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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 55

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 55

N: Ahh...
N: Tonight's concert was terrible.
N: I really don't have any good memories of Shibuya...
N: I just want to get home as soon as possible and drink some herb tea...
T: Hey! Wait, dammit!!
T: We heard you dis* Royal-san, bastard!
N: Hm?
* Line: Dis = An abbreviation of disrespect. To "put down" someone.
N: It has been months since the war between DMC fans and the Kiva Krew...
N: That guy running...was that Kibayashi-kun?
T: You can run, but ya can't hide, fatty!!
T: Tryin' to cover up by tellin' all these lies!!
N: No way...
K: I'll make you into kabayaki,(*fried eel) Kibayashi!
sfx: pan pan pan
sfx: pan pan
N: Kibayashi Susumu, after being humiliated by Krauser II...
N: I hope he's doing well...

T: Orrraah! Come out!!
T: Did you really let Kiva get away?!
T: He wants to do battle with Royal-san, you know!
N: completely lost all his status in Shibuya!!

T: Kiva-san...
T: We can't take this any longer.
T: After the DMC ncident, the Kiva Krew dissipated.
T: Now only the three of us remain...and everyday we run around like little rats.
T: Kiva-san, why do you stay quiet?
T: Please, you've got to answer* to Royal's disses!!
* Line: Answer = to counter a dis by creating answer songs.
K: ...I know.
T: As of now, Royal Face is the #1 MC in Shibuya.
R: Ripped-out fangs, a homeless boss!
R: All he does is lie, while the newbies make him cry!
T: He's relentless in his dissing...and he's even gone as far as taking most of our old Krew members...

T: That bastard! He used to be a member of the Kiva Krew himself, but then he used the DMC incident to launch himself into a higher position...
R: Kiva-san, what do you think of my rhymes?
K: Ya got talent.
K: Maybe I'll let you on "E*" sometime.
R: The truth is...I actually like Morning Musume.
R: I wanna meet Ishikawa Rika-chan...
K: That's hot. Rap about it.
R: So this is how you write your lyrics...
T: Has he forgotten the great debt he owes you..?
K: I write my lyrics as if I'm eating a huge beefsteak.
* Line: E = The club controlled by Kiva.
T: There are even rumors that you lied about growing up in New York!
T: That isn't true, right?! You've gotta answer him fast!
W: Here's your chicken curry.
T: Oh!
T: How is it, Kiva-san?
sfx: paku
sfx: mogu mogu
K: It's spicy.
T: Wha?! What the hell is that?!
T: The old Kiva-san would at least said "this shit is on fire" or something...
K: This shit is on fire! It makes me perspire! Its beauty fills me with desire!
K: A dish like this makes me feel like eating some pickles of the Fukujin flave! (*T/L: Red pickles usually eaten with curry) Bring some to me now, and I'll let you be my slave!
W: One moment please.
T: Woahhhh! It's Kiva-san's answer to this shop's curry!!

T: Are you really content to stay as fried eel, Kiva-san?!
T: The stench of a loser is starting to build up around you!!
K: I know!
K: But...I've lost confidence.
K: Later.
T: Ehh? You're going home already?
K: My revival will have to start from there.
T: He did manage to diligently eat every last bite, though!!
T: The pride I had in my New York rapper's soul...
T: In order to restore that, I made a decision.
T: I started heading to a certain place...
T: and finally made it!!

Sign: Foreign Exchange in front of the Station
English Conversation
(*T/L Note: This is a play off of NOVA, the really popular english conversation company that recently went bankrupt)
K: I will become a real New Yorker!!
K: Yo yo! Whattsu appu?
K: Hei burazaa! Rettsu goooo!
K: Tuudei izu ooru naito paariiiiii
K: Sei!! Hooooooh! Sei! Hooh hooh! Sei!! Hooooooh!
(3 lines of english)
K: Yo yo, maaaaan!
T: Hm?
K: Chekkisao'! Wan-two!

K: This is just like New York City....
K: Y-yes.....
K: Days and days of English keep passing me by...
K: Yo yo!
K: Maaaaaaaaan!
S: Kibayashi-san! I think you should definitely go for it. It It'll give you confidence! (And it isn't really that hard!)
K: A'ight!
K: Thanks to one of my bros, I decided to take a test for my New Yorker license.
K: How many days has it been...
?: Kibayashi-san, here are your results.

K: I failed the 5th grade English test.
K: My pride as a New York gangster rapper...
K: I never had any in the first place...
K: It's over...
T: Kiva-san, we've got trouble!
T: Royal posted a song full of disses toward you on his website!!
T: This is over the line...
T: He's planning to debut it at his next concert at E...
K: Just leave me alone.
T: Wh...what? This isn't like you!
T: A fangless Kiva-san is...is nothing but...

T: nothing but a sweaty fatass!!
K: Ehhhh?!
T: Excuse me!
K: Without my fangs, I'm just a sweaty fatass...?
K: That's right...
K: Something's been wrong with me ever since that guy got me...

K: How the hell could english conversation classes bring back my spirit for New York, a place I've never even been...?
K: N...New York, repezen'!
K: I didn't even do anything when my own bros betrayed me...
K: ...a text message...
K: What have I been doing all this time?
cell phone: Kiva-san, sorry about that. Thank you for everything you've done.
K: I've got to think of it fast...
K: the answer to my life...!
C: Woahhhh!
C: You're No. 1!!
C: C'mon, Royal Face, get out here fast!
T: I've seen all these people before...
C: Royaaaal!
T: If Kiva-san won't do it, then I will!
C: Woahhhhh!

