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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 58

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 58

N: No way!!
N: I can't take this anymore! I don't want to be wound up into some weird band war!
N: Who the hell is Krauser I anyway...
Wall: My name is Krauser I
P: Hyaaaahahahahahaha!
N: The President won't even talk to me about it!
N: President...what's going on here?
P: Hahahaha, hell if I know!
P: He's still alone now! He'll probably form a band before he starts to attack!
N: This has nothing to do with me!
N: I refuse to put myself in anymore danger! I'm quitting DMC here and now!
N: I've had it with death metal...if this is really the kind of music I'm meant for...

N: Then I'll just quit playing music.
N: I won't even do my own anymore...

N: I'm going to call home.
N: I'm going back to Ooita!
N: Hm? I have a text message...

FROM: Aikawa-san

Hope work wasn't too hard on you today! Today I was off so I made some cheese tarts at home! They appear in one of your songs so I definitely wanted to let you have some. If you have time tonight, give me a call! I have a feeling they
turned out really good!

N: Aikawa-san!
N: She's helped me along in my career from the very start...
N: Hello, Aikawa-san...yeah, I read your message.
N: I'd really wanna taste your cheese tarts.
N: Before I quit music, just for a little bit...
N: Is it OK if I come over now?
N: Just for a little bit, I want to see her.
A: Eh?
N: Yeah, it's past 10, I know it's kinda rude to call you at a time like this...
N: You live in Setagaya, right...?
N: Don't worry, I'll look for it.

A: Negishi-kun, this is the first time you've been over my house!
N: Y-yeah...
N: So this is Aikawa-san's house...
A: You came all this way just to taste my tarts...I'm starting to feel a little pressure!
N: It's so fashionable...her whole room looks like Amo-Amu!
N: If I told her I'm quitting music, I wonder what'd she say...
A: I made these while thinking of your song "Sweet Lovers," Negishi-kun.
A: So if they taste bad, it's your fault!
N: While thinking...
N: of my song...
N: H-here goes!

N: Ah-the flavor of love!!
A: Eh? Really!? Yay!!
N: The sweetness is perfect! Aikawa-san, you're such a good cook!
A: It's all thanks to your song!! I found this tape so I decided to listen to it while I made them.
N: eh?
N: This...
N: I recorded this and gave it to Aikawa-san back in college...
Tape label: Sweet Lovers Negishi Souichi
N: It's the demo tape of "Sweet Lovers!"
sfx: cha
N: When I wake up in the morning, you're there baking a cheese tart~
N: Ahh, the singing and the guitar are both so messy...
A: Hehe! Doesn't this bring back memories?
N: That's you, my sweet sweet sweet lover~
N: I remember it now...back then, I loved music so much it was all I thought about.

N: What an idiot I am! Saying I'd give up music...
N: This version is a little different than how it is now...
N: Sweet, sweet, sweet, L-O-V-E-R~
N: Sweet, sweet, sweet, L-O-V-E-R~
A: Yeah, the arrangement seems more young.
N: When I have someone like this cheering me on so much!
N: I won't ever say I'll quit making music again!
N: I'll just quit DMC. I will never become Krauser again!
A: Negishi-kun, are you crying?
N: Ehh?!
N: No, no, no!
N: I think I was just sweating a little...I ran all the way here, you know. My shirt's all soaked too.
N: I'm pretty gross...
A: Ehhh...?
A: I have the bath warmed up right now, so why don't you hop in?
A: I don't want you to get sick!!
N: EH!?
N: A...
N: Amazing!

N: I'm in Aikawa-san's bathtub!
N: This is the tub Aikawa-san always soaks herself in...
N: The shampoo she uses...
N: The towel she dries herself with...
N: The chair she sits on...
N: The makeup she always uses...
N: Fufu...
N: I'll never have to put on makeup again...
N: Here in Aikawa-san's bathtub, I'll wash myself clean of Krauser once and for all...
A: Negishi-kun!! Negishi-kun!!
N: Y-yes?!

A: I'm really sorry! I just got a call from my dad, he says he's really close so he's gonna stop by for a bit!
A: I'm sure he'll just be here for a second so can you just keep quiet in there?
A: Dad's really worries about the relationships I have with boys, so...
N: Eh, wait...
N: Wh-what the hell?!
N: I want to have a proper introduction with Aikawa-san's father!
D: You bastard! Barging into my daughter's house at a time like this?!
N: No! This is...er...uh...
D: Just what the hell do you think you're doing, you little shithead!?!
N: It'll be horrible if our first meeting ends up like this...I've got to leave right now!
sfx: ding dong
A: He...he's already here!
D: Hey Yuri! I figured I'd stop by and give you a present your mother and I picked up on our trip to Hong Kong!
A: Ahhhh!

