess it's alright.
T: You did protect this place for me.
K: Alright! Then let's perform together now.
K: Come on, punish me...

T: It'd turn out back if Negishi-san came back right now!
C: Ahh, she's running away!
K: Get angry!!
K: If you don't, then I won't be able to apologize...
C: Ahhh, Krauser-san's chasing her down!
K: Come on! I'm the man who ruined your radio program!
K: I'll apologize for faking my identity too!!
T: Get out of my way!
K: Let's have a talk, and release all our ill feelings together in a performance!!
K: This is your haven, isn't it?!
K: I'm protecting it for you!!
K: Tch!
K: If you still aren't angry enough, then...

K: I'll just make it easier for you to get angry!
C: Woahh! Krauser-san's standing like one of the Niou! (*The Two Guardian Deva Kings: http://holoholo.air-nifty.com/nara/photo07/nio.jpg)
T: What?
C: She turned around and looked back at him!
C: What's gonna happen...
C: Hey, could it be...
C: H...here it comes!

C: A huge flood from the Yoyogi Sea!
C: His prophecy is coming true!
C: We'll all be swallowed up! Everyone get on Noah's Ark!
C: The girl's running away!
K: Ehh?
C: We'll be in trouble too if we don't get outta here!
K: Hey, hold on...if you don't get angry, then there's no point... (Wah! I hit my leg!)
K: I'm pissing on Takako-chan's stage!
C: The earth is going to be flooded!
T: Negishi-san, you ran away yesterday, didn't you?
N: eh?
T: I was a little worried...you didn't get caught by any of them, did you?
N: No...sorry...I wanted to drink some medicine for my throat...
N: She didn't find out...(phew)

[TRACK 54 - END]

A forbidden fruit that grows on lacquer trees. In contrast to their sweetness and juiciness, they also carry an unspeakably risky adultness with them. Even while writing these sentences, I can't stop worrying about accidentally making a misprint. In that case, we'll have to resort to covering the aforementioned up with black dots.

[Usage Example] If you'd like, please eat my man*.

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