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Detroit Metal City 59

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 59

N: The day Negishi was featured in the newspaper...
P: Hurry the fuck up!
N: All three members were forced to clean up the office.
J: President, just who is this Krauser I?
P: Huh?!
P: There's no such thing as Krauser I!
P: This guy just made it up!
J: Eh? But...
N: R-really?
J: Yesterday some guy who interrupted our concert said he was an old friend of yours...
P: Wadaa!! You need to stop worrying about other people's business, and go make a legend or two like Negishi!!
P: Get up off your ass for once!
J: Y-yes ma'am! I apologize!
P: You've got me all dried up! Summon up a squall to my crotch, dammit!!
J: I'm sorry! I'll do my best!
N: Wada-kun...
C: The limited see-thru panties Eating Battle figure...
W: This is bad...the President thinks that I've been slacking off lately...
W: I should probably keep quiet then...

W: About how I've decided to join the visual kei band Karisume! (*I chose this spelling based on a guy's t-shirt that comes later)
T: Those tears, just like a fallen angel's! Fallen lover, the pain, the pain~
T: So hard to get through this night~ I must overcome, overcome~

F: Tooru, you're amazing!
F: Love me deeper, Hamael!
F: "Fallen Lover" is the best!
T: Ma-kun, you made it!
T: Have you decided on what we talked about?
W: Tooru, I really need to focus on the band I'm in now...
W: I'm really sorry, but today I came to say I can't do it.
T: Our support member has reached his limit!
T: What the hell, man!? Ma-kun, a bassist like you is a necessity to Karis! (Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?!)
T: I already uploaded the pic we took of you earlier to the webpage! There's been a ton of hits!
Text: New Bassist Coming Soon!
T: Everyone knows about it now! The day of your first concert has already been scheduled, too!
J: Ehh?! I never heard about any of this!
J: If the Pres finds out...
T: I dunno what kind of band you're in now, Ma-kun...
T: But we'll be with you forever! Teaming up with us is the best decision you could possibly make!
J: No, I agree with you, but...
J: These guys are aiming to hit it big in the mainstream...yet DMC's still more popular than them.
T: Listen to me, Ma-kun!

T: The truth is, we're scheduled to make a major debut with Okita-san as our producer!
T: It's now or never!!
J: Eh?!
J: Okita...he's had a hand in producing a countless number of visual kei bands!
J: I...incredible...this is my big chance!
J: Well, that changes things...
T: Really?!
T: Right now we're in the middle of finishing the first song that Okita-san will produce for us.
T: We've already made preparations for your solo, Ma-kun, just as promised!
T: After you get introduced to each other, we'll put the finishing touches on the best song ever!!
J: Eh?
T: Shit! We've gotta get over to the event in Nagoya now.
J: My solo...
B: With these members, we'll be unstoppable.
T: We'll give you the info on the concert later, OK?

J: This is amazing...all of a sudden, I'm going to have my major debut!
F: Tooru!
F: Macfelle!
F: We won't forget about you even after you hit it big!
T: Wow! Your debut single is #3 on the Oricon! (*Really famous song ranking in Japan)
T: Okita-kun produced it, right?
T: Yes! It's our first time on M Stage, so we're a little nervous! (*Really famous prime time music TV show)
J: I can't let this chance pass me by!
J: I feel bad for the President and the other two, but I have no choice but to gradually fade out from DMC!
J: For now, I'll just tell the President "I'm right in the middle of sneaking into another band in order to crush them"...
J: Negishi and Nishida may have talent, but if I team up with Okita-san, performing in an arena won't be a dream anymore!
J: Hm? It's Tooru.
T: Ma-kun, there's a laptop in the dressing room, right? I forgot to bring it with us.
J: Oh, yeah.
T: That's the band computer. We'll come get it later, so I'm sorry, but would you mind holding on to it for us?
J: Yeah, sure.
T: Later!
J: Hm...
J: There's a new email.

J: Woahhh!
Mail: Okita Produce (cut off)
J: It's from Okita-san!
J: Wow...is it alright for me to look at this?
J: I'm already a member, after all...this is really important! I should reply to it as soon as possible.
J: Woahhh...
J: He mentioned me!
Mail text:

To Karisume

I saw the picture of the new bassist on your site. He shines like a true VKer, so with Karis's future in mind, I agree that he is a fine choice.

I'm looking forward to producing the new song for your debut live.


J: Alright! Time to introduce myself and send him a reply...
He even went as far as to compliment me...I need to show him that I've got what it takes!
J: No, wait!
J: Before that, I have to send a mail to the President!
J: I can't forget the incident in Shinagawa...if she finds out about this, my ass is dead meat...
J: I'll just make it sound like I'm in this band with the full intention to crush them... (She'll love it!)

J: OK!

Subject: Now busy making a legend

Right now, I've teamed up with some dumbass music producer who makes no sense named Okita. I'm gonna kill his ass!

Wada Masayuki

J: Aaand...send!
J: Hm?
J: Ahh!
J: Oh fuck!
J: I just sent that to Okita-san!!
J: What the hell was I thinking?! I can't take it back or anything now!
J: I need to do something quick...or I'll never be able to face the others again!

O: Phew...being called to work overseas is always a pain... (I'm finally home after two days...)
O: Hm? I've got 4 new mails from Karis...
O: They're still newbies in terms of technique, but I'm excited by the potential I feel from them.
O: They're a band worth producing!
O: Hmmmm?!
Mail: Now busy making a legend
O: "some dumbass music producer who makes no sense named Okita. I'm gonna kill his ass!" ....
O: Wh-what the hell is this...
O: There's another one.
O: It was sent five minutes later...