A: Thanks! You called me up so suddenly, I was a bit surprised!
D: Hahahaha!
D: I had a meeting closeby here today.
A: Ohhh...
D: Hm? Yuri, whose shoes are these?
sfx: splash
D: Hmm...I just heard something come from the bathroom.
A: Eh, dad, what are you talking about all of a sudden? You're worrying too much!
D: Fine, then open that door!! (Move it!)
A: Noo!
A: No one's here!
A: Go sit down over there!
D: If there's no one here, then it's fine if I open it up, right?! Outta my way!
A: Uuuu...noooo!!
D: Hiding is the act of a coward, dammit!!

D: Uuueeeehhhh!
sfx: slam
D: Yuri...who is that man...?
D: I don't remember raising you to let a monster like that into your home...
A: Eh? Monster?!
A: Monster is a horrible thing to say! I knew you'd worry too much, dad, so I didn't say anything!
A: It's just my friend! He was really sweaty so I let him use the bath!
D: Yuri...even for a friend, there's just something wrong with...that...

A: You're terrible! He's a really nice person! Wait until he comes out!
A: Negishi-kun, I'm going to open it up, OK?
D: Nuu...I don't see how someone like that could be nice...
A: It's fine, so you can come on out now!
A: What part of him seems like a monster to you, anyway? I don't understand at all!
D: What?! I know I raised you not to judge people by their looks, but...there are limits, honey!
D: He isn't coming out, is he?!
D: I'll go check on him!
A: Eh? I only told him a few seconds ago! Let me check instead!
D: No! This is a job for your father!!

D: Uuohhhhhh!
D: That damn monster, trying to intimidate me!!
A: He's probably just nervous to get out since you're here, dad! Let me go!
D: Nope, I just can't take this!
N: I'm going back in there!
A: NO!! Let me!
A: You can't come out, right, Negishi-kun? I'm going to peek in, OK?
A: Look! His face just looks a bit exhausted, that's all!
D: Exhausted my ass!! (I'm going in next!)
A: Look closely this time!

D: But first, I'm going to use the bathroom!!
A: Oh, come on...
A: I'm sorry, Negishi-kun...
A: Please don't say any more rude things. He's my friend!
D: What did I say that was rude?! There's nothing wrong with MY eyes!!
D: The next one going in there is me, alright?
D: You'd better let me in there!
D: OK, here I go!
A: No! I'd better go after all!
A: Negishi-ku...

sfx: teru~n
A: I'm so sorry! I didn't see anything!
N: Ah, that was a close one...
D: What's wrong, Yuri?! Did he do something to you?
A: No, he was just in the middle of getting out...(but it was all foggy, so I didn't see anything...)
D: That son of a bitch! Lemme at 'im!!
N: Oh shit! I can't let this go any further!
N: The window!!
sfx: shau
D: Get out here!

D: Huh?
D: He's gone.
N: Wh-what am I gonna do...
P: Hm?
P: Hey you! What are you doing?
N: Hiiieeee!
P: Hey! Wait a minute!!
G: Hey, isn't that the guy from that metal band...
G: Who knows...
G: He's naked!
G: It's probably just some pervert.

Newspaper headline: Krauser II, prowling around town in the nude!?
Black box: The popular indies band, "Detroit Metal City!" A streaking incident from the demon world?!

Text: Yesterday, a strange incident occured in which a figure resembling the guitar/vocalist leader of the indies band "Detroit Metal City" was seen running around town naked late at night.
The police were unfortunately unable to apprehend the target, nor were the able to conclusively identify him. According to numerous witnesses, however, there is little doubt remaining that the mysterious streaker was not indeed Krauser II himself.
Witness A: His face...the fact that he appeared right after a woman screamed...his movements...even though he was naked, there's no mistaking it, that was Krauser-san!!
Witness B: That's just because he didn't feel wasting time to put his clothes back on after climbing back down from the ladder he used to go into some girl's room and rape her. I just feel happy that I got to see the naked flesh of the lord of all beasts!
Witness C: The police probably intended to hunt him down, but I bet they didn't realize that they were actually being hunted instead!
P: Fuuuuuuck! Now this is what I'm talkin' about, Negishi!
P: You really exposed yourself to the world this time, huh?!
N: Awawa...no, you've got it all wrong! It's just a misunderstanding!
N: A misunderstanding!
W: That's my metal monster!
C: Did the see-thru panties come yet?
P: Fuckin' crazy DMC!!
N: Aikawa-san, I'm sorry about ysterday...I just couldn't be there any longer so I left through the window...
A: I'm sorry too, bursting in like that...
A: But there was so much steam, don't worry, I didn't see anything...
N: I wish we could relax and eat some cheese tarts tonight too...

[TRACK 58 - END]



One of the many catchphrases of a gobou man. The flavor of love itself has still not been scientifically proven, but it is said that certain conditions may give rise to a metaphysical feeling of this nature in one's mind. These conditions, which are called the "Three Hidden Tastes of Love" are "gobou men," "fashion," and "very sweet things."

[Usage Example] "Ah, what a thick flavor!" "Eh, really?! Yay!"

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