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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 57

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 57

C: Wh-what is this band?!
C: What a diabolical guitar!!
P: Impossible...I can't believe it...
C: It's DMC, isn't it?!
C: Give us more!
P: But if what I'm seeing is the truth...
C: Woahhh! Amazing!!
P: Then that guy...really...

P: he really came back!!

C: Hey, he left! Let's follow him!
C: I wanna hear more of this!
C: He said he was going to finish at a different place!
C: That brutality was the real thing!!
P: This pick...
C: I can't stop shuddering -- this is real metal!!
K: Eh...
K: What's going on?
F: Krauser-san...e-everyone left...

DMC Dressing Room
If you enter, we'll burn you alive.
D: What the hell is this?!
D: No one ever told me that some other guy was gonna do it!!
K: Yeah, we...we didn't know about it either...
T: I was taking a shit, so I didn't see anything. What happened?

T: Just when the event was going to come to an amazing finish...the whole audience left!
D: Did they all suddenly feel like take a shit or something?
D: That could be one reason.
P: Guuuh...
D: No, this time it had nothing to do with shit this time...
D: Right after our live, I went out to go watch DMC...
D: That guy...it was like taking a diarrhea dump in the ear of someone sleeping...
C: What's with that guitar?!
D: Yes...I was completely shocked by his performance...
D: And then, the figure who was leading the entire audience out...

D: the old man!!
M: This guy's for real! He's going to carve his name into history!
M: Everyone follow me!
M: I can't stop shivering...this is real metal!
D: Old man...why would you...
T: Hey, what did you see?!
T: Tell us everything, Togashi!!
T: Don't just start acting like you're constipated before you tell us!
R: Enough of this bullshit...
R: I don't give a fuck how powerful that band who intruded on us was...
P: Rei, calm down!
R: He's not gonna get away with stealing all our fans...
R: I spent a long-ass time riding a train
R: all the way from Sendai so that I could make it here!!
D: All the way from Sendai?!

R: L-llet me gooo~
R: Yoouuu agaain?
sfx: nade nade nade
D: T-train molestation?!
K: She's right...everyone came to Tokyo for the sake of this event...
K: No one wants to accept how it ended...
R: Haan!
R: Ahii!
R: Ooooh!
J: But a band this evil should have taken part in Satanic Emperor...
sfx: nade nade naden nade
J: Who could it be...?
D: I've never seen that guy before...but it surely has to be someone who's on the inside track with Death Records...
D: Could it be that this band just wasn't invited to Satanic Emperor...?
C: Keh!
P: Yes, it's true that for Satanic Emperor we called together the worst bands we could find.
P: However...

P: That excludes those who couldn't make it because they were in the pen.
K: Ehh?!
D: What do you mean...?
D: No way...that guy was just recently released from jail?
sfx: chariin
K: R-recently released from jail...?
K: So that 12 rapes in 1 second guy...
K: Well, at least I won't have to worry about this anymore after today...
K: I'll just go home quickly and forget about this...
P: This guy's definitely targeting Krauser II from DMC.
K: Ehhh?!
K: B-but I haven't done anything!
K: Wh-why...

P: Because Death Records has a dark history.
K: A-a dark history...? I don't know anything about that...!
K: This has nothing to do with me! I don't even want to be in this band...
K: I can't take this anymore!!
J: Hey! Ne...Krauser!
D: He went out to seek revenge the minute he heard he was being targeted...
D: That guy was in jail once too...he must have some connection with that guy...
J: Heh! Right!
D: Was that the intent to kill, or the intent to take a shit...?

N: I don't want anything to do with this anymore...I haven't done a single thing wrong, and yet someone's after me...
N: I have absolutely nothing to do with Death Records' past!
N: The way things are, I have no choice but to talk to the President and get her to understand...
N: I just want to concentrate on my own music.
sfx: pirorio~ piroriro~
N: The President!
P: Negishi! I'm at Sons of Satan right now, so get over here.
N: I'll talk with her...
N: I'll talk with the President and quit DMC.

B: Welcome!
P: So you came, Negishi.
N: Yeah, I have something to talk about with you as well.
N: This place is just as unnerving as I remember it...(Haven't been here since I met Kenni-san.)
P: Sit down already!! And order something to drink.
N: This place only has weird drinks...
N: I'll have oolong tea.
W: Got it.
N: This is the first time I've really sat down to talk with the President like this...
N: If I just show her that I really want to quit, she should understand.
N: U-ummm...
P: You understand, don't you?
N: Eh?
N: Understand...understand what?
N: I've never met, or ever had anything to do with someone this scary...
P: Scary...?
W: Here's your oolong tea.