Mail text:

Dear Okita-sama

The mail before this one was a mistake. Please delete it. It contains some content that may insult you but really has nothing to do with you so please don't think twice about it. Right now saying stuff like that as a joke has become popular in the band.

Wada Masayuki

O: You think this is some kind a joke?!
O: That little asshole...
O: Another one, five minutes later...late last night!

Mail text:

Dear Okita-sama

All jokes aside, each and every member thinks the Okita-san is producing us is nothing short of a dream come true. We're really looking forward to it. I know you're very busy, but we're anxiously awaiting your reply. We will give you our very best.

Wada Masayuki

O: The last mail was today, around lunchtime...


Mail text:

Dear Okita-sama

After talking it over with the members we've decided to let you know. We decided that the next song is going to be called something like "Dumbass who Makes no Sense" or "I'm gonna kill your ass!" But if you don't like that, of course we'll be happy to change it. Would you like something more normal? We wanted to keep a secret until the next concert but since we accidentally let you know about it there's really nothing we can do about that. I know you're very busy but we're anxiously awaiting your reply.

Wada Masayuki

O: I'm going to be mature about this...
O: If it was the old me, I wouldn't even give these punks a reply.
O: But they're still young, so I'm going to give them an adult reply.

Mail text:

To Karisume

Thank you for your concern. This is your producer, Okita. I was called out on business so this reply is a little late. I read all of your mail. "Dumbass who makes no sense" is a good way to describe it. LOL! Your ideas about the new song are very exciting. Let's try and think up some more too. After all, if it doesn't sell, I'll kill all your asses. LOL!


O: ...sent!
O: Phew...
O: I'm not young anymore. If I don't try and save my jobs, then...
O: Hm?
O: There's already a reply?

Mail text:

Dear Okita-sama

Thank you very much for your earnest reply. We really appreciate your compliments on our ideas for the new song. Well then, let's go with the title "Dumbass who doesn't make any sense" in recognition of the dumbass who doesn't make any sense (Okita-san) who's producing us. Of course, if we don't sell, you are free to kill all our asses. LOL! Well then, I'm looking forward to meeting you at the next concert.

Wada Masayuki

T: Ehhh?!
T: Ma-kun, what the hell?!

J: Y-yeah, so Okita-san told us to name the new song we're going to show him at the concert "I'm gonna kill your ass" or "Dumbass who doesn't make any sense."
T: "I'm gonna kill your ass"...."Dumbass who doesn't make any sense"...
T: Those titles are really weird...
T: Is he trying to test us?
J: At any rate, he told us to do our best without faltering.
T: Without faltering...?
T: Hold on, let me see the email!
J: Oh, I already erased it... (He told me to!)
J: Well then, I'm off to go make the best new song I can as Macfelle.
J: We'll definitely make next week's concert a success...
T: O-OK...
J: That ended well!
J: Now it's finally time for my major debut!
N: And so...

N: The day of the concert...
T: You don't make any sense!
T: Sin-filled excuses, you don't make any sense!
T: Tears stained blood red, you don't make any sense!
T: You don't make any sense, you don't make any sense!
C: Hey, what's with this song?
C: The chorus is really stupid...
C: It sounds like a song some idol from the 80s' would sing.
T: Kuhhh...
T: You don't make any sense!
T: It's not like I'm singing this because I want to...
T: As crazy as can be, you don't make any sense!
T: But if this song will cut open our path to the mainstream, then I'll sing it all the way until the end!
T: How is it, Okita-san?
T: Okita-sa...

T: He isn't here!!
T: Wh-what's going on here? I've got to settle down the crowd, at the very least!
T: Next song, here we go!
T: "I'm gonna kill your ass!"
F: What happened to Karis...
F: Doesn't it feel like they've been worrying too much about their transition to the mainstream?
F: But they even said that after they became mainstream nothing would change!
F: Alright, this song is by our new bassist, Macfelle! Come on!
J: Okay!
J: This is my introduction to you all!
J: This is the ultimate song I prepared just for today!

J: Digging deeply, these feelings~ Waiting in the darkness~ Azure faeries~
F: Awesome...he's using a card as a pick!
J: I've interpreted the darkness in my own way for this song!
J: Drifting down to a deep ocean~
J: See, I can do it!!
F: Wow...
F: This is super good...
J: Drifting down to a deep ocean!!
T: That's more like it, Ma-kun!! I knew you had what it takes!
J: Dying faerie~ Buried in death~ Dying faerie~ Into the deep darkness~
F: Ahhh! His cards are calling us into the fantasy world!
F: Ahhh! I feel like I'm being hypnotized!
F: What a spectacle...could this be the end of the world...
J: Yes, to the bottom of the deep sea--

J: Next week's scuba diviiiiiing~!
T: Scuba?!?!
sfx: shubah
J: Look! (Four of a kind!)
F: Card tricks?!
N: And so, the producer Okita was pissed off even further...
F: This is horrible!
F: He's making fun of us fans!
F: They sold their souls to the mainstream!
N: And Wada, after ruining the concert...
N: subsequently forced Karisume into early retirement...
Top line: Official Home Page
Big letters: Karisume
On Break Indeterminably
P: Hyaaahahaha! Hell yeah! You destroyed them from within!
J: Thank you!
P: I'm dripping wet now!
C: The event is tomorrow.
N: Wada-kun, you're terrible!

[TRACK 59 - END]

[Music Producer]

It's hard to explain everything in a single phrase, but in a way, a producer is like the one who controls a band and plans their entire structure in order for them to sell. Costs, the style of the music, announcements, the setup of the members -- all is in the hands of the producer. They decide whether or not the band sells, through things like sense and connections. The difference between a music producer and a TV or movie producer is like the difference between wearing a cartigan on one's shoulder or not.

[Usage Example] Unlike film, music producers don't need to wear cartigans, so it's alright.

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