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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 56

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 56

N: One day, the President called me over...
P: Negishi, next week...
P: Death Records will finally be putting on a live event gathering the 3 top metal bands in Japan.
N: Ehhhh?!
N: Wh-what do you mean..?
N: I-I never heard anything about this...
P: Hm?
P: Huh?
P: That's why we're planning it!! I already told you that your office would have to pay all the money for this! FUCK!!
N: Awawawa!
N: Wait, President!!
P: We're going to create a boom with the worst metal bands in existence!! So just shut up and hand your money and your bands over!!
N: This isn't something I'll be able to refuse..
N: I wonder who the other 2 bands are gonna be...
P: Tell the members of those two bands to come to our office immediately! (We're having a meeting!)
P: If you try and run away, we'll kill you! WE'LL KILL YOU!!
N: No way...

D: The water in Tokyo's toilets doesn't really sit right with us.
D: We haven't seen DMC since Satanic Emperor...where is Death Records, anyway?
G: Please excuse me, I don't know!
G: You're from Tokyo, aren't you?!
B: Hey, I know having to meet DMC again has added to your murderous lust, but please try and suppress it!
B: You're asking the wrong person...
G: Hey! Death Records is right over there!!
text: PIE-PANIC CHAINSAW (*I just recently discovered this, but in Japanese, the word "paipan" is used to describe the result when a female shaves all of her pubic hair off.)

N: And so, Dezumu and Pie-Panic Chainsaw arrived in Tokyo for the event.
sfx: boheeh
sfx: biku
sfx: bikuku
P: ...I'll stab you...
P: ...wanna die...?
P: ...I'll stab you...
D: Is this lady gonna lead the meeting or what...?
D: I kinda have to take a shit.
D: Jouji's in the bathroom rihgt now.
Pres: ...wanna die...?
P: Why isn't DMC here...
P: They better not be fucking with us...
N: This is bad...
J: Hm?
N: Even after calling them all the way out here before the concert...
J: Hey, bro! Call DMC!! Go call Krauser for us!!
N: Hiieee!
N: Well, I am Krauser, so...
N: If you'd like, please have some of this mango pudding.
N: I hope the President snaps out of it soon...
D: Ah, mangos are great for constipation!
P: How hospitable!

P: DMC's probably trying to make fools out of us since they beat us at the last concert...
D: We'll make them eat shit tonight...
D: We're different than we were before!
N: Uuu....
N: This is starting to turn into a weird competition again...
N: Um...excuse me!
N: Krauser had nothing but great things to say about you!
D: Hm?
N: About Dezumu, he said "they elevate shit to the levels of metal. There aren't any other bastards out there who have contributed more to metal than these guys..."
N: Think peaceful, peaceful...
N: And about Pie-Panic, he said: "Their death voice is so natural, it even makes me jealous..."
P: Krauser said that...
D: Really...?
N: Yeah, he said he was really excited about playing with you again.
N: He was so enthusiastic, in fact, that he already went to the stage ahead of you all.
D: It's just like the saying goes..."Yesterday's food is today's shit."
D: You mean "Yesterday's enemy is today's shitty bastard."
D: What are you talking about?
N: Looks like this place has settled down a bit...
D: Hey, it's about time.
D: Let's go.

D: We're gonna set the metal world on fire!
P: This night will be insane!
N: Good...everyone seems to have united and headed to the stage...
N: I'd better go soon, too.
N: President, this letter came for you.
N: Well, I'll be leaving now.
sfx: boheh...
sfx: biri biri
P: Th-this is...
N: At the time, no one had picked up on it...

N: ...the foreboding aura of doom that surrounded Death Records.
C: Woahh! So Pie-Panic's opening!
C: Let us hear the death voice!
C: This event is gonna go down in the history of metal!
C: Woaaaahhhh!
C: Rei!! What a death voice!
C: It feels like we're in a cave!
C: I can't even understand what she's saying!
C: They've completely evolved!

R: How do you like it?! After I was destroyed by DMC, I went back to working on a bar, and started from square one all over again!!
R: Want a refill?
G: What a voice you have, miss!
G: It sounds like you've completely ruined it from drinking too much.
C: Woahhh! It's so husky that you can't even hear anything!
C: Her voice has become paipan as well!
C: This really is Pie-Panic Chainsaw metal!!
P: Heh...they're starting to get excited. This is great!
P: There's no doubt...I'll definitely get wet tonight!
C: Pie-Panic, you rock!
C: Togashiii!
C: Woahhh, it's Dezumu!!
C: Scatolometal is heeeeere!

M: It's only been a few months since Satanic Emperor...to think they'd be on the same stage as DMC this soon...
C: Tsuyoshi! Eat my shit!
M: You never know how your life will turn out...
C: SHit is life, shit is metal!
M: After following them through all their troublesome times, I fear that my view of the stage will become obscured by my tears...
M: After Satanic Emperor, they stopped playing music for a while and often came to my bar.
M: What? Again with the gloomy faces, huh?
M: Eat this and cheer up!
D: Hm?
D: Wow...so you started making curry now, old man? (Even though this is a bar?)
D: It's good!
M: Togashi, you have something to say to everyone, don't you?
D: What is it, Togashi?

D: You guys...if you can eat this curry,
D: you can also eat shit.
T: A..are you serious...?
T: But curry and shit are completely different things...
D: No they aren't!
D: There's no way we could eat shit!
T: We haven't even been able to survive as a metal band...
T: There's a limit to making song after song about shit, alright?!
T: Are your brains made out of shit or something?!
D: What did you say, bastard?!
M: Stop, Togashi!

T: Metal is metal, and singing about shit means eating shit, am I right?!
D: Hell no!!

D: ...I see. Fine.
D: So it really is different...
D: ...sorry...
T: Of course it is...
M: At that moment, I thought it was all over for Dezumu. But then...
M: Somehow, they evolved into a Dezumu with even worse bowel problems!
C: It's "Piggin' Out on Mr. Cesspool!"
M: Come on, and show me how much you've powered up...
D: Let's go!
C: Oooouuuuuu!
T: No way!
T: This is--

C: Bowel Movement of the Death God: "Japanese Toilet Style!"
C: Will he be able to pull it off?!
C: Togashi's constipated! He won't be able to do it today!
C: I've never seen a metal performance like this before!
C: He looks like a real Death God!
C: This is most insane Dezumu performance ever!
M: Beautiful...this is how a true man should look!
C: Next up is DMC!
P: Finally it's time for the real performance...make me wet, you bastards!
C: Please rape me! Please kill me!
C: Krauser-saaaan!
C: Woahhh, he's here...
C: Eh?

J: Those Dezumu guys really had the crowd going wild. They were cheering like crazy!
J: Let's hurry.
K: Pie-Panic and Dezumu gave it all they had...
K: I've gotta do my best too.
K: Ahh, my throat is getting dry...
K: Hm?

every bubble: RAPE

K: 12 times...
K: in one second!?
J: Hm? What's wrong, Negishi?
K: W-was it just me...?
J: Come on, hurry it up!
K: I-I've got to concentrate on the concert...
K: Everyone's excited...but I can't let myself get out of control.
K: I have to go out there fully prepared!!
K: Thanks for waiting!

K: Eh....
F: K-Krauser-sa...n...
F: E-everyone left...
K: What's going on?

[TRACK 56 - END]


[Yesterday's food is today's shit]

The food you eat, after getting digested, becomes your shit the next day. Often used when inhaling the healthy stench of your own fresh bowel movement. On the other hand, it can also be used to express how a former enemy becomes one's ally.

[Usage Example] Be careful not to say "Yesterday's shit is today's food!"

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