R: Yo yo! Y'all ready? Here comes the strongest, most cleverest baller in dis town!
C: Royaaaal!
R: Anyone who gots a bone ta pick with Royal Face, get up here right now!
C: Royal, you're No. 1!!
C: If there be any Kiva Krew membaz still out in dis crowd, get up here!
C: There's no way!
C: That guy's probably in his pig pen eating some lasagna about now!
T: Kuh...
T: Bastards!
C: We're all your family, Royal!
T: I'm a member of the Kiva Krew!
T: Let me up there!
T: Guh! Let me go!!
T: Guwahhhh!
T: Unngh!
C: Eh?!
C: That's--

C: K-Kivaaaaaaaa!
C: What?!
C: He finally showed himself!!
T: K-Kiva-san...
C: Where has he been all this time?!
C: He's so imposing!
R: Look at this stupid-ass, fake-ass MC!
R: Actin' like hot shit with his arms bent like some pussy!
C: Woahhh...it's begun! The battle of Kiva vs. Royal!!
R: There ain't none of your homies here tonight, everyone's your enemy!
R: We're all tired of you runnin' around like a bitch without answerin' me!
C: Woahhh! It's Royal's machinegun rap!!

R: You're a returnee from NY, yet you look like this! Tried to be the boss of Shibuya, but you couldn't handle it! Can't even handle your own body, you look like shit!
R: Got raped by a demon, and lost yo' fangs! And as you lost your bosshood, the chime of my ambition rang!
R: Comin' from a family of eel farmers is all you got to brag about! Turn that mic into a fan and put yo' fire out!
C: Ohhh, Kiva's starting to drop his arms!
C: He's losing confidence!
C: The peeps who are waitin' for you aren't in this place! They're eel fanatics who wanna stuff their face!
C: Woah...he's dropped his arms completely, and he's starting to look a little embarassed...
R: We are toughest you'll ever see, the Royal Family!
R: Royal Family 4 Lyfe!
C: Royal Face!
K: So be it. This guy's the way he is because of now.
K: But there are still people out there that believe in me...
T: Kiva-san!
K: I can't lose!
R: C'mon, bring it!
C: Royal raised his arms!
K: So...
K: This is the Royal Family?

K: You just really wanna be part of the Tsunku Family, don't ya? (*http://wiki.theppn.org/Tsunku)
C: Ahhh! Royal's arms dropped in an instant!
K: Who's da one that went to a Morning Musume concert in secret? Seein' you crying at Gomaki's graduation, damn, I couldn't believe it!
R: Wait!
K: The only thing you got ambition for is Rika-chan! All you wanna do is be on TV holdin' her hand!
R: Please, wait!
C: Is...is that for real? ...hahaha!
C: Kiva-san!
C: Seriously?
K: There's no way your disses can cut me down! You could never rise as I did to control this town!
R: Alright!! I'm sorry, just please stop!
R: You're the top guy in Shibuya!
K: Hold on, bitch, I ain't finished yet!!
K: The truth is, the place I should be isn't Shibuya...
K: Look at this!!
C: Hey, that's...
C: Woahhh!

C: It's a plane ticket from Japan to New York!!
K: This is my answer!!
K: I've decided to return to New York.
K: I want to rap midst the sound of bullets being fired once more.
K: I'm leaving Shibuya to you, Royal...
K: That's why I decided to let you take the reins.
K: Keep Shibuya under control until I return, brotha.
R: Kiva-san, I...I...
C: So that's how it was! You were just testing Royal!!
C: He just acted like he lost his fangs!
C: He really is from NY!
C: Woahh! Kiva-san really hasn't changed!
C: He's the best!

C: Kiva-san, please don't go back to New York!
C: Shibuya's been united!!
C: Please don't forget about us!!
"Go on a Tour"
All-around course in the ways of New York
Box: See Godzilla in the New York Stadium!
N: And so, Kibayashi Susumu, after dominating Shibuya once more...
W: I see, so you'd like to do the New York tour? I'll sign you up right away.
K: Yo yo!
K: Maaaaan!
K: When we get to the stadium, introduce me to Matsui, will ya? If ya don't, Imma turn into a stone-cold killa! From the inside out, on yo ass I'll go Godzilla!
K: One hit - bam! Dat's a home run! Rage in my eyes blazin' like the sun!
W: Yes, don't you worry about a thing.
N: Started preparing for his first vacation abroad.

[TRACK 55 - END]

[English Test]
Officially titled as the "Practical Use English Exam" for the purpose of receiving a New Yorker license. The 5th grade of this test is equivalent to what a 7th grader in school would be tested on. The rankings are as follows:
5th grade = Brotha
4th grade = Maaaan
3rd grade = NY Gangsta
2nd grade = Dave Spector (*foreign talent who speaks very good Japanese, often appears on news shows)
1st grade = Lou Oshiba (*really obnoxious middle-aged Japanese guy who uses terrible English)

[Usage Example] Answer the following in English: "What is this?"

"Yo, English Test Level 5, maaaan? You askin me what a dis is? Heyyy, oww oww...I'm the genius from da west dat's gonna bust up dis test..."

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