P: Well, it's true that he is an evil, ferocious, heartless piece-of-shit bastard...
N: Ehhh?
N: E-exactly! I've never had anything to do with such a no-good
P: If he's no good, then there's no way you can lose, right?
P: Be confident!
N: Eh?
N: But, I've never had anything to do with such a no-good
P: If he's no good, then you can't lose!
P: Be confident!!
P: You are the incarnation of lust, the enemy of every bitch on the planet.
P: Using metal, you behave arrogantly and act as outrageous as you want.
N: W-wait...
P: Falling weak to your own desire, you disposed of your human heart.
N: No!
N: That's...
P: Just like a beast!
P: on top of that, you've never been in jail, and live a carefree life in the normal world.
P: If that's guy's some piece-of-shit bastard...

P: Then you're worthless pukefuck even lower than a piece-of-shit bastard.
P: There's no way you can let him beat you!
P: Tch! Not like I'm trying to praise you or anything. Don't let it go to your head!
P: Your parents must have also been worthless pukefucks too...
F: So how was that event, anyway?
F: Amazing!
W: Welcome!
F: After that guy intruded and left, we all followed him out!

F: He put on a hellish performance with maddening technique!!
F: And the last words he said before he got off stage were unforgettable...
F: "I am the real thing. I will crush DMC!"
F: I wonder if that guy's gonna start a band or something.
F: Who knows...
F: Hey, bartender! We got three more comin', so give us a round of 5 corpse beers!!
P: Tch! Looks like this might get troublesome.
P: Let's go back to Death Records.
N: Uh, OK.
F: Well, they'll have to come face to face with DMC someday!!
F: They totally ruined their event and everything...
N: Uuuu...what should I do?
F: There's no way Krauser-san's just gonna sit and be quiet after this.
W: Thank you very much!
N: Yeah, I can't stay quiet...I need to talk to the President!
P: Look, Negishi!

N: Ueeehhhh!
N: What a mess...
N: This...
N: Could it be...
P: Ku ku ku ku...

P: Is this fucking awesome or what?! HYAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!
N: P-President...
N: But...I don't want to be a part of this anymore...
N: Really!
P: He must totally hate me too!!
N: This is...just too weird!
P: But there's no way I'd let a fuck like you kill me!!
P: Next time we'll be sure to give you an aerial sepulture!!
N: Your problem with that guy...
N: Why do I have to be wrapped up in it too?!
P: HYAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Look, Negishi!! This is your problem too!!
N: Eh?!

Wall scribbling: MY NAME IS KRAUSER I

[TRACK 57 - END]

DMC Grossary
[Worthless Pukefuck]
The worst kind of no-good losers that swarm down around piece-of-shits. Falling weak to their own desire, they throw away their human hearts, leading themselves to the edge of what it means to be a gobou man. "If you find a worthless pukefuck, it's 110 for you" is by no means saying too much. (*T/L Note: 110 is Japanese 911)

[Usage Example] I sentence this worthless pukefuck to...100 death sentences!

S: Oh! So you really did buy it, Souicchan!
N: Yeah! I've always thought about getting into photography.
S: Ohhh...you really are quite the artist!
N: Oh, what a nice expression!!
S: Hoehhh!
S: Souicchan, you won't be able to make any masterpieces if you keep taking shots of this old geezer!
N: That's not true!
N: I think the everyday things around me are the real art!
N: No matter what the photographic subject is, as long as they're shot in an artistic fashion, they can become art!

N: C'mon! Let's go shoot some more before the town loses its light.
S: You mean before sundown, right? (What an artist!)
N: Through this lens, everything is mine!
N: Now...let's just aim it o ver here...
N: Ahhh! The scenery is posing, just begging for me to shoot it!
sfx: pasha pasha
N: Mmm...nice!
N: Let's make this moment of ours...
N: last forever!
N: Ah...and so the town has been blanketed with night.
N: You let me take some great photos.
N: Thank you...

shop sign: Sneaker Socks
lower right shop sign: Revolving Sushi Bar
S: Ohhh, look how great they turned out! It's art, true art!
N: I can't wait to show these to Aikawa-san on our date to Yokohama!